Sticky Story Rampage

I got a little fired up when I saw a couple of fellow creators giving up the goods to reality.

Meaning, they gave up on what they wanted when reality didn’t soon match.

It got me thinking how I almost did the same thing last week on something that really mattered to me.

But when I’m in my right LOA mind, I know how this stuff works …

I know the power of being willing to stick to the good story.

And no one knows how to stick to their story like I do.

That is both an affirmation and a fact.

I see fellow creators giving up their story to reality all the time.

I, on the other hand, have stickiness for my good story. I know how to invest the time with it when no one else will.

Others don’t always dare. They don’t believe. They believe in reality more than the power of their story.

Not me.

I can stick to it like Simone Biles sticks a landing.

Other people might let reality mess with their vibrations.

Not me.

I know how it goes for me, regardless of what it looks like out there.

Anyone want a glimpse of how it is for me?

You already know this. I post the good news left and right on my facebook page and even did a podcast on how my happy ending goes.

Make no mistake about it – this is a highly practiced skill.

The story could be something as simple as:

  • “Everything always works out for me.” or
  • “It’s all good and getting better every day.”
  • “Universe is good to me.”

It doesn’t have to be a complicated story! The best ones are probably pretty simple.

And right now I’m going to add to my story how good my fellow creators are at sticking to their preferred stories. They don’t let reality get in their way. They know how this works. They have the skills to tell it like they want it. And they DO. Over and over again.

They tell it how they want it. And pretty soon, it is.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

  • August 15, 2016
  • Barbara says:

    I have found the general stories to work the best for me, in all situations and I don’t get specific unless I’m really aligned and feeling good. These ones I’ve used more than others.
    Things are always working out for me.
    It’s worked out before and will work out again.
    I’ve got this! I’m a deliberate creator!
    I love how easy it is!
    The Universe has my back.
    I am blessed.
    I trust my intuition.

  • Mia says:

    Jeannette, what is the difference between non-attachment/letting go and sticking to my story …? I feel a little confused about this.

    • Jeannette says:

      Good question, Mia. It’s the feeling behind it …
      Example, the story about what color the sky is. “The sky is blue” is probably just a fact for you, right? It’s not something you feel any anxiety about convincing yourself or others of, right?
      Imagine when we get that same kind of energy flowing behind our “My bank account is big” story, or “My relationships are thriving.” Because I said so. Not because I need it, but just because I choose it. Because that’s how I roll.
      If someone found themselves with attachment flowing, it might be better to shift the story in a way that decreases attachment or give it a break altogether. Like, if I had a hard time with, “Bob loves me through and through and can’t wait to start our happily married life together,” then I might just shift it to something like, “I live happily ever after.” (with or without Bob.) Or maybe it’s marriage that causes the anxiety. Then I could shift it to something like, “I love my life with Bob.” Or something. Just making this up. It’s all individual work to find what feels better. But that is work worth doing, so I’m glad you asked this question, Mia!
      Others likely have something helpful to weigh in with, too …

  • Loved this, Jeannette. Needed the kick in the pants today. Thanks!!

  • Karen says:

    Yes, indeed. Things always DO work out for me, I AM 38 and holding – still, and will be for another 38 and holding years – I AM healthy, wealthy, and wise, AND did I mention things are ALWAYS working out for me? The Universe freaking LOVES me!

  • Cecilie says:

    Such a good post Jeanette!
    I am really trying hard to stick to my story but sometimes it seems like a have a little devil in my gut or on my head that says “but you know its not true”.
    I am feeling a bit stuck in a rut in my two year relationship with my boyfriend. I love him very much and hope that we have a future together, but it seems I am in more of a “hurry” to live together than he is. He is 20 years older than me, and is a much more “take it as it goes” kind-a-guy. (He sometimes seem more in tune with his LOA than I do, and he doesn’t even really believe in it :-))
    I am 31 and I see all my friends get married and have children, and I am still renting a single room in a shared house. so I feel like I am behind or something. Well, sometimes, cos other times I feel good because I am “doing things my way and not following the crowd” – but am I lying to myself?
    I don’t even want children but I do want love and marriage – maybe not even marriage (just the dress ;-)) But LOVE. Two people living together in LOVE. I have had two serious live-in relationships before that broke, so I should be “done with it” by now, but I feel like LOVE is the purpose of my life.
    It is the core of my soul. Maybe that’s weird. Some wants to be doctors, singers, millionaires – I just want love. Not just love from family and friends though. Partner-love is what i thrive for apparently. But I am also impatient by nature. I want things now and I get obsessed until the point where I just give up.
    Anyways. My boyfriend and I are kinda in a weird place because he feels that i am pushing too hard, and that the more i push, the more he pulls away. And I KNOW he is right, cos I know that that is how the universe works – but I cant seem to help it.
    And now I want to reverse this and get things back to normal to before all of this “push and pull” thing happened cos I can feel that he IS pulling away emotionally. We had a fall-out a month ago, and we did make up but it still doesn’t seem like things are all good underneath the surface. I want to take back what I said a month ago and be where we were before…
    I have seen some of the deepest relationships that are unbreakable, and they are, because they waited for each other to be ready.
    My mom waited for my stepdad for 5 years – and now they have been married for 20 years and are inseparable! and when put like that, what is 2-5-7 years compared to the rest of my life?
    (Here in Denmark we have a singer called Tina Dickow that has a song with a line that says: “Sometimes, the fastest way to get there is to go slow” and it has become my mantra :-))
    So logically I know that I have to back off a little bit and keep saying to my self “you know he loves you, it will all work itself out” but then that “you know its not true devil” taps my shoulder every time.
    Its like it goes: “I’ts all good (but you know it’s not”) – “It’s all good (but you know it’s not…)” and so it carries on on…
    And sometimes I know I am not even sticking to reality, I am actually creating a NEGATIVE reality i my head, and then it just gets worse, and sometimes I feel anger bubbling to the point of almost tears in the pit of my stomach, but I don’t even really know what I am angry about….
    And when with Peter (my man) “pushy” lines just falls out of my mouth, even when I try really hard to keep my stupid mouth shut 🙂
    I have ordered some rose quartz that i hope will help to calm me down. But How do I get rid of that negative-reality-devil that wont make me make-believe (and wont even just let me live with what is – it is just seeming do be digging a bigger and bigger negative hole)
    Have anyone ever tried something like this?
    – Best Regards Cille (Nickname for Cecilie)
    Thanks again for your awesome site Jeanette! I learn so much from you and from all the comments to your posts too.

    • Jeannette says:

      I might do some work to get those gremlins under control, Cille. I probably have some posts on that, but maybe I could write another one. Janette’s tip above might help, too.
      I’m also thinking about how well a meditation practice can serve here, since it helps one learn to notice and release thoughts.

    • april says:

      You just have to be really sincere and tell your story to your Higher Power and tell your Higher Power that you need help with your thoughts. How can we change our thoughts when sometimes we just don’t understand how to? Source understands that and will guide you. Just very sincerely ask for the help. An excellent book to read that will address your questions is “The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn,” which in one book containing her four books which are “The Game of Life,” “The Power of the Spoken Word,” “Your Word is Your Wand,” and “The Secret of Success.” It’s 355 pages and you can read the miraculous reviews on Amazon.
      Best Wishes–I know you will quickly find your solution!

  • Janette says:

    One of my favourite techniques for sticking to my story is to go back and remind myself that I am the sovereign ruler of my brain.
    Yes, my brain is busy doing its job of reporting what it believes is current reality (based on input, context, memory and belief). But that current reality is a product of what I vibrated in the past, not what I’m vibrating right now.
    So it’s a bit like looking at the light from a distant star and thinking that’s what is current reality. But of course, the light we see from a star is actually light which has taken several light years to get here – so it happened a long time ago.
    My brain says the light is happening right now.
    My intellect and my consciousness both know the light happened years ago.
    I can lean into those concepts to help me stick to my preferred story, and lessen my stranglehold on current reality.
    Yup. Science does it for me every time LOL!

    • Jeannette says:

      “I’m in charge here.” That’s one of my favorite reminders not to let gremlins get carried away with something none of us really want.
      Love you, Janette! 🙂

  • Mary says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I’m a Virgo and we’re a pretty down to earth, practical bunch. Dreaming and not paying attention to the bottom line is difficult for me. How do I change was is in my character to start manifesting dreams??

    • Simmy says:

      Virgo’s, Taurus & Cancers ….being so practical you’ll find the biggest shift because you’ve always played small with your fantasies. There’s a good in every situation.
      Here’s an example …. my example relates to find a fun mate even platonic friendships can be found this way (you may want to skip the romantic parts)
      So you’re looking for a new mate to play with, OK?
      I start very small. I can only imagine his bicep and snuggling up to his neck. I see a dark hairless arm with muscles and it’s tanned. I see his neck and for some reason I have my lips and nose near it. I can smell delicious deodorant and his natural skin. That’s all I can come up with for a few weeks but I keep at it.
      Then I read more (go through this blog to find everything on relationships to get motivated. Jeanette uses the words “new sweetie” so you may find more juicy posts that way.
      I go back to visualizing and nothing comes. So I pickup a pretty notepad and I start writing the following on paper….
      I was heading to work when a car beeped at me. I looked up to find a real masculine man. He has dark hair, green bluish eyes with dark lashes and dark eyebrows, thick red lips, a masculine nose and a thick rugby league palyer neck, shoulders and arms are so big I drool at his tight shirt hugging his arms. I love big as I feel ultra feminine around them. He had (notice I alter past tense and current tense – that’s OK, it still works)….. his arm out the window and it looked like the same arm I visualized a few weeks ago. He indicates with his index finger to come over and oddly I do based on my intuition. I feel completely safe going over to him. He says to me “I couldn’t help but notice how stunning you were and if please tell me you’re single”….that sounds too out there so I change it “hey beautiful, tell me you’re single” nup still weird compared to reality (my beliefs not really reality) “hey, do you know where the nearest petrol station is”……………
      I find out his name is Anthony. He’s Italian and has a love for Maserati cars. He owns his own business (I struggle coming up with a job so I just visualize him happy in his work). He’s 39 years of age and has two grown sons. He is divorced but has an amicable relationship with his ex but doesn’t see her much anymore.
      So being practical I dont want to visualize more without knowing there’s no competition because I’m not that saavy in LOA yet even though I’ve been at this since 2005.
      I need to take ultra baby steps because even though I can fantasize reasonably well in the past, nothing was coming to me which told me I didn’t believe it. Taking baby steps has brought it into my life. That’s the only way it’s believable to Miss Practical over here.
      So back to my example….I’m now safe to imagine going on a date and having fun at home with him because I can see he is safe and I wont be heartbroken by a past love.
      I visualize going to dinner at a beautiful restaurant overlooking water (I dont have to come up with details like an exact restaurant and location, I just have to visualize the water and him sitting across from me. He’s a bit blurry because I’m so practical. It’s OK, he’s just a placeholder for the real guy).
      I start thinking he’s a billionaire and realize my beliefs dont believe I can get a billionaire. I’m not hot enough. I could keep fighting this by reintroducing it time and time again until I believe it but then I realize a mult millionaire is sufficient. I just need to feel secure and any extra millions wont mean that much more to me.
      Nearly everyone in my country is a multi millionaire especially at my age when most of us bought a few houses a few decades ago. The likelihood is very high that a man his age would have a few houses, be successful in his business etc.
      Now my mind is playing tricks on me saying yeah right Simone as if a man who looks like that would like you. I start to remember I’ve seen many amazing men with average women, and I’ve heard it even more so from others. I’ve seen more beautiful women with average men but then again I remember women have makeup to play with.
      My mind starts battling this….here’s my resistance…. I then remember that men are superficial and I need to have a perfect body, I then remind myself that I’m actually very attractive and even if I wasn’t the universe would ensure he found me attractive because we are in sync vibrationally – that’s more powerful than looks. If you’re vibrating at the same energy level, you’ll be a light stronger than that from Las Vegas.
      I pull out my evidence book of being bombarded by gorgeous men last summer in real life. I remember reading that vibrating at the same energy is what creates that intense chemistry, the sparks…the stuff that makes two people fall in love.
      Now it’s the feeling you’re after. You may not feel it. The feeling is what you’re after. Something doesn’t feel right. You dont believe it. It doesn’t excite you despite really really wanting it.
      That tells me there’s more resistance to work at.
      After a few weeks you’ll start feeling it because you insist on the visualization or journal.
      Now you might stumble upon an article that excites you. It describes what lovers do. You may read and imagine you both wrestling in his lounge room, he throws you against a couch and tries to kiss you and you giggle and try to sneak out of his grip but he’s too strong. You get a little feeling with this thought. You’re now building momentum. That may keep you busy for a while if you’re a practical thinker.
      You walk past a restaurant in RL and notice a plate for two and you get home, set the bath and just imagine you and your “new sweetie” sharing the meal. He wants you to try something he picked by feeding you. You imagine how nervous you are trying to get the fork without looking silly. So you allow feeling uncomfortable even during your fantasies to make them feel real. His looks may morph too. That’s OK. Now you’re making it feel real, there’s even contrast in the fantasy. This makes it real for you. The contrast is excitement so that’s OK too.
      Most importantly visualize yourself the way you look now. Dont imagine yourself looking super thin or dressed in gear you dont own yet.
      You may find Jeanette’s Pray Rain Journal better for you over just thoughts. Practical people like reading and writing.
      Play music while you’re writing. It works a dream.

    • Jeannette says:

      Simmy, I’m getting goosebumps reading your post! I KNEW there was a way to leverage Virgo detail powers to creative benefit here.
      THANK YOU for showing us how! 🙂

  • Nikky says:

    I have an amazing life already because I have been at your blog since 2008. I have literally scripted into reality the life that I have now. And I never caved into when I got stuck in a reality I didn’t like. I am a dreamer and a lot of times in those sticky situations I just dreamt on because it felt good too. This stuff works. Thank you for being my teacher.

    • Katy says:

      So glad to hear this – I’ve been around for a while also and I continue to ‘tell my story’ the way I prefer…and yet Jeannette posts like this continue to help me stay on track! 🙂

      • Kat says:

        Hi Nikky and Katy (and Jeannette!)
        I have been around for a while as well…I don’t write often, but I am always reading and learning! Between Abraham’s and Jeannette’s teaching and guidance, I have also danced the life of my dreams into the present moment! I keep dreaming, and the next lovely thing keeps unfolding. Thank you, Jeannette – this post reminds me to keep doing my thing my way!

    • Jeannette says:

      You are my hero, Nikky. !!!
      Thank you for making it look so easy. 🙂

  • Monica says:

    Those were supposed to be smiley faces not question marks Lol 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Susan found a way to make it be hearts … what was the secret, Susan? Something to do with the control button?

      • susanmarshallva says:

        I’m not sure if it works differently if you’re on a pc or mac though. I found that holding down the alt key and then pressing the number 3 will make a heart emoji like this ♥. For some reason the <3, that works on Facebook, does not work in the comments.

  • Monica says:

    Wow, just what I needed to hear today! Perfect timing as always 🙂 This post makes me feel so much better ♥ Thank you Jeannette!

  • Serena says:

    Are you writing these just for me? 😉

  • Meg says:

    Jeanette, the timing on this couldn’t be more perfect. I realized I have been engaging in reality a little too much lately. As Abe says “Telling it like it is, will get you more of what IS.”
    And I have to laugh – one of the songs on my Vibe playlist “Magic” by B.o.B. he talks about “having the magic in me” and “sticking it like adhesive,” which made me immediately think of this post.
    So, I’m going to be sticking to my story like a three year old with their favorite toy. I’m going to love on it and keep reminding myself that “Everything is Always Working Out for me!”

  • Dana says:

    A few of my long-practiced/now believed stories:
    “I’m living a long, happy life!”
    “I will be paid back 10-fold, or more for every dollar I take from my savings account while I transition into coaching.”
    “My children are divinely protected always and in all ways (and have always been!).”
    “I’m leaving the world a better place when I do go.”
    “The Universe always has my back, even when circumstances or reality doesn’t make it look that way.”
    “I take action only when inspired…period.”
    “I’m an amazing friend.”
    …well, that’s enough for now!!! 🙂

  • anon says:

    Hey Jeannette, I am going to begin telling myself “everything is working out for me. I receive my desires in divine timing.” I always feel like I have to control and push hard to make things happen, but it seems that whenever I take action to make something happen, it backfires! I’m afraid that if I stop taking directed action though, even if it doesn’t feel good, I will not get what I want and will be holding myself back. Maybe I should just practice being open to what comes to me if it sounds even only a little fun/related to what I want?
    When visualizing and intending, should we focus on the next step or the big picture of what we want to manifest? How can we tell if what we’re focusing on is too big a leap or something we can actually manifest from where we currently are? For example, right now I’m living with my parents and would like to live on my own and have a job in a city where you can walk everywhere. There is somewhere I have in mind, but it’s on another continent and I don’t see how I could go there with the money I have now. Would it be better to look for the place that would be the next step? (A city closer to where I live now that feels like a more realistic move.) Or should I just focus on working here while living with my parents, saving money and then figuring out where to go?

    • Jeannette says:

      I would definitely start experimenting with some baby steps towards actions that feel better, anon, just so you’re not challenging any deeply ingrained beliefs about the need to struggle.
      With some experimenting and results that show life doesn’t come crashing down when you do something that feels better, you’ll likely be able to make more continued progress. 🙂
      As for how do you know what’s too big a leap – the answer lies in how it feels to you. Find the focus that feels good, and go with that. 🙂

  • Ming says:

    Still one of my favorites to this day. “Everything always works out for me”. Probably practicing that one for years and years. Still one of my go to’s in red hot second. In fact, I’m using it for my dog Lucy, who is not happy to be going to the Vet tomorrow. She too is a conscious creator so I’m telling her a different reality…. she might even be wagging her nubby tail going in, she will get lots of love and attention from the staff, the Vet will do everything so amazingly fast, efficient and better yet, Lucy will have RELIEF from her possible toothache. She’ll be first on the list, with not a long wait . She maybe won’t even remember a thing , that anesthesia is so good. When she comes out of it, I will be there with open arms ready to bring her home, love her up and best of all she’ll get to eat. She LOVES food . LOL.
    So yep, sticking to THIS story. Perfect timing Jeannette as always, well, divine timing.

    • Jeannette says:

      Yay for the good stories, Ming!
      I love it when we tell them so well they don’t even seem like stories – they just seem like obvious truth of how things are. 🙂

      • Ming says:

        Its working!!!!! Lucy ran into the Vet literally like I said with her nub tail wagging and giving everyone kisses!!!

  • Michael says:

    Fantastic! This is a mots welcome post. I do a better job sticking than I have–ever! But I still let my vibe get eroded when doubts or deserving issues come into play. Like you said: ‘a highly practiced skill’. And my skills have improved just from the practice…thanks for sharing on this!

    • Jeannette says:

      That is SUCH a good piece to include in the story, Michael: “I’m doing better than ever!”
      In fact, I recently added something very similar to my own start-the-day story (aka morning I AM affirmations): “and I get better at it every day.” 🙂

      • Michael says:

        It really does–in this instance–pay for me to look back for a second or two and realize how far things have come. And I look forward to practicing the kind of ‘stickiness’ you and guys like Bob Proctor (I just finished his e-book) have going on… 🙂

      • Simmi says:

        I’m new to law of attraction. I like your blog. I want to accomplish a few goals in life by becoming a deliberate creator but it feels confusing and backfires sometime, I need your help.

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