“Rules” of Action

movie.jpgYesterday a friend thanked me for reminding her that she makes up the rules.

I’m more a fan of breaking rules than making them up, but as long as we’re creating our own, it’s all good.

Which may be why I get so riled up when I hear LOA experts telling us what the rules are.

I have tons of respect for the LOA teachers who are paving the way for so many conscious creators, but if I hear one more expert say nothing happens till I get my butt off the couch, I might lose my cool.

Backstory: Blogger Mark says he’s having his first experience with LOA. Good for him! One of my favorite guys from the Secret posts a comment encouraging him to visualize a clear outcome and reminds him that action is of course also required.

Oh my word.

Here’s the deal, or at least the way I see it. (And I’m willing to be wrong on this.) But my opinion is that action isn’t what creates our success. We don’t create with our hands. We didn’t come here for the action journey! We are Visionaries, not Actionaries. (I’m basing that on info from Abe, which feels true to me.)

I mean, how many times has something finally gone your way when you gave up the action? It’s happened a LOT for me. Some of my favorite miracles came after I stopped the action. And the success, when it finally revealed itself, often didn’t have anything to do with the prior actions I’d taken to make it happen!

I could fill this post with examples.

Action serves us best if it helps get our vibration lined up with what we want.

And that’s about it.

“Success won’t come knocking on your door if all you do is sit home thinking about it.”

If that’s how you want to play it, fine. But don’t put that on the rest of us. Because I’ve got this Universal Manager working for me. It does everything. I just do what feels good. And sometimes that’s sitting on my butt.

My girlfriend experienced Mr. Right knocking on her door. She didn’t do anything. Other than schedule an in-home massage one day. Everyone (besides me) had told her, “You gotta get out. You gotta put yourself out there. You have to start dating. Get on Match. You’ve got to make some effort!”

Well, she’d done all that and more, and it was a big fat bust. For over a year! (And this girl was HOT – with all capital letters. No reason she shouldn’t have been an active dater.)

She finally gave up thinking that anything good would happen for her in Utah.

And she scheduled a massage.

He came knocking on her door. The guy who swept her off her feet and had her thinking twice about what Utah had to offer after all.

I hear some of you guys … “Well that was her action, Jeannette. Scheduling a massage.”

That’s my point! That was her action! A glorified “sit on your butt” action!

Taking a nap! Or a shower! Going to the movie; going for a walk; playing with the kitties!

These are strong actions. These are the types of things that get us into allowing. That get us to open our door to the Universe, so all the magic and miracles that Universe has lined up for us can come in.

I don’t often find myself touting Michael Losier’s work, but I have to say I’m impressed with how he addresses action.

Here’s how I used to get sales back in corporate world … I’d go for a bus ride in the middle of the day. Or sneak out for a matinee movie. That’s when good things happened.

When I relaxed. When I gave up my stupid action journey of follow up calls to decision makers, and overcoming objections, and coming up with new incentives, etc. etc.

When we’re so busy doing this and that, we’re often not in a vibrational place to let the good stuff in.

Let’s get clear about what action can and cannot do for us.

My success doesn’t happen because of the action I took. It happens because of the energy I flow.

And sometimes the energy I flow happens because of the action I took – but don’t mistake that action for being the “cause” of the success! It was my energy. My vibration.

And I don’t have to have both. I get the energy right, and I’m golden. I’ve proven it, and my clients have proven it, too many times to doubt it.

I’m not saying everyone sit home and never do anything again.

I am saying don’t think that action is required for you to get what you want. It simply isn’t.

Unless, you think it is. And then that’s when action serves you.

This is a big topic, so I’m sure I’ll be addressing it again. Your thoughts, comments and questions are invited (and appreciated).

  • August 7, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Wonderful distinction, Ellie! I agree that motivated action is born out of fear and feels VERY different than inspired action. And that inspired action often looks like “play”!

    And I love even MORE your words about how the only authority for each of us is our own inner voice. Man, that gave me goose bumps!

    Well said, girlfriend! Thanks so much for posting! 🙂

  • Ellie says:

    Thanks for a great post!

    I resonate with Abraham and love what they say… I am very grateful that the DVD of The Secret that I have is from the first batch that has Abraham on it!

    There are 2 kinds of actions — Motivated Action & Inspired Action.

    If I am flowing the Energy – as you say — then any action that happens from that is Inspired Action!

    That is the kind of action that can move mountains!

    Obviously we came into these physical bodies to use them.

    I know for me — when I am flowing that Energy – when I am in alignment with the All of Me — and I have an idea — I am all over that idea – I can play (some people call it work) for hours and hours!

    Isn’t that action? You bet it is – It is Passionate, Inspired Action! I Love It!! 😉

    It is my experience that Motivated Action comes from the root of Fear.
    Fear that if I don’t do this – then this won’t happen — or if I do this – then this will happen…

    I’ve lived in that motivated place – trying to make things happen – and while there were times it worked. I have to say it all usually worked better when I threw my hands up and let go!

    And… as for these so-called authorities on LOA — well ….
    First the only authority on LOA for each person is their own Inner Voice! Which means — we absolutely get to make our own rules — as you already know! 🙂

    I’ve heard many of their “motivated action” remarks… I’m guessing they don’t want to take a stand 100% as that might alienate them from some of their followers…. Hmmmm Would be interesting to see how is that serving them?

    Thanks for a Great Post!!

    Create A Wonder-Filled Day!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Marlene, you’ve just summed up our challenge/opportunity perfectly!

    We have two choices: act in accordance with our beliefs to get what we want, or change our beliefs to line up with the actions we’d prefer. When it comes to fit bodies, most of us are highly programmed to believe it takes proper diet and exercise.

    Changing that belief is not instantaneous for most of us.

    Each of us finding our balance by acting in accordance with our current beliefs AND working to adjust those beliefs if we so desire is where the gold is.

    Abraham tells us to do what we know works for us (in accordance with our current beliefs), until we feel comfortable letting it go. For me that’s translating to eating what I love (chocolate, ice cream, avocados, nuts and bread included) in portions that feel good, along with regular yoga and occasional dog walks. I know the biggest room for improvement for me is to stop noticing what I’d like to be different and start appreciating everything I can in this fabulous body.

    For some of my clients, that would be a recipe for disaster. Others wonder why I do it the “hard” way. lol

    Isn’t it cool how different we all are?!

  • marlene says:

    I love this article! It speaks to me right now in a big way. I’m telling myself that I get to decide what size my body is. I’m telling myself that my age, what I eat and how much I execise are not the determiners of my body, my belief is. However, I have very old beliefs that run counter to this new belief. So while I’m eating what feels good, and doing what feels good (which often is not exercising) I’m experiencing some ‘up stream’ emotions and a lot of confusion. But it seems to me that ‘dieting’ and exercising solely for the purpose of loosing weight are doing things that are counter to my new belief! I feel confused (which is upstream too).


  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Thanks for seconding the opinion, Lyman. I think I’ve heard Abraham say that the best action we could take is choosing a better feeling thought – so in that sense, just about everything qualifies as action, huh?

    Kim, I love the energy you bring to these posts, as well as the reminder about the feminine and masculine! Nice allowing story, too! lol You go, girl!

    My dad was experiencing a kink in his lower left hip/back area, and asked P’taah about it. What he was told is that the left side represents the feminine, and that was a sign he needed more flexibility and allowing. I agree that in a culture dominated by the masculine energy that learning to allow is key.

    Paulette, you’re making me laugh! I’m with you on all of that. The feeling of “inspired action” is very different that the feeling of “should do action.” And releasing attachment to results! There is gold there when we manage that! Easier said than done, I know.

    Thanks for reading and for posting, Teena – and everyone else! This is a topic that deserves conscious awareness. I’m sure we’ll have more to say on it. Namaste.

  • Teena E. Mason says:

    Wow….I read this and felt like it was only addressed to me! ha! Sorry other readers! How very “self-ness” of me! lol 🙂
    Honestly, the timing on this one could not have been more perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  • Paulette says:

    Great post and timing Jeanette!!

    It has been my experience that when I am in alignment with my desires, the action comes from a very different place — it’s like my inner guidance system is on auto-pilot. Everything is in place and all I have to do is be open to the allowing and receiving. It feels free and easy — almost effortless.

    Now if I could just tame that part of me that wants to control outcomes — ahhhhhh!!


  • Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Jeannette,

    This is a great topic!

    For me, action is masculine, and allowing is feminine—not in a personal man or woman sense but as representations two aspects of every person. We live in a ‘masculinist hegemony’, a patriarchal society. It’s not surprising that ‘Action’ is venerated. We are products of our cultural bias…until we step outside them.

    For me, allowing is key. Here is a quick example. It happened yesterday.

    I was at the supermarket and bought a drink I’d never tried. It was a little expensive but it was organic and full of mangos, which I love and are out of season. I drank it before hopping on the bike to ride home and I smacked my lips say, “Wow! I love this. I’m so glad I splurged. Thank you!”

    10 minutes later as I zipped along the main road, a car pulled over, waving me to stop. It was an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. He jumped out, opened up the trunk and revealed about 50 chilled cases of the EXACT juice I had just bought. He said, “How many can you carry?”

    I asked if he had stolen them…

    “No, they’re left over from the festival and I’m giving them away.”

    I now have 24 bottles of that glorious juice in my fridge.

    My only though was, “Why don’t I do this with men?”


    I answered myself, “Kim, you got to let it in.”

    : )

  • Lyman Reed says:

    Hi Jeannette,

    I’m a fairly new reader of your blog, and really enjoying it.

    It’s funny; I *thought* I’d read your post, and was all ready to jump all over the idea that “action isn’t required”… and then I re-read the article.

    As human beings, we take action. It’s just something we do. Sitting on our butt itself is an action. It’s the action of sitting on our butt.

    I 100% agree with you that the main reason for taking action is to get our vibration in line with our desires. I’d probably have to say that your girlfriend probably took more action than just answering the door after scheduling a massage… she probably either accepted the advances of her Mr. Right (which would be an action), or if she was the aggressor she would have taken action that way.

    It’s not about do we take action or not take action. It’s whether the actions we take are producing upstream or downstream thoughts and feelings (credit to Abraham for that analogy).

    Thanks for the thought provoking article!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Ah, you know I like that Leslie – higher playing field! ha ha My ego really ate that up! lol

    And Star, thanks for inspiring me to remember to put things in terms people can relate to. Michael is known for keeping it simple. Simple is good. 🙂

  • Star says:

    I love the comparison Losier makes to initiating a search on a search engine. I am a person who needs to have things put into terms to which I can relate (or else it all just sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher when she talks). Thanks for sharing this today, Jeannette.

  • Anonymous says:

    I whole heartedly agree with your point of view. You comprehend how the magic happens. But I am laughing, your way requires dedication, focus and awareness. What we have to be aware of our feelings and thoughts all the time? and keep fine tuning.
    Tell me this isn’t profound action at work?????
    And wouldn’t it be way easier if we just pretended we didn’t know this and preoccupied ourselves with physical action.
    But there is the joke – we do know! We know how to actively create magic compared to do magic.
    Dear one you are just helping to shed the old paridigm and are on a higher playing field that’s all.
    I love it that you know it’s all in the vibe!

    Love Leslie

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