Remembering the Future

Janette Dalgliesh is the Sweet Relief Coach and GVU faculty member who’s leading an intriguing discussion this Wednesday on Remembering the Future.  
Read about the implications for deliberate creators in her guest post below and join us Wednesday to explore these ideas further.  
Here’s Janette:
remembering the future with Janette DalglieshI’ve been reading about how the brain works with memory and what that means for how we anticipate the future.
It explains so much about how affirmations, visualising, pre-paving, scripting, etc. all work, which won’t be a surprise to anyone here.
But it also explains why sometimes, for some of us, those techniques don’t work, or why they trigger resistance. Or why our trusted technique might let us down for one particular desire.
We’re evolutionarily wired so that our brain can be super-efficient. There’s a lot going on in that three-pound lump of jelly inside our skulls, so we have some clever systems to provide shortcuts.
One is our brain’s ability to predict the future based on what’s been experienced before. So, for instance, we learn as toddlers that the triangle-shaped toy goes into the triangle-shaped hole and no other. Eventually we can predict with certainty that the toy will fit one hole and one hole only, and we do that. A toddler will try it in all the holes until she finds one that fits. We adults go straight to the ‘right’ one.
We can also predict likelihoods with amazing accuracy – like how our favourite sports team is likely to perform (though they can surprise us, since the elements of a sports game are way more complex than a kid’s toy). Our ancestors used this ability to avoid trouble or find food and shelter, judging new terrain based on what had been experienced before.
Brain scans now show exactly how this works. When we have a memory of something, and we’re exposed to something which ‘breaks’ our prediction of what comes next, the brain works harder. It’s as though it only has to light up when there is a change in the pattern; otherwise it’s relying on something else – on its knowledge of what the pattern looks like.
In effect, it remembers the future.
You can see how if we can give our brain ‘better’ memories, ones which match our desire, we give it an instant way to access ‘easy.’
If my brain’s old memory is “I am scared of public speaking” then it will predict a future of being scared of public speaking.
But if I can create a new ‘memory’ for my brain, such as “I love public speaking and I do it with confidence and ease,” then the easy prediction is for me to find public speaking easy.
That’s how LOA tools work at the neurological level. The brain cannot distinguish between a ‘real’ or imagined memory, so by either visualising or scripting or affirming that other reality, we open the door to predictions in the brain that support our desire rather than working against it.
Of course, this means by using this kind of tool we’re getting our brains lined up with the energy of what we want, so it’s a perfect match!
And what gets me really lit up is some of the recent research about how human memory works.
It’s WAY more fluid than we thought – and that’s awesome news for anyone who wants to deliberately and consciously make a different memory from which to predict the future!
I’m exploring all of this in a call coming up soon – click here for call details. Would LOVE for you to join Jeannette and me as we take a Fantastic Voyage through how to maximise this wonderful ability of our brains, and how to expand the horizons of the possible.
Janette Dalgliesh is the Sweet Relief Coach from southeast Australia who writes about other intriguing LOA friendly ideas at her blog: Sweet Relief Coaching, where you can also pick up a free copy of her book “From Aargh to Ahhh.”

  • October 22, 2013
  • Sebastian says:

    Genius. I read this book that changed my life once. One of the things it said was, the brain cannot distinguish from an imagined memory to an actual experience. In essence, I started to role play the kind of person I wanted to be. Well… I’ve definitely changed over the years.

  • Sophie says:

    Love this Janette! So true!
    I won’t be on the call today but I wanted to add my two cents 🙂
    Everything you said up here is the reason why I do not trust my brain!!!! Our brains are a limitation of us. It’s a terrible thing, waste it!
    How much easier and more fun our lives would be if we simply followed our awarenesses ?
    Much love!

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