Rephrase or Run!

A new college graduate’s question to Abraham about how to stay grounded in a money hungry world is worth checking out:
Abraham on Wall Street
Don’t you love it?! “Strong asking and a little allowing goes a LONG LONG way!” 
woo hoo!! 
(And with this I am now inspired to learn how to post video on this blog!  But in the meantime, just click on the link above and enjoy!)

  • November 14, 2008
  • Chuckypita says:

    Wow. Look at you go with this incredible blog! The Law of Attraction is definitely applicable to you.

  • And that’s the whole key, isn’t it, Stephen? Being able to want something without getting stuck on its absence.
    I love how you connected the quote and the video to get this inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing it here with us! 🙂

  • Good morning Jeannette,
    I found that video on youtube yesterday and today the Abraham ‘quote of the day’ is this:
    What we feel from most physical beings who are using the word “want” is a yearning, a desire that is currently unfulfilled. When we use the word “want” we mean it as an object of attention to which I want to focus, a desire that I give my undivided, undiluted, not contradicted attention to, so that the Energy that creates worlds can flow through me toward that desire.
    — Abraham
    Excerpted from the workshop in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday, April 19th, 1997
    I felt a great connection between these two (the video and the quote). It helps me see how I can want something without focusing my attention on the absence of it.

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