Setbacks Didn’t Spoil This LOA Success

When Terry shared this manifesting success story, I knew you guys would enjoy hearing how an LOA newbie conjured up her $22k dream horse against intimidating odds.

Pay special attention to how she didn’t let two significant setbacks spoil her success …

My family and I breed Arabian horses and have done for over 40 years, here in Oz.

For many years, my mum and I had dreamed of breeding black Arabians, the rarest colour of all and not easy to acquire or breed. One day we had what appeared to be an overseas buyer for one of our stallions, for a quite substantial price.

We both agreed that this would be our opportunity to buy a black stallion or colt (a juvenile stallion) to start our long dreamed of black breeding program. So I started emailing various breeders both here and in New Zealand to see what was for sale.

As it turned out, one breeder from New Zealand had a magnificent black, straight Egyptian 2 year old colt for sale. His name was RNZ Scorza. (Straight Egyptian is even more rare and expensive – all their lines in their pedigree must go back to Egypt’s original state run stud.)

Scorza had been awarded 2011 New Zealand National Champion Colt. His price was $22,000 AUD, which was a hell of a stretch for the budget of small breeders like us. But we were counting on the sale of our stallion to pay for our new colt, so it was all good – or so we thought!

Soon after receiving the photos of this magnificent colt and deciding then and there, that he was “the one,” we learned that the sale of our stallion was not going ahead.

Mum and I sat down to try and figure out a way to come up with the money. The only thing left was to apply for a loan from the bank. Mum and dad had always had a good credit record and had paid a couple of previous loans up in good time, so there should be no problem.

We applied to the bank, who indicated that there should be no problem. I then emailed the colt’s owner and told him that we definitely wanted to purchase the colt and that we were just waiting on the bank. He was very happy and was even happier when I sent him photos of the mares we wanted to breed to Scorza and when I told him of all our plans for him.

A couple of weeks went by before we heard back from the bank – the application had been rejected! They had changed their lending rules and mum and dad no longer qualified!

I had started to read John Kehoe’s Mind Power Into The 21’st Centuryย just before our attempts to buy Scorza had begun, so, once we had decided that he was “the one,” I figured this would be a great time to try this LOA business.

So every afternoon, I would walk about feeding the horses, repeating the affirmation, “RNZ Scorza is mine!”ย Then, just before finishing and going inside, I’d stand at the paddock we had ready for him and visualise this gorgeous black colt running around and then coming to a stop at the fence and looking off into the distance. My visualisation wasn’t any longer than a minute or two, but I did it all religiously, every evening.

So, when we got the knock back from the bank, we naturally thought that that was going to be the end of our dream. I no longer looked at Scorza’s photos and I emailed his owner to let him know that the bank had said no, and that we had no other means to come up with the money.

Mum and I were bitterly dissapointed. The owner emailed back and said how sorry he was. He also said that he had a cash buyer from China and a cash buyer from the USA that were now looking at Scorza. That just made us feel worse.

We both decided to just forget about Scorza and get on with our stud. After all, we still had some beautiful horses to breed with.

That evening, I went out to feed up, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Scorza. I had this feeling that wouldn’t go away, that I should just keep doing my affirmation and visualization anyway, just for a while. I didn’t know why, but I figured I had nothing to lose.

So every evening I followed my LOA routine, and exactly a week after the big let down from the bank, the colt’s owner emailed me.

He said he’d thought of a way for us to buy Scorza! He offered to let us pay him $2,000 and he would then sign Scorza over to us so we could get him transported by boat from New Zealand to Australia. We would then have 12 months to pay the remaining $20,000!
Now, this man is a multi-millionaire, a director of multiple companies, a very accomplished business man. He didn’t know us from Adam, except via the few emails we had sent him. No one, and I mean no one, EVER, EVER signs a horse over to a buyer before full payment has been made. Especially a very rare New Zealand National Champion black straight Egyptian colt worth $22,000!! (Black, homozygous straight Egyptian Arabians horses only make up 3% of all the Arabian horses in the world!)

Not only that, we were being given permission to take the colt out of New Zealand and to Australia before paying the $20,000!! Not only was he prepared to take such a huge risk with people he didn’t know, he was also passing up selling Scorza to either China or the USA for cash!

Mum and I couldn’t believe what we were reading!

Well, as you would expect, we did whatever it took to get that $2000, and in only a few weeks, our dream boy stepped of the truck and into his paddock, the very same paddock I had visualised him in all those months before. And Scorza paid for himself, as we were able to sell enough breeding services from him to other Australian breeders to pay up the remaining $20,000!

That was one hell of a first time manifestation, I can tell you! If the universe can make that happen, then absolutely nothing is impossible!

Our beautiful black boy is still taking pride of place in his paddock here in Oz and his foals are breathtaking! And the thing I’m most grateful for, is that my mum lived long enough to see our shared dream come true!

Terry Hardcastle generously gave permission to share this story originally posted in the GVU forums, and can be found online atย Salam Arabians.

  • February 23, 2016
  • Naoko says:

    This article gave me great hopes.
    Thank you. This article touched my heart.
    I was asking Universe for new clients for
    my healing business, but nothing responded.
    I love energy work what I do and
    I was not able to give up my returning
    to go back to full time healing work.
    I did everything what I was inspired.
    I keep reading inspirational articles and better to cill out and relax. It is better to let go of worries, concerns, tensions, and things that are no longer working for my highest good.
    Just practice LOA with smile and let universe be my booking agent.
    Thank you very much for this inspirational article.
    Really touched.

  • Dani says:

    Thanks so much Angel. This was a really uplifting and inspiring video! I think this is another sign from the universe that I’m in the right direction.

  • Dani says:

    This is a good reminder to forget the how. As I’m about to go to University, I’m trying to manifest (going to school for free). I’m reminding myself as often as I can that the “how” is not my business and I will get there and everything will be taken care of.
    Sometimes I use the intention/affirmation “I’ve got over $100 000 in scholarships alone!”

  • Angel says:

    Hi, Ada.. just reach for the next better thought, it doesn’t have to be huge just relieving. It can be even more stressful if you put yourself under pressure to focus when you’re distraught right?
    It helps to feel the feelings and let them pass like clouds, if they come back fine but if they don’t take that moment to breathe and just be. I know everything will work out for you.

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, that’s a helpful reminder, Angel/Ada … it’s as simple as one better feeling thought after another. And sometimes the better feeling thought might have some swear words in it. If it feels better, you’re on the right track. Keep that process up and you’re guaranteed a happy ending. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ada says:

    I needed this right now.Thank you for sharing.
    I am going through personal upheaval with everything going south.
    Thinking and Imagining things is kind of hard but I try to not lose focus but it is hard.

  • Shail says:

    Wow….nice stories both, abt the horse and the flat.I had tears in my eyes while reading it (happy tears for the hopeful stories)
    There is something so beautiful about hope tht it keeps ur heart smiling even before fulfilment.

  • Denise Adleman says:

    Beautiful LOA story!

  • Namaste says:

    I love how this story proves the value of continued non-contradictory thought even when faced with circumstances that seem insurmountable.

  • B says:

    What an amazing story! This gives me so much hope. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Elle says:

    Such a great, much needed example.
    I am never good at visualizing the details as Terry did. All my life thus far, the Universe delivered far better results than I would ever have imagined, so I do not visualize the actual details. Instead, I have learned that the Universe has my back and will deliver to me the best possible scenario in the best possible, most loving way, that would not only meet but exceed my expectations! The Universe knows me better than I know myself, it seems, for lack of a better phrase.

    • Elle says:

      I also notice that when I stop obsessing about something, that is when it creeps into my reality. Lately I have been worrying over money issues and when I truly got tired of all that and I just breathed out saying “I can’t do this anymore”, I stopped all the worry because I just couldn’t do it any longer and money has not been an issue since then! This goes for everything, from relationships (when I stopped worrying about not getting married, the guy showed up), family issues, you name it.
      Worry is the monkey wrench that we throw to interrupt the process, blocking the flow of things, so it is best to stop it.

      • Angel says:

        LOVE this Elle, it’s kinda like when you let yourself feel all the feelings till you just can’t anymore, so you don’t. And some kind of innate wisdom protects you from worrying yourself raw.
        I definitely loved reading this, it’s very relevant to me right now so thank you!

      • Rebe says:

        The Arabian horse story AND the home purchase story were heart warming. it is additionally heart warming to feel of-like-mind with people in other places. Blessings to all, as we journey, serve, and co-create.

    • Jeannette says:

      That’s another powerful way to stay in alignment, too, Elle … being open to what it looks like. Kudos to you for practicing that so well!

  • Angel says:

    You know, of all the nights I needed to read this story it was definitely tonight. It’s reminded me of several amazing things about LOA:
    1) Figuring out HOW is not our job.
    2) The very simple statement of saying “It’s MINE” closes the gap between THAT whatever we desire and us. I saved a very apt FB post from Abraham the other day that reads:
    “Once you have practiced the vibration of what’s in your vortex long enough that you own the frequency of it, and there is no gap between you right here where you stand and the vibrational reality in your Vortex – then those objects, those relationships, those desires. those answers, those solutions that you have been asking for will flow seamlessly, in perfect timing, into your experience.”
    Obviously, “in perfect timing” doesn’t necessarily always mean your idea of it. And this of course naturally goes into how the universe comes up with something even better.
    Terry’s story echoes much of what happened to me when I bought my first place as a single, divorced woman recovering from a failed relationship with devastating emotional and financial fall outs, and just getting a bit ahead with work. I was up against two buyers, one who was all cash and another who was doing a third cash down. My offer was rejected and just like Terry, I was disappointed. But something in me overrode the sensible “reality” of “it’s all over”. Because in my mind that place was MINE.
    I just remember thinking, “yeah they won but it’s mine.” So I just kept on saying ok, something even better will come up, but I always thought of it. It was almost like the fact that it was sold to someone else barely registered, I just kept on looking at other places and really appreciating my current flat at the time. Like thinking well ok, I’m still in an awesome place with a great rent, and maybe something resembling the place I wanted will come up.
    Two weeks later the all cash buyer had dropped out as they had misrepresented their intent of use on the property and disqualified, and it then came down to me and the guy with the third down who happened to be buying it for his daughter. Despite having THE smallest downpayment, and only offering $1K above the original price, the seller ended up choosing me as he told my realtor, “she reminds me of myself 10 years ago, she’s just like me trying to get into her first place.”
    Now I never met the seller, so all he knew of me was from his realtor whom I’d met during the open house. The other funny thing was the way his realtor had staged the place very much looked like how I had my flat at the time! So I think when we’re really aligned, what we desire somehow desires us just as much, and at some point fulfillment is imminent.
    I really loved reading Terry’s story as a reminder of a great practice. I’ve also realized that when I feel resistance I know it’s a cue to look more deeply into my default operating systems where a few sticky beliefs are gummed up and no longer relevant. The key is to feel it, not think it.

    • Angel says:

      Oh, and the other thing I failed to mention was, I actually asked my Dad for a loan which I never have in my life and he refused! It was such a big drama for my family at the time when I was like, “oh ok I get it” because I just wanted to move on to the next solution which I thankfully found. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Elle says:

      Wow, great story, Angel, thank you so much for sharing. I needed that and it serves as a great example!

    • Jeannette says:

      Way to keep the door open, Angel, even when it looks like it was closed! That’s a fabulous story in itself!
      Thanks so much for sharing it with us here. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Angel says:

        Thanks, Jeanette.. I was a touch worried I hijacked so much commenting space but it was too much of a synchronicity not to. Though I still have something kicking out the kinks so it can stay in the vortex, this was a great way to remind myself and share with others that hey, it happened! And to really go back to that moment when I didn’t really know in a “reality based” way that it was but very much had this huge ball of faith something good was coming.
        I LOVE hearing Terry’s story and felt like I was right there with her and her Mum as each thing unfolded. Thank YOU for getting this to all of us.

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