Rookie Move: Resisting Doo-Doo

Clients and Good Vibe U members have heard this story, but it was a good reminder of how ridiculous it is to rely on action to get what we want.  So I’m telling it one more time.
(Then I’m done talking about it, because this is not the story I’d like a repeat of.)
Backstory: When you’ve got a lot of animals in the house, it’s crucial to keep up on maintenance if you don’t want it to smell like a farm or a zoo.  (No offense to farms or zoos.)  So if I sound neurotic, it’s only because I have a zillion animals (as my boyrfriend says) and a nice house. 
So when pit bull Joe left a big doo-doo on my favorite rug, I was not happy. 
After all, he’s an adult and he’s supposed to be house-trained!  He’s old enough to know to take advantage of a potty break, and certainly old enough to hold it for an hour until someone gets home! 
Ridiculous!  (In a very wrong way.)
Anyway, it was not easy cleanup, so it felt like time to call in the professional.
Ned at Abacus Cleaners knows the routine well (he’s been my guy for over a decade) and popped over to do his magic on all the carpets and rugs. 
Before 24 hours had passed, Joe did it AGAIN.
He left another doo-doo on the same rug, in the same spot, and just as hard to clean up.  (You fellow dog owners know what I’m talking about, right?)
This shouldn’t even happen once a year, and here it was happening twice in 24 hours?!
I was … not happy, to put it mildly. 
After I fumed about it, I realized Joe practically had to go on the rug again because I was flowing such huge resistance about it.
I mean, pretend you’re Universe and all you hear from Jeannette is “blankety blank poop on the blankety blank rug from blankety blank dog.”  If you’re Universe, you gotta figure out how to get more poop on the rug.
The poor dog didn’t have a chance with the vibe I was flowing: HUGE resistance to poop on my floor.
That was the story I told the client who really really didn’t want to experience another breakup, and the other client who really really didn’t want to have to travel for work (she wants to stay local so she can get a DOG, believe it or not!), and the other one who really really didn’t want to go broke
Yeah, let me tell you how that works out … 
… it doesn’t.
The resistance is a magnet for it.
We all know this. I’ve written about it before and probably will again.  Because until we get it figured out, the reminders keep coming.
So our opportunity is to make peace with doo-doo on rugs.  And breakups, and going broke, and jobs that suck.
Not because we give up wanting it to be different, or thinking it could be different – but because as long as we need it to be different it can’t be. 
And all the action in the world I can think of to take cannot override my vibe of resistance. 
But seriously …
Peace with poop?  Really?
Yeah, really.  Unless I want more.
That’s my homework this week.
What’s yours?

  • February 26, 2010
  • TerriC says:

    Thanks, Pernille – I feel your observations surrounded by a lot of space, love and freedom. And I’ve been in and out of mental “doo-doo” the past two days “trying” to release (lot of work going on here – gives you an idea of how the “doo-doo” was spreading). I walked the beach the entire afternoon, looked for shells, became absorbed by the figure eights in the ripples – usually realigns me WHATEVER isgoing on. But I was Working it, so I didn’t get the shift. (You can tell I don’t know what I’m doing with all the LOA, right?) I turned away from the beach, walking across the street to my house, admiring the amazing sunset as I looked West, and I turned around because I had forgotten to blow the ocean a kiss goodbye (my always gratitude “thanks for being beautiful for me”) and WOW!! I was blown away – there was the biggest Orange Full Moon I’ve ever seen! Like a copper penny in the sky! I had to check to make sure the sun really was still setting in the West – yes, I was really seeing the moon. I was so elated and still feel the glow. I am grateful the Universe shows up to help me in its own magnificent way. And I thank all of you for so generously offering and sharing your understandings and experiences!

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    Not the emoticon I desired at all – I did a smiling face – but never mind!

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    But I love love love it when there are new posts on this blog! And when they are linked to other posts and I end up reading loads of interesting things!

  • Anonymous says:

    Oohh, I’m being quoted, that is really cool – thanks Mary!!!
    The quote came from my interpretation of the difference between making peace with at situation and tolerating a situation. I’m feeling inspired to repeat it here:
    Making peace with a situation is simply accepting it without judgement. This means you give up resistance and from there you can choose to change it.
    Tolerating a situation is accepting it with judgement. There is still resistance and your focus is still on the unwanted/bad situation, which means you keep attracting more of that and it cannot change. What you resist persists, rigth?
    @ So Mitch, I would say it depends on whether thinking about leaving makes you come to peace with your situation or tolerate it.

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    ha-ha – first I’m being quoted, then I get anonymous – maybe I should check my vibe 😉

  • Greg Blencoe says:

    You’re very welcome. Keep up all of the outstanding work!
    It’s great to hear you are also starting to let go of the “take action” mentality.
    Thanks for the kind words. It’s wonderful that you are also getting more on the path of inspired action.
    And I am in complete agreement about what you said about getting the not so fun things out of the way as quickly as possible (and trying to find the fun in them). It’s definitely best to get back to the vortex as soon as possible!

  • Coach T.I.A says:

    “””Tia, just a thought for you… PURELY from a stance of love, of course. But if you’re feeling the need to run around and convince everyone on the forums how happy you are being single, maybe you’re not really so happy after all? Just seems like there’s still some resistance in there, if you a) feel the need to tell people how happy you are and b) are tired of it.”””
    Thanks Mary, I really wasn’t trying to convince people, I was clarifying.
    Some of the relationship posts in reply to you were including me in them, assuming that I’m trying to be ok with being alone right now as well, whereas that was more your thing (mine was abt timing / patience).
    So I automatically got included in it and while it was all very insightful and helpful, it seemed like I was being projected on a little with feelings that I wasn’t feeling.
    You’re right though, I realised pretty soon that I didn’t need to tell anyone how happy I am so I stopped doing that. Before J even wrote this post, I commented that this was the last time I’m saying I really AM happy being single and I’ll be just as happy in a relationship.
    My point in the comment above was that I never tire of talking about love and relationships and here I am, for the 1st time, tired of talking about relationships cos I’m getting saturated – which was hilarious to me & I knew J would find that hysterical too.. LOL.

  • livingtheloa says:

    Greg wrote:
    I am beginning to truly understand that my job is to feel good and take care of my vibration. It’s the universe’s job to do the rest.
    So true! I’ve thought a lot lately about inspired action vs. work and gradually have gotten better at doing more of the former and less of the latter. For me, inspired action is doing anything that feels good (is fun, gives me a sense of accomplishment, is helpful or brings joy to others, etc). Everything else is work and when I find myself doing work, I try to find the fun in it (sometimes it’s just about perspective – not sure how you do that with poop cleaning???) or at least get it done/behind me/out of my focus and then get back to inspired action as quickly as possible. The less I’m focusing on work or anything negative, the less I’ll be vibrating those things and the more I’ll stay in the vortex (or the matrix). It all goes back to what Greg said above.

  • Nat Couropmitree says:

    @GoodVibeCoach Jeannette, love this post. Great reminder that if we do without the energy alignment we get do-do 🙂

  • You know what, Barbara? I’m starting to get that.
    When people here are talking to themselves even before I show up to the party, I realize there’s no way I could neglect this. It’s happening with or without me.
    That’s cool. 🙂
    Thanks for that, my friend!

  • Barbara says:

    Aw, poop! Everyone has already said it all! Not sure I have much to add here except…
    @Mitch I laughed real loud at your post so if it brings humor to your situation, I’d say that’s not much resistance, if you’re laughing, too! Are you laughing as you’re BOUNCING out the door? Did you hear Abe’s latest audio? I love the “bounce” analogy of shifting your vibration. I wrote more about it in the forums at GVU, of course!
    @Adrianne, Wow. I love that. That’s a good one! We’ll have to ask Nancy@Affirming Spirit to help us with some good affirmations for that one (at GVU of course!)
    @Jeannette Hmmm…feeling like you’re neglecting this blog? This blog grows and grows and grows by the outreach it has to people: you don’t have to write that often–look at all the people who gather here to comment! You’ve created a beautiful thing here and at GVU so please be easy on yourself about it. Know that the Universe has your back! 🙂

  • Good question, Koren – about whether it’s better to do the Work or not on those fears. REALLY good question.
    But I’m skipping ahead to this one:
    “Is it better for the client to say that they want to stay in their relationship, they want to stay at home for work, they want to have plenty of money? Or would that create resistance also?”
    That would be an improvement, for sure – but I think we can get even better with it.
    I’ve been having fun sharing Mike Dooley’s story about how when he needed to start making money again, he gave Universe instruction for “creative fulfilling work” and “international travel” and then he applied for a CPA job.
    The Universe shut him down on CPA jobs. Instead gave him Notes from the Universe and The Secret and etc. etc.
    He got “bigger picture” with it. Instead of, I want this type of job, or this house, or this relationship to work, whatever – he went to the end result that we REALLY want. Feel good, be happy, etc. Big picture stuff.
    (For those familiar with Mike’s work, that’s the right side of the matrix, right?)
    I think that’s an even better improvement over dialing off the negative, onto the positive, but drilling in DEEP into the positive, to get to the real heart of it.
    Happiness. Peace. Love.
    That’s my two cents!

  • Ha…this post came just in the nick of time. I can already feel my energy shift after reading Jeannette’s post and everyone’s comments. This evening, I was focusing on what I did not want to happen. I could feel the tension and fear inside of me. I came by my computer to write down what I wanted instead and felt a little better. Then I found Jeannette’s post.
    So I am again thinking about what it is that I want, and letting go of the fear of what I don’t want to happen. I am going to go do the work on those fears. Or do you think that would be engaging those fears even more? Hmmm. I will go see how it feels when I do it. If the tension in my arms come back. I will refocus on what it is I want. Thanks everyone.
    Jeannette – so for those client examples. Is it better for the client to say that they want to stay in their relationship, they want to stay at home for work, they want to have plenty of money? Or would that create resistance also?
    Greg I too am of the “take action” mentality that has been engrained on in my entire life. I am learning slowly to let go

  • Adrianne, I LOVE where you are taking us!!
    Count me on board, girlfriend!!

  • Adrianne says:

    Hey, anybody think it’s possible (or a good idea) to work on developing a belief that thinking negative thoughts/ resisting/ feeling bad has very little effect on what we actually physically manifest???
    As in, if I was to hypothetically develop a really really strong belief that my positive intentions were 10 million bazillion times more powerful than any resistance I might be flowing or might flow in the future would it be enough to override (what I think I know about) the law of attraction or how creating reality works???
    Lol…hope this question makes sense 🙂
    It’s just that sometimes I can be too harsh on myself when I can’t get it “right” or focus negatively even though I “ought to know better.”
    Maybe if I could develop a belief like this it would take the pressure off and I’d be able to more quickly/ easily/ efficiently express and release my true in the moment negative feelings and move up the emotional scale?
    Hmmm… Seems like a nice idea 🙂

  • “Talk you down” – you’re so funny, Patty!!
    Hey, for my two cents’ worth – the chair arrangement counts!!!
    And that’s a lot closer to horseshoe than I’ve gotten.
    You know what else, Patty? I also had those ‘take this job and shove it dreams,’ but when it came time to actually do it, I was incredibly gracious and loving and thinking about what I’d miss there!! Easier to do when the vibe is much better after years of imagining it and then actually DOING it – that’s vortex material there. ha

  • Patty says:

    Oh Jeannette – Thank you sweet friend for this poop, I mean post. Boy did I need to hear it! (And you already know one reason.) But here is something I am seriously resisting:
    The horseshoe in the GVU treasure hunt. There I’ve said it.
    I mean seriously? I live in CT very close to horse country, it is almost St. Patrick’s day (luck of the Irish and all that must include horseshoes right?), I’ve been to 3 stores to get various forms of crafts and decorations, I’ve picked up a lotto ticket (which I did win and checked off “free money”) and I know there has to be at least one scratch-off I was looking at with a horseshoe on it.
    I know I must have seen at least 5000 horseshoes but I haven’t SEEN them. For cripes sake – resisting a horseshoe?!!!
    I was actually relieved to hear a manifestation circle I’m joining on Monday decided to switch the chair arrangement into a horseshoe (why this benign fact was shared I don’t know but it made me feel better) I almost counted it as my “horseshoe” but will wait until Monday to hopefully SEE the horseshoe myself. Now if something goes awry and they can’t get the chairs into a horseshoe you are all going to have to talk me down on the GVU forum.
    Everyone else – Love your posts!
    Mitch – Cannot tell you how many sweet, sweet moments I spent at my first desk job thinking about the day I would say “Take this job and shove it!” It was almost as good the moment it happened in reality. Dream on fellow creator!
    Tia – I love all your GVU posts, they do sparkle so I am going to resist everything you said above which should probably help your mission 🙂

  • Greg, I find myself agreeing all over the place with you.
    With this: “Basically, I think you have to do whatever you need to do to get the vibration in the right place. And if this approach makes you feel good (and obviously nobody else is harmed since it is in your head), then go for it.”
    With this: “While in theory it sounds a lot easier to just take care of your vibration, I have found in practice it takes a lot of discipline.”
    (I think those LOA skeptics think we’re trying to take the “easy” way out by saying energy makes the difference – but truth is, sometimes the action might be easier to take!!! lol)
    And the working too hard suggestion. Those who were plugged into me recently know that I had too much on the plate and didn’t do a decent job of tossing some of it out. Good lesson.
    Thanks for posting, Greg!

  • That’s HILARIOUS, Sue!
    Even better to me was how well you handled it.
    I’ll be thinking of you next time I’m in the same boat, and channeling your humor around it all.

  • Sue says:

    Here’s a funny story
    I went to my sister’s tonight for supper, and to see if I could help her get logged onto her banking site, which she was finding rather frustrating because she couldn’t do it
    Well, neither could I. We played with it for a bit and then I decided to show her GVU, logged on and all and left her house without logging out.
    Needless to say, now I am locked out of GVU, and was forced to come here…….boohoo!
    Anyway, of course I am glad I did.
    I just thought I would share yet another funny haha
    Universal story.
    Put some attention on how -you can’t get into a site-
    and then -you can’t get into your site!
    Simple as that.
    Very funny Universe!!!!

  • Greg Blencoe says:

    In my view, your way counts as making peace as long as your vibration about the situation shifted to positive. Basically, I think you have to do whatever you need to do to get the vibration in the right place. And if this approach makes you feel good (and obviously nobody else is harmed since it is in your head), then go for it. Just my two cents.
    It is indeed amazing how getting the right vibration is more important than all of the action in the world.
    After watching LOTS of Abraham-Hicks DVDs and YouTube videos lately, I am beginning to truly understand that my job is to feel good and take care of my vibration. It’s the universe’s job to do the rest.
    While in theory it sounds a lot easier to just take care of your vibration, I have found in practice it takes a lot of discipline. I know I have had the “take action” mentality ingrained in me my whole life. But fortunately I am slowly but surely changing.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but I also wonder if this is a sign that you are taking on too much work. I know reactions like this are much more likely to happen with me when I feel overloaded. Perhaps it might be a good idea to consider scaling back on some things?

  • No doubt, Bixby, that just looking back on past experience is proof ENOUGH about how LOA works, huh?
    Seriously, sometimes it feels that knowing about vibration and its role in our lives is like someone handed the magic key over.
    Thanks for reading, friend, and especially for posting. 🙂

  • bixbybailey says:

    No kidding. Action is absolutely worthless and potentially harmful when backed by fear. I’ve had my butt kicked many times by that combo. I researched like mad, took very logical steps with the assistance of experts and the results ended in things going wrong and worsening my original situation every time, sometimes terribly.
    It happened so many times over the years that looking back on it was what convinced me LOA exists. My vibe was textbook sabotage- inspected what I didn’t want many times daily to try to find a way to ‘fix’ it, desperately attached to the outcome, etc. After each step, I expected things to go wrong but thought that because I was hoping everything would be fine, that that would work.
    People here recently have mentioned fear bringing negative outcomes and not trying to ‘fix’ anything and those kinds of comments resonate with me as great reminders that you’ve got to be aligned mentally before you take even the most seemingly logical of steps.

  • Well said, Flavia. This part especially made me smile: “dog that knows when to do what.”
    I can already hear Katie say of course he has to poop on the rug, that’s his JOB.
    But I like the LOA version of the story after making peace with reality. lol

  • Flavia says:

    Mitch my experience is that of course it counts to make peace because you know it’s temporary. That knowing will allow you to let go of the struggle of trying to figure it out and instead focus on what you DO want.
    When you KNOW it’s going to happen you know it’s only a matter of “when” and not ‘if” and that already puts you in a better feeling vibration. Just relax in that knowing and ignore the impulse to go back and figure out the “when” and the “how”.
    I use Byron Katie’s “The work” to identify the thoughts I’m thinking that keeps the resistence in place. She says reality is always kinder than the story we tell about it. She will sometimes use what she calls first generation thoughts. It’s what happens without our interpretation. Like “man getting up and walking away” instead of “He must be angry with me or at what I said and is therefore leaving”. So with the dog doo-doo, break it down to only what happened. Dog poops on the carpet. Man comes and helps me clean carpet. Dog poops on carpet. I pick up the phone and call man again. Done. End of first generation story.
    Now LOA story. What is it that I would like? A clean carpet and a dog that knows when to do what. That’s it. My work is done. Hmmmm more of this? Ok well must be some echo of past vibrations, nothing to get alarmed about. Back to what I want. I want……and it will feel like……. Good it’s done.

  • Oooh, it IS that simple, isn’t it Self Help Goddess?
    “Making peace with a situation is accepting it without judgement.” (Thanks, Pernille!)
    Yeah, acceptance without judgment. That would be peace.
    And I know how to not judge. (Not saying I do it all the time, but I know how to when called for.)
    K, got it.
    Thanks for that, Mary!!!

  • Pernille said something the other day (again in the GVU forums, sorry!) about how making peace with a situation is accepting it without judgement. That really hit home for me! Normally when we are resisting something, it’s usually because somewhere in our mind we have judged it as bad, wrong, or unwanted. If you can get to a place of dropping the judgement of a situation, the resistance should drop right along with it! Although Jeannette, I’m not exactly sure how you would do that in this situation, haha:)

  • I don’t know if it was off topic or not, Lindy, but I sure loved your story!!!
    Got goose bumps reading it.
    Thanks for sharing it, thanks for reading, and thanks for APPLYING what you’re learning (here or wherever else) in your real life!!
    Wow, you’ve just made my night, Lindy!! 🙂

  • Lindy says:

    I had an experience recently where I was focusing far too much on what seemed like a lack of commitment from the members of my choir (I’m a school music teacher).
    Something which I started out loving was becoming a source of great stress and disappointment to me. Luckily a post that I read on this blog helped me to shift my attitude.
    I decided that the whole point of the choir was for it to be fun for myself and the students. I then decided that I was going to appreciate the small number of very loyal students that I had and make the rehearsals as much fun as I could.
    I’m sure you all know what started to happen after this: – a much bigger number of loyal and committed choir members yay!
    Sorry if this is a bit off the topic but I’ve been a silent appreciator of this blog for a good while now and felt compelled to share my wee success story.

  • Ooh!! Really good question, Mitch!
    I can’t wait to hear what everyone else has to say about that!
    Once upon a time Jeanna Gabellini said to me that you don’t have to totally accept this thing you don’t want in your life; rather, just see it as temporary.
    I can certainly see how that perspective would lessen the charge – and that’s very likely enough to get you swooped into the vortex.
    But on my really sticky stuff, I think I gotta go all the way.
    I’m staying VERY tuned in to the answers that come to your question, my friend.
    PS – other obvious answer seems to be “whatever we believe will work will work”!

  • Mitch says:

    What if my way of making peace with something is by knowing that it’s on its way out? lol I love and adore my job when I imagine telling all of my supervisors to shove it and then skipping merrily out of the building. 😉
    Okay, that’s a little resistant. But seriously, do you think it counts as making peace when I say, “I’m fine with what is because I know I can change it.”?

  • Well, it would sure make it easier for me to feel like I wasn’t neglecting GVB while I was hanging out at GVU!! lol (If everyone joined GVU.)
    I can’t believe an entire WEEK went by without a post from me here! Sheesh! I must learn some balance! 🙂

  • Oh I just said that because of the way she phrased it above, not necessarily how it came across in the forums:)
    Everyone needs to join GVU!!

  • That’s funny, SHG – I didn’t hear Tia’s forum posts that way at all.
    And everyone here who’s not at GVU won’t understand any of it. ha

  • Tia, just a thought for you… PURELY from a stance of love, of course. 😉 But if you’re feeling the need to run around and convince everyone on the forums how happy you are being single, maybe you’re not really so happy after all? Just seems like there’s still some resistance in there, if you a) feel the need to tell people how happy you are and b) are tired of it.
    Feel free to take that with a grain of salt, but that’s what’s coming up for me! What if instead of always saying, I’m happy, I’m happy, you just allowed everything on the forums to be as is. I’m wondering why you feel the need to “tell everyone how happy you are?”

  • Okay, that’s just hilarious, Tia!!

  • Coach T.I.A says:

    Hahahah @ Janette, good point!
    I’m flowing a “I really wish people would stop talking about love on the forum, I’m tired of telling everyone how happy I am” LOL!!!
    I loved the threads, started a couple and now I’m resisting them so — of course, more love talk! LOL! LOL!! Never thought I wld be saying ‘that’s ENOUGH love chat” now, ME! Ha. Cracking up in a very good way 🙂

  • Truth be told, Janette, I’m not sure it bothers him all that much.
    I could take a lesson, huh? ha
    As I think on it more, Janette, I think you nailed it. The guy is literally compelled to do exactly what I strongly don’t want. Would suck to be him, when he wants so much to be a good dog for me, I know. lol At least, I imagine. 🙂

  • Janette says:

    I wonder what vibe Joe is flowing… something like “I really, REALLY wish Jeannette would stop flowing that resistance so I can stop pooping on the rug…”

  • >