Supercharge Your Manifesting with the Stars

Law of Attraction AstrologyLast night on 2 Broke Girls a scenario played out that vexes many a powerful creator.

The girls ran into a psychic who predicted bad news for Carolyn’s love life, which Carolyn had trouble shaking.

And of course with her focus squarely on what she didn’t want, it wasn’t long before she proved the psychic “right” by manifesting exactly what the fortune teller cursed her with.

This happens regularly when we turn over our power to an external authority – whether it’s the psychic, tarot card reader, banker, doctor, etc.

When someone we believe in (even if we’re trying not to believe) shares a reason to believe in our limitations, it can be extra challenging to surpass that block and manifest what we really want.

But that doesn’t mean we have to shut out all external input.  (Even if that were possible.)

It just means we want to get deliberate about plugging into law of attraction savvy support.  Meaning, tune into someone who understands that anything is possible and believes in our ability to create it.

For those who have turned to the solution of staying far away from any input that could thwart your reality-creating abilities, there is another answer, if you know where to look …

One of those places to look is our newly launched community where law of attraction meets astrology, led by world renowned astrologer Kim Falconer – and lil ole’ me.  🙂

Kim Falconer is passionate about empowering fellow creators with the energetic advantage offered by the stars.  And she isn’t interested in creating a “dependence” on herself or others to tap that info, but rather in teaching you how to glean it from the stars yourself.

I’ve been fascinated with how the planets impact our lives since I was 16 – but it wasn’t until I met Kim that I learned how aligned astrology can supercharge our manifesting success.  Instead of ignoring what the Universal energies are sending my way, I can use that knowledge to empower myself and strengthen my vibrational alignment.

(Not to mention use it in client sessions to amp up their own belief and understanding about what’s possible for them!)

For those folks who are keen to leverage astrology in a way that doesn’t limit their potential or possibilities in life, you won’t find a more supportive take on the study of the stars than at Good Vibe Astrology.  (Those of you who are fans of Kim’s quantum enchantment book series will recognize the Treeon Temple feel of the site!)
Good Vibe Astrology

Kim’s been leading astro-LOA calls for a while now at Good Vibe U.  (You know them as the “Align with the Stars” series and can hear the latest one here.)  Community interest has only grown over time about how to interpret our charts to better realize our highest creative potential.

If you’ve been avoiding psychics, card readers or doctors because you don’t want to hear anything negative, I can’t really help there.

But if learning the language of the Universe through astrology excites you, you’re invited to join us for a good time as we marry up conscious creation with star power!

If you’re intrigued with an LOA savvy study of your astrology and what it can do for helping your dreams come true, we’re launching our Astro-LOA 101 foundational course on Tuesday, February 12th.  It runs 8 weeks and covers the basics of what you need to know in order to glean Universal clues about creating your best life from your astrological chart.

We’re offering a great deal to our charter initiates – $150 off the regular course fee as well as lifetime access to the forums!

Future courses will include leveraging the stars for creating financial abundance, manifesting love matches, using the stars to improve physical health, getting astro clues for identifying life purpose, and more.  Check out course details here or email us at

Regardless of where you’re called forth to play and explore, please remember that no one can limit your possibilities.  No matter how well trained they are; no matter how credible their reasons; no matter what they’ve been right about in the past; no matter how many others believe them – no matter what – YOU are always capable of creating whatever you dare set your mind to.

Examples abound of people who prove this true every day.

We’d love to play with you at Good Vibe Astrology if you feel like exploring the stars from an LOA savvy perspective!  Check out the free stuff at the site and consider joining us next week as we take a deep dive into the inspiring world of Astro-LOA!

  • February 5, 2013
  • I’m so excited for this! All the readings I’ve gotten from Kim have been so fabulous, but I would love to understand the charts, etc. myself.

  • Nicole says:

    Awesome – so excited for this new site! A friend of mine is opening up her psychic abilities, and we’ve been converging on LOA & astrology. I’m so glad there’s a place out there now that will merge the two forms of thought! woot!!

  • “please remember that no one can limit your possibilities.”
    Wonderful inspiration! Thank you. Kim, you know I’m hoping that dreams really do come true. I tell myself that every day. : )

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love this, Jeannette (of course I do!). It hits home to me when you say there is another answer, if you know where to look …
    Yes there is, and it’s been a lifetime dream of mind to open the door to that ‘other answer’ so anyone who wants to can mine this abundant gold.
    And I couldn’t have a better partner in the world to do it with.
    Thank you, my friend!
    Dreams do come true!!!

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