April 1, 2007

Spring Clean Boost

Spring has arrived! What a rejuvenating time of year – the word itself calls for action! This season of growth is an excellent time to give your manifesting efforts an extra boost.
Instead of just spring cleaning the house, yard or colon, clean up your vibration as well. Get to the heart of what’s clogging your energy flow – the gunk that’s keeping you from reaching your best, biggest and brightest desires.
What might that be, you wonder? Ha! Don’t play innocent with me! You know what’s kinking your vibe; what keeps you from higher levels of passion, peace and joy. It might be tough to admit, but deep down, you know what needs cleaning up in your life.
Maybe it’s subjecting yourself to disapproving calls from mom that brings you down; maybe it’s the job you’ve hated for years; maybe it’s your two martini habit or the body you’ve been hiding under winter clothes.
Whatever it might be, spring is a great time to take the blinders off and address what’s not serving you. Cleaning up vibes to allow for dreams come true is my specialty all year long, but spring time calls even more strongly for us to come back into alignment!

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