Show Me the Money, Universe!

Universe can give whatever we ask; all we have to do is give the instruction that allows the solution and results in. Here’s a quick reminder of how all this deliberate creation with law of attraction stuff works:

One of my favorite former clients sent a progress report this morning on her dream of building her business.

She’s becoming more visible in the community, getting more requests for pro-bono work (to sit on non-profit boards, speak for free, etc.), has had some paying clients and is talking to three new prospects as well as preparing to present for a paid speaking gig, BUT …

… while she acknowledges learning tons about business and sales and has come far in many ways, she is still not where she wants to be.

She knows she’s capable of more, she believes her success is possible, and she asked that the Universe show her what she wants.

I felt a Jerry Maguire moment when I typed this response up:

Universe will SHOW YOU when you SHOW IT.

When you see it happening; when you envision your success; and even better, when you’re FEELING it –

– when you’re holding those pictures at least as often as you’re holding the pictures of it not happening (which is what we do when we pay attention to the reality we don’t like and worry about what might not happen in the future) – Universe will not only SHOW YOU what to do, but it will be your agent – connecting the dots and making things happen on your behalf.

SEE it.

FEEL it.

Then you’ll soon be IN it.

Universe will show us the money when we show it what we want.

All we need to do is dial OFF of the reality we don’t want, and dial ON to the pictures and feelings and words of what we DO want.

We don’t mess with the hows or figure out how to make it happen or worry that it won’t.

We just give it the instruction (through what we’re focusing on and paying attention to) and then do what feels good.

Didn’t we get the easy part in this partnership?  😉

  • July 24, 2010
  • Nelly ;-) says:

    Wooohooo!!! I downloaded your book after placing this comment, chatted to a friend and did some research. Turns out I didn’t really know how to visualize properly. There’s a difference between being positive and imagining things and actually visualizing. So, been visualizing quite a bit in the last 24 hours and looking very forward to the manifestations!
    I used to think ALL those thoughts you have up there, but stopped for some reason. Not sure why…
    Thanks very much for your good work, I’ll be a regular visitor to your site 🙂

  • Reach for the more positive ones, Nelly. Only you know which ones work for you, but try on a variety of different thoughts, and see which ones feel better. And then repeat THOSE.
    Mine might go something like:
    “It’s always worked out; this time won’t be any different.”
    “I’ve managed bigger challenges than this.”
    “There’s still plenty of things going right, after all.”
    “I’ve seen things work out nicely before.”
    “Things can change fast.”
    “However it works out, I may as well not waste any time worrying about it.”
    Sending good thoughts your way, Nelly. 🙂

  • Negative Nelly says:

    Great discussion! I recently got myself really negative when I was unable to meet my rent (I have until the 7th, so still waiting!). However, a friend spoke some sense into my head and also suggested I do a smudging of the house as there were negative energies. I feel a lot better after doing that, but now I have to really fight of the feelings of anxiety. How do I completely ban the negative thoughts?

  • jia daranata says:

    the highest level of attraction is desirelessness.
    jia daranata

  • Kapootala says:

    By forgiving you release all the hate, anger and pain of a hurt that is staying in you and till it is sent away it begins to grow and cause everything negative and makes you poorer…less wealthy and forlorn.Positive energy escapes you and refrains from coming back till …..till you forgive. What is the equation here…please tell.How do you cancel a hate impression that is embedded in your mind.The flip switch method wont work because the hate capsule comes running back when you are not switched away. And you can’t be switching every moment of your time. Do you doergive and forget or do you forgive but remember the incident so that you become aware of such incidents that may cause you to be hurt in order to apply forgiveness.

  • Kapootala says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Thank you for the advice. Well said. Well appreciated.
    To the point.

  • Here’s my short suggestion: find a way to feel better FIRST, and THEN take whatever action feels good to you, my friend. Taking any action before you shift the energy will just extend the problem. Shift the energy first; then take (inspired) action.
    I hope that helps! 🙂

  • Kapootala says:

    Correct me if I am wrong as an answer to your reply Jeannette.
    Even though I have bills to be paid, loans to be settled,etc…
    I read that you suggest I deliberately get into the phase of seeing and feeling myself in the satisfying completion of the activity that I am asking solutions for. Is that what I should do….see the visual which I would feel….happy in, satisfied, contended, without the trauma of the feeling that I have financial chores to settle,,,,that exuberance and confidence that one gets when a job is done for which earlier it hung round your neck as undone. Does one just see the end at the begining….? Please be kind an elaborate thus making it easy to understand for me and for all your wellwishers on this blog for money. And what time frame do you lock in for an exercise like this….till manifestation sets in…..?

  • Very understandable, Kapootala. It’s helpful to realize that what you want isn’t really money to pay the bills that have to be paid. What you want is the peace of mind or relief or whatever you’ll feel when the bills are paid. You’ve got to find a way to be in charge of how you feel, rather than letting your ability to pay or not pay be the thing that rules your vibration.

  • Kapootala says:

    I am of the opinion that in order to get the money flowing into your life you need to appreciate the fact that it will be and is meant to be used and exchanged and that is what it is for and why it comes to you.I need for bills to be paid and for that I ask the Universe to deliver to pay the bills before the due date and go about doing my work as usual.What happens if the money does not come….then what….? What kind of a money come to me exercise do I have to perform. Can you throw some light on this much written about platform. Money , money, Money…’s a rich man’s world.

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    Great blog post, Jeannette! (as always)
    I think what’s important too is that you treat money like you would a really good relationship that you are in and TRUST that it will always be there for you. Give the money you do have lots of love. Believe in it. Know it has your back (just like the Universe). When we feel that way, money .. which is energy too, feels that and rewards us in kind.
    My latest affirmation that I am saying is “More Money is on its way!”
    Whoooo hoooo to that! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  • Angus and Robertson Edwardstown (Tarran) says:

    Hi all,
    I work at A&R Edwardstown Bookworld, I work hard and try to keep up the positive thoughts about money and life, sometimes i get that sinking feeling in my gut when i reliase that damn maybe i shouldnt have bought lunch today. Then i picture myself willing the universe to have money because i know i deserve it. We sell heaps of the LOA books and I think there is a great positive change in people that 10 years ago we did not have.

  • Nikky says:

    This is so true……I have tried this myself so many times. Just ask and then relax and dont think about your request all day and then at night before sleeping for a few minutes get to the feeling place of having your desire already happen. I do that mostly by scripting or by talking about what my family and friends will be saying now that my desire has come true.
    If I keep this up for a few days too without sabotaging the vision by negative feelings from negative thoughts during the day then lo and behold I have my desire come true. The trick being not to come in the way by thinking about it through out the day which brings the how will it happen and the doubts in to view.

  • Jeannette says:

    I might start by taking the negative charge off of overdrawing the account.
    It happens! It’s not that big a deal! Certainly not worth worrying about. If it happens, it happens. It won’t be the first time someone does, and it won’t be the last time it ever happens in the banking world.
    It’s simply not that big a deal.
    If you can pick up some thoughts along those lines, you’ll be much better primed to embrace the LOA languaging wisdom I predict is coming your way in the subsequent posts, Joann!
    In the meantime, I might play with a simple, “It all works out anyway” type thought.

  • Joann says:

    Haven’t been here in a while. I’ve missed it. Perfect timing – MONEY.
    Need some “in the moment” languaging help regarding a money incident I just had.
    I went grocery shopping for a few things. Ended up spending more than I thought I would. Driving home, started to worry about whether it would overdraw my account.
    The negative thoughts started and I got a sinking feeling in my gut. Caught myself but couldn’t think of anything to say. DUH!!!
    I do EFT, so I started tapping the feeling out, but I wanted to come up with some LOA language.
    Now after reading some of the comments here, an hour later, I can appreciate the luscious organic strawberries I got on sale, but my sinking gut feeling is still there but not as strong.
    AND, back from the grocery store, I found a check in the mail, but even that didn’t change the feeling, ’cause it was a check I was expecting and didn’t cover the groceries, but some other unexpected bills.
    So my appreciation was limp, not a vibrational match. I know I can EFT the feeling out, but I really want to get more proficient with LOA.
    Would appreciate any feedback from you might manifestors.

  • Oooh, Nicole, such an exciting journey!!
    Good for you for manifesting an opportunity to develop your “asking” muscle. (It’s a good one to have!)
    Thanks for reading, and especially for posting, my friend.

  • Nicole says:

    Perfect timing for me! I’ve been wallowing in negative money vibes and holding onto such resistance to moving out of my current job, into my own business. The risk of the unknown while supporting a family keeps whirling around in my head. I recognized something really crazy this past week. My parents came into a lot of money, and I’ve felt a numb tongue to ask them for any. I want them to just give it to me without asking. From this, I realized – well if you don’t ask, how will they know you want it? Same is true with the universe…I have felt like it should just KNOW that I want the money, that I shouldn’t have to TELL it to give it to me. But its not really the money I want; its the feeling of relief knowing the bills are paid, feeling of relief knowing I can work in any job I desire, feeling of relief knowing I can live in my dream life. Show me the RELIEF!
    I feel abundant, and am demanding the universe to recognize I am already happy, grateful and joyful. I’m living free, happy, creative and inspired!
    Thanks Jeaneatte for the reminder and constant wisdom 🙂

  • Indeed, there isn’t a better agent than that, Anna!
    woo hoo!!

  • Anna says:

    The past few days I’ve been wondering about the great publisher I could get if I had an agent… and I DO have one already – the BEST one at that!
    The UNIVERSE is my agent – YAY!!!
    Thanks, Jeannette.
    I needed that.

  • Leo says:

    Great article! It has good vibed me and for that I hope the Universe will good vibe you back 😉

  • Leo, I’m curious about what you enjoy in the movie!! You’ll report back?

  • Leo says:

    I don’t like admitting this, but I have never seen the movie Jerry Maguire, but when I saw this article I wanted to see it. This morning I look on my dish dvd and there it sits at the top of the list! Someone set it to record. I did not tell anyone… but the Universe! Ok, I just wanted to share that.

  • Jessica, I like your style!
    This especially lit me up: “The universe connects the dots when we only need to recognize the first dot.”
    Isn’t that the best?!
    Thanks for sharing here, Jessica. You’ve got a fabulous handle on how this all works!

  • Jessica Earl Currier says:

    I’ve been in this state of being. The one where I don’t have to analyze how or why of anything, and just BE it, and all is falling into place magically. I have to keep remembering to not hold expectations on how, when or what it will look like. I KNOW what it feels like though!
    I focus on the feeling good aspect, and then weight melts off, relationships are so easy, tasks completed effortlessly, healthy lifestyle in my best interest becomes a way of life without me forcing it, just because it feels good!
    The universe connects the dots when we only need to recognize the first “dot”. It is a surrender or trust in that we flow with intuition… and then as if by magic, the second and third dots appear after we’ve trusted and are already part of what the first dot “feels” like. We intend and claim what we want, and trust it when it comes.
    Do we ask the universe what is best for us? We decide and choose that and then the Universe supports our intentions! So the picture we see, and the feelings we create, are about our vision of what we “claim” for ourselves, and then the universe aligns to have that BE our reality. Of course we are already experiencing it… so the “real” part is just for good measure! 😉
    Just some sharing from my own experiences. It is so easy when we can remember to clearly claim it and then allow!

  • That is too funny, Julie!
    And Rhonda, you’re making me laugh, because I had that same phrase running through my mind as I wrote the post! lol

  • Rhonda says:

    Great Post and perfect timing as always. I can almost hear the Universe saying “Help me help you. HELP ME HELP YOU!”
    Thanks, Jeannette!

  • Julie B says:

    You had me at “Hello”! 😮 I had to post cuz guess what I’m watching right now… YEP Jerry Maguire! Coincidence? Or “co-operating with the instant?” Thanks for the post Jeanette!

  • That’s exactly it, Angela … where in the hoping of it you’re seeing it, and in feeling happiness and satisfaction in life, you’re feeling it. And then there you are attracting it.
    Pretty cool gig, isn’t it?!
    Thanks for reading, and especially for commenting, Angela. 🙂

  • Jeanette,
    I find that when I’m happy already and satisfied with my life that I attract the things I had hoped would be part of my life.
    Great post.

  • Of course, Greg, you know I can’t help but wonder … that as I wonder about a cosmic pin number, if I feel the fabulousness of the discovery of it, and then stop thinking about it, if it will come to me.
    hee hee

  • Greg T says:

    If we allow somthing to happen in order to make it happen, it wont happen… in order to have what we want we have to have what we want but you cant use it for that reason. That is why so many LOA’s are so disoriented. They want to speak the secret words, do the secret handshake and light the candles and wait for the manifestation. The great thing is that the Universe does bring us what we identify with but only when we take our minds off it. Only when we are it for its sake. What we want wants something of us. There is no magic formula. be and feel now how you would be and feel then and then let it go. Let the manifestation part be up to the universe…Trust, not something we can read a book or ebook or blog and just get. Trust takes a little time and it involves a relationship. Not a pin number to the cosmic ATM.

  • Finally! An excuse to get a photo of Tom Cruise on the blog!! lol

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