Sing You To Me

The recently released movie Australia included several scenes about the indigenous people’s tradition of “singing,” which is more than just song as we think of it.  Australian Aborigines believe the world was created through “singing” it into existence. 

Since I’m fascinated with all things deliberate creation-related, I couldn’t help but look into it.
I mean, pray rain journaling is my favorite manifesting technique, but I’d love to add singing to my repertoire!
Fred Alan Wolf (the captivating guy from What The Bleep) says in The Dreaming Universe that Australian Aborigines see “reality” in two aspects:

  • a primary universe far more extensive than our physical world,
  • and the physical world we know it as.   

Aborigines call this primary world “dreamtime” and believe it contains all of the past, present, and future.
From this realm, the world of energy continually rises as a dream.  Fred says that based on the work of many others, including his own research, that this “everywhen” realm may be more real than  the reality we perceive.
I don’t know about you, but this talk strongly supports my ability to release attachment to “reality,” when the reality I know isn’t necessarily what I want more of. 
You know how our manifesting efforts are often handicapped due to our inability to stop noticing “what is” and to be able to release attachment to reality?  Well it sounds to me like indigenous Australians are way ahead of us on this!  I’m going to borrow from their tradition and view it as one more good reason to consider this “real world” we walk in much less real than we have believed.
I have no idea who or what I’m quoting here, but this distinction was interesting, too:

To get to grips with the concept of Dreamtime, you had to understand it as an Aboriginal equivalent of the first two chapters of Genesis-with one significant difference.
In Genesis, God first created the ‘living things’ and then fashioned Father Adam from clay. Here in Australia, the Ancestors created themselves from clay.

I like that distinction because it puts the power in our hands, very much in alignment with deliberate creation work.
In Bruce Chatwin’s book, The Songlines, he explores the Australian aboriginal custom of “singing the world out of dreamtime.”  Does that sound to you kind of like calling forth what you want to create from the Zero Point Field (aka the Universe, as it’s also known in some circles)?  Hmm.
Are you scratching your head in confusion yet?  I admit I am.  And I think that’s a good thing.
Because when we solidly “know” what’s possible, what’s not, what’s real, and what isn’t, that knowing sometimes shuts down our creative opportunities, doesn’t it?  It feels good to mix it all up and forget what’s possible and what’s not.  To be fully open once again.
To be able to call forth our deepest desires by simply singing them to us out of dreamtime.
Gotta admit, I like the sounds of that.
If anyone here knows anything about dreamtime and how to sing something to them, I would love to learn more!  As always, your thoughts, comments and questions are much appreciated.

  • December 19, 2008
  • Annette says:

    Oh Boy – my Favorite subject: Sound!
    Lots of scientists now think that sound waves are the basis of . . .stuff. Sound is our one sense that can be FELT when we cannot ‘hear’ it – a person who is blind cannot ‘feel’ colors, but a person who is deaf CAN feel soundwaves!
    So: waves (energy) + feeling (power) = WOW
    Sound waves can cause us joy, as in music, or destroy things. Sonar locates things in places we cannot see into.
    Light waves have a comparable ability, but not as powerful. We can hear (and feel) the soundwaves from our neighbor’s party, even though there is a garden wall and our house is ‘in the way’! Lightwaves cannot do that.
    Sound and LOA: go to a music store with an acoustic room, and get someone to play chords on one of the guitars. The ENTIRE room of guitars will sound that chord keynote back to you! Not another chord – but the one played! Just by resonating with the vibration!! How cool is that?! (If you play a chord that is out of the usual tuning, the other instruments will sound, but not as strongly.)
    My boyfriend and I experienced this the other day – it was AMAZING! A physical, real-time example of LOA!!!!
    So – if you sing from your vibrational feeling, and are tuned into the Universe waves, I think you get more tuned in and can feel it immediately.
    If you don’t feel tuned in and just hum or sing ‘mindlessly’ – I’ll bet you’ll find a sound vibrational match that will put a smile on your face right quick-like!
    Thank you, Jeannette!

  • You and me BOTH, JM! (Not chanting enough and changing that!)
    I think you’re right about the mystical power of sound. We’ve all experienced it, right?
    Thanks for posting here, JM! I’ll be thinking of you next time I chant!

  • JM says:

    Yes, the first chant I learned,
    “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”, was told to me by a good friend who said that it basically meant “I connect myself with the mystic law of cause and effect through sound.” Now I see other interpretations online that aren’t exactly that…but that one totally resonated with me and made me wonder…why “through sound”? And, can we connect as well without that sound? I often like to just think that phrase in my mind and find it can be as effective since I am thinking about it at all. But there has GOT to be something connective about the sound waves themselves. I have experienced some magical feelings when I think about that as I chant. I don’t chant nearly often enough. I am changing that.
    I just think that they are something tangible to connect our souls to what always exists around us. I think that is why certain singers/musicians move us so. We are undeniably connected to their souls for a moment that you can totally FEEL. It truly is magic!

  • All right, Larry, I’m on a quest for “Dreamtime Return”! Thanks for the tip and especially for sharing it here rather than just sending me a private email. I know I’m not the only one who appreciates this resource that moved you so much!

  • Jeanette, Have you ever heard the music by Steve Roach called ‘Dreamtime Return’? The very first time I played it years ago I literally broke out into spontaneous ritual kind of dance. Something just enveloped me as if my body was being guided to dance. I will never,ever forget that magic sacred moment. I haven’t stopped dancing since ! (lol) Steve lived with the Aborginal people for almost a year and this recording is his interpretation of Dreamtime travels. Good Medicine !

  • Iyabo, your post is reminding me how every once in a while I’ll find myself singing along with a song and think, “I probably shouldn’t be singing this.” ha (“I can’t get no satisfaction” comes to mind.)
    I LOVE that you’re turning your insightful questions into cards! Keep us posted on that! And if anyone hasn’t checked out Judy’s, I’m really impressed with them as a tool to amp up self love. (

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    Jeanette, I have to see this movie. However, I agree that the sound that comes out of us, words and singing are sacred. Of course singing is deliberate creation. Think about it, we are adding the music of our souls to our words.
    Now as far as intuition goes, I always say that God speaks to me clearly when I hear repetitions.
    I got a brand new macbook for Christmas on Thursday and I have been fooling around with it for three days working on a product for my clients. I know nothing about clip art and all that stuff. I wanted a high gloss fancy document and I wanted to create it from scratch. I had drafted the document a few months ago and I was revisiting it. It is called “101 Powerful Questions to Create Authentic Change your life.”
    Well, as I went through the questions, I said to myself that I should turn these into cards like the Abraham cards that I recently picked up when Abe was in Atlanta.
    Well, lo and behold, the next day, Jeanette tweeted me and said she thought of me when she saw folorishingjudy’s cards. Well, she had pretty much done the same thing with law of attraction questions and has published this fantastic deck of cards.
    Was that premonition on my part or intuition?
    What I do know, is that I will be following up with Judy, get the goods on it and follow up. Universe is telling me to do it through my intution, premonition and deliberate creation.
    Thanks guys!
    Coach Iyabo

  • Oh my gosh, Anne – I can’t believe I missed that!! Had they done that at last year’s ICF I no way would have missed this year’s!
    Wow. I can imagine the power of that.
    Thanks for the CD tip.
    And I love this expression of thought you shared: “Being vibration pure and unfettered is a magical route to connect to source energy and the raw power of creation.”
    I think I’m putting that on my board!!
    Thanks, Anne. 🙂

  • Anne Nayer says:

    I haven’t seen the movie (going tomorrow) and don’t know much about dream-time and singing the world into existance but I love the idea and I love music and I love to sing. Recently returned from the ICF convention in Montreal where the whole show (1500 coaches from 47 countries) began by singing a Navajo Chant as a 3 part round – led by the fabulous Barbara McAfee (CD: While You’re Alive). Words cannot decribe the power of all those voices. You could feel that something very powerful was being created – Its all vibrations anyway and sound rises up from our depths and moves in its waves across the universe. Being vibration pure and unfettered is a magical route to connect to source energy and the raw power of creation. Train of thought leads me to asking what your theme song is going to be for “The Fine 09” and maybe its time for singing lessons?

  • Chanting?! JM, you have hit on one of my favorite topics!! I don’t know much about it, other than that it has the power to affect me deeply.
    I think we’re onto something good here!
    PS – I will say the plot of the movie is nothing special at all, but the concepts and teachings of the indigenous Australians were very interesting to me. (Not to mention Kim’s son did the war bombing scenes!)

  • JM says:

    wow. wow. and wow. I can’t wait to learn more about all of this. As an actual singer, I am fascinated by the connection singing can have to other people, especially once harmony is involved. I have been obsessed with harmonizing for nearly all of my life! Why do these combinations of tones make people feel so good? Those who sing them and those who hear them. As I have learned some chants…I realize how sound can connect you to the universe, and that fascinates me. It’s as if the sound is a tangible connection of one soul to another…or all others. We can understand that this connection always exists but in our practice of it, we can remember it much easier. So, while I realize that this all goes far beyond vocal singing, I can definitely understand the connections. I am certain I will appreciate these ideas. I had little desire to see that movie…until now!

  • Oh my gosh, Kim, you’re gonna make me cry. And I’m only two and a half paragraphs in to your comment …
    Big breath …
    WOW. “We already do it, every day. We sing the world into existence as we awake.”
    That has SUCH an impact on me. !!!
    Thank you!
    But officially, I’d like to come to Australia and study singing with you. hee hee
    Love you, Kim!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, these are wonderful thoughts.
    There are no books or websites on how to sing the world because it cannot be taught–no more that we can be taught how to grow our hair or open our eyes. We already do it, every day.
    We sing the world into existence as we awake. Our songs are the thoughts and pictures we play in our minds and if we don’t understand this, there is always a shaman to help us re-member (to put back together).
    We are all connected, past, present and future–we are linked to every shaman, angel and spirit guide that ever lived or ever will live. If we want to remember how to sing the world, we simply allow for the experience.
    How? Meditation, long walks in nature, animals, daydreaming… you decide.
    The idea is to make space for yourself to guide you.
    Since seeing Australia and talking to Jeannette, I have added ‘singing’ as part of my Pray Rain Journaling. I’m listening every day to the songs of nature 🙂 I’m listening to my own voice as I sing the world to me.
    Thank you Jeannette for this powerful post.

  • Sounds like it spoke to you in much the same way it did me, Mark. I wondered if other deliberate creators were getting big eyes in those scenes!! lol
    “Harmonizing your vibe with the Universe” … yep, that fits. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & perspective with us, Mark.
    You are a pleasure to hear from!

  • Michaela says:

    This is a fascinating topic, Jeannette. Somehow this “Dreamtime” universe of the Aborigines reminds me of a Salvador Dali quote I recently read: “One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.” I like this idea! 🙂
    I have just read an interesting article about how powerful singing is: It releases stress in our bodies, makes people a lot happier, more relaxed, even more intelligent. It has healing properties as it is able to influence the rhythms of our body, our own body “vibrations” and our hormones as well. Scientists actually likened the effects of singing to those of “sex, chocolate and drugs”. 🙂 It has even proved to be more effective than psychotherapy in some cases, helping people with depressions, addictions and similar problems. And no, one doesn’t even have to sing well in order to feel the benefits of it – good for me! 😉
    I think if singing is that powerful on its own, it must be really, really powerful combined with positive thought pictures and/or affirmations because it “speaks” directly to our emotions.
    I’d like to learn more about the “dreamtime” concept, too – thank you for introducing it, Jeannette!

  • Mark says:

    I loved the singing you to me scenes in Australia. The boy in the movie was an amazingly powerful manifestor of LOA. We have a little friend on Kauai that reminds us of him in so many ways.
    Singing in the world and dreamtime feels in resonance for me. I don’t exactly know how this works at least not yet, not consciously at this moment. I feel this is beyond thought. Beyond and within me exists the harmony co-creating my universe, dreaming in the world.
    Singing in the world is harmonizing your vibration with your universe. These are the best feeling words flowing from me at this moment.

  • Let us know what you think of it, Phillis!

  • Well — you got me hooked! Just ordered Dr. Wolfe’s book . . . . love the post.
    Thank you!
    Cheers, P.

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