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slumdogI just read a facebook post from a good friend who said one of his wishes is that everyone will put down their arms and stop fighting in the name of God.  Hmm.
(If everything’s spiritual, which I believe it is, why wouldn’t war be as well?)
Then I read on Twitter something that said Slumdog Millionaire was “so violent” and not a good enough story to make up for the unnecessary violence.
Just a minute ago my boyfriend shouted at me that our pit bull Joe was getting beat up by Sadie’s great pyrenese brother in the backyard.  (We had a puppy sleepover last night.)  My sweetie expected me to jump up and break it up.  But I didn’t.  (They’ll work it out, and after all, I was listening to a great song on blip.)
All this in one morning got me to wondering … what does everyone have against war and violence?
Well, I know not everyone’s against it, but … (those we think are FOR war and violence we tend to think of as evil and misguided, right?)
.. but, why would any of us (who understand the basics of how the world works, anyway) wish something away for anyone else?
I mean, how do we know they aren’t loving the thrill and adventure of it?  Or that it isn’t serving them in learning what they wanted to master?  Or serving all of humanity in some form or fashion?
Isn’t it a little judgmental to call it wrong ?  No matter what we’re talking about?  Surely there can’t be exceptions.
Even if that weren’t the case – if we really knew something wasn’t serving another (which we can’t know), don’t we at least know enough that pushing against it keeps it firmly in place?
If you really wanted something to be gone (and you were LOA savvy), you’d at least make peace with it, right?  After all, that’s the only way it can change.
Again, not that it has to change.
You know, when Abe talks about making peace with the buffet .. about how you don’t have to put on your plate what you don’t want to eat, and you don’t have to begrudge others what they’re putting on their plate .. that applies to everything, including war and violence.
If we think it’s wrong and shouldn’t be here, that resistance just adds power to it.
What if we made peace with war and violence … what would that be like?
How different would that world be?

Come to think of it, this is exactly why my female clients who are desperate to lose weight are the ones least likely to.  So many of us are hesitant/afraid to make peace with what we don’t want because we think if we do then we’re stuck with it.

When nothing could be further from the truth.
Making peace with it is where our freedom lies.
Now I’m not saying everyone should love Slumdog Millionaire or let their dogs tear each other apart or donate to the war effort, but I am saying that the more you think of something as “wrong,” the more you add power to it.  And it’s that “pushing against” that leads us to sitting in front of violent movies that we are so vehemently against.
(For the record, I love the inspiration I got from the show and am looking forward to seeing it win lots of Oscars tonight.)
If anyone’s wondering how this all fits in with our most common manifesting obstacles, join me Tuesday at 12 est on Talkshoe for a potentially eye-opening discussion.
PS – I’m a highly sensitive person, too.  Contrary to what some may think after reading this post.  😉

  • February 22, 2009
  • BIO says:

    It’s the same thing here in the Philippines where I live. All sectors in our local society are all for being anti this and anti that. The result is a messy soup of what they are against for in the first place and less of what good results they want in the first place. Anti-drugs? Drug seems to be all the more prevalent. Why not become pro-sport or well-being and then subhead it with an anti-drug effort copy, instead? Anti-corruption? All the more everyone is corrupt because everyone ends up exposing everyone for whatever misdeed he/she has done. Why not label it as pro-good governance and then tag underneath the anti-corruption subtext?

  • Dawn says:

    I have not watch this award winning movie, but my friend said that it was good until she saw how children were treated (abused) that it was so hard to watch any further so she would not recommended this movie.
    I don’t understand how humans can be sooo brutal to another human being especially children….why…what do these people get from this brutality, whether children or women….

  • Debbie says:

    Kudos to you for a controversial post. Mother Theresa was asked to walk in a War Protest. She refused as walking ‘against’ something gives it more power.
    She would only walk for Peace.
    Slightly different take on your post as you referenced ‘one shouldn’t wish something else for another’ which is wonderful inspiration.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    These posts are moving me deeply–Jess, your story of you and your ‘way of the warrior’ husband was just wonderful! I get that now!!!
    Jeannette, your comment about what I ‘put in’ The Spell of Rosette has me grinning.
    Not every reader has noticed ‘something’ different going on when they read Rosette! But those that do, like you, say, ‘What did you put in there?’ It’s like . . .
    Then they go on to say what it is like for them, each with a different feeling or insight or epiphany. (one person got very angry even–all this emotion) Everyone will experience it according to their own nature.
    I’ve put ‘something’ into every one of the QE series. I don’t advertise it, (my publisher thought it was too ‘unusual’) but readers here are clan as far as I’m concerned, so it can be shared.
    One of my ‘feel goods’ is helping people along the way and a spell within The Spell of Rosette was the biggest boost I could think of 🙂
    So thrilled you noticed 🙂
    Thank you for all your brilliance!

  • Jess says:

    I meant to mention in my earlier post about my husband and I. It is so strange how different we are yet we love that experience.
    I’m the one who can feel the we are “all one”, equal, and I can not be upset with another unless I am upset with myself, leaning into peaceful ways of dealing with things. I am student and teacher (such that I learn from my child and she learns from me, that we are spriritually equal even though I am older.)
    My husband on the other hand has a strong sense of heirarchy between people (parents/kids, boss/employee, military, or criminal/law etc), and a warrior spirit. He never gives up. He clearly sees others as separate or as opponents- may the strongest person win type of thing. His spirit absolutely comes ALIVE (I see the twinkle in his eye) when he goes to his martial arts gym and totally beats up on someone… he even has that twinkle when he is battered and bruised. Every scar has a story. He loves ancient war stories and reads books like the Tao of War and the Art of War. I can totally picture him in another life, I know he was some sort of warrior.
    The thing is though, he is gentle, kind, loving and a family guy. He lives peacefully because he knows he can choose that… it is the strangest mix of traits I have seen. It is so cool. He can accomplish things that I can’t given my “equal” personality. He has a different foundation that I do. It is ALL good!! Both of us. He loves how accepting and forgiving I am of others… amazed like I am of him.
    So it is just one example of how the two are neither right or wrong, just different. Both work for us and create a nice atmosphere of learning and challenging our perspectives to not become narrow minded.
    I love your dream story Jeanette. I know I’ve felt that before and it feels so so perfect. It is the closest thing to bliss… but words don’t do it justice! I am glad you reminded me to remember it, tap into that. It feels so confident and loving, and accepting of ALL… so awesome. Thanks again!!!

  • Thomas Regal says:

    This was an amazing post and absolutely true. I had no idea why things weren’t changing for me in my life, I was visualizing I had seen “The Secret” but nothing was happening. I didn’t discover the truth you presented until I read a phenomenal book by Brian Maxwell called “How to Overcome Fear and Create Fortune”. His discusses exactly what you presented and really shakes things up. It’s free for download and I’ve included the link. Do you have any books that I can download, I love continuing my personal development. I do encourage you to check out Brian Maxwell’s book because you two have really transformed my way of thinking.

  • Jim, you’re making me think of the blog post I haven’t written yet.
    I had the most amazing dream while reading Kim Falconer’s “Spell of Rosette.” (It turns out Kim put a spell IN the book, so thus the very out of the ordinary dream.)
    In the dream, everything happened. Everything happened in my life. All of it. Love, betrayal, loss, judgment, compassion, hurt, forgiveness. All of it happened.
    I still don’t know how to describe it in a way that does it justice.
    It was the MOST amazing – and SATISFYING – experience!
    FINALLY, I was satisfied. (Remember, this was just in my dream. hee hee)
    But I was satisfied because I had experienced it all. And obviously I lived to tell about it, on some level. But I had hurt and been hurt, I had loved and been loved, I had been true and I had been faithless, I said yes and I said no, I went back on my word and I stood by my word, I experienced ALL of it. EVERYTHING.
    I have never felt so satisfied.
    (Kim, what WAS that spell???)
    Even now remembering the satisfaction of it brings me to tears.
    That didn’t come from just the good things. It came from ALL the things.
    “THAT’S what it’s like to have your heart broken.” “THAT’S what it’s like to feel true love.” “THAT’S what it’s like to kill another.” “THAT’S what it’s like to be abandoned.”
    It was amazing.
    That all that was so satisfying.
    And I don’t think that was just happening on the level of my little dream.
    I think that’s happening on a bigger level. Like, our “real” life right now.
    I’m still trying to put it all together, but this has something to do with why I know not to begrudge someone his “war” experience.
    See what a train of thought you put me on this morning, Jim?! lol
    Some kind of consciousness raising happening here!
    Thanks for your participation in that … I believe that’s what all of us are up to on some level or another.

  • Jim Patterson says:

    From my perspective, the war and violence that is so prevalent in the world today is the result of what Tolle would call Egoic Conflict. The danger for those seeking to live an enlightened life is that we may identify with one side or the other…
    I say this is a danger as war and violence are not the answers to whatever issues humanity faces. The growing tide of consciousness is.
    What does this mean?
    The ever increasing awareness of our own true nature’s will eventually reach a critical mass where the current systems, establishments and yes, even governments will be swept away. Not by armed conflict, but by the same forces that we access when we manifest our daily needs and desires.
    This is why I am on this road…
    Not to manifest new cars, boats and mansions, but to be a part of what Humankind was put here for.
    To participate in the next step of Human Consciousness.
    This is the only fight I have any interest in…
    This is the battle that all of us have a vital stake in…
    The only war I chose to support either side in is the war against consciousness and awareness.
    Guess which side I’m on?!

  • Okay, so I’m in official love with Nancy.
    I could NOT have said it better, and I LOVE, Nancy, that you recognize your opportunity to stop the cycle. And acknowledge the challenge in doing so!
    It’s one thing to preach this stuff – it’s another to practice it day in and day out, isn’t it?!
    And look at us!
    We’re DOING it!! We’re UP for the challenge! We’re so aware of what’s going on!
    I just LOVE that about ALL of us!
    Sheesh, you made my day!! lol
    (Laughing at the condemn comment – you’re a hoot, my friend!)

  • Nancy says:

    I can spell condemn, just don’t want to do it!

  • Nancy says:

    To add clarification to the previous post, if someone were to ask if I think that people need to experience being animal abusers or any other kind of abusers, I would say no. To me that is another question, one of disconnection from Source. And if we condem another’s disconnection, it disconnects and diminishes me too.
    In order to feel better about animals in need, a big item in my book, doing something FOR them, fostering or whatever works for me.

  • Nancy says:

    For a few years now I have been irritated going to the airport and all the increased security and rules, angry at terrorists for changing my easy, comfortable manner of traveling. The other day I dropped my mother off at the airport. I left my car unattended for all of 45 seconds while I wheeled my mother’s suitcase inside the door. When I got back to the car, security was at my car. I TOLD them that I just wanted to get my 84 yr old mother’s suitcase inside the door. I was THINKING, for crying out loud, can’t you see that there are dogs in there, the poodle could drive the car if the state would license her, I’ve been driving to this airport for years, don’t you KNOW that?
    Then half a block away, it hit me. My extreme displeasure was probably the same as what started this whole scenario thousands of years ago. Perhaps someone’s camel spit in a neighbors eye. I was part of the continuation of this argument. The real test for me will be the next time I go to the airport.
    In war there are warriors who need the experience of war, for whatever reason. How can I tell them they can not have that experience? How can I tell them they can not eat what they want from the buffet?
    And when it gets right down to it, I really don’t want anyone else to tell me what is right and what is wrong. A favorite quote, can’t remember the author, ” Letting someone else run your life is like letting the waiter eat your dinner.”

  • People pay good money for this kind of adventure and excitement – good point, Jess! I was thinking, too, that one of the reasons I think we enjoy the rollercoaster rides (the literal rollercoasters) is that we know we’re not really going to die on them. It’s the close but not quite that’s so thrilling, right?
    If you knew how THIS ride turned out (which of course you CAN know, since YOU’RE creating it), it might take some of that scary edge off.
    Not that you want to, necessarily, but if you did … I’d just simply remember how this turns out.
    Every time.
    We know that much, right? he he
    Congrats on your big new adventure, Jess!! Thanks for letting us in on it with you!! woo hoo!!

  • Jess says:

    I found out yesterday that I will be losing my job… when, I don’t know. The Corporate monster is shaving off the little guys, albeit a profit, guess we are in the way of some strategy they have.
    At first I was shocked, which quickly turned into a little bit of “adventurish” feeling, which quickly bounced to anger “This in not fair”! Which then went to silver lining in the clouds… what is coming next?! Then an OMG how are we going to pay our bills?! How are we supposed to realize our ‘big’ plan we have to renovate one of our homes and move? It was SO perfect, now we’ll be stuck here… then again excited that all change is good and wow, the universe moves in BIG ways. How cool that I am going to get something even BETTER…
    Well, the mood swing has continued since hearing the news. Doing my best to stay in that place of non-resistance, but it is wavering. At least I DO have moments that I connect with where all is well. Heck people pay good money to add drama, excitement, or rollercoasters rides to their lives! I have an opportunity to vibe up with the excitement of it all and really come out of it with amazing results. I also sense that “careful” not to go there feeling so I don’t get overwhelmed and caught in a depressing spiral… but I suppose if I do “oh well!!” I guess it will be part of the plan to learning a better way?!
    Hmmm… there, I’m not resisting being depressed and overwhelmed. Okay, maybe a little. I REALLY just REALLY want to have fun with this and use this Universal wake up call to take my life in a new direction. Huh! And I thought I wasn’t ready!! I guess the Universe had other feelings on that. Huh.
    Thanks, it has been helpful to share, lighten up about it and get my vibe focuse where I intend it to go… thank you to everyone who reads and shares and thanks to Jeannette for being such a fabulous host!!!

  • It seems to me that our challenge is that while we KNOW this – that fighting against something doesn’t eliminate it – it’s another to actually be able to practice it.
    At least, I feel the challenge of it. 🙂
    Thanks for chiming in again, Tristin and Bob. I know you represent the viewpoints of many people I respect dearly.

  • Tristin says:

    Also, to Bob,
    I understand exactly what you mean, and I’m with you on that.
    I also understand what Jeannette means.
    Love you all!
    Luv Tristin X

  • Tristin says:

    Hey Jeannette,
    Good Responce Sister!
    Tristin X

  • I hope this post didn’t imply I was against peace and caring and humanity, Bob. I just believe that the best way to peace is not through fighting for it or fighting against the opposite. We’re not going to find peace and love through the opposite energies.
    Know what I mean?

  • Bob says:

    Hi Ms Coach ;O)
    The point is that the points raised in this post are only valid if you strip away all semblance of humanity: it is human to recoil at bloodshed; it is human to care; it is human to ask “is there not a better way?”. This is not being judgemental and it is not “forcing” a view on anyone else.
    I am sure many soldiers are proud to die for king and country. But is it the best option, and is it wrong to try to work out an alternative when faced with conflict? All human beings, I think would.

  • Anu says:

    Hey Jeanette! Awesome post! I was thinking about applying this to my kids age 3 and 5. They are often fighting and I sometimes struggle with when to intervene and discipline. Most of the time it feels good to let them work it out themselves, but sometimes it feels good to intervene. I’ll have to think about this some more! Thanks for the great insight!

  • Oh, Bob, I think we were posting at the same time!
    I was just saying in the prior comment that if I were there to see this go down, I suspect it’d be more challenging for me to release the judgment around it.
    Having said that, (whether it’s on the battlefield in another country or the battlefield in our living room) … I wonder if it would be super helpful to a soldier to be able to make peace with death – whether it’s the one experienced by his buddy, the enemy, or himself – or the death he’s involved in bringing to another. ?
    It seems that if your job is to be a soldier, making peace with the fact that there’s going to be death in your world seems like it might come in handy.
    I’d not only be more effective at my job, but I’d also not feel as much angst around it if I weren’t at peace, right?
    Would love to hear your thoughts ..
    I’m not saying that we idly stand by and play the pacifist role. But if you’re going to be a soldier on the battlefield, making peace with war might be a good idea, huh? Wouldn’t it reduce the trauma so many of our soldiers experience?

  • Bob says:

    Am I missing something? Lets say we are on the battlefield and right in front of our eyes Soldier A stabs Soldier B through the heart. Should we “make peace” with it and let it be?

  • This is a good point, Anu ..
    I was thinking about how had I been the one to see the dog fight in the backyard, I very likely would have shouted at them to stop. But because I was removed from it (not seeing it happen personally), it was easier for me to not get triggered by it.
    Sometimes the dogs fight and I just quickly duck inside so the neighbors don’t wonder why I’m not breaking it up.
    Jeff’s post also made me wonder how different I might feel on this topic had I been closer to war and violence.
    I know this much, though: we get what we vibrate. So if I dial in on “wrong,” I’m going to attract more things that feel “wrong.”
    he he
    I guess I’m still thinking about Tristin’s post, too. Sheesh, this has been a fascinating conversation!
    Thanks for contributing to it, Anu, and for pointing out how the “feel good” sometimes changes! In the very same circumstances!
    That feels very “allowing” and rule-free to me. 🙂

  • Tristin, you know what I love? That we are having this conversation! I love that this topic doesn’t shut either one of us down or close us off to possibilities. And that from this conversation we will both learn and grow!
    And you know, although Bonni’s topic is a tough one and easy for me to avoid – this one of animal abuse is where my passion is and where I get confronted almost daily on.
    I wrote about this before … if I think it’s wrong that that guy tied his husky dog to the back of his truck and drove for miles … whew .. the energy that thought takes me to is not the kind of energy that helps me or the husky or the rest of the world.
    If I think what a sweet girl this dog is, and how lucky am I to be able to care for her and show her the kind of love she might not have known before, and how cool it is as to how many people stepped in to help this girl, and might even help him in some way that I don’t care to be involved in, that energy feels more positive. It feels like there’s something good there.
    So when you say that certain events can propel us into positive action – I totally get that! My judging of those events .. I’m just not positive whether that judgment helps or not. I’m not saying it doesn’t, and I’m also not saying I don’t go there! ha! But … once I engage “wrong” energy, it sure feels like things get stifled.
    I’m totally open to being “wrong” on that, too! lol
    Thanks for posting, Tristin. You know how I love you!!

  • Tristin says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I think your post was very thought provoking, however I would like you to consider another angle perhaps…what about Animal Abuse? I don’t think it is resistance to know that sumthing is indeed wrong. I think it can propell us into positive action to raise people’s awareness and help to make a better world.
    I also think we can make a better world, by knowing that violence and war is wrong, and allowing this to propell us into being pro peace and love.
    what do you think Sister?
    Love & light
    Tristin X

  • Thanks for the nod toward courage, Janette. That means a lot to me to hear. Much appreciated!

  • My favorite understanding that you shared here, JMAW (no relation to me, for those of you meeting him for the first time) is this:
    “it’s all part of existence” and best thing we can do is “enjoy the adventure.”
    That feels SO accepting, freeing, and rewarding to me.
    Thank you for sharing it here! (And I couldn’t agree more.)

  • Janette says:

    Wow, what a truly courageous post; thank you.

  • JMAW says:

    I used to think peace was possible. Then I thought that war was a part of the cycle. Now I feel that all is a part of existence and the best thing we can do is work on ourselves and strive to understand out feelings and enjoy the adventure.
    Great post!!!

  • Did you see the (producer? director?) jumping up and down like Tigger when he took his Oscar, Suzie? I love how he said he’d been telling his kids when/if this moment came that he would accept the award in the spirit of Tigger. hee hee
    And the musical score guy .. did you see how he said we always have a choice between love and fear and he’s always chosen love? Not sure whether he said fear or hate, but I liked the sentiments.

  • Melanie says:

    Beautiful post, Bonni. Thank you so much!

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Thanks for writing this and I curently have oscars on in the background and Slumdog seems to be picking up lots of awards
    Like you I loved the film and was inspired too.

  • Melanie said it well, Bonni. Beautiful post.
    You are proving yourself a master of this work, and I strive to follow your example!
    This is a topic that I purposely didn’t include in the post because it felt like a stretch even for me.
    Much love, Bonni!

  • bonni says:

    Hrrrmmmmmm. Think think think.
    Okay, there is one area that struck me while reading this, and that’s victims of child abuse. That’s certainly violence, and it does horrific damage to a child in every way you can imagine. As a survivor of same, I can say that this is a hot topic for many (I’m not so sensitive about it now, as I’ve come to peace with it, but it took many, many years to do that).
    The only way we can accept that sort of violence is to assume or believe that children do, indeed, come into the family and situations they come into, by some kind of cosmic choice. I used to think that was a load of… codswallop (see, I’m being polite ;)), but now that I understand more about life, the universe, and everything, I do believe it, or at least, I can see why it might be the case. There are good arguments for it being so. If, indeed, we are responsible, then we’re responsible for that, too, and even though we may feel we would never choose to be abused, the fact is, those of us who do survive and eventually transcend such a damaging and painful environment have some tremendous strengths as a result. Resistance makes something stronger, and growing up like that is definitely growing against huge walls of resistance…
    But even if you don’t accept the “born into the situation on purpose” theory, there is still the idea that it’s not necessary to be “against” anything. I don’t have to go out and find abusive parents and beat them up (though the thought has occurred to me. I don’t have to start an international campaign against child abuse (which is never going to go away until the entire world genuinely awakens, which may or may not ever happen). I can, instead, put my energy into helping those who are victims of abuse, because whether or not they consciously understand that they may (or may not) have put themselves in that position, recovering is serious business, and hard work. I can put my energy into showing abuse survivors that it’s not only possible to survive, but to thrive and utterly transcend. It is even possible to see the abuse as nothing more than a high level boot camp of a learning experience. I don’t like to play “blame the victim” ever, under any circumstance, but I can certainly show the value of taking responsibility for one’s own life in the here and now, regardless of the past….
    That’s working FOR and not standing AGAINST. That’s much more positive and beneficial than railing about how awful it is that parents abuse their kids, and pointing fingers and being punitive and vengeful and whatnot.
    I think I already knew this on some level. Reading this post brought it to the fore of my consciousness, though, and crystallized it into something I could really look at and turn around and examine.
    Job well done, Jeannette. 😉

  • Sarah Klein says:

    Awesome post, as always Jeannette. This made me think of a song lyric from Nickelback’s “If Everyone Cared”
    And as we lie beneath the stars
    We realize how small we are
    If they could love you like and me
    Imagine what the world could be
    xo Thanks for everything Jeannette!

  • Oh my gosh, Sarah, I LOVE that song!
    “Imagine what the world could be” .. I got goose bumps just reading that lyric again!
    Thanks for chiming in, Sarah. Nice to see you here!

  • Agreed, Ms Nikki. (That non-judgment is where the true power lies and that it’s one of the hardest to embrace.)
    And I’m working on it right along with you!
    Thanks for being such good company on the journey.

  • MsNikki says:

    Another on point post!
    Making peace with what is has got to be the hardest lesson to learn! So many of us flit from one situation to another recreating the same situation.By taking the time to make peace with the situation/belief without judgement is where the true power lies. The key is non-judgement….which of course presents a conundrum to those of us who are prone to blaming ourselves in the first place! Working on it!

  • That’s an excellent point, Melanie. I often think of the guidance process as one that takes place on a more subconscious level – but you’re absolutely right – it shows up in all sorts of well-serving ways.
    Thanks for putting a spotlight on that!

  • Melanie says:

    “And when we’re vibing what we want, we don’t need to be “warned” about something in order to avoid it. The Universe takes care of all the zigs and zags FOR us!”
    Yes, though sometimes the Universe takes care of it for us by way of a “warning”. A warning can certainly be a positive outcome of alignment! If the idea is not to judge anything as good or bad, then that applies to our views of warnings and other actions that might be viewed as pushing against as well. If it’s all good, then it really has to be _all good_.

  • I hear ya on the “aspire”, Anne! Sometimes I listen to Katie and I’m just amazed that someone can truly be in that space 24/7. She is so inspiring!
    As are you, my friend. Thanks for sharing your words so simply and clearly. I had this feeling this post didn’t really get to the heart of what I was trying to communicate, and your short post did so perfectly. Thank you!
    Namaste. 🙂

  • Anne Nayer says:

    It comes down to “loving what is” a la Byron Katie. I aspire to loving it all, seeing the universe as a friendlty place and being grateful for everything. Aspire, I said. If you think about it, loving what is means that we’d all stop pushing against anything or judging anything which leads to peace – ie no more war or fighting. So, like you said, if you embrace what you might otherwise disdain or put down or judge – it can morph into its opposite, turn inside out and be even more gorgeous than we every imagined. Thanks for the inspiration Jeannette. You are always so real and such an animal lover I love you. I also loved Slum Dog Millionair.

  • Even while I was writing it, Kim, I wondered where I push against … even though it might not be against war and Slumdog Millionaire I know I’ve got it flowing in other areas.
    But waking up to that and remembering to disengage is where the opportunity lies, right?!
    Thanks for checking in on this one, Kim. Much appreciated.
    I have to tell you, as I’m reluctantly finishing Rosette (I’ve been savoring these last couple chapters!) I think of your raven and your cats quite a bit differently now!! lol
    Sure do love what you’re up to with this series, Kim! You have an amazing (and inspiring) mind!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love getting a glimpse of the world through other people’s eyes. Thank you Jeff.
    This is a powerful and provocative topic that I imagine will stir many ‘deep down’. What is our relationship to the things we feel are ‘wrong’? How do we define them–or defend them–or attack them? How do we feed them with our minds?
    The analogy of the buffet is wonderful. Choices about food are an easy, gentle way to get a handle on the idea that we select our experiences and others select theirs. Isn’t it interesting that many try to direct other people’s choices? ‘Don’t eat that! It’ll make you sick…’ or ‘You can’t have the strawberry cheese cake until you’ve eaten all your tofu rice.’
    If we can’t allow people to eat what they want, we have a few steps to go in allowing any of their desires. It’s a good test! Try it!
    This post comes at a perfect time (we all say that, Jeannette!) I have a new kitty that passed up hundreds of homes to sit on our doorstep–‘our’ being me and two hefty black cats. She wants to live here. The alpha male thinks otherwise. They are still spatting and I’ve been ‘trying’ to intervene. Sheesh. I’m going to just allow them to have whatever kind of relationship they choose.
    That feels better already. Maybe she’s a Scorpio and really enjoys the intensity! (I know he is!)
    Thank you Jeannette for your insights. Looking forward to the Talkshoe! I’ll be there with bells 🙂

  • Well said, Melanie! Discerning what’s right for US is completely appropriate.
    And when we’re vibing what we want, we don’t need to be “warned” about something in order to avoid it. The Universe takes care of all the zigs and zags FOR us!

  • Melanie says:

    Very thought-provoking post! I agree that we don’t have to be against something in order to show that we are for something else. Pushing against rarely serves anyone, including the very thing we think we’re supporting with all that pushing!
    That said… I personally appreciated the twitter discussion on SDM as I like to know the type of imagery I’m about to be exposed to. I don’t need to push against it, but I also don’t need to put it into my own pie. 😉

  • For those who don’t recognize it, Jeff, that’s from .. oh boy, I know it’s Jack Nicholson, right? Is it A Few Good Men?

  • Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns….
    You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall….
    I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

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