The Shift that Makes the Difference

The Vibrational Shift that Makes the Real DifferenceRuss spends a lot of time and money on gadgets to improve his golf game.

Last weekend he played with a sensor clipped to the club head that records the trajectory of his swing. (It was kind of cool to see it mapped out graphically.)

This weekend he watched an online video revealing the “secret swing” that promises to increase his yardage.

He looks like a goofball in the new stance, but he’ll try anything to improve his score.

After nine years of watching him swap out clubs, change grips, try new balls – it seems like he’s literally tried everything.

Except the thing that matters.

Because to me it’s clear he’s fiddling with stuff that doesn’t make the difference.

I’ve told him that the equipment isn’t what needs work.

His room for improvement lies in his thought process about who he is as a golfer.

Is he being the guy who knows how to get the ball in the hole, or is he being the guy trying to figure it out?

Because those are two different vibrations.

Easy for me to see when I’m watching someone else’s routine.

And then there’s me …

… sometimes I wonder about my diet and exercise.

  • I wonder if a 20 minute walk is long enough, or if I should go further.
  • I wonder if I still need to take these supplements, or whether I should try the ones my girlfriend is raving about.
  • I wonder how long I should be able to hold plank pose.
  • I wonder if it’s helpful to sit in my chair this long, or whether I should get a stand up desk or a bouncy ball to sit on.
  • I wonder ifΒ I should find a different kind of protein supplement for my smoothies.
  • I basically wonder a lot about what would be best for me and my physical body.

And in that wondering, I’m not being the person with optimized health. I’m being the person who is wondering how to get there.

The same way Russ is being the guy trying to improve his golf game, instead of being a top notch golfer.

If you’re thinking about how to get there, you’re not there.

And we won’t ‘real-ize’ what we want until we know the vibration of it.

If I were being the girl with rockin’ health and a fabulously fit body, those questions would disappear for me. The way would become crystal clear.

Because it’s our mindset – which reveals the identity we’re choosing – that matters more than anything else.

Until we get that piece in place, the rest is just fodder for our monkey minds.

When he finds the vibration of top notch golfer, and when I find the vibration of ideal physical health, that’s when we’ll be drawn to whatever best supports that outcome.

Conscious creators can see this backwards routine where people try to change the outside stuff in order to change who we are.

But that’s not how it actually works.

First we learn how to be the successful business owner, the happily married spouse, the financially secure person, the healthy thriving lover of life … we find the vibe first, then the rest falls into place.

So our best attention is spent learning the frequency of our desire and becoming that now.

Then if there’s anything needed to support that 3D reality, it’ll reveal itself through inspiration.

How do we become it before its ‘real’?

By practicing it. By engaging our powerful imaginations. By finding the feelings of it. By thinking the thoughts of it. By taking the actions of it, however we’re able.

We feel our way into it, one way or another.

And sometimes it’s enough to just stop the trying. I’ve seen amazing things manifest once we stopped working to get there.

So this can be easier than it might sound!

But however we do it, here’s to making the shift that makes the real difference.

  • January 25, 2015
  • Patrice says:

    Great post. I read something cute recently, can’t remember where but it said, “The shift is about to hit the fan.”
    I took karate as a kid for a long while. I remember when I would be tires or a certain move was too hard I’d say I can’t and my Sensei would yell, “can’t means you won’t”.
    If I kept doing something wrong and he was yelling I’d say, “I’m trying” and he would say, “well STOP IT”, “you will only do it when you stop trying.”
    In my minds eye, when I see I am “trying” to do, be or have something and its not working I feel its like rocks banging together. they will never be one.. they will just smash each other to bits. So I see myself and the “thing” more fluid and allow myself to blend with it then we become one.

  • I love that, Kerby: “I’m being my ideal self and feeling the lifestyle behind it”! What a powerful way to tap into your highest alignment.
    Rock on, my friend! πŸ™‚

  • Kerby Franck says:

    Wow this post is absolutely golden! Thank you Jeanette!! Exactly what has been in my mind. By the way, I play basketball and would like to say that trying to be great doesn’t work. Lol feels like hard work isn’t fun at all. Last year and into 2015, being great has normal and natural. Haha feels like fun actually.. Feeling good and being aware of my emotions has been everything for me. Now, I’m being my ideal self and feeling the lifestyle behind it! Fun, fun, fun. :))

  • PAP, you’re not alone in equating work with results, that’s for sure. But kudos to you for opting out of that paradigm and choosing a faster path to alignment.
    Here’s to living as if the dreams have already come true! πŸ™‚

  • Practically Always Pollyanna says:

    Thanks Jeannette. I am really unconsciously efforting on a couple of things at the moment, so this week I am just going to surrender, stop what I am doing and have fun instead by acting as if it’s happened. It’s one of the trickiest things to master because I have always equated hard work with results, but this time it’s definitely the mis-alignment/frustration that’s making this manifestation drag it’s feet. So I am going to concentrate on what IS working πŸ™‚

  • Yes, Kim, that’s exactly it. I’d be practicing being the rock star author who gets it done and is much loved and adored. They love my work, they can’t get enough, everything I touch is gold. Maybe something like that. Anything other than being the author trying to get there.
    And you have enough experience with real life writing success to tap into that vibe quite easily, right? I mean, you don’t even have to use your imagination much!
    Deanna, I’m holding the vision with you! Rockin’ realtor in high demand – woot! πŸ™‚

  • Deanna Morris Rogowski says:

    so. I completely love this! love it! speaks to me! goes along so well with your “wake up as if… ” post – yep! as you keep telling us, so eloquently – you gotta get to the feeling of “it” and then “it” will come…. and yes, for me, this is the work – I am waking up each day, doing a happy dance (per Pam Grout’s advice) reminding myself to look for the miracles and all of the evidence of things going RIGHT… and I have been looking in the mirror reminding myself “oh yeah, you are a rockin’ realtor in high demand!” when things are challenging (I have a transaction that continues to “not close”) I remind myself “phff, highly successful realtors deal with this kind of thing all day long!” excellent read, Jeannette. Don’t stop reminding us readers to “get to the feeling place” – I still need to hear that message..

  • kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, I now have a new saying for when I try to gadget myself into a better me! I’ll just say, “Kim, you’re trying to change your balls again!”
    This is so so so apt for what’s been happening with my agent and a particular series of mine she’s been shopping for yonks. She keeps coming back to me with, “Can you rewrite the prolog, or this or that or the other?”
    And I do and then she comes back a few months later: “Can you highlight this scene more, take out that character’s response and save it for chapter 10?
    And I do that, and then she comes back with, “I loved your first prolog. Can you put that back in only make it shorter, longer, no, shorter . . .”
    As an author, you get this. You get notes from editors, agents etc. It’s par for the writing course. And knowing how to make those fluid changes without perturbing the integrity of the story is a skill that only gets better with practice, so it’s all good.
    But in light of Russ’s golf game (NINE years?) and your health practices, it gives me something to think about.
    Because if it’s happening to me via my agent, it’s MY VIBE and that is the one thing I can change.
    So, I need to practice, imagine, being the author who just signed the deal, not the one trying to get the manuscript into unputdownable shape. Yes?

  • Thanks, Janette.
    And Chris, I love this!: “β€œIt’s all right that I don’t 100% feel the way I would if I had this thing that I want” is a beautiful stopgap to prevent too much focusing on the moving target of the action (i.e. vibrating) to get the result.” Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing!

  • I think this idea is the real crux of people who understand it, but aren’t necessarily living it.
    To do that, I’ve been utilizing what you mentioned on another post, where as soon as I wake up I take a couple minutes to practice being the person who has what he wants. I like it because it’s so easy to slide into that mindset early in the morning.
    I will say that one way I get out of “trying to figure out” this stuff is to recognize that expansion is the reason I’m here. Expansion in this case refers to the fact that new ideas and understandings are always coming to me. So, even if I understand that I have to practice being the person who already knows/has the things they want, I also recognize that there is a journey to feeling that, and that it’s ok if I don’t feel that way right now.
    Saying, “It’s all right that I don’t 100% feel the way I would if I had this thing that I want” is a beautiful stopgap to prevent too much focusing on the moving target of the action (i.e. vibrating) to get the result.
    Does that make sense?

  • Janette says:

    Genius. Pure genius. That is all.

  • Glad it helped, Karen. Kudos to you for putting it into practice!!
    Peter, thank you for that.

  • Isn’t this the coolest work ever?!

    I love how much fun it is. Something you are so very clear about! Yay!
    And, Karen, I very much love this:

    Today I played someone who is retired and has not a worry in the world, nothing better to do than lie down on the bed for an hour and relax.

    Here’s to more of that kind of experience, since there really is not a thing to worry about, unless, of course, you love to worry.

  • Peter says:

    I’ve seen this stuff written so many times, Jeanette, and so many authors ‘try’ to get this message across but you have a talent for making it all sound so obvious, so clear what to do (or be, rather) and so easy even! A pleasure to read for anyone at any stage taking this approach.

  • Karen says:

    Jeannette, this is something I need to remind myself of over and over again. Am I the person with the need or the person who has no needs. Am I the person asking but not believing, or am I the one who gets what she wants? Today I played someone who is retired and has not a worry in the world, nothing better to do than lie down on the bed for an hour and relax. It was wonderful. Very helpful insights, Jeannette.

  • Oh, wow, Frank. WOW!!
    That really brings it home, too. That you DECIDED to be a mighty fine channel. Goosebumps again!
    I hear you on wealthy, too.
    In fact, get this … Russ is already a scratch golfer. ?! I’m like, at what point do you give yourself credit and say, hey, I got the hang of this pretty good! I mean, is he going to have to beat Tiger in order to claim that for himself or what?!
    Same with me, though – he’s such a brilliant mirror for me. At what point do I decide I got the hang of this?! Just like Sabeen is realizing.
    Isn’t this the coolest work ever?! πŸ™‚
    And yes about the unfolding into the process after we decide it’s true. It IS a process, isn’t it?
    I’ll give a big round of applause and huge appreciation for the Rolling Thunder of evidence. WOO HOO!!

  • Well, as Sabeen, Nancy, and Cassie have said above: perfect timing!
    So, obviously, you are being the one who brings such delicious insight to those who want it. That’s my experience of you…
    And, this is how I became a channel. I tried to be a channel for several years, then gave up on it. Then, one day, seemingly out of the blue, I realized I am a channel. And a mighty fine one, too!
    This is also how I became wealthy. However, instead of waiting years and years to see how it would work out (ahem), I finally decided to recognize something that has been true since before I can remember: I am wealthy.
    Obviously there was an unfolding and easing-into process in both instances. But more important than how I got there, is the plain fact that at some point I just simply decided it was true, and, thoughts being what they are, I started getting rolling thunders of evidence that indeed what I was declaring was exactly right.
    (Just want to be clear here!)
    Thanks so much, once again (and in advance for the posts you haven’t yet written), for bringing it on in exactly the right time and exactly the right way.

  • Thank you, Nancy! Glad it was easy to understand.
    And Cassie, I agree this is a big key to successful manifesting – and it took me quite a while to really embrace it myself. So I’m delighted that you’re spreading the good word, too.
    Thanks for reading and for chiming in, you two! πŸ™‚

  • Cassie says:

    You are able to describe this so magically. And this post is my new inspiration to stop trying to explain this concept and be the person who gracefully and easily explains this to people. It’s really the only way and it’s one of the biggest points being missed by anyone who is trying to manifest anything.
    Thanks for your wisdom Jeannette and tell Russ thanks for letting you share.

  • Nancy N says:

    This is a brilliantly written post, Jeannette. You have that vibe down pat, obviously. Helpful, clear and relevant. This helps me immensely!

  • Sabeen, that’s exactly what I would do! Decide that “I’ve got this!” Doesn’t that feel good?
    Oh my, it’s giving me goosebumps.
    Can’t wait for you to report back with what that’s for you!

  • Sabeen says:

    ^ Sorry, I didn’t mean to post anonymously.
    That comment was me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jeannette, this is so timely for me, thank you! I’ve been wondering about this exact thing as it relates to “trying to figure out how to be a master manifestor/creator/utilizer of law of attraction”. I devour everything I can learn on the topic, read great books, informative articles, listen to amazing talks, and it’s wonderful but the question has been creeping into my mind lately… If I’m still trying to figure this stuff out, still looking for answers and processes, is that the very vibe that’s preventing me from living my highest game? What if I decided I’ve read enough and learned enough and I’m already an expert on this creation stuff? That may be the missing puzzle piece for me because as long as I think there’s something more I still need to understand, maybe I’m preventing the vibration of “I got this” to kick in. Maybe I can trust that I already know everything I need to know right now and then if there’s anything more to know, law of attraction will bring it to me?

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