Right Under Your Nose?

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What if it turned out that your greatest dream come true was already manifested right under your nose?

Sounds ridiculous, I know. Of course we’d see it if it were here! Duh.

But it happened to me, and it happened recently.

So I’m just sayin’ it might be worth considering that you’re not as far away from what you want as you may think …

  • July 25, 2018
  • Dana says:

    Great podcast Jeannette! For me, this was a reminder to see what’s already in front of me that I can sometimes take for granted… like the amazing partner I share life with (Rolly) who is always supportive, an amazing listener, calm in the midst of any storm, and who’s madly and continually more in love with me “warts and all!” ((Milking it!!!))

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