April 22, 2007

Sweeties Who Contra-Manifest

My sweetie thinks I tend to make him look bad when I write about him, so he deserves a mention for the mini-miracle he pulled off Friday night. He was two and a half hours late for our dinner/movie date because he decided to get 18 holes of golf in after work.
So he was late. Significantly late. He prepped me for it, told me hours in advance, but I was still a little put off.
By the time he showed up, I knew the restaurants would be busy (30 minute waits are typical on Fridays & Saturdays downtown) and I’m not a big fan of waiting. And I also knew the movie would be sold out because it was opening weekend, and a busy theater. So I knew we were screwed.
But look at this guy ignore me …
He said it was going to be just fine. In fact, he knew that there would be reserved seating, so we could pick up movie tickets before we found a quick bite to eat.
Well sure, I said, we can get a quick bite to eat – we can grab some junk food in a heartbeat, but that’s not what I had in mind for food. I wanted something healthier than that.
Plus, I said I wasn’t so sure they had reserved seating at this theater.
So here I am counter-manifesting the good stuff he’s trying to pull off. All because I’m put off that he’s 2.5 hours late for our date.
Okay, let’s face it, I was more than put off. I was ticked off and wanting to make it all worse to prove to him what a bad idea it is to be 2.5 hours late.
But he’s doing a great job of ignoring me. He can see me being all kinds of contrary, but he’s not giving up. He keeps his good vibe going.
He does what he’s seen me do plenty of times … keeping attention on what he WANTS instead of what he DOESN’T want.
He reiterates, so Universe hears him loud and clear – and me too, that there WILL be reserved seating, and we’ll easily find good food to eat before dinner.
Then we get stuck in a big long line of traffic to even pull into the theater complex.
So now I’m SURE our night is ruined. I hope that golf was worth it, buddy. Because now we have to pick between dinner or a movie – there’s no way we can do both. And frankly, I was looking forward to both. My night’s pretty much ruined, so that means his is too.
And I remind him, if he tries to take me to a movie without food in my stomach, I am going to be ornery by the end, because I am not a happy camper when I am hungry, which I am guaranteed to be by the end of this show. And there is nothing remotely healthy we can grab quick. So now what?
(Am I a fun date or what?!)
He’s not phased. He’s seen me do this enough times to know how this miracle stuff works.
He says out loud again: “We’ll pick up reserved seating tickets, we’ll find good food, it’ll all work out perfectly.” As we’re stuck in a long line of s-l-o-w moving traffic.
When we finally pull in to parking, it’s backed up even there, and he suggests I run out to buy the tickets while he parks. “I don’t think so,” I say, without even offering a reason. (Normally, I’m the antsy one jumping out before he even slows down to score tickets before it sells out. But I’m being contrary tonight.)
That would bring most men right to my level (i.e. bad mood) in a hurry. But not this guy.
Long story short, too late for that perhaps – but turns out the seating is not only reserved, but we get our choice of prime time seats. I pick out my favorite place to sit – two thirds up and right in the center.
“I told you they’d have reserve seating,” he whispers sweetly to me. He doesn’t even rub it in. Well, let’s see him pull off the food miracle.
Which he did. CPK had a line out the door and no seating at the bar, but Rumbi’s had NO line and open tables. And I like the veggie & tofu bowl with brown rice and Bali Island sauce. Which I haven’t had in a while. I order the chocolate cake to go with it. That helps my mood in a hurry.
We enjoyed a leisurely fairly healthy dinner (at least mine was – yes, chocolate is healthy in MY world) – and had enough time before the previews even started for my date to point out how everything worked out just fine, despite my lack of cooperation.
You’re right, honey. You are a Miracle Manifestor. Maybe next time you can manifest getting your golf in AND being on time for our date. : )
OR, maybe the bigger miracle could be ME not getting phased because you’re late due to golfing, or at least getting on board with a good night when I’ve got such good help to make it happen. Sure do love you. : )
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  • Paulette says:


    I loved this story. It just goes to show that sometimes our sweeties are out in front manifesting for us, even when our vibe flow is a little low!!

    Now how does one go about manifesting “the fellas time” not running into “our” time? Inquiring minds want to know?

    Loved my “knowing” chuckles while reading.

    Check out my blog at http://pmbethel.blogs.com

  • Sugandhi Iyer, Coach Joyful Manifestation says:

    Hi Jeannette,

    I wrote a posting like this on my blog, it is about letting my mind slide on things that I am not trying to hold up (so I contra-manifest). Whereas for things that I really really care about, I think positively.

    In this case, when someone makes us late for something, then there is a tendency to allow things to slide (if only to sub-consciously teach them a lesson to be on time next time). But some of our mates/family members are one on top of us, and they come with their own manifesting powers and hold everything together. I do this with my brother, and he holds things together with his mind and in the end, I am grateful.
    So contra-manifesting sometimes comes with its own support system called ‘Contra-contra manifesting’.

    Love and thanks for this posting

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Perfectly said, Michael. The awareness that it’s the exception rather than the norm IS a nice indication of progress made.

    Thanks for that lift. : )

    I like how you flipped over to a better thought after that low-vibing one snuck in. And a beautiful intention to match!: “Better pay, bigger opportunities and more cool projects!”

    Now THAT gives the Universe some nice material to work with! woo hoo!

    PS – LOVE your music!! Thanks for sharing your gift!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Your comment “cause I know everything and my world is all about how I’m feeling” made me laugh! I can relate to that! lol

    It’s nice to be humbled by Naysaying boyfriends sometimes. Life is just one continuous journey of learning and loving, isn’t it?!

    Thanks for reading, Lauren. You’re a treat to hear from!

  • moverdrive says:

    Actually, this is great because it really can show you how far you’ve come and where you’ve come from! I slip into the contra-manifesting mode at times, but it shows me that it’s not the norm anymore…shows me how far I’ve come.

    The company I do contract work for is being bought out by a bigger company. So what’s my immediate thought…? ‘We’re gonna be cut out of the action!’

    But I got off that thought rather quickly and replaced it with ‘this is going to offer me even better pay, bigger opportunities and cooler projects than I can even imagine’.

    I still find the path back into contra-manifesting, but it’s all fear-based. And I’ve learned to recognize it for what it is…simply a place I used to be and don’t live in anymore!

    check out my music at:

  • Anonymous says:

    One round is 18 holes:)

    I loved your story, I’m sure you weren’t loving it at the time, but I can relate to the ornary part you played and the “it’s gonna be ok” part your sweetie played. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one that can say “it’s gonna be ok” and I’m not very accepting of others being that calm. Cause I know everything and my world is all about how I’m feeling, right? But don’t I feel better when I’m more loving and accepting? It’s hard to remember in instances like you’ve described. You’re awesome, Jeanntte! Keep on blogging girl! I enjoy reading them-Lauren Mchugh

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