Shifting Beliefs with Abe

Shift Beliefs with AbrahamFor those looking to let go of beliefs that don’t serve us, Abraham has a quick way to shift things.

While some people love working with EFT to help unhook from limiting beliefs, or using Psych-K, or Byron Katie’s Work, etc., some folks are still looking for an effective way to release thought-obstacles that keep us from success.

This suggestion may be your ticket …

Abe says that most people who taught us limiting beliefs (with rare exception) did it out of love.

Their intention was to support our success in life.

When we realize that truth and focus on the part where they wanted us to thrive, we’re free to choose new thoughts and beliefs that serve us better.

Here it is in Abe’s words:

Most people who are guiding you really mean well, so the way to shake those beliefs that no longer serve you:

Get to the bottom of the reason they tried to impart those thoughts to you to begin with, and accept the reason was that they wanted you to thrive – they wanted things to go well for you.

And then just fast forward to things going well for you and thank them for their part in it.

You don’t have to go back and unlearn those things – or stop believing those things – just believe so clearly (and practice so clearly) the thoughts that feel good to you now.

I, for one, sometimes wonder about seemingly contrary teachings in the LOA field about beliefs … Some say we don’t have to worry about re-writing limiting beliefs; others say we’ll be forever limited if we don’t address them.

Hearing this approach felt a bit like the best of both worlds. Meaning, it’s worth doing a little work if you notice you’re hung up in your progress, but it doesn’t have to be hard work.

So the way Abe tells it,

  • if you had a teacher who steered you away from math because “you’re no good with numbers,”
  • or if grandma suggested you better find a man soon before age steals your looks,
  • or if the folks drilled into your head that people like us had to work twice as hard as others,

… just try on the thought that they were actually trying to help, from their own limited perspective. What was shared with you was actually shared from a place of love and support.

When you dial in on the idea that they were just doing their very best to help you succeed, Abe says that frees you up to focus on the part where you thrive. Find the thoughts that feel better and hang out there.

Sounds worth playing with. If you’ve got thoughts or experiences to share, we’d love to hear!

  • May 17, 2014
  • Ken says:

    The things that were said to me earlier on in my life about how I wouldn’t be of much value and I wouldn’t have money because I didn’t want to submit to authority (these men were Christian “elders”) and I wasn’t willing to work hard (translation: suffer) were not from a loving place. They came from their need to feel powerful and their egos as “men of God.” But that’s okay. It just means they were afraid and insecure and they needed to crush people to feel better. It doesn’t mean they were right. I’ve forgiven them, and I’ve worked through what they said. It’s not about me. So I was able to shift that.

  • Lynayn says:

    Wow! Reading this made me immediately feel better. What a beautiful place to come from…”it was probably done out of love”…THAT changes everything. Happy Saturday…Thanks

  • I’ve done the same thing myself, Deanna, so I know how easy it is to do! (Saying something to someone who doesn’t hear it as supportive even though that’s exactly what I’m intending to be.)
    Kudos to you for being able to translate the heart of the message and take the good parts away with you, leaving the rest behind.

  • Deana says:

    this is exactly what I needed to read today (funny about how that works, right?) I am dealing with not exactly this, but sort of right now. My Mom (who loves me more than any human being on the planet) keeps saying things about my career and money that are not at all supportive. but… she doesn’t mean to be unsupportive. she means to love me… and some of what she is saying is from a place of fear – fear that i “won’t make it” that somehow I “wont be ok” – so instead of dwelling on her hurtful, unsuportive (right now) words, I am going to turn this whole thing around – and each time I remember one of these conversations, I am simply going to smile and think “wow, isn’t it awesome to have someone love me as much as my Mom does??” “I am the luckiest lady in the land to have so much love flowing my way!” because, really… she does love me – and I can feel the love in all of her comments… thanks for posting such a wonderful, useful way to look at things – 🙂 😉 -Deanna

  • Bernadette, I think that’s a good question and that you’ve already posed two very plausible answers. (That it was delivered by someone we care about or viewed as credible, and/or that we in an impressionable state.)
    It does serve as a good reminder to be more aware what we’re passing on to others, doesn’t it? Reminds me how every once in a while in a client session I’ll announce: “Limiting Belief Alert!” so they know to take what I’m about to say with a big grain of salt. lol

  • Bernadette says:

    If you think you have ingrained limiting beliefs holding you back then wouldn’t the LOA bring more of it to you? Like attracts Like?
    This is timely for me I have been doing a bit of Hopping Hoopoono and realised from doing so how many false beliefs are holding up a manifestation. Things like I am not good enough (one many people share) and good things happen to other people not me. I have forgiven myself for drawing this into my experience and it brought about a lot of relief.
    I am feeling a lot better and more ready to have my manifestation come now. So for me it helped to discover the beliefs that may have been holding things up.
    I love the idea that the person giving us these beliefs are doing it from a place of love. I do wonder though why they do stick with us? Is it because it came from someone we care about? Or we were just so impressionable at such a young age? Makes me more aware of what I say to my own children. Great post Jeannette lots of food for thought thank you.

  • Loved this, Janette: “Getting to the root of the belief becomes immaterial, and for me that’s actually very liberating.” That rang my bell!
    Timothy, your post is highlighting an important point on this subject, which I didn’t really elaborate on at all – and that’s that resistance doesn’t serve us at all. To instead approach everything with love and gratitude – well, I can feel how powerful a shifter that would be already!
    Thanks for chiming in, you two. 🙂

  • Timothy says:

    Every event that has occurred in our life, every belief we now hold, even the ones that no longer serve us, have been IN SERVICE FOR OUR HIGHEST GOOD! When we come into contact with the language or the feeling in our body if there is no language because it happened in a preverbal state, all we have to do is THANK IT FOR SERVING OUR HIGHEST GOOD!
    When gratitude comes from our heart of loving the service that has been given, the energy, the vibration, and the pattern being held in our body by that trauma or belief will automatically shift to a higher frequency and no longer control our lives in a limiting way.
    By giving it love through gratitude for the service it has performed by serving our highest good, it automatically shifts and serves us in another way. Love and Light

  • Janette says:

    I love remembering that this can be SO much easier than we think! And I’m with Laurie – I love the diversity of ways we can handle old unwanted beliefs.
    Sometimes “getting to the bottom” of an old belief can be in itself difficult or even traumatic. If I have no idea where a belief came from – or if it was from a source that had no real personal connection with me, such as the media or a teacher – then it can be hard work to imagine that they were coming from that place of wanting me to thrive.
    At times like that, I prefer techniques that focus on the now – like Byron Katie’s “The Work” or my own Vibration Rehab process. Getting to the root of the belief becomes immaterial, and for me that’s actually very liberating.
    I believe it comes back to one question – what feels better, and what works for me? I love Laurie’s point that sometimes we want or need a process that requires a little more commitment or ‘work’. I think that sense of effort, the notion that we’re paying serious attention to something, is a way to honour the deep changes involved.
    I love that we each get to decide. How cool is that!

  • You know, I almost listed the Focus Wheel in the post, Laurie, so I’m glad you spotlighted it here.
    How cool that you intuitively customize the process for your clients/patients!
    I agree with you, too, that sometimes the effort invested is sometimes a key part of one’s success. Here’s to everyone naturally gravitating to the method or approach that serves them best.

  • Laurie says:

    I love the insights in this post. Isn’t it nice that we have so many different ways to shift into a higher vibration?
    I have learned and use many of these techniques when I was a practicing therapist and I found that I could feel into what would be a good access point for each person, then offer them some ideas and let them choose. Sometimes we feel the “need” to do a bit of work to make a change.
    One of my favorites is still the Focus Wheel, which could incorporate some of this idea that is described, with the final thought being something like “my folks really wanted me to thrive and be happy”.

  • Wow, that is supercool, Namaste! Thanks for the link!
    I’m sure I won’t be the only one clicking to learn more. 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    The Lefkoe Belief Process falls into this line of thinking. He has you follow the belief back to the root, where your parents (or whoever) were sharing info with you that caused you to create the belief. He then has you realize that it was just an opinion (or whatever). I was stuck with the belief “I’m not good enough.” I couldn’t break it, get rid of it, nothing seemed to work. Morty lets you try out the process free, I did, and it worked. I was absolutely serious about breaking the belief, so instead of simply listen to the 20 minute guided question meditation, I typed it out. It took two hours, but at the end, the belief was gone and it’s still gone three years later. Here’s the article for those who are curious

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