Studying the Joy of Sox

While I’m in Scottsdale, Arizona for a three day seminar studying manifesting and energy through horses, I thought this study of manifesting and energy in sports an appropriate topic to share today.  

This piece comes from the Major League Baseball site and is written by Doug Miller.  I think you’ll appreciate hearing about the open minds studying law of attraction in the real world:

The 2004 Boston Red Sox were down, three games to none, to the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series — a deficit no Major League Baseball team had ever overcome in a seven-game set.
In the ninth inning of Game 4 at Fenway Park, with the Sox down a run, Dave Roberts stole a base, Bill Mueller knocked him in to tie it, and David Ortiz’s 12th-inning home run sent Fenway Park into a frenzy and gave the Sox and their Nation of fans new life that eventually culminated with the club’s first World Series championship in 86 years.

This we all know.

But did something extra-special happen that night?

Did something outside the realm of bats and gloves and balls and baselines and outfield grass and pine tar and eye black somehow arrange for these astounding, never-witnessed events to transpire?

That’s what the makers of the film “The Joy of Sox: ‘Weird Science’ and the Power of Intention” are finding out, and the results are nothing short of shocking, heartwarming, and illuminating.

“The Joy of Sox,” which is set to hit theaters by early November, is a documentary that asks if the power of positive thoughts and prayers from Red Sox fans have actually, scientifically played some role in bringing the team two World Series rings in the last four years.

According to the film’s Web site,, the movie “touches all the bases from Western science to Eastern metaphysics as it explores the physics of the home-field advantage, the power of Red Sox fandom’s positive intentions, and the phenomenon of ‘conditioned spaces,’ a term which describes the healing powers of Lourdes, but just as fitting for Fenway Park — a modern sacred space.”
Directed by award-winning filmmaker Joel Leskowitz, who produced the film with his cousin, Rick Leskowitz, M.D., and Karen Webb, “The Joy of Sox” follows up on Rick Leskowitz’s findings as a board-certified psychiatrist with the Pain Management Program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, where he began investigating if alternative medicine had any links to Red Sox Nation.

“We measured crowd energy during a live baseball game and correlated the events of the game with readings on a computer that was not measuring volume or sound or vibration,” Rick said.

“It’s a setup used at Princeton for the last 30 years to study mind-machine interactions. And I know it sounds totally woo-woo, but Princeton’s a highly respected place, and those studies were done by the head of the engineering department.”

Rick explained that if you have an unmonitored computer program that simulates flipping a coin 1,000 times per second, you’ll usually get heads and tails about half the time.

“But if people are paying attention to computer, it skews to a significant degree away from 50-50,” he said. “I’m not sure why, but something invisible is connecting to it.”

And when the same program applies to a watched Sox game, the results are staggering.

“The times with the biggest skew away from randomness seemed to be during key moments in the ballgame, like (David) Ortiz hitting or the crowd doing the wave. And during a two-hour block, the biggest skew was when fans sang ‘Sweet Caroline.’ It’s hard to wrap your head around, but data’s data.”

Hours and hours of interviews with doctors from the fields of alternative medicine, holistic medicine, directors of research, professors from some of the leading institutions in the country, not to mention Red Sox players past and present — including Johnny Pesky, Jerry Remy, Mike Timlin, Gabe Kapler, Kevin Millar and Bill “Spaceman” Lee — reveal theories about winning baseball that are unique and innovative.

“Anything that can make a difference of a few points in their batting averages or ERA, that’s something a player will try,” Joel Leskowitz says. “They’re not all meditating together, but they have seen films like ‘The Secret,’ and they know about intangible things like team chemistry and the power of positive thinking.
“We’re looking for a balance. There’s the science and the data, there’s what we get out of talking to the players about their experiences, and then there’s the fans. And they talk about their passion that’s pretty out there. Fan is a shortened version of fanatic, and we definitely had some fanatics.”

So what do you think?  Does fan-power translate into real life results able to affect outcomes of games?  (You probably know what I think: “How could it NOT??”)  As usual, I’d love to hear your thoughts!
  • March 27, 2009
  • Tristin says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    Yes Definately! This is why the witches of old worked in Covens…they must have known the Secret power of group energy.
    Also, I think we contstantly affect eachother to a certain degree by projecting our thoughts and beliefs on eachother!
    Great Post Sister!
    Tristin X

  • Deb says:

    I love this research, and can easily see how the energy of a crowd can shift oh so many things… including the little electrical charges that make computers compute. Don’t think for a minute that your mood in the morning doesn’t affect your computer and getting that “blue screen of death”.
    And just to make the whole story even more interesting, since I’m a huge red sox fan AND a Bostonian, I’ll let you in on a local secret. There was an extra charge of support behind that years crowd. A local furniture company, Jordan’s Furniture, had a wild promotion going – their contribution to breaking the curse. If the Red Sox won the series all purchases made between a certain set of dates would be free. 🙂 I gotta bet that provided EXTRA energy that year! Imagine the power of a cheering fan knowing that they were going to get their entire living room for free if the Sox won.. now there’s manifesting motivation for you!
    Thanks for posting this… it really made me smile and think!!!!

  • Phillis says:

    It does, it does, it really does….
    Thank you!

  • How did I not know you were/are a Sox fan, Tia?!
    And yes, part of what we’re studying in this horse/manifesting/energy seminar is the power of the circle. Just with 13 women in the group we played with energy in a variety of ways (easier to bend spoons together than separate; measured with kinesiology the power of positive and negative thoughts directed at a particular person, and other fun stuff).
    Makes me want to pay more attention to the Global thingymajigger with the emwave thing … although that group’s purpose may not nearly rival the importance of lifting the Sox curse. lol
    Thanks for sharing, Tia!

  • You’re studying energy manifestation with horses!? WOW. What an experience!! I can’t wait to hear all about that. Gooosseeebumpss!!

  • Just hearing the words “Sweet Caroline” gives me goosebumps and takes me back to the electric charge in the air, the smells, sounds and sense of euphoria and connection that binds us together when watching a sports game… or any event of magnitude.
    When we do the wave, we are so .. one .. we are one with each other and it truly feels magnificent.
    Nothing else matters but that sense of being part of something bigger than us, part of history, part of humanity. We are all cells that come together to shape destiny…
    Wow, I got carried away there. And I am so excited that ‘legit’ engineers and researchers publish these findings so the skeptics amongst us can see that it’s not just us ‘woowoo’ believers who think this way – it’s fact!!

  • I’ve got a client who doesn’t live in Boston but still raves about the energy of Fenway, saying there isn’t anything else like it.
    I’d like to experience it myself one of these days! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this insight, Kat. I can practically feel it just by reading your words!

  • Kat says:

    As a Bostonian and a wildly enthusiastic Red Sox fan, I have to tell you, Boston was an even more magical place than usual in October, 2004! The energy was electric, and the possibilities were all anyone could talk about…it still gives me goose bumps! Being in Fenway during those games was like being at a massive prayer circle. The message “Believe” was sent out to the Faithful on a daily basis…we did, and look what happened! What a great time that was!

  • Was that for her “Positive Energy” book, MsNikki? Or her more recent one? (I think she has another one since then, doesn’t she?)
    I was also thinking this movie/research could be a way to get the attention of lots of folks who wouldn’t normally consider this kind of phenomenon.
    Thanks for reading and for posting, my friend!

  • MsNikki says:

    Although not a fan of baseball, I am so looking forward to seeing this movie! A friend and I were having a debate about energy and its subsequent effects in our lives. He wasn’t persuaded by Dr. Judith Orloff’s examples of transference or transmutation of negative energy. (We were discussing this after her book signing). He always teases me about LOA! He’s an ex and it’s complicated like that! I’ll invite him to go see this when it comes out!

  • What a fun time to be there, MissyB! Part of history. 🙂
    Thanks for your post, and yours too, Jeff!

  • Red Sox Nation!!!

  • MissyB says:

    All I can say is that me and my mum were in Boston when they won – and the vibe throughout the city was electric. We loved Boston !

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