The #1 Reason Manifestors Give Up

The #1 Reason Manifestors Give UpI’ve been in this gig long enough to have seen plenty of aspiring conscious creators give up their manifesting efforts.

(Including those who knew the material well enough that they coached others on it!)

Why do some people get so discouraged at creating their own reality that they throw in the towel?

I’ve got thoughts on that, which I share with intentions that none of us fall prey to these pitfalls:

1. They’re rolling solo.

When no one else in your world believes that we can create our own reality, and indeed when surrounded by those who ridicule that perspective, it’s challenging to thrive with the practice.

Some folks are pros at being on the down low as deliberate creators, happy to keep their secret to themselves so as not to ruffle the feathers of conventional thinkers around them, but for others it’s a nail in their manifesting coffin.

If it weighs heavily on you that no one else believes or practices what you want to believe and practice, get some new friends. There are plenty of us out there!

2. They don’t really get it.

The introduction some people get to conscious creation leads them to believe they’re supposed to feel good all the time, or never again have a negative thought.

Others are relying on what they learned from The Secret, which left a few folks scratching their heads about how it all works. (I personally loved the movie, but in truth I was already LOA savvy when I saw it.)

My suggestion: sample some other LOA material. There’s tons of free stuff out there that’ll teach you the ins and outs in no time. It’s just a matter of finding something you click with.

3. It contradicts their core belief.

Those who are married to the idea that life is a big test, designed to teach us lessons and give us chances to prove our worthiness in order to earn the reward in the afterlife – those folks may find the principles underlying conscious creation are out of line with their perspective on life.

And for that reason they may find this whole LOA stuff a big turn off.

For anyone that’s true for, all I can say is more power to you. We each get to choose for ourselves.

4. They don’t want to risk disappointment.

It sucks to fail. So much so that sometimes we just avoid it altogether by not going for it.

Some folks study the material endlessly without ever engaging it out of an unconscious reluctance to risk disappointment.

My tip: it’s just like learning to walk – we’re likely to fall on our faces a few times before we get the hang of it. It’s just part of the process; don’t let it take you out of the game.

5. They think it’s too hard.

There are some folks who think that managing their focus and paying attention to how they feel is more work than it’s worth, so they rely on traditional action to try to make things happen in their world.

No sweat if that’s your preference. Know that if you ever get tired of that routine, the law of attraction will always be waiting for you to leverage it into manifesting your dreams come true.

6. They try too hard.

Unhappy journeys don’t have happy endings, so if someone works too hard on their manifesting processes, it can backfire.

In that case, giving up might be the best thing you could do! Getting back to a place where you can take a breather might be just the ticket you need to let good things unfold.

7. Old habits die hard.

For some it’s not that they consciously choose against manifesting powers, it’s that they aren’t conscious at all and they just let old habits rule the day.

All we have to do in that scenario is nurture some self-awareness and be kind to ourselves in the process. The whole world is waking up so this gets easier and easier every day.

But the #1 reason I’ve seen would be manifestors turn their back on LOA work is that:

8. They don’t get results fast enough.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone’s story about how they read about the law of attraction and decided they were going to manifest a new job (or house, or boyfriend, or whatever) and when it didn’t happen within the next five days they concluded it didn’t work.

Look, sometimes we get lightning fast results and sometimes it takes a while longer to come into alignment with what we want.

Just because your best friend got what she wanted overnight, or just because the person you listened to in that interview had it happen in a flash doesn’t mean it will be the same way for you.

I have some manifesting projects that are proving to be long haulers, and others that happen within days and even hours.

To get some confidence and inspiration back you might try a practice project just to remember how easy it can be.

And know that every time you engage this work, you’re getting better and better at it.

The rewards are well worth sticking it out for.

Did you ever feel like giving up on LOA? If you’ve got any tips for those struggling to see results with their manifesting efforts, please share!

  • April 1, 2015
  • Elle says:

    wow, this was a helpful post along with awesome commentary!
    “listening to our own inner guidance which always points us to the truth when we learn to listen to it”. Yes, this is indeed key. I have evidence all around me of my fertility, with wild animals having babies and laying eggs on the property we rent, and visiting me every time I ask the universe about my fertility. I know I will be a mom one day, as the kid showed up (miscarriage, but it said hi to me), but it was not the right time, so why do I doubt it because others say it is not possible? anything is possible!
    And, this test will keep coming my way until I face it and take it. No, it won’t take me, I will take it. My block is I think I am stupid, when the evidence around me shows I most certainly am not. Last time I took such a test, I had options, so why not now? I was too in despair to even notice, so I learned the hard way not to be in despair. It is the most out of the vortex thing. I even posed the question on the Abe forum and got the best possible answers. It is about alignment, not about cognitive function. So, I have concluded that I must have fun in the process of studying the thousands of pages and making the material my own and feeling good about it. Pre-paving the right answers and simply feeling good and relaxed. Whey I get nervous on practice test and think I am stupid, I do not do well. when I am relaxed and say, I will do alright, it happens. Better yet, knowing I will pass and even better, knowing I will get a great job that suits me well where I can thrive. When I asked those at the job now how they got it, they did not tell me of perfect scores, just that they ended up where they needed to be, so I have faith that the universe will take care of it in my case as well.

  • Jeannette says:

    You’re very welcome, Sol.
    Ramona, I agree with you about the uplifting power of testimonials and success stories! That’s a great way to offset the disbelief from others. And also, listening to our own inner guidance which always points us to the truth when we learn to listen to it.

  • ramona says:

    For me, it was others’ disbelief. For a while I managed well, like you said secretly but happily. But somewhere along the line I started to fall. I believe it was maybe a needed break. It is tiring with others around who have such heavy thoughts and feelings.
    Reading testimonials always makes me feel great again.

  • Sol says:

    Jeanette and Brian, you have my heartfelt thanks for your answers.
    I could write on the why but I don’t have any intellectual reasoning for it. It’s in my emotions. Hence, heartfelt.
    So I just wanted to say thank you. 🙂
    – Sol

  • Brian says:

    Hey Sol,

    “What you and your commenters are writing gives a young soul like me hope in dark times (psychological problems).”
    To rephrase that just a little bit from the perspective of Source:

    “What you and your commenters are writing gives an old soul (infinite soul, really) like me hope in unwanted times, but I am learning this, and getting a little better each day and am looking forward to receiving psychological solutions.”

  • Jeannette says:

    Sol, yesterday I listened to Anita Moorjani on Wayne Dyer’s PBS Wishes Fulfilled rerun. (She had a near death experience that changed her life and her understanding of it.)
    Wayne asked her if she had always been positive in her past, and she said yes, and that’s not what it’s all about. She said it’s about being YOU. Not being positive.
    K, I think being who we really are IS positive (whatever it might be) – but she defined “positive” as always having a smile on her face and saying something people liked to hear, even if it didn’t reflect who she really was or what she really thought.
    So your words about “when I allow myself to be what I am, the good and the bad, alignment will come more naturally” feels spot on!
    Sending lots of love and support for your journey to your true self. 🙂

  • Sol says:

    Thank you Jeanette. What you and your commenters are writing gives a young soul like me hope in dark times (psychological problems). It’s all about practice and I fully believe that when I allow myself to be what I am on this Earth, the good and the bad, alignment will come more naturally to me. We’re all connected and I think there’s a certain grandeur in that view of life.
    i feel a tinge of sadness but also hope when I write this. So again, thank you. 🙂
    – Sol

  • Jeannette says:

    Namaste, this is so funny! I had a coach session today where I was also talking about removing blocks and identifying potential payoffs. I love your example of that and am so glad you’ve shared it on this thread. Thank you!
    And Peter, that reminder that “it’s all my world” can be such a reassuring one when we’re feeling frustrated. Agreed with you on the evidence journals and practice projects – one reason why I’m such a fan of the “What have you manifested today?” thread at GVU and the LOA treasure hunt we play with each month.
    And discussions like this are helpful, too. Thanks to you all for chiming in on this subject!

  • Namaste says:

    Really enjoyed this article =) I agree with your #1 reason completely. I also really like your practice project solution and the article that you wrote explaining how to do them. Your blog truly is an incredible resource, it’s why I keep coming back =)
    When someone comes to me with the “I tried the Law of Attraction and it didn’t work for me fast enough” conversation I always tell him/her, “The simple reason that your desire didn’t manifest is because nobody told you, that you have to remove the blocks you have to your desire manifesting, before it can.”
    Next the person always asks, “What are blocks?” I then share my story of trying to manifest the woman of my dreams after I turned 30 years old. A year later I hadn’t even gone on a single date. I couldn’t believe the Law of Attraction had totally failed me. Eventually I realized that the Law of Attraction always works so the problem had to be me. This didn’t make any sense but it was the only logical explanation. So I asked myself, “Why wouldn’t I want the woman of my dreams to manifest?” To my shock and surprise I wrote down reason after reason after reason. The biggest reason being was that I didn’t want another woman in my life complaining that I was spending too much time working and not enough time with her. Suddenly the reason she wasn’t manifesting made so much sense. One one hand I was telling the Universe, “Bring me the woman of my dreams.” On the other hand I was saying, “Significant others always complain about me being a workaholic and try to change me and I hate that.” Lol! No wonder the Universe wasn’t delivering my desire. It’s like, “Make up your mind kid because I can’t tell what you want.”
    It took me a few weeks but I figured out the solution was to manifest a significant other who was a workaholic too. She’d probably had boyfriends always bugging her about her working all the time so meeting me would be a huge relief. I then found solutions to my other blocks. During the next four weeks, four women showed up in my life. I went from not being able to get a date to having too many options. A quick romance happened that clarified some things for me and that then caused me to find Regina (who truly was the woman of my dreams at that time in life).
    Finally after sharing that story, I have the person answer the question, “Why wouldn’t I want_____ to show up in my life?” After they come up with answers, I explain that those blocks have to be dealt with because the Universe doesn’t bring you what you think you want, but have reasons that you don’t want at the same time. And if the person is brand new to the Law of Attraction, and wrote down a ton of blocks, I suggest putting that desire aside for now and doing a practice project like you suggested. I’ve always used the blue feather practice project from the book Illusions by Richard Bach. Now that I know about your practice project article, I might switch things up in the future. I love the idea of letting a person design their own project, talk about result the s/he will never forget about having manifested =)

    • Peter says:

      Fine writing, Jeanette.
      I’ve never given up despite my meals being burned over and over again (thanks Joshua for that great analogy) because when I throw my ‘burnt offering’ in the bin I then realise what I needed to do better: more heat, less oil, etc.
      This has been electrifying for me and has helped me maintain my faith and so many things have come to pass in supposedly unbelievable ways it’s been enough to spur me on. It’s all my world, I stuffed up the omelette (if that’s possible!)z I know what to do better now and it’s all an illuminating journey.
      And yes, evidence journals and practice projects areca must if you have any doubts.

  • Jeannette says:

    Agreed, Reeya! It IS just a matter of time. When you’re doing the work, however you’re doing it, it’s just a matter of time.
    The good news is that the more fun we have along the way, the better.

  • Reeya says:

    I totally agree with Karen about the blocks we put on ourselves. I think the reason I get frustrated is because I don’t stay in alignment with what I want AND i do expect the results a lot quicker than they come. I know this so the one thing I’ve done recently is I’ve created a manifestation box about 2 weeks ago that helps me stay in alignment with my desires. I look forward to putting stuff in there and every time I see my box, my heart goes a flutter. But occasionally ego has crept in saying, this ain’t going to work either. The good thing is, ego is NOT as loud as it used to be with the negative talk and when I recognize this, I come back in alignment and relax believing it’s just matter of time!

  • Jeannette says:

    Karen, you rock! Way to catch it fast and turn it around on a dime.
    I like your style. 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    Love that, Gary! Especially: “you’ve got to get in the kitchen and start burning a few meals first.”
    Thanks for chiming in from Joshua! 🙂

  • Karen says:

    I have no doubt it works. I think my block may just be that my conditi……wait a minute – If I have a block it’s because I think I do. I see manifestations happen all the time to me and I don’t even try. So it’s just a matter of time until they all come forward.
    OK, carry on.

  • Gary Bodley says:

    Hi Jeanette, This is from Joshua:
    Once you have come to understand that there is more to reality than you can perceive with your senses, you become excited in the knowledge that you have the power to create your own reality. But do you really believe it? It takes some getting used to because in that knowledge is the realization that you are responsible in some way for everything that happens to you. This becomes disconcerting for many.
    Prior to your awakening, you could simply believe that what happens in your life is a matter of fate. It’s all beyond your control. Then you learn that this system of physical reality is designed to yield to you. You are here to learn how to create your own reality. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions all work to shape a reality that is unique and specific to you. And it spurs your personal expansion.
    This realization in daunting indeed. What do you do now? Somehow, you must alter the way you’ve been living and being up to this point. You create your own reality, but how does that actually happen? You understand that your thoughts shape your reality so you try to control your thoughts. But you’ve never even tried to control your thoughts before and so you seek to think positively about everything. This is a great start, but there’s so much more to learn.
    Imagine if you ate every single meal in restaurants your entire life. Then one day someone told you you could create your own meals. All you have to do is go to the grocery store and pick out what you like. Ignore the stuff you don’t like and only buy what you want. You should not try to get the bad stuff removed from the store, just focus on what’s wanted. So you bring home all this good stuff and you’re very excited to get started making you own meals (creating your own reality) but you have no pots, no pans, and no recipes. The problem is, you think you’re already a five-star chef, but you’ve never cooked anything in your life.
    So where do you go from here? The first step is to realize that all of this creation stuff is natural to you and you will get the hang of it, but you’ve got to get in the kitchen and start burning a few meals first. Once you get started, you’re on your way. Start reading recipes (books), start taking a few cooking classes (going to workshops), and start inviting friends over for dinner (some will love it and others won’t; who cares?)
    You can always quit and go back to eating in restaurants and no one will think poorly of you for it. But wouldn’t it feel nice to make your own meals? Would it feel exhilarating to create the life you really want? It may not happen over night, but this is what you were meant to do and every single one of you can do it as long as it interests you and you stick to it.
    We are Joshua and you are loved.

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