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Feeling Good for a Minute

the power of feeling good for a minuteSometimes we make things out harder than they really are.
Even when it comes to conscious creation.
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when we think we have to pay attention to all our thoughts, manage the negative ones, make sure we’re doing the focus wheel right, etc.
But when you boil it down, it’s actually quite simple.
Here’s how Abraham described it the other day:

You’ve made it about as elementary as you can make it when you decide that my predominant work in this day is to figure out how to feel good for a minute.
That’s as elementary as it gets.  It’s as basic as it gets.  It’s as life-giving as it gets.  It’s as productive as it gets.  And we promise you that momentum in its purity will lead to more …  (Abraham-Hicks, July 2013)

They didn’t say you have to feel good 24/7, or visualize your biggest dreams coming true every morning and night, or manage every negative thought …
just find a way to feel good for a minute.
That’s enough to create the positive momentum that leads to more good things.
So the next time you find yourself wondering what you’re doing wrong with your manifesting process, or confused about how this all works, just remember – it’s as simple as feeling good for a minute.
And we can do that.  Here are some of my favorite one minute feel goods:

  • a song
  • scratching the cat’s neck
  • remembering one of my favorite stories
  • having a nice stretch in bed
  • Maru
  • watching the dogs play

Really, could it be any easier?
If you’ve been making conscious creation harder than it is, this is your invitation to remember the power of feeling good for a minute.

  • January 16, 2014

Manifesting a Life You Love

How to manifest a life you loveBashar’s persistent advice to us is to follow our highest excitement.  That’s his answer to a lot of questions about how to manifest what we want.
That suggestion can fall a little flat for someone who feels like they don’t have a choice in going to a job they dread.  Or don’t have enough money to do what they really want.
But he says to whatever extent you’re able, follow your highest excitement.  It’ll lead you to everything and anything you want in life.
I love that advice.
Abraham offers this similar tip for living a life you love:

Do only those things you really believe you need to do (in order to keep life moving along the way it is), and do everything else you really want to do that you can cram into a day.
Tell everyone, “I’m gonna do as much as I can do that I really want to do, and a handful of things that I gotta do.  But I’m leaning toward doing what I want to do.” 
When you say “I’m free to do what pleases me,” before you know it what you do pleases you.  Because you’re coming into alignment.
And when you’re in alignment, no matter what you do it’s fun.  When you’re not in alignment, no matter what you do isn’t fun.  – Abraham-Hicks

So if you’ve been dreaming of a day when life is filled with things you love, start by speaking it so and living it as much as you can now.  Not waiting for the magic day when everything changes overnight – but gradually emphasizing the things you love while minimizing the things you don’t.
Practice that and it won’t take long before you’re truly living a life you love fully.

  • December 20, 2013

The Most Reliable LOA Resource

the most reliable law of attraction resourceWho do you look to as the most reliable law of attraction resource?
Many of us in deliberate creation circles tune into Abraham-Hicks material.
And we listen to Mike Dooley, Neville Goddard, P’taah, Kryon, Wayne Dyer, Bashar, Seth, A Course in Miracles  … the list goes on.
Often their messages are in alignment. Sometimes we hear conflicting information.
So who’s got it right … how do we tell truth from fiction?
And how do you choose who you rely on for guidance?
I hope you haven’t overlooked your best guru:
It can always only be you.
Yes, we often prefer things delivered on a platter by someone else. And it’s really easy to question our own ability to know the truth.
But it’s worth being able to sift and discern for ourselves, since relying on anyone or anything outside ourselves, 100% without question, can lead to trouble.
There’s a reason everyone doesn’t all agree on what the “truth” is – and that may be because there isn’t just one overriding truth.
(After all, if we each create our own reality – how could there be?)
Which is why looking to someone else to tell you how it is, or expecting/needing everyone to agree with how you think it is, is rather pointless.
Instead … there’s a part of you that knows the truth; that resonates when you hear it.
That inner chord of resonance is worth getting familiar with. So you can feel out your own truth for yourself.
That doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from tuning into others we’re feel drawn to. But if you hear something that doesn’t work for you, let that piece go. It doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the rest of the material if one aspect doesn’t fit.
It also doesn’t mean that if you and your friend resonate with completely different things that one of you is wrong.
Just make sure you’re choosing for yourself, according to what your inner wisdom says.
I myself have misdirected a fair amount of energy asking others what they think of so and so or such and such – looking for external reassurance that I’m plugged in properly rather than conducting an internal integrity check.
My personal signal for knowing my truth when I hear it is that I feel lighter and more empowered. Fear or heaviness is a sign it’s not for me.
What are your tips for recognizing helpful “truths” when you hear them? We’d love to hear how you know when you’ve run across information that serves you.

  • April 20, 2013

What Is the Grid?

If you’ve been wondering what Abraham means by doing “grid work,” you’re not alone.

This guest post comes from GVU faculty member Gregory Gibbs, who shares thoughts on what the grid is and how to use it to your manifesting success:
Abraham's Grid

Lately, Abraham has been suggesting we work with emotional grids as a means to manifest our desires. They believe it’s easier for people to understand and apply, more so than some of their previous processes.

Yet, in its simplicity, some of us are scratching our heads wondering what the heck is this grid?!  Do we write it out?  What does it look like?  How does it work?

We sometimes complicate things, especially those who have habits of working hard!  But here’s my simple take on Abraham’s grid:

It’s one of the simplest means of creating vibrational focus.  Firstly, to feel good or better in any given moment on any topic, and secondly, to increase focus on what is wanted:  feelings and manifestations without getting hung up on how it’s going to manifest and what it’s going to look like.

What is a Grid?

A grid is simply a point of attraction, a point of vibration signaling to Universe.  Thinking of it as a grid is an easy way to create stronger focus and better manage your vibrational point of attraction.

There are many ways you can use the grid to get creative with your manifesting.  I recommend something that really lights you up, but not so complicated that you lose sight of what a grid’s purpose is: Vibrational focus.
working with Abraham's Grid

What can a Grid look like?

In working with the grid, it helps to visualize something grid-like – perhaps a wire frame, a building structure, or even a skeleton.  Something where you create the foundation for your  desired manifestation to grow from.

Think sci-fi and animation movies where characters, objects, landscapes, etc., start as wire frame ideas, and then are filled in with textures, colors, shading, lighting, etc. to bring them to life.

Or how about a supporting structure for houses, buildings, cars, boats, etc.?

For quantum physics freaks and geeks, you could think of a grid as your own area in the quantum or unified field.

You could go 3D and think of empty Rubik’s cube or even a transmission tower. (Thank you Jacqui and Nicole for those ideas!)

A grid might even be a space in your brain, heart, or body.

You can draw or write something out on paper to get you started, but I think it’s easiest to create a grid in your mind. Be playful and fun and don’t make it abig deal. Keep it simple at the beginning, as it’s only a focus point.

Seeding the Grid
Emotions are the seeds for your grid. Find an emotion or two that represent how you will feel when a manifestation unfolds. Abraham has been telling us this for years, and it’s that simple.

We simply reach for and maintain the feelings of how we think we will feel when the manifestation comes. When we consistently feel the emotions first, then the manifestation must come. It is Law. (I love that, It is Law – you can’t get this wrong!)

Feeding the Grid
Feelings are the fuel of your grid. You can imagine that your grid lights up a bit or pulses a little with the energy of the emotions that you want to start feeling. Allow the emotions to just float out onto your grid.

You can then start amping up your grid by feeling the emotion any number of ways.

Whatever grid you are creating, if you can easily feel an emotion from another source, do that. For example, if thinking of your lover puts you in state of joy, use him or her. If thinking of your pet puts in you in state of bliss, use that. The feeling is the most important thing, not so much where it comes from. If you can feel an emotion from the get-go, that also works!

Fill in your grid with some recent examples of manifestations to milk the feelings to bring you more of the same. I love this example from Jeannette: she specifically seeded her “helpful people grid” with recent examples of experiencing delightful, helpful, customer service folks.

As you feel an emotion, stay with it for a bit.   (17-68 seconds would be great!)  Imagine that the more you are feeling the emotion authentically, the more that your grid begins to light up, vibrate, pulse, and broadcast your signal. As you feed the grid with your feelings, the more strength the signal has, the more you empower Universal attraction.

Filling in the Grid
This is the easiest part. Universe does ALL of this through manifestation. How fabulously wonderful is that?  The first manifestations are likely emotional ones, where you’ll notice it’s easier to feel better.  Then you’ll get new ideas, insights or inspirations, or you might come across useful information.

In general, your entire vibration will be at a higher level, sending a more aligned signal to Universe. You are becoming a more powerful vibrational match to many things that are in your vortex – you are becoming a cooperative component!

Why The Grid Is So Powerful
By feeling the emotions, all else drops away and in that powerful moment, you send a very strong signal to Universe to bring more feelings and more things. Your now is where your power is.

By focusing on feeling the emotions, you get out of worrying about or trying to figure out the how’s, who’s, and when’s.

By focusing on feeling the emotions, you are less likely to entertain limiting beliefs and more likely to suspend the need to believe that the manifestation is possible for you.

You can be as general as you like and stay there. If getting specific lights you up, go for that. If it feels awkward or forced or that you are pushing to feel specific, cut yourself some slack and stay general.

Grid Summary
The construct of the grid is a great manifesting tool and I think is the easiest process Abraham has offered thus far. What I have presented here is my interpretation with some insight and experience from others. I invite you to share your thoughts below, have fun playing with the grid, and keep it simple.
Gregory Gibbs, Life CoachGregory Gibbs is a faculty member at Good Vibe University, frequenting the forums with high-vibing support and leading various GVU calls, amongst other things. He’s working a number of grids and spreading his wings as a Life Coach. 

  • June 17, 2012

Who is Abraham?

who is abraham-hicks?Because I quote Abraham so much here, it seems wise to introduce those who aren’t already familiar with this invaluable law of attraction resource.
Abraham is a non-physical entity channeled by Esther Hicks.  Abraham describes themselves (they use the plural, not the singular) as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.”
Esther has been channeling Abraham for over twenty years and together they’ve created an enormous collection of material to support deliberate creators.
I personally consider Ask and It Is Given (by Abraham-Hicks) as the “bible” of law of attraction.  There isn’t another source that rings more true for me.  But that’s just me.
Not everyone is a fan of Abraham.  And that’s perfect – we each have a different resonance with different material.

I remember the moment I knew Abraham was for me.  I read the sentence from Ask and It Is Given that said, “You are not here to fix a broken world” and I felt something shift inside me.  I mean, I felt physically altered.  It’s like my body cells heard the truth and were changed by it.

Because I prefer to give credit where it’s due, you’ll find me quoting them regularly.
Not because I think everyone should listen to Abraham, or because I think they’re the ultimate source of all perfect and true information (that would be your OWN inner guidance you want to go to for that), but simply because I don’t want to pass their teachings off as my own.  That’s all.
Lots of folks who share material about manifesting (including me) learned most of what we know from Abraham-Hicks.  Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Lynn Grabhorn, Andy Dooley and Oprah, among others, have been open about their enthusiastic embracing of Abraham’s teachings.  In others it’s easy to spot (Martha Beck, Harrison Klein, Marci Shimoff).
Notable exceptions: Mike Dooley.  Deepak Chopra.  Gregg Braden.  They’re manifesting heavyweights, but don’t seem to be plugged in to this particular resource.
Abraham isn’t the first to deliver this kind of material.  Some folks are more familiar and comfortable with Seth, Theo, Orin and DaBen or Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Florence Scovel-Shinn –  not to mention Jesus and Hermes Trismegistus and other early proponents of our power to create reality.
Abraham is also referred to as Abe, Esterham, Abraham-Hicks, and probably some other nicknames I don’t know.
Esther and Jerry Hicks’ website is http://abraham-hicks.com where you will find lots of info and Abraham resources, including DVDs, CDs, cruises, books, online workshops, and more.
There are facebook groups, yahoo groups, online forums, YouTube videos and meetups all based on mutual love of Abraham.
Abraham is not without critics, and not everyone is comfortable with “channeled” information, but like I said, it sure floats my boat.
And that is who Abraham is.  🙂

  • September 1, 2011
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