Sharing Our Best Thoughts

Don’t we all have a repertoire of favorite thoughts that we totally rock?

I know I’ve put some good energy into a handful of thoughts that serve very well.

In the holiday spirit, I thought we might share some of our best thoughts with each other.

Here are five of my favorites for anyone who’d like to make them yours as well:

1. I get paid.

Guess who gets paid? Whoever says so. That includes me, because I like getting paid.

I might not know for sure when, or who, or even how much – but that’s not what matters. That’s Universe’s business to sort that out.

All I know is I’m getting paid. It may not be from this thing I’m doing right here, or this person I’m talking to today. But I don’t sweat it, because Universe handles it and I am not attached to how it shows up.

I don’t have to figure out how it all comes together. I don’t hassle folks for payment. And I certainly don’t get stiffed. Because my job is just to do work that I love and then Universe sees that I get paid.

Life is better like that. For me, anyway. Because I like getting paid.

(If you’re someone whose sex life could use the boost instead of your bank account, just replace one letter in that thought and you’re home free.) 😉

2. They treat me like gold.

This thought is a wonderful one to go through life with, whether you’re dealing with the bank, shopping for groceries, dating online, going to the doctor’s, starting a new job, or really just interacting with anyone in the world for any reason …

“They treat me like gold.” You’re gonna like this one if you don’t already use it!

It’s nice to receive excellent service and quality attention. You’ll feel important and cared for and valued everywhere you go. I highly recommend this thought. It’s a gem!

3. I am not afraid.

When a naysayer or a gremlin tells me I should be careful or watch out because things aren’t going to turn out well (and I know it’s just fear speaking rather than guidance), I put that fear vibe in check with these words borrowed from Joan of Arc: “I am not afraid.”

Speaking those words engages a very cool magic. Perhaps because of the woman I imagine behind those words. It might not have the same effect for you, but you’re invited to try them out next time you could use some courage and conviction.

4. I have the best angels.

When I wonder if I’ve exposed myself to some sort of risk (which I know better than to elaborate on – see favorite thought from Nancy below), I remember that even if I screwed something up, my team has my back.

I have the best angels! They make sure everything works out beautifully, so I don’t need to worry. It’s like I incarnated with a divine safety net – it might seem like I’m rolling solo and can really mess things up sometimes, but not really because I have the best angels and they intervene when it counts. They really do rock.

Yours do, too, right?

5. This place is crawling with fabulous men!

This one is only for those interested in a world with fabulous men (or women, if you prefer) in it – and that is an important thing to consider before you engage this particular thought. Use your discretion, please! Because it can be a lot of fabulousness to handle, with so many wonderful men everywhere you turn. But this thought has served me so well over the years that I couldn’t be more pleased to share it with you. 🙂

When friends lamented that all the good ones were taken, and that there were no good men left, I let them have it their way but I chose differently for myself: This place is crawling with fabulous men. Everywhere I turn, there’s another one! Seriously, the men here are amazing!

There are more fabulous men then I have time for. (And I make time for many!) But I can’t even look up while walking on the street without meeting another one. I’ll trip over one just checking the mail. Seriously, this place is crawling with fabulous men.

(And if you get into trouble with this thought, don’t say I didn’t warn you!) 😉

* * * * * * * *

Okay, those are some of my favorite thoughts, but there are a couple others I picked up from fellow creators that you might like as well …

Nancy Barry-Jansson: There is no room for those thoughts at this level.

Nancy was loosely quoting Pharrell (who was coaching a Voice participant on how to handle nerves before taking the stage), but I like her take best. “There is no room for those thoughts at this level.”

There’s no room to worry or doubt or fear. We are too powerful and we know too much to engage that crap. We are conscious creators who know that as we speak, so shall it be. So there is no room for those (negative) thoughts at this level.

Can you feel how that thought squashes insecurities and grows confidence? On a dime, my friend!

We’re playing at a new level and it calls for new skills of being picky about what thoughts we choose to engage. When I think this thought it feels like a bouncer just showed my gremlins the door, and they file out quietly and sheepishly. Magic!

Lisa Hayes: I can accept that.

Whenever I feel myself getting caught in a swirl of bad mojo, and I don’t want to go there, I hear those four magic words in Lisa’s voice: I can accept that.

It instantly pulls the plug on indignation, resentment, fear, criticism, whatever might be rolling. See if it works for you next time your panties are threatening to twist.

Some of you may be wondering how to engage these thoughts. “Is it as simple as thinking it? Do I say it out loud? Is once enough … or more often? Do I have to believe it? How does it work?”

If you’re far away from the vibe of the thought, you will likely benefit from some repetition in order to get the full magic engaged. Others will feel the power of the magic thought on your first try.

Either way, enjoy! And if you’ve got a particular thought that has served you well in life, please share it! 🙂

  • December 15, 2015
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  • Jeannette, this post inspired me to add on to a couple of yours and create a few of my own:
    * I get paid abundantly and often!
    * They treat me like gold–valuable and precious!
    * I use my spiritual gifts in a big way!
    * I am surrounded by kind, loving people.
    * I delight in the health, vitality, and beauty of my body!
    * Together, my Beloved and I are a shining example of love and joy!
    * I am safe, and all is well!
    I have found it fun to say these out loud to the rhythm of my walking or to a peppy song. Really gets energy moving!
    Love you and all you contribute to the world!!

  • Debbie says:

    Years ago, before I became a conscious creator…..everything was going horrible in my life.
    There was this young woman who told me when I was at my lowest…”if everything good happened at the beginning of our lives, we would have nothing to look forward to….the best is yet to come!”
    I have hung onto every word of that all these years. Now that I’m a conscious creator, it gives me a reason to get excited for each new day. I may have previously created by accident, but NOW it has a higher meaning. It helps me reach for better feelings. Knowing that good things have come and are still coming is such an awesome feeling!
    So even when I hit a rough patch, it no longer takes over my life. I bounce back quickly and look down the road for new adventures and enjoying the freedom of just going with the flow of creating and allowing 🙂

  • Master Manifester says:

    Then there is the long list of “I am”s …
    “I am blessed beyond my imagination.”
    “I am a total Goddess.”
    “I am a light worker.”
    “I am Joy.”
    “I am freaking fabulous!”
    “I am in perfect health.” (this one applies to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health).
    “I am the best mom evah!”
    “I am so incredibly lucky all the time.”
    “I am a winner.”
    “I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.” (Again applies to abundance in all areas).
    “I am so loved.”
    “I am beautiful.”
    “I am full of life and joy!”
    etc etc etc 🙂

  • Master Manifester says:

    I have the Abraham-Hicks “bumper-sticker” in my car, which reflects the words, “Things are always working out for me.” on my windshield.
    One of my favorite thoughts is, “I am a master manifester. I manifest at lightning speed.”
    Another one I practice, is raising my face to the sun, spreading my arms wide, opening my chest, and really feeling all the amazing “stuff” and BEING that blessed identity, while I say to the universe loud and clear with a big grin on my face and with conviction,
    “BRING it ON Universe. I am ready!”
    I often stay with this one for several minutes. Getting into the feeling can make me quite emotional with joy, gratitude, and love. It’s powerful!
    Finally, “All I want comes with total ease and all I have to do is get out of my own way.” 🙂
    Happy Holidays Everyone. And thanks for sharing here.

  • Trace says:

    “That’s why they pay me the big bucks” I say this even when I am working for free

  • Roxi says:

    “I’m the favorite!” I say this like a bratty child who knows it’s true.

  • Steffy says:

    “It’s ALL good.”
    That is going to be on my headstone.
    Because it’s true.

  • Juliette says:

    There’s a self-help/spiritual author who often says, “You always have everything you need.” Several years ago, I decided to one-up that statement with the mantra, “I have more (money, men, love, time, clients) than I need.” My favorite word to use in that blank is “money,” and my financial abundance has been strong every since.

  • Namaste says:

    I’m working with a woman right now who has lots of evidence that great guys don’t live in her area. I’m going to be using what you wrote on our next call. Also thanks for mentioning the Nancy Barry-Jansson: There is no room for those thoughts at this level. =)

  • Donna says:

    Great post Jeannette! Thank you! More tools for my arsenal. My go-to phrase (from Abraham) “Everything is always working out for me!” Merry Christmas!

    • Jeannette says:

      That one actually was #6 on my list, Donna! If I’d have made a top ten instead, it would have been here – I LOVE the power of that thought!

    • Master Manifester says:

      Agreed Donna. I use this one too. I have the bumper-sticker in my car and it reflects the saying right on my windshield.

  • Eleanor says:

    Crista 76
    Another powerful one I like bringing in is “if you can find humour in a difficult situation, you’ve won.”
    Reminds me of Caitlin Moran!

  • Eleanor says:

    Some of my favourite thoughts I got right from this blog:
    “Oh Well.”
    “Even Better.”
    And others are:
    “Thank you.”-Rhonda Byrne’s the Magic a great book to kick off 2016 and I know Jeannette is a big proponent of appreciation!
    “If you complain you remain and if you praise you get raised.”
    “Why not me!?”
    And an Amy Poehler one:
    “Good for her, not for me but good for her.” Helps when my insecure or jealously wants to kick in.

    • Jeannette says:

      Omgosh, Eleanor, these are great! And I agree with you – “even better” has served me SO well! I got that from Julie B at GVU. I should have included that one in the post.
      Thanks for adding to the list here! 🙂

  • Cate says:

    I know I will rejoin GVU again!
    If I focus on what FEELS good and right, all is paved before me to support that feeling.
    Letting go is part of letting in.

  • Cindy says:

    I am a powerful creator. “I” decide what happens next!

  • Danielle says:

    That post above is supposed to say flip my thinking! Although flip my thing sounds kind of fun too ????

    • Jeannette says:

      I’m laughing with you, Danielle, I love the “flip my thing” version. lol
      And yes, that one is gold for me, too. “No, that’s not what I’m creating. What I’m creating IS … ” For some reason it helps me to have that full stop before redirecting attention.
      Thanks for posting, Danielle! 🙂

  • Danielle says:

    I think I learned this one somewhere in your Money Mojo Magic book Jeannette; ‘not this, this’. An easy way for me to flip my thing from what I don’t want to what I do want.

  • Christa76 says:

    Actually, that last one is not so much an affirmation of what I would like, it has already manifested in abundance. But it still lovely and very powerful to think thoughts about all that we already have and are thankful for!

  • Christa76 says:

    Love this!
    One of my favourite thoughts is “Everything is Possible!” (which means I am always sure to include “have sex with Leonardo di Caprio” in my daily intentions ;))
    Another powerful one I like bringing in is “if you can find humour in a difficult situation, you’ve won.”
    And a last one: “I have the best girlfriends!”. The ones you have wine and chocolate with while venting and, most importantly, laughing about all the manifesting mishaps we at times still manage to attract (which of course also ties in with the thought above).
    Thanks Jeannette, lovely idea to share our happy thoughts! Let’s see if they can make us fly!

    • Jeannette says:

      Oh, you’re reminding me of one of my other favorite thoughts, Christa: Stranger things have happened! Yes indeed, “everything is possible” – always good to have that one handy! 🙂

  • Deborah says:

    Jeannette, I <3 you thiiiiiiiis much!! =)

  • Karen says:

    Damn, I’m good and I’m cool like that.

  • Heather says:

    I like this, Jeannette.
    And one of my favorite is ‘I am the best there is!’
    Wasn’t it one of your father’s favorite, as well? 😀

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, I learned that one from my dad! Definitely one of my favorites. If I’d have done a top 10 instead of 5, it would have been here for sure.
      Glad to see you’re using it, too! 🙂

  • Mary says:

    My favorite phrase that I got from Pam Grout’s blog, “It’s okay.”

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