Something Really Good …

“Something really good must be getting ready to happen.”

That’s what the massage therapist concluded when she unexpectedly lost her job with no savings in the bank and no backup plan.

Her default reaction was to assume that something good was in the works.

Not running around trying to fix the problem.

Not telling everyone who would listen to her sad story.

Not pretending it wasn’t happening.

She just assumed that a big unwanted change like that must mean something really good was on its way.

She relaxed into it.

She allowed it to unfold.

Didn’t try to stop it or resolve it. She embraced it.

She went with the flow of life.

Which included a party invite that weekend … that’s when the good stuff started to reveal itself.

(She ended up with a new increased income source, a more agreeable boss, an upgraded clientelle, and more enjoyment and satisfaction from her work.)

Something really good must be getting ready to happen.

I’m doing my best to follow her example on the heels of unexpectedly euthanizing two of my favorite friends in two weeks.

Something really good must be getting ready to happen.

This is easier for conscious creators to believe because we know the value and role of contrast. This is where expansion starts – right here in the crappy crap crapster things in life. Like two emergency vet visits in a fortnight, that result in a ride home with one less dog in the car. Twice. Not my favorite thing.

We know that the worse it is, the better it has the potential to get.

Because that’s how it works – unwanted experiences lead to new desires which lead to expansion. That’s how life keeps getting better.
All we have to do is not get caught up in the contrast, don’t resist what’s happening, don’t try to fix it ourselves, and just let the next good thing find its way to us.

It’s what happened when it became clear my corporate job was in jeopardy.  (That’s what finally made me brave enough to pursue my dream of becoming an LOA coach! Even though I did get a short term transition job in the meantime.)

It’s what happened when my ex fought me for the house. (He won, and I moved to paradise! I never would have moved otherwise – I loved that house so much it felt like I was leaving a part of my soul behind. But up here at my new place it’s like this is where my true self lives! It’s amazing! I’ll facebook post video of the two moose in my backyard this morning!)

It’s what happened when I stopped resisting the extra weight I was carrying on this body. (I finally learned to love it instead of resist it, and that’s when my freakin’ body got even better! It was unbelievable how it just sort of melted off when I stopped needing it to!)

So, I’m doing my best to follow that massage therapist’s lead and remember that something really good is happening right now, too.

All I have to do is say yes to what life brings, instead of resisting the contrast, and accept the party invites that come my way.

Sharing this in case anyone else can benefit from the reminder. 🙂

  • May 11, 2018
  • Zaf says:

    This is a great reminder that no matter what life throws at us, as long as we have faith that things will work out and work out for the better that they will.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan says:

    I know wonderful things are coming your way (and may they always)…
    The massage therapist story is one of my all-time favorites, and I love to hear it, again and again, and be reminded of that vital message to keep the faith, expect the best…
    I am sorry to hear about your furry companions passing…tough losses…but you will see them again…

  • Lauren says:

    This is one of my favorite posts, Jeannette! Such a great reminder.

  • Jeri says:

    Love this! Thank you for the reminder…
    much love!!

  • Sandra says:

    My Mom always told me that when we don’t get what we want, it’s because something much better is coming. I’ve always believed that and know it to be true every time. I am so sorry for the loss of your fur babies. Sending love! Thanks for the great post!

  • JG says:

    Still, I am sorry for your loss…

  • Anonymous says:

    Big love Jeannette

  • Susan Dickson says:

    I can so relate to this. When the firm I was working for went into administration and everyone lost their jobs I got excited.
    I just KNEW that something so much better was on the way. I got excited about not having to work over the Christmas holiday period and I got excited about having a couple of months of total freedom (which is how long I reckoned I could last on my savings)
    Well I enjoyed the Christmas holidays but didn’t get my couple of months off work because I got a better job than I could have imagined, better pay, more interesting etc. And you know what ? I didn’t even appply for the job. It just fell into my lap.
    So anytime I experience some yucky stuff now I always try to tell myself that something fantastic must be on the way.

  • Ming says:

    Something REALLY REALLY good is headed to you. I KNOW it. I remember when you told me to not look for contrast because it comes – part of our time here.. and when I had the worst contrast of my life, what happened on the other side is my life now which I never could have dreamed up even if I tried.
    Which is the most amazing life ever 🙂
    Big love to you… Jeannette

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