Rhonda and Katie

If you’re familiar with Byron Katie’s Work, you may have wondered how (or whether) the Inquiry process works with the Law of Attraction.

I myself use Katie’s process personally and with clients as a tool for releasing thoughts that keep us stuck in a vibrational pattern that doesn’t serve. (If you’re not familiar with her questions, it’s basically to question your painful thought with 1) is it true? 2) can you know that it’s true? 3) how do you feel when you think that thought? and 4) who would you be if you couldn’t think that thought?)

Katie’s recent post about the Secret is more focused on the movie than the Law of Attraction itself, it seems. But it inspired me to offer my two cents’ worth on how the Work and LOA fit together.

Along with Sedona Method, EFT, ho’oponopono and various other release techniques, I believe The Work has the potential to help us free ourselves from thoughts that generate lower vibrations within us. As we use whatever technique best suits us to release these negative thoughts, we can more easily embrace thoughts (i.e. a new vibration) more in alignment with the good things we’ve been wanting.

I’m wondering if Katie doesn’t do a lot of deliberate creation, because she’s more focused on accepting reality than creating it. As Abraham would say, there is great power in making peace with what is, but that seems to me just the first step. So much more is possible for us when we embrace our creative powers!!

Yes, the habit of not fighting against reality is surely a peaceful one. And THEN … I’m going to usher in a reality that really floats my boat. I mean, I am. I don’t know what anyone else wants to do – but that’s where I’m headed next. And that doesn’t mean I don’t accept reality. It just means I have fun molding it, all the while perfectly accepting (okay, not perfectly – but that’s where Katie’s help comes in) what is present now.

I think Rhonda and Katie make a pretty good combination.

And I’m open (as Katie might say) to other perspectives. Your thoughts?

  • April 24, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Jeffri, thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I’m with you – I also like the empowerment that deliberate creation offers. Rather than just getting okay with reality, or even loving it, let’s mold it! Let’s rock this place!

    I don’t think those two cancel each other out.

    And yes, for many, the starting place there may very well be getting okay with what is (and thanks to Inquiry for helping some get there) – but let’s not live our lives out there, huh?

    Your last sentences about Abe material sealing the deal for you and fully uplifting you made me stop and think how I feel with Abe and Katie’s material. Abraham feels like such an enormous delight to me, and leaves me with tremendous possibilities and excitement, whereas Katie’s work feels more peaceful, accepting and calm. With freedom, too.

    Hmm. That’s an interesting one to consider.

    Thanks again for posting, Jeffri!

  • jeffri says:

    Comparing Abraham’s work and Katie’s work is like comparing Apples and Oranges. We can only hear that which we are ready to receive. For some (I imagine), It is easier to come into alignment (or find relief) thru Katie’s Work. I personally like the empowerment achieved by recognizing my power as the creator of my own experience. I view the “work” as bringing myself, in every possible moment, through my choice of thoughts, and being guided by (and listening to) my emotions, closer to those things I want. We did not come into this Life experience to simply “observe, or make peace” with our envirnment, but to create, to want, to desire (we cannot avoid doing that anyway). I do not know Katie’s work that well, but any philosophy which places control outside of the individual isn’t telling the whole story. Ultimately it should not really matter. The Universe delivers relief through the path of least resistance. What ever teacher we are in closer vibrational alignment with is the one the Universe will make available to us. These days the Abraham – Hicks material seals the deal for me. I am always Fully Uplifted after listening to Abraham. Their stuff just makes sense. Besides, why question Infinate Intelligence?

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