Spell Casting as an LOA Technique

spell casting as a law of attraction manifesting methodThis guest post comes from the one and only Stella Seaspirit, known for her witchy ways and LOA savviness.
Today she teaches Good Vibe Blog readers spell casting as a manifesting method.  Enjoy!

1. Identifying the purpose of the spell
This first step  allows you to collect your thoughts and become conscious of your internal state as well as drawing your awareness to any physical sensations that arise in response to your current situation. This places you fully in the present moment as you contemplate what it is you truly seek, where the root of the matter lies, if your heart is in it and how best to phrase your instruction in an affirmative, current statement to attain resonance on all levels.

2. Preparation for the spell
Gather ingredients such as herbs, crystals or candles, decide on timing in accordance with lunar phases or other natural rhythms and plan what your rite will be, to get into the head space that channels life force toward your desire. The process of planning your petition subtly addresses your sentiments around the subject and creates an opening in your energy indicating your willingness to receive what you are asking for.

3. Creating sacred space from which to cast the spell
Next is to enter a space that is a time with no time in a place with no place where you turn within and connect with your core being. This meditative state facilitates alpha brain waves and verifies your connection with the Greater Whole. In essence, you enter an energy vortex that is untouched by time and that expands throughout all dimensions. It is from this place of unity with the fabric of the universe that you are able to harness Original Substance and craft it into manifest form.

4. Performing the rite itself
This step often consists of a symbolic gesture such as lighting a candle, burning a prayer paper or fashioning a talisman ~ your right brain responds to images and the carrying out of the act itself conveys a strong message to your subconscious mind. Casting a spell shifts your consciousness and provides a sense of action, similar to how locking a door affirms your sense of security. The thrill of casting magic alone raises your vibration, welcomes magical experiences and invites possibilities into your awareness.

5. Loading/Magnetising
Charge an item or raise the intensity of energy within the cone of power (vortex) you have conjured. This can be done through holding a vision of your desired result in rich visualisation, chanting a rhyme, brandishing a wand, drumming, dancing or a myriad other ways that facilitate pouring your creative essence into the etheric form of your intention.  Loading aligns body, mind, emotion and spirit to cohere into a swirling magical missile.

6. Release
Finally, cast your magic into the universe like a cosmic flare and severe any attachment to the outcome by forgetting about it and going about your day as usual in the full knowledge that it is done. This practise relinquishes control and allows aspects unknown to you to unfold.
Spell Casting as a Law of Attraction technique with Stella Seaspirit

Stella Seaspirit fosters your Witchiness and refines your energy-crafting abilities by offering a unique and fresh outlook on Witchcraft as a living philosophy in a simple to understand way. Her goal is to assist you to cast more potent magic. Stella is the creator of Magick by Design coaching and facilitates the Sparkling Witch Tribe, a private online sanctum. Sashay over to her website to get your free Witchification Kit. Connect via Twitter and Facebook.

  • October 5, 2011
  • Thanks for the clarification Stella 😉
    I’m not sure about everyone else, but for me it’s a familiar topic addressed in very unfamiliar language (‘spells’ and so on).
    I’m not sure, but as far as marketing goes… I feel a video of an actual ritual might be very enlightening and reassuring. 😀

  • Hi Helen and Jason,
    Indeed. Ritual is a series of actions which lead you into the vortex, assisting you to connect with your core Self and step in to the essence of the relationship you want with wealth, success, love, money whatever you desire i.e. how you want to feel about the thing you desire and to become that in the present moment. Ritual also helps you hold that vibration intensely for the Abraham-recommended 17 seconds or more.

  • A ballsy guest-post for sure. Thanks for this Stella 🙂
    I like it, and agree with Helen. The over-arching principle is Feeling, but what actions create better feeling than the build-up and anticipation of rituals?
    Very interesting, I expected something unique like this to spark more discussion.
    For example, Abraham-Hicks never talks specifically about rituals, but they talk often of “having a bath, playing with cat, really relaxing into ease and flow”… Almost sounds like Esther’s personal ritual, eh?

  • helen says:

    An interesting approach to deliberate creation it is obvious as in pray that you don’t need the rituals but the feeling and emotion behind the words or in this case the ritual as well. Pretty much what Gregg Braden talks about in regards to the way western religious pray and rituals became the focus not the feeling of the desired thing. I guess magic suffered from the same problems especially in the eyes of the mainstream cultures both past and present. It is obvious, the lesson in the above instructions is that it is all about the feeling and emotion the rest is to take your focus off the not having of that which you wish to have.

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