Sending Mixed Messages?

Are You Sending Mixed Messages to Universe?Enjoy this insightful guest post from law of attraction coach Sharon Ballantine on the misaligned signals we sometimes send:

You might have thought that the Universal Law of Attraction stated that whatever you thought about, you would automatically get.

So you know what you want. You think about it a lot, but you still aren’t getting it. So what’s wrong?

Does it mean that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work?

First, you know that LOA does work. It has to; it is a natural law.

Just like the Law of Gravity, it works all the time – whether we are aware of it or not.

But you are thinking about what you desire all the time, so why isn’t it coming your way?

For example, let’s say you want a big promotion. You are excited about the possibility. You visualize yourself in the corner office. In your mind, you’re already spending the raise you’ll get with the new job. At the same time, you fear the responsibility. You wonder if you really are the right choice. You’re concerned that you might get the job and fail at it.

As long as you have these conflicting thoughts and feelings, then you’re sending mixed messages to the Universe. How is it supposed to know what to bring into your life? Your out-bound energies are mixed, thus making the results you receive will also be mixed.

You might be in the running for the position, but don’t make the final cut. Or maybe you do get the promotion, but it isn’t everything you had hoped for. You don’t enjoy the job, the raise was next to nothing, or worse, your net income is reduced because you have to buy a new wardrobe.

People frequently send mixed messages when it comes to their personal relationships. They say they want a romantic partner and that they are ready to be seriously involved. They may even write down lists of the characteristics that their ideal partner will have.

While all of this is great, if you don’t feel lovable, then you will never attract your ideal partner. Your strongest, most dominant energy will be that you are not lovable and no one will ever love you, so no one will.

Maybe you will attract someone who appears great on the surface, but who will only serve to reinforce your feelings that you are not lovable. Perhaps they come into your life, but are not attracted to you romantically. Or you do get involved, but they are abusive or they leave you.

If you notice that you are not getting what you want in life, especially if you think you have been really applying the Law of Attraction to get it, it is time to really take a closer look at all the messages you’re sending to the Universe.
Sharon Ballantine, Law of Attraction Coach
To get what you want, the first thing you have to do is clean up your signal. Tune in that dial. Make your messages consistent.

Then the Universe will get your messages loud and clear and you will get the results that you are looking for.

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  • October 17, 2014
  • Dear Layan,
    Listing what you don’t want is a great way to start to clarify what you do want. But how do you want to feel?
    Our desires are born out of wanting to feel better. For example; you may want to feel more successful, like you have a new purpose, more control over your time? These are my words, so look within and decide how it is you want to feel by having a new job. Then find other ways in your life that can give you these feelings. When you find ways to feel like you are wanting to feel, you open the pathways to finding your ideal job or anything else you want. Thank-you for commenting!

  • Layan says:

    Thank you Sharon and for this article!
    I am def sending mixed signals about finding a new job because I don’t know what I want. I listed what I DO NOT want to reach a better understanding of what I WANT, yet it still feels vague and too general…
    Any tips on better understanding of what we really want in order to clean up our signals?

  • Michaela says:

    Thank you, Jeannette, that’s good advice! Strange that I didn’t even think of this, being able to create something new when I don’t like what I created on my first try, so to speak. 🙂
    Also, I had almost forgotten that I could simply ask for what is for my highest good. This makes me feel more secure and peaceful about the whole manifesting process.
    Thanks for reminding me!

  • Hi Chris,
    It sounds to me like you have been figuring out what works and also what stands in your way. The easier we are with all of this the more we allow everything to flow. Don’t worry about your thoughts, don’t worry about anything. Focus on feeling good and your alignment will allow all things to become possible. Nice to hear from you! Sharon

  • Hey Sharon and Jeanette,
    This was my biggest stumbling block for years (and still rears it ugly head now and then). I’m happy that you addressed it, and I like the idea of clearing up your vibration. It’s funny to think that though it seems logical that we should “objectively” analyze a situation’s pros and cons, the minute we do that we’re emitting two conflicting vibrations!
    I find that the more I create a conscious daily practice in regards to manifesting, the more consistent my thoughts go towards what I want. I suppose it’s simply a vibrational law that makes that the case, since if you are doing some daily, it’s a consistent vibrational offering, and thus it helps in clearing up your signal.
    What I’ve found doesn’t work at all is trying to be vigilant about my thoughts. When I become my own cop, now instead of the thought train of, “I want this”, “but I’m not sure if should/can get it,” I further add the vibration of, “Oh no, I just vibrated a thought that doesn’t serve me, I shouldn’t do that!” If you think of it in purely mathematical terms, by worrying about my conflicting thoughts moment to moment, I’m actually increasing their effectiveness by at least double.
    So I’m going to sound like a broken record and say, “Make it easy!” Thanks for this inspiring conversation. 🙂

  • Dear Namaste,
    Congratulations on finding the woman of your dreams! Isn’t it great when we see what we’re creating and have clarity on how to get what we want. And when we’re in alignment, the Universe is indeed very fast! Thanks for your comment.
    I love your attitude Sam! Sounds like you will be a deliberate creator! Thanks for commenting!

  • You know, Michaela, I like the reminder that we’re never stuck with anything – we can always create something else.
    I remember when I asked my mentor coach Jeanna G. – when I was trying to decide about leaving my job to start a coaching business or not – I asked her, “What if in five years I don’t want to do this?” She said, “Duh, then in five years you’ll do something else!” lol It was something of an epiphany to embrace that kind of flexibility on a subject that felt so important in life.
    I kind of like Jennifer’s approach – just trusting that Universe will deliver her highest good. That sort of short-circuits any issues, doesn’t it?

  • Michaela says:

    I think I might be sending out mixed messages whenever I’m not sure that what I want is what I really truly want.
    Some part of me seems to be afraid that I might get what I desire and would not like it. Has anyone ever experienced something similar or is this only me?

  • Jennifer says:

    I read a study that a supermarket did some years back, where they noticed that when consumers were given too many choices about a particular food type (ie: too many flavours for a brand of chips or cereal); the majority of them simply passed the display without taking the time to stop and shop for their favorite. When the number of choices was reduced, and many of the flavours taken off the display, the shoppers purchased more of that particular food brand from the display.
    I have noticed the same thing when it comes to me manifesting, and my tendency to hym and hah about things, so… much like the study done in the store… I just make believe like I don’t have a choice. That the universe is insisting on my highest good and well being, and take myself out of the equation 🙂

  • Yeah, identifying payoffs can be quite illuminating, Sam. 🙂
    Ena, maybe the only contradiction in your thought process is when you entertain the possibility that you might be contradicting your thoughts! lol In other words – maybe THAT’S the thought worth dropping!
    It sounds like you’re doing a good job of finding the thoughts that feel better. Carry on, my friend!

  • Ena says:

    Thank you so much for answering and the suggestions..
    I’m not even sure if there are any mixed messages in my vibrating..
    Most of the time I feel very good, in the vortex..But I’m in this moment in some kind of a crossroad in my life.. Some big things happened. Usually people would say ‘bad’ things, like at the age of 38 I lost my job, my pregnancy, I went through a break up and I’m obliged to stay in my parents house.. I live in a country where it’s very difficult to find a job (even if you have a University degree, like I do..)..
    One year later I’m positive, almost all the time in the vortex and so on.. Probably I seem very strange to the people around, because when I talk to them, I’m always smiling, using positive words and so on..and to them all this doesn’t go with my situation..
    It’s only that sometimes I’m afraid when I read that it’s possible that you can be sure you’re vibrating high and still have some unaware, deep negative stuff.. I’m afraid that this might be the case with me and I’m losing my time thinking everything is all right and it’s not..
    Sorry for the length and my English..

  • Sam Curtis says:

    Namaste – I am really feeling that the ‘afformation’ idea in your blog post Jeannette has reminded everyone about is going to work for me. So thank you!!!! I am already using it talking to myself about the things I want – fortunately nobody else can hear me. And how lucky were you to get into LOA at such a young age. I have some catching up to do!
    And Jeannette, thanks for the links to the other posts because I hadn’t read them. The payoff idea is an interesting one and is already making me think…

  • Ena, you might try reading Namaste’s solution for revealing and realigning mixed messages:
    (Namaste if there’s a better resource for that, let us know!)
    I wrote about one way to identify them in this post:
    and this one:
    Ena, I’m thinking it might be even easier that all that, though. Because any time we think a thought like, “where is my manifested desire?” or “when will this happen?” we’re actually engaging a contradictory thought. Because those thoughts reinforce the present reality (where it hasn’t happened yet) which is not in line with the reality you prefer where it IS manifested. Make sense?

  • Ena says:

    I’m writing for the first time, although I’ve been reading and loving your blog Jeannette for some time now..
    I think I might be sending mixed messages regarding my desire, but no matter how much I think about what can the contradicting message be, I cannot realize it..
    Anything else I can do? Thanks..

  • Namaste, I LOVE your process for cleaning up the mixed messages! In fact, folks might appreciate reading that here:
    And Sam, you’ll definitely have good company, because I think a lot of us send out mixed messages without fully realizing it. Here’s to getting those instructions aligned!

  • Sam Curtis says:

    Thanks so much Sharon! This is such a timely message for me on the business side of things as I can see now I am sending out some mixed messages. Time to clear them up 🙂 and prepare a good vibration for just the things I do want!

  • Namaste says:

    Great post and I absolutely agree. Years ago I was attempting to manifest the woman of my dreams. After a year, she still hadn’t shown up. I finally figured out that I was sending out a mixed signal, cleaned it up, and four weeks later I met her. The Universe loves speed when you’re offering a clear signal =)

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