Q&A: Releasing Need for Money

releasing the need for moneyIn last week’s post about manifesting money fast, I said it doesn’t work well when we try to manifest money under pressure.

Rather, that it’s much easier to do when money isn’t such a big deal and when we don’t “need” to come up with cash soon.

Along those same lines, Abraham recently answered how to manifest the BIG money: you have to not make it so BIG. ย Because thinking of it that way puts it out of reach.

In response to my post a facebook reader asked, “How to not need money when you really do need the money?”

I’ve got thoughts to share, but wanted to open this up to you all, because I know some of your personal experiences will hit home much more powerfully than mine.

How do you make money not be a big deal when there’s pressure to have some?

Thanks in advance for considering the question and for sharing your thoughts!

PS – the photo with this post is a clue to one of my favorite answers on this subject. ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • January 16, 2013
  • Marquina says:

    Hi! I’m agreeing with both of you, Jeannette and Sara. You do need to release, but sometimes you gotta push further into the worry to “explode” it and let it go! I enjoyed reading everyone’s experiences here because it helps me to not be so hard on myself and Let Go! Thanks, Everyone!

  • Marquina says:

    I’m in agreement with both o

  • Ben says:

    Hmm i’m not sure. Though I do notice it shows up when i’m not really looking for it or expecting it. The times i’m checking all the time I don’t usually notice it. Then I will forget and check at some other time and money will have come in.
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this too.

  • Sara says:

    Thanks, Jeannette! For those of us who practiced at shifting our feelings, you’re right, it’s not that hard to feel better even if the “real life” evidence is nagging. I’m thinking more of the person who feels stuck in “yeah, but.” ๐Ÿ™‚ Or someone who is newer to loa awareness.

  • Sara, you make a good point that resistance on top of resistance doesn’t help.
    If we think of releasing as hard work, then yes – we’re making backwards progress. And sometimes not trying at all is a release in the resistance already.
    But I don’t think it’s THAT hard to feel better … as Marti and Shannon and Rosa and everyone else has pointed out here.
    There is tremendous value in owning what you feel, though. I love that quote from Bashar: “you cannot change what you do not own.” Meaning – acknowledge what you feel!
    That in itself can be a big shifter! In fact, it makes me wonder how often it’s our resistance to being worried that keeps us in a worried state of mind … ?

  • Sara Garcia says:

    Hey Carolyn! I totally hear you when you say you feel like it’s been there done that. That’s very aware of you!
    Sometimes the tools and/or solutions that look downstream doesn’t always FEEL very downstream. Implementing a manifesting process can be the same as taking action to get the stuff. I think that’s where following what feels better from where we are is extremely powerful, because then the intention goes from taking action to align with the money to simply feeling better.

  • Carolyn says:

    Sara Garcia – you seem to hit the nail on the head for me on this one..”I feel that piling the need to release it on top of the need to have it can be pretty messy.”. However I feel I still have to get to the place where I am not resisting and I am releasing the need..The tips made by others here seem great but they are yet to resonate with me..been there done that?! Jeannette, any other ideas/thoughts?

  • Sara Garcia says:

    I feel that piling the need to release it on top of the need to have it can be pretty messy. There’s already enough contrast here to work with, and adding the concept of release may be difficult for someone to access the experience of from where they are. It seems that offering such a concept would be helpful, but for the person who feels needy, they’re likely not going to hear it that way. It’s more likely going to remind them even more of how they’re not doing enough to allow what they want – and that’s not what we want for those we intend to help.
    If I was talking with someone who was experiencing this, I would invite that it’s safe for them to feel the need, that whatever happens as a result is going to be very powerful for them, and I might ask them what they want as they sit with it – does it feel like a good time to entertain the idea of easing out of the need or does it feel better to talk through it or otherwise honor it, or something else entirely. The most important thing is that we understand that any of those choices are perfectly right, and absolutely none of them are wrong.
    Anything that allows them to feel that they have permission to feel what they feel – even if we happen to believe it’s not good for them and we could question that – they are free to need money as much as they want, and they’re free to follow whatever feels better from there….or not. And sometimes what feels better is to stay with the feeling for that moment. The contrast and that powerful decision could lead them to something completely different in the next moment. This is going to be a unique process for everyone. I believe things like this always have a natural way of evolving that we can’t always see or identify until later, and that’s perfectly good. Even if they lose more money or don’t get the money in time, or what have you, the important thing to remember is that no matter what manifests as a result, it’s NOT the end of the story. The flow of desire and the flow of well-being continues regardless, and from that perspective there is no failure, no matter how the needy vibration manifests.
    On a side note: When I get needy about something, I call the people I know, love, and TRUST, and I let them POUR on the love. I give myself plenty of room to be in my story as much as I want to, and I let myself have the experience that no matter how I feel, there are people who adore me just the same. Very cozy and helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Another great way to shift, Marti! I appreciate your posting it.
    And Shannon – using a beautiful mantra like that makes ALL the difference, doesn’t it?! Kudos to you!
    Love all the responses gathering here – you guys are SO good at this!!

  • Shannon says:

    I love this conversation because I had this experience fairly recently. For most of my life, I worried about money (something I learned from my parents). This past November I went from full time to half time at my job. November 15th would’ve been my first half-time paycheck and I was totally freaked out the week prior about how I would pay my bills. Donna, one of my fellow coaches, reminded me it wasn’t the 15th yet and I really didn’t know for sure what would happen. So I took that on. I stopped worrying about not having the money and started focusing on how everything was working out perfectly. I started telling myself “I always have plenty of money for everything I need and want.” I still had my moments of doubt, but I was able to let them go and get back to the place of everything working out.
    On the 15th I checked my account and was paid my full time wage. It actually made me giggle when I saw the money in my account. The same thing happened at the end of the month…I was paid full time for part time work. My boss told me he had forgotten to change my salary and that I should consider the extra money a bonus.
    I am currently unemployed and continue to live in the place of everything working out perfectly because “I always have plenty of money for everything I need and want.” And you know what? It does!

  • BarbaraM says:

    I love this Marti – looking for everything, you do have!

  • Marti says:

    Distract yourself in the opposite direction.
    Start writing an inventory of EVERYTHING you DO have. Get obsessed with the inventory. Room by room. Look up and around and into drawers and closets. Make a long detailed list.
    Use these columns: Room; Item; Description; Location(drawer, closet, floor or wall, etc.); Market Value (just guess for now); Value to Me (โ€œinvaluableโ€ or cost to replace or $0); Keep; Sell; Donate; Trash. This would take me the rest of time to complete. But if I find myself spinning in my brain pan about money, this seems like a useful distraction. If nothing else, I can get rid of stuff that has no useful value, making room for more abbundance to flow in.

  • Couldn’t have said it better, Nicole – thanks for that!
    And Rosa, I’ve heard people report back really wonderful manifestations with that “ten times” visualization! Thanks for sharing it here!

  • Rosa Muziotti says:

    Hi Jeannette. Wonderful website.
    I would like to share this visualization because it is a great tool to create the FEELING of HAVING enough money (actually my income has increased):
    1)Sit down, breathe and relax for a while.
    2) Remember all the things you have paid for during the day and then imagine you are receiving back ten times the money you have spent on every item.
    And that’s it….It works wonders.

  • Nicole says:

    I love the responses to this question! This time of year for me has always been a little ‘tight’ as we just got past the holiday gift, feasting and celebrating season. I’m the most carefree person in my circle of relationships when it comes to money. But I still face those moments of doubt.
    I completely relate with Michelle & Danae – and you are right, the money always shows up, we are always taken care of, no matter what. I think when those money emotions show up, its a signal to take some time to relax, have fun, and focus on how much abundance is already here.
    Janette – love your paragraph on Trusting. Knowing it will work out, that’s the energy I love!!

  • That is a powerful powerful vibe, there, Janette! TRUSTING.
    Such a great place to be, no matter how we arrive there.
    And I think relaxing, easing up, chilling out, remembering how it’s worked out before, reading others’ stories here – all that can help us get there.
    Thanks for posting, Janette!

  • Janette says:

    Mmm, juicy!
    I’ve been revisiting times in my life when I flowed ‘it will work out’ even though it was a situation where most folks would be anxious. And where it would’ve been super easy for me to flow anxiety, too.
    Like the time we sold our house and still didn’t have anywhere to live two weeks before moving day. We found a perfect little cottage to rent a few days later and not only was it easy to get accepted (in a ‘difficult’ renting market) – the real estate agents were deeply grateful when I spotted an error in the contract that would’ve created problems for them down the track. Ha!
    Or the time I killed my car and consistently did NOT engage ‘OMG I killed my car I’m such an idiot and what will I do to get around now???’. I knew those thoughts were possible, I could feel them beating their scaly wings at the door of my mind. But I chose to let them fly on past. And I manifested my beautiful little Amelie (my name for my Peugeot). Woohoo!
    So I’m gonna get me some more of THAT energy. Trusting. Knowing it’ll work out even though I don’t know how. In fact, me not knowing how is kinda fun – I’m curious to see what amazing feat Universe pulls off! I know it’ll be something I hadn’t anticipated – and yet something that will feel utterly right and natural. Of course. Done deal.

  • That’s exactly what we’re shooting for, isn’t it, Danae? Staying in that energy that lets things work OUT! Instead of worrying and fretting and keeping good things from happening.
    That’s sort of what I wanted to share, too – which is the Bobby Pinson song that goes “I’m fine either way.”
    It reconnects with me with the knowledge that I’m fine no matter what. It doesn’t matter what does or doesn’t happen, my well being is assured.
    I’m gonna be fine if it works; I’m gonna be fine if it doesn’t work. All is well here.
    It helps me release attachment, and breathe again.
    And we know when we’re in that space, we’re allowing the goodness to flow.

  • Danae Sinclair says:

    Timely as always Jeannette!
    Yesterday my pay (which normally goes into my bank account at 6pm) was late. At this time of year money is handled with care so I was kind of watching my account (because I do contract work – which means when I don’t clock hours I don’t get paid).
    I was being extra watchful because I’m SO EXCITED TO BE GOING TO SEE ABRAHAM IN SYDNEY in March and I’d paid for flights with my last savings in the morning. I wanted to book a hotel too.
    I sent a message to my super awesome little sister (we’re going together to Abraham in Sydney) and reported on my pay situation. We agreed it would all work out. Things always do.
    What I didn’t do:
    – cancel my automatic rent payments (or any other bill due to be paid today)
    – panic about how we’d ‘survive’ the week (let me tell you as a single mother of five this is no mean feat)
    – freak out about the incompetence of my new employer (who, in all honesty, is not my cup of tea, but I’m here to help)
    – crawl into bed and try to forget about it (not a bad strategy on any other day)
    What I did:
    – stayed calm
    – watched a comedy show with my little girl
    – tapped on it
    – asked the question “what if I never worried about money again?”
    Result: I felt pretty good, whether my pay went through or not (which it did).

  • That’s a really cool focusing shift, Lisa. What IS going right? Where IS the abundance?
    We can’t be thinking “limitation” or “scarcity” the same time we’re vibrating “plenty” and “abundance” – so that’s a great tip! Thanks for posting it.

  • Lisa says:

    Whenever you’re focusing on money because you desperately need money for something, you might be sending out a scarcity vibe. Whenever I’m in a spot where I desperately need money for something, instead I focus on what I do have and get super enthusiastic about it. “HEY! I have enough to fill up the gas tank in my car AND buy a new pair of socks! Cool!” Focus on abundance, no matter how small it may be, and you’re sending out an abundant vibe ๐Ÿ˜€
    …is small abundance an oxymoron? Hmm.

  • Ooh, Jennifer – that’s a powerful technique there – to flow love to the person we might otherwise be irritated with when it comes to the money. Nice one!

  • Jennifer says:

    This is one of my questions too. Usually when I take a few minutes break and stop focusing on needing the money so badly and try to think about things that make me happy (i.e., making a list of 10 great things about today [or if a person owes me money I make a list of 10 nice things about them] or a happy childhood memory), somehow or another the current money situation gets mitigated or the impending item that I couldn’t purchase at the time suddenly shows up as a gift or found object.

  • Michelle, I love that you’re sharing those words of wisdom from personal experience! That makes them so much more credible. Thank you!
    And it’s so true that we often tell a much scarier story than it really is. And that it’s the story that makes all the difference.
    It’s interesting how looking at the “worst case scenario” can actually provide some relief. Thanks for posting this!

  • My husband and I own a business that tends to have a seasonal nature and when we had bills due and no cash flow, I reminded myself that this has happened before and we always came up with the needed money. Sometimes, I had to pay a few bills late, but its always been ok and it would be now. It’s been a long time since we haven’t had money to pay bills, but it happened a lot in the past. Sometimes, also, acknowledging the worst that can happen helps me, too. I can accept that whatever happens it will be ok. Tell yourself the best story you can. Mine was always, we get the money in the nick of time but I changed that to we have plenty of money set aside for our needs and now we do.

  • I agree, Kathy, that getting happy is the secret here! However we can best do that.
    And Barbara, “turning it over” is another great way to offer relief!
    Which is what we’re looking for – however we can get there.
    Two great suggestions – thanks, ladies!

  • BarbaraM says:

    I don’t have any personal experience, but heard from a friend who divorced her man, moved from Australia to UK and was later notified that her husband somehow put her also in debt for XXXX AUD, which she had to pay until certain date. She didn’t have this money. As she shared with me, the pressure she put on herself was at first really high, actually so high, she couldn’t stand it anymore. She relaxed and “gave it to the higher powers”. What will be will be… I don’t remember if this is exactly what she did, but I remember that the relaxation from stress was the main part of this. So after she relaxed, in few days she was “miraculously” notified from her insurance company that they owed her exactly the amount of money she needed to pay off the debt she had in Australia….
    So I would say – except the worst what can happen… then you can relax and do something about it or not ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kathy says:

    Go have fun… anyhow..anywhere. Get yourself to as happy of a place you can get. So if that means spending the last $5 in your account on a discount movie or a latte..DO IT. Happy times brings happy thoughts.Happy thoughts counterbalance the worry over anything. Go have fun!

  • caz says:

    No suggestions, setting place at the table here for inspiration!

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