Recommended Stocking Stuffers

elfdog.jpgIf you’re cutting Santa some slack this year and shopping for your own holiday treats, here are a few things I suspect you’ll enjoy:
Zoe Routh picked the brains of ten of the best LOA coaches and made the total package available for less than $100. This is one of my favorite LOA products I’ve ever seen, and not just because I’m in it. Zoe’s the real deal. She delivers profoundly, and also packs in oodles of delicious extras that will get your new year off to a nice start.
Check it out for yourself and note that the price goes up next Thursday. So if you’re picking it up, do so before December 20th!
If you haven’t already caught on to Jen Blackert’s Fearless Millionaire teleseries, there are still two free days to take advantage of. She let me check out her new Seven Dragons book and I have to say, it reminded me why I am so drawn to this girl. She knows her stuff, and compiled a unique, insightful fun-to-read personal development book. Good job, Jen!
Other books I enjoyed this past year are:
The Intention Experiment for amping up left-brainers’ belief about LOA.
How We Choose to Be Happy for nine steps to a good time.
4 Hour Work Week for blasting through old patterns of “business as usual.”
Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer – I’m so in love with Gregg!
Emotional Options – Mandy’s on to something here. It’s short, sweet & powerful.
The Alchemist – what can I say? I just discovered it!
Eat, Pray, Love – thank you, Iyabo, for making me read this!
Notes from the Universe – Mike is my all time hero. My wish is that everyone has a copy of this for managing funky days.
For you business owners and coaches, I highly recommend Michael’s Book Yourself Solid, Milana’s Coaching Millions and of course, the business owner’s bible for getting clients: Attracting Perfect Customers. (That and a pray rain journal is how I built a full coaching practice in three months.)
And if you just need a cheap laugh right now, check out 2 Hot Girls in the Shower on the Secret. Thanks, David. Who else could have sent me this?
Looking for good music? It doesn’t get much more rewarding than Mark Romero’s instrumental guitar. It’s more than just good music. It is literally (scientifically proven, and I can vouch for it based on personal experience) vibe-raising. Mark’s got a gift, no doubt about it.
Maybe custom made jewelry that serves as an LOA reminder is up your alley this season. The bracelet Barb made for me that reminds me to “Relax & Enjoy” is virtually the only jewelry I regularly wear. Still loving it, Barb!
What am I asking for this Christmas? Donations. I asked family and friends to put their money to work (toward a cause they deem worthy) in better ways than just buying more stuff, even if it is stuff for me. I like buying my own stuff, anyway – and ever since I watched Earthlings (purposely I’m not giving you the link to watch it online), I’m thinking if we invest where our passion is with the end result we want in mind, surely that’s a step in the right direction.
If anyone has other ideas, I am open to hearing them! Namaste, friends.
PS – this just in: Pretty cool gift idea, especially in light of Eckhart’s dog interview I posted earlier today!

  • December 12, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Will do, girlfriend! This will be a fun one!! 🙂

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Joint Venture – of course! I have been thinking the exact same thing. Brain again – you must have the bigger half this week judging by the way I feel at the moment! LOL

    By the way – mark e down for your money vibe class – it sounds like cool bananas to me!


  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Leslie, that’s the BEST! Using your “country bumpkin” identity/excuse to not get sucked into buying all the latest “have to haves.”

    In fact, one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received (I still have it right here in front of me) is the “Namaste” metal cutout you sent! It’s what I focus on when doing client sessions to keep all the other “noise” out.

    Supporting local craftspeople will undoubtedly bring lots of pleasure – not just to those you purchase from (and offer encouragement to as you do so) but also the ones who receive something they wouldn’t have otherwise.

    I like your Christmas style. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I saw something on the news the other day that made me laugh. An organization was getting people to donate their fur coats ( sooo politically incorrect these days – YES!!!! ) and they were giving them to the homeless. They spray painted the cuffs red, I guess to encourage the recipients to use them instead of sell them. But what a great idea on so many levels. Nothing could keep a person warmer, how better a way to honor the animal who gave his fur away and there is something ironical with the homeless wearing what was once a status symbol. Now someone was using their brain with that one.
    Sometimes Christmas can be all about buying for the sake of buying. I wonder if the world would come apart if we didn’t exchange gifts and instead had a lovely meal together in a decorated house.
    I have tried to be really mindful this Christmas and not get into the stress vibe. It’s ridiculous in our household – we are the country bumpkins, who don’t know of the latest toys or have access to buying them. So there you are trying to buy toys for snobby relatives and you haven’t a clue in the first place.
    Just not going there this year, I will support the local craft person and buy something unique and make their day. I am pathetic at craft fairs because I usually buy something from a craft person who is vibing nobody loves me and pleeeease come buy something. Those are the ones I go love up and ask about their wares. And of course sometimes there is a good reason they are not selling. Lol.

    Love Leslie

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    I hope our plans for next year include something joint-projecty with each other! We would have SO much fun together!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hi there Jeannette

    Thanks for the plug! Yeah, even though I put the whole thing together, I love the Law of Attraction Superhighway too. Even though I did th interviews, I still listen to them – I keep making new distinctions each time.

    And here is more evidence we are sharing a brain – I was about to do a very similar post about my faves for the year, and plans for next year. Crikey!

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