Relaxing in the Rapids

rapids.jpgTwo weeks ago, floating down Cataract Canyon with my sweetie and three rafts-full of his rocket scientist (really) co-workers, I picked up some great Law of Attraction life wisdom from our river guides.

Trip leader, Lorenzo, gave us safety instructions the day we were due to run class 3, 4 and 5 rapids. I’ve already written about several life lessons I learned from Lorenzo’s safety training, but this tip here is my favorite:

We’re told at length how to stay safe on river rapids. (Basically, stay in the boat!) But worst case scenario, if you’re ejected, and you go under, and you get confused and scared and out of oxygen and panicked, Lorenzo gave this instruction: “Relax.”

That doesn’t sound like what I’d be doing if I found myself tossed out of the boat.

“Yes,” he says, “Relax.” Because when you do, the river will spit you out. It’ll shoot you right back to the top where you will be able to breathe again and can reconnect with your boat.

He told us if we’re in the rapids under water, we should NOT expend energy trying to swim. Do NOT waste time trying to go anywhere or do anything. First of all, we probably wouldn’t go the right direction anyway, and second, we wouldn’t make any progress. We’d also be too exhausted to give ourselves real help. (Self-rescue is the best rescue – I’ll blog about that later!) Not to mention we’d be missing out on the ride of our lives while we struggle against the stream!

Rather, Lorenzo said, “Relax and let the stream spit you out.” Which it will happily do, if you just stop fighting it. It’ll take you where you need to go.

Sound familiar?

The stream will take us where we need to go. Everything we want is downstream. Stop the struggle, stop resisting. Just go with the flow, and enjoy the ride.

Yeah, Relax.

It seems worth asking the question: what are we struggling against? What are we resisting? What could we relax into, and enjoy more of? Where could we let the stream work on our behalf, while we just relax and enjoy the ride?

  • July 1, 2007