It’s a Simple Process

Sometimes we overcomplicate things …

Either because we’re used to thinking we have to pay our dues to get the reward, or just because we really believe it is hard to create what we want.

But the process of manifesting our desires is actually very simple:

It’s just one better-feeling thought or action after another.

That’s it.

  • You don’t have to know all the manifesting exercises; you don’t have to word your intention just so.
  • You don’t have to explore limiting beliefs, or get clear about your vision, or drop every toleration.
  • You don’t have to eliminate every contrary thought, and you certainly don’t have to achieve 24/7 happiness.

It’s just one better-feeling thought or action after another.

Wherever you’re at. For whatever you want.

This is not rocket science.

What feels better next? In thought or action, follow that thread.

It’ll take you straight to dreams come true.

No one else can point your way there, because they don’t know what feels better to you. That’s inside information.

(Maybe someone can help you discover it, but you’re the only one that knows what feels better to you.)

The good news is your inner guidance is already programmed for this routine – and it’s calling you to that better-feeling thing. One after another after another.
It’s what feels lighter; it’s what sounds fun; it’s what appeals to you more. It might feel like relief, or joy, or ease.

All you have to do is follow it. Whatever feels better.

“What about my gremlins/boss/spouse/kids?” you might say. “They aren’t down with my idea of doing whatever feels good. I can’t just go willy nilly traipsing through life following my feel good!”

Well, yes you can.

And if you’re a conscious creator, that’s exactly how you roll.

  • If it doesn’t feel good to leave your co-workers hanging while you run off to join the circus, then that isn’t the better feeling action for you. At least not today.
  • If you don’t feel fully comfortable ignoring doctor’s instructions, then going off your meds isn’t the better-feeling action to take at this point.
  • If you’d like to eat that whole tub of nutella, but you’re nervous you’ll pay the price for it, then there’s probably something else that feels better.

Find what that is, and follow it.

Whether it’s a new thought or a different action, honoring what feels better is a reliable path to dreams come true.

You know why?

Because however you manage to feel better, that puts you closer in the vibrational vicinity of everything you want.

You don’t have to figure out the “hows,” you don’t have to prove yourself worth, and you don’t have to struggle your way there.

It just doesn’t get much simpler than that.

  • October 2, 2016
  • Simplicity is the best, people tend to overthink lots of thing

  • Kirstie says:

    I started practising some of Jeanette’s ways earlier thus year, it was great things fell into place. Since then I have tried different styles, forcing the will of goodness. Now I have gir myself into a predicament of sliding backwards financially, stressing over everything and sadly don’t seem to be having fun anymore. I had reached out to the other manifestoes to ask if they could help, but they are so impersonal. Then I told myself today was going to be a great day, and this blog ,which I haven’t seen for awhile popped up, perfect timing :). Sometimes just need to release the fear and let love come in.

  • Karen says:

    Well, of course, eating Tillamook ice cream right out of the carton feels better than Nutella any day! 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    Ok,I’m having a hard time finding something good to fixate on. Having a hard time in my life with grief and lots of physical discomfort, and the fear of this physical thing getting even worse is huge. Its pervasive and there all the time, because i feel it. The grief I feel and cry it out and then feel relief, but the fear is way too intense. I’ve spent all my time watching abraham hicks and teal swan and benhtino massaru, and now am completely overwhelmed. I get the main idea is to distract from ‘what is’ and think of something i like. I cannot focus on health at all because its too active. I think of laughing with my girlfriend and that’s good for about a minute. Abraham hicks said to fixate on something that makes me feel good. Why is this so difficult for me? I can’t seem to find anything. I used to fixate n travel and pretend i was going someplace but it just doesnt have the same oomph now. Can someone give me an example of what they fixate on to feel better? and how to hold it?

    • namaste says:

      The question technique that Jeannette explains in this post is brilliant. It’s absolutely awesome for an overall way to generally guide your life towards what you want. However, I how no idea how you’d use it in your current situation to feel better.
      The reason you’re having such a hard time focusing on what feels better is because you have some very real beliefs that are causing you to experience very real fear. Until you identify and shift those beliefs, the fear you’re experiencing is going to continue to reek havoc in your life.
      Think about your fear and ask yourself, “What would I have to believe to be experiencing this fear?” Write down whatever comes to mind. Don’t censor yourself. Keep writing until you feel like you’ve explained it fully. Now, you can begin to find relief. The way you do this is by asking yourself questions like, “Why might this NOT be true?” Or, “Is what I wrote down actually valid or is my mind blowing it out of proportion?” It’s hard to give you the exact questions you need to ask because I don’t know the exact situation but you get the idea. There is a ton of stuff online though on fixing beliefs so some quick googling should help you with the exact questions you need. Worst case, if you can’t figure out why your beliefs aren’t true, you need to find a way to make peace with them. I do this by asking myself, “What’s the worst case that can happen here?” Then your job is to accept it and make peace. Once you make peace, you’ll see that you’ll now be able to start focusing on better feeling thoughts using Jeannette’s brillant question (because the fear won’t be taking over your mind) and you’ll begin to feel better =)
      My heart goes out to you, hope this helps,

    • Karen says:

      Barbara. I hear what you are saying. I get migraines, and it is very hard to think of a better feeling thought in those times. I also struggle with clinical depression. Now, when I get a migraine, I think, “ok, it’s a migraine. At least it’s not depression. I can handle this. I know what to do for it. It will pass.” And when I have a bout of depression, I now tell myself, “ok, we’ve been around this block before. we’ve gotten through it before, and better things have always been around the corner. So, let’s move on to….” and then I do whatever I feel like doing, whether it’s looking up funny cat videos (thanks, Jeannette, for helping with that one), or eating ice cream out of the carton, or a little art therapy, or just going to sleep, or crying, or playing computer games…… just any little thing that feels even a little better. You can do this. 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      You might also be putting too much pressure on yourself to feel good, and to fixate on it.
      Maybe just look for a little short term relief. That counts as feeling better, even if it’s something like a good cry or a hissy fit or a long nap.

  • Deirdre says:

    I think I really needed to see this today. It’s a great reminder!

  • namaste says:

    When I first read this article, I shook my head in disagreement. The number one issue I deal with when working with clients is long-term, unresolved resistance that has been blocking their biggest desires from manifesting forever because they haven’t identified it and shifted it. Getting happy, while ignoring the same habitual thoughts that keep dragging you out of the vortex is the perfect plan for never having your desires manifest.
    Then, I reread what you wrote again. I realized there is a subtle, but incredibly important difference between what you’re saying, and what so many other LOA teachers are suggesting that really amounts to sweeping resistance under the rug and hoping it will magically go away. You are NOT telling everyone that the answer to all their manifesting problems is blindly attempt to get happy. You are clearly stating the the best question to guide your life (and manifesting decisions) is to continually ask yourself, “What FEELS better next?” You then point out that the answers that come from answering this question are NOT going to be the same for everyone (different strokes for different folks). Finally, you give specific examples of why you really need to pay close attention to how you’re feeling, when you answer this question, so you don’t cause yourself unnecessary pain and drama.
    Again and again, I’ve noticed you emphasize the point that each person’s path is uniquely their own. This emphasis is one of many reasons I find your writing valuable and a big reason I love your work =)

    • Jeannette says:

      Right, because if I’m holding beliefs that if I stop taking my meds or quit my job today or stop feeding the family that there will be serious ramifications, then that doesn’t really truly feel good. Instead, if I look for what DOES feel better, it allows me to work with the constraints I have in place (my beliefs about what’s possible, primarily) and STILL get to where I want to be. So I don’t have to clearing every single limiting belief or dropping every negative thought in order to still be successful.
      This is exactly what Bashar is saying as well when he advises to “follow your highest excitement.” Your highest excitement takes into account all of that stuff as well.
      It’s a pretty cool system when you think about it. 🙂

  • Kitnye says:

    You know it’s interesting that you mentioned the examples like “leaving coworkers and running away doesn’t feel good so try something else”.
    Sometimes I think what would make me happy is to just quit my job and then I think “I can’t do that. My family will be upset and I have to leave with them right now so I’d better not.”
    This is like a reassurance that it’s okay to not take such a big step especially if it doesn’t feel good!
    Awesome blog post. It’s easier than I think is one of my affirmations but I don’t always remember it.

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, I love the way Abraham describes that our Inner Being knows how to guide us around all the resistance (i.e. limiting beliefs we hold) in order to get to where we want to be. What I appreciate about that is it means we don’t have to eliminate all those obstacles in order to move forward on the path. Instead, the path guides us around the obstacles.
      Which is why doing/thinking what feels better is such a reliable process. 🙂

  • marilyn says:

    Ahhhhhhh…. wonderful. LUV simplicity 🙂

  • Elle says:

    “Sometimes we overcomplicate things …”. You think? hahaha!
    This was great, Jeannette. It is a simple process.

  • Julia says:

    Have heard this a few times lately… ha… love the way the universe gets the message to sink in 😊😘
    Thanks for this jeanette. .. perfect as always x

    • Jeannette says:

      That was my sign, too – when it came up a couple times this last week, the fourth time I was typing it up, I thought, maybe a blog post would be good on this. By the sixth time, I was like, ok, I get it, Universe! lol

      • Sandi says:

        Sometimes it takes a real knock in the head then I often find myself “stating ok I get it” lol I do get some strang looks though when it happens in public!

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