How to Speak Money Into Your Life

Did you know you have the power to speak money into your life?

In fact, you’re probably using that power nearly every day – speaking money into or out of existence.

We do it when we see something we want and declare, “I can’t afford that.”

Or when we look at a pay stub and wonder, “Where did it all go?” or “Is that all?”

We do it after taking on a big expense when we say, “That’s gonna hurt.”

If you could see the power of those words visually, I imagine it would look like a force field literally repelling money from you. Sending it into the arms of someone more welcoming.

It’s a routine many folks engage without realizing the power they wield.

But conscious creators know it works the other way, too. We know that as we speak, so shall it be. All we have to do is get consistent with our story and stick to it long enough for reality to conform around our words.

That doesn’t take months or years to unfold. It works fast when you work it. As in days or hours – sometimes even minutes!

Keep in mind, though, it doesn’t help to watch the clock for it to happen. Speak it like you expect it. You’re not waiting to see what happens; you know what happens.

That’s because it isn’t just what we say; it’s what we feel. It’s the vibration behind the words. So speak it like you mean it. Speak it like it already is. Say it like you know your words have power.

Remember that the Universe (or the Field, Matrix or Source – whatever you want to call the power that answers your vibrational instructions) is always listening and always says yes to whatever you say.

So when you learn to say that the money is here, and the money is good, and the money is big, and the money is fun, and the money is easy, so shall it be.

Here are some of my favorite words to speak money into my world:

I am good with money. Money has always been good to me.

Money just keeps getting better and better.

I make plenty of money. I make money like magic – effortless, easy, natural and fun. The more I spend, the more money I make. There’s plenty more where that came from.

I’ve got a good handle on money. I always have plenty of money for whatever I want. The more I goof off, the more money I make. I make money even while I sleep.

Some of my favorite money words from others include:

Tom Antion: I couldn’t stop making money if I tried. (That’s how easy and natural it is for him – he couldn’t turn it off if he tried!)

Mike Dooley: It’s a good thing I’m rich. (If you can hear that in Mike’s voice it’s even better!)

Can you see how well money responds to our words? It’s either a sweet call singing money in, or a force field blocking its entry. For many of us we do a bit of both! Cleaning it up to match what we prefer is a smart move.

I know we all know this, but it’s worth a reminder to make sure we’re using our creative power to speak money how we like it to be. 🙂

  • November 30, 2015
  • Mrs. V says:

    I thought I was good speaking money into my life until a few years ago I found my self saying “I have nothing” when a homeless person asked me for money. Even when I did have loads of cash I would still tell them the same thing.
    This was dues to the fact that I spoke to one guy and he told me that he made hundreds every day from passers by and he just used the money to get into expensive night clubs and drugs. I stared to give fruit or just a smile instead. I also have a very old homeless lady who told me that she didn’t take any money, when I offered. The same with a man who refused to take food from me. So I now rather give things way to charities that I know would be grateful. Anyways
    Since I stopped my 3am freak outs out bills. I now always can pay every bill without wondering if I have the money or not because the money is always there. I always have more than enough money coming in now. I can bank on it 🙂

  • Patricia says:

    I loved this article. I’ve really been working on my attitudes about money, and it is so cool to see how my vibration has shifted! Last year I left a corporate job to work for myself, and in the first year, the pickings were slim. However, as I continued to work on my vibration, my income increased – a lot. I’ve sold bigger projects than I ever sold while I was working for a firm, and this year I’m going to make more than I ever have before. (Which is nice, because a lot of people told me I was making a mistake walking away from a company that gave me a 6-figure income and bonuses). In fact, last month, someone approached me about a project, I wrote out a proposal, suggesting that they pay me over the course of a year, and she asked if it would be possible to pay the whole amount up front. All I could say was “thank you universe!”
    This week, I’ve really seen how my attitude towards money has shifted. Over the course of two days I had to pay to get my garbage disposal and dryer fixed. While before I would have lamented over the unexpected expenses, this time, I was pleased to meet two very nice young men who fixed the issues and really seemed to have joy in their work. (The fact that I attracted such upbeat and positive people to help me out let me know my work on alignment has been working). Also, I felt appreciative to be able to let money flow to people who were doing such great work. I realized that’s what I want to attract for myself, so it’s good to be happy for others who are earning money for their talents.
    I realized this was a huge shift for me, and it truly makes me excited about all that is coming my way!

  • Anna BoBana says:

    I had a friend who’d traveled to other continents more than most his age. Knowing he usually didn’t have “a job” per se, I was intrigued and wondered how he managed to afford such trips.
    “I don’t think about that,” he said. “I decide what I want to do and make the plans. The money will be always be there.”
    At the time, I couldn’t imagine planning a trip overseas, but I did smoke then and decided to try it with cigarettes – “I always have money for cigarettes,” I said to myself, and of course I did, without having to compromise on anything else.
    Cigarettes may not be the most appealing subject matter, but it worked for me, right up to the day I quit — and the principle is the point, which is forgoing the “how” and going straight to simply knowing.

  • Amina says:

    I love this subject too!! A few of my favorites…
    For every dollar I spend, I get two in return.
    And, whenever I pay bills or anything “yucky”, I say, I bless this money and bless the person receiving it. I used that for a parking ticket the other day.

  • Susan Dickson says:

    I love to think back on all the ways the Universe has delivered money to me in ways I could never imagine.
    Money from some policy I apparently took out in 1979 (really?) A tax rebate from 2002, a gift of a rather large cheque, vouchers for free electricity …..the list goes on and on.
    I’m excited to wonder how the Universe is going to surprise me with the next delivery and just writing this down has excited me and raised my money vibrations 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Thank yo for this reminder! I often use the wrong words to try get what I want, but lately I have been using the right words – and I am soooooo much calmer for it:-)

  • Kerby Franck says:

    Cool article ! I have a question ? How can I stay relaxed while having a money/bill deadline ? Thank you

  • Dee says:

    I keep an abundance log on my computer. Any time, I find a penny, get a coupon in the mail, receive discounts, etc., I record them. Even online coupons. It builds up the momentum to receive even more. I found 4 pennies in a convenience store parking lot this a.m. I recorded it. It seems that every day I’m recording some sort of abundance.

  • Jen says:

    I have more money than I know what to do with. 🙂

  • Janette says:

    SO GOOD!!! Cuz every story we tell, about anything – our brain is listening. And it will follow through accordingly.
    Deliberate creation is about getting aligned to what we want, right? And if you’re using a brain which keeps getting told crappy stories, how on earth can it get aligned? I love love love your examples of the better story to tell.

  • Susann says:

    Oh, my favorite topic!! Jeannette, it’s you who changed how I speak to & about money, and the difference it’s made in my finances is phenomenal. Instead of that gut-knotting feeling I used to get when I received a bill or credit card statement or bank statement, I now — seriously — feel nothing but excitement & anticipation. I started saying things like “holy crap, I have a lot of money!” when looking at my bank balance, & “wow, does money ever come easily to me!” & “wow, I am SO lucky — I have money to pay this bill & a lot left over”. Even when these things weren’t entirely true, I managed to work myself up, emotionally, until they *felt* true, if even for a few minutes. And whenever I’d have those 3am money-panics (you know the ones I mean) I’d talk myself down by going over & over all the ways the Universe & my own manifesting skills have supported me over the years. [That works, btw!]. Whenever I’d feel a little jolt of fear or doubt, I’d catch it & beat it to death with a rampage of appreciation!
    It hasn’t taken long for things to shift. I’ve manifested a little under $30K this year from completely unexpected sources: rebates, refunds (even from the tax department, and how often does THAT happen?), scratch ticket & lottery wins, gifts, found money, a raise that came out of the blue. Most of this money went straight into savings so when I look at that growing balance & say “holy crap, I have a lot of money!” I really mean it! And that seems to just bring more!
    So this is me thanking you, Jeannette! Oh, and that comment above in which you say that only we can tell which words will work for us & that we just need to play around with them until we feel the “click”? If people new to LOA take nothing else away from this — take *that* & take it to heart. That “click” truly IS The Secret.

  • Jesann says:

    Oh, yeah. It took me a while to switch from “Gah! I can’t afford that!” to “Ah, you know, I don’t want to buy it for that price. I think I’ll wait for a better price.” I’m sure there are people who would think even that is still negative, but it’s light years better for me.

    • Jeannette says:

      Oh, I get the vibrational leap that that is, Jesann. Kudos to you for making it!
      And you’re making a good point that we’re the only ones who can tell what words feel better to us. It’s worth playing around with it a bit until we find the ones that “click,” as Florence Scovel-Shinn says. 🙂

  • Elle says:

    Exactly. We declare things into being. It goes for everything. It does not matter the state of affairs our surroundings are presently in. I noticed conscious creators care nothing about that nor about the underlying circumstances. Instead, they focus on what is coming and how they want it to come forth and viola! Good reminder! Thank you!

    • Jeannette says:

      Thanks for adding that, Elle. I was thinking that very thing – it goes for health, love, whatever we want to create in our life. Such a powerful thing to practice. 🙂

  • MsNikki says:

    You know, Jeanette, I think what also helps is to recall the times in the past when the statement was true to add some “oomph! + Ugh!” to it. When I say I have “contest luck”, I really do mean it as I have won $300 gift cards and a vacation even! This past three months alone I have won a much coveted UofA T, $1K, $10 Amazon gift certificate, $5Itunes card, $6 in music downloads, two pairs of Harkins tickets, candy, a goodie bag , two books, and counting.
    Now I need to apply that elsewhere! Heeding my own advice!

    • Elle says:

      Yes, this helps ease resistance, if any. “I always have luck”, “the Universe always takes care of things”, “money always comes to me in any way imaginable” and on and on!

    • Jeannette says:

      No doubt, MsNikki! That’s a great way to get a really good vibe going with the words.
      And just like I’m doing with Tom’s words – it wasn’t my experience, but hearing him say it with such conviction, and seeing the receipts that were rolling in one after another after another in his inbox – I can borrow that vibe from him for my own benefit! 🙂

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