Success as a By-Product of Joy

joy leads to successHeard an inspiring success story today that I thought we might all learn something from …

My friend Priya relayed the unfolding of one of her favorite manifestations when she was invited to tour the world with a highly respected dance group as their lead singer.

She was just 21 when they asked her to travel across the globe with them, playing all the best venues, getting paid a bunch of money, and staying in five star hotels.

It was a pretty big deal for a young girl who was an unknown talent at the time.

I was super curious to hear how she created such an amazing opportunity. Here’s what she said:

Priya had always loved singing, and did so at every opportunity: in the shower, around the house, even at the dinner table until everyone begged her to shush it.

She also sang at small gatherings in her local community – just for the pleasure of performing. Not because she was paid, not because the venue was high profile, not because it might lead to something better …

… just because she enjoyed it.

One day out of the blue she was asked to audition for a gig she knew nothing about, but she accepted the invitation and showed up to do her thing.

She didn’t prepare or train for it – just turned up with her mom by her side to sing a song she liked. And another song at her mom’s suggestion.

Afterward she was invited to perform with the group at a big event, which she did – and loved! After that they asked her to join them for their world tour. Which she happily said yes to!

Easy peasy, right? Feels like the downstream journey, just like Abe always talks about.

But get this … it turns out there were many others trying to get this prestigious gig … professional vocalists with experience, and training, and agents, and strategies (about what songs to perform in order to best show off their talents), etc.

But my unknown, unprepared, unprofessional friend got the deal.

Priya later learned how it came to be that she was asked to audition. (Don’t you love that they came to her?! That’s my idea of easy, Universe!)
Those little gatherings she used to sing at – just for the joy of it – were instrumental in how this success unfolded. Apparently word of mouth spread to the right ear about her singing skills, and the right person suggested to another right person that she was the girl they wanted.

In fact, it was the song her mom suggested on the fly that cinched the deal, apparently. (That’s just got serendipity written all over it!)

Priya didn’t try hard, she didn’t strategize, she didn’t plan or even train for the audition.

All she did was what she loved, singing wherever she could – including those little community gatherings. Even though those gigs weren’t paid, even though they weren’t prestigious, even though they likely wouldn’t lead to anything at all.

Don’t you just love the power of following our heart’s joy? It leads us to all the best places.

A lot of folks aren’t willing to do their thing until the rewards are already guaranteed. Like bloggers who don’t blog until they have readers, coaches who don’t coach until they have paying clients, painters who don’t paint without a patron.

In fact, maybe that’s how we know what “our thing” is – the thing we do just for the joy of it. That’s the thing that has potential to take us far … because the vibration of joy is as good as it gets.

Speaking of joy, you can hear Priya Khajuria on youtube here. She is a delight to the ears!

My takeaways from this manifesting story: working hard for what we want is overrated; working for joy is where the juice is.

Plus, you never know how magic things will unfold. Universe is an incredibly resourceful agent when it comes to coordinating our heart’s greatest delights – even the ones we couldn’t have dreamed up ourselves.

  • April 2, 2015
  • Sandeep says:

    Nice to read the story
    Regardi9ng Practically Always Pollyanna’s comment, I want to mention that effort is always needed. Do not shy from making effort. Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
    Love and regards

  • Practically Always Pollyanna says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jeannette and Priya. This is definitely a great story to remember when the temptation to effort arises!

  • Della Monk says:

    Hi Jeannette:
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Something similar happened to me, although I knew nothing of Law of Attraction at the time. I really don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I auditioned for a women’s choir in Halifax. I sang ALL the time with my sisters and brother and cousins, but had never sung in a choir before, and had no clue about the audition process. In a preliminary telephone interview, the director told me to sing my favourite folk song, so that’s what I did! I was a single parent, so I had to bring my then two-year old daughter with me to the audition. We didn’t have a car, either, so we bussed it. (As usual).
    When we arrived at the church where the auditions were being held, I saw lots of other women. If I’d not been so completely naive, I would have been really nervous. The other women were all carrying music folders (I know that now), and they all had a piece prepared and rehearsed. As each woman got up to sing, she went to the piano and found her starting note. Talk about out of my league! Sheesh! All I had was my Emmy-Lou Harris song, and my love of singing. To make matters worse, my daughter was having a bit of “bowel” trouble at the time. Oh no!, I thought, I’m NEVER getting in to this choir. Finally, I stood in front of the director, with my grunting daughter by my side, and sang like I always had–with joy and love. Did I make it? You betcha! The director’s comments? “A good, strong voice. Good, strong instincts.” And that, my friends, is what love’ll get ya.

    • Jeannette says:

      Wow, I love that story, Della! I’m curious to know what your expectations were throughout the process … did you have none and were just doing it on a lark? Regardless, great inspiration to everyone else who might think they’re not qualified or ready to take their spotlight.
      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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