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The Money Aligner

As we close the doors on 2016, it’s time to let you know about what I’m doing for fellow creators starting next week.

I’ve promised this course for a while, and everything’s come together to offer you The Money Aligner starting in January at Good Vibe University.

This is where we learn the vibration of delightful money once and for all.

Not where we reactivate yearning, doubt or disbelief. Not where we try to figure out what actions to make it happen. Not even where we study the principles of money manifesting.

This is where we actually do the regular work of lining up with what we want.

We don’t just talk about it, and you’re not left on your own to figure out how to implement it.

The Money Aligner at GVU is where we do it together.

Once and for all we’ll drop old instructions of financial lack, struggle and doubt and replace them with instructions of abundance, ease and enjoyment.

This is where we get used to having money. The way we want it. Whatever that is for you.

Because prosperity takes practice.

It’s for anyone who wants to improve their financial reality.

Maybe you already know the vibration of big money, but you’d like it to be easier and more fun.

Or maybe you have already nailed the frequency of enjoyable money, but you’d like it to be more consistent.

Or maybe money has always been your nemesis and you’re ready for that to change.

Whatever you’d like money to be for you, this is where we do the vibrational work to have it the way we like it.

Because once we know that vibration, Universe is required to make it so.

All we have to do is sit back and let it in.

It’s a delicious thing to experience, but it is easier said than done.

That’s why we’re doing it together.

Not because money is what matters most in life – but because until we get this aspect of life handled, it’s hard to turn attention to what we care about more. When we’re working a job solely for the paycheck, our relationships don’t thrive the way they could. Or when we’re worried about keeping a roof overhead, spiritual pursuits take a backseat.

Not that money isn’t spiritual. I believe it’s as spiritual as everything else in our world. And I believe it’s great practice for whatever else we want to conjure into our reality.

Because the principles and practices we engage here are the same ones for whatever else you want to create.

So if you’re ready to join fellow creators in creating a new financial reality for yourself, you’re invited to join us at GVU for The Money Aligner.

We start Wednesday, January 4th and will continue through the year to create powerful momentum in a new money vibration.

Here’s why I’m investing my time, love and attention into this project:

  • I believe many of us have financial desires that we haven’t fully allowed into reality.
  • I believe that it’s high time we did exactly that.
  • I believe that coming into alignment with our desires is best achieved through consistent, regular practice.
  • And I believe that our practice is more effective (and more fun) when we do it together.

I also believe you won’t find a better guide for this purpose than me. Manifesting money and helping others do the same is my wheelhouse. This is where I shine.

And my belief in my ability to lead this party will only add to your success. Because belief is the cornerstone of a good vibration, and I’ve got enough for all of us.

Conscious creators know what it takes to manifest what we want – learning the frequency of that desire.

When it comes to creating financial prosperity, that means speaking the vibrational language of having money. Not wanting money. Not worrying about money. Not being frustrated with money. But the vibration of having money. Of enjoying money. Of feeling comfortable with money.

The Money Aligner course at GVU is where we do exactly that.

You can check out GVU enrollment details here, or just fast forward to the signup page.

You’ll get instant access to previous courses and calls at GVU, along with private forums and other member perks.

Regardless of how you choose to engage your manifesting powers in 2017, I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of exactly that – exercising your divine powers to create whatever you desire.

There has never been a better time to let yourself have what you truly want.

Happy new year and happy manifesting, fellow creators!

  • December 27, 2016

Answer This Question to Manifest More Money

What if you could manifest more money by knowing the answer to one little question?

Would you take a few minutes to contemplate it?

If you’re interested in more financial abundance in the new year, I hope you will.

Because answering this question can lead to your ultimate financial success.

Before we get to the question, though, here’s why it works

Conscious creators know whatever we focus on is what we call forth into reality.

So when it comes to manifesting money, it’s simply a matter of learning the vibration of it.

Which is sometimes tricky since “financial abundance” or “monetary success” can be somewhat abstract and unfamiliar concepts.

But this question can help you activate the good money vibes when you contemplate your answer.

And when you really know your answer – inside and out – you are money-aligned.

So here’s the question:

How will you know when you’re there?

Or you could ask it like this:

  • How will you be able to tell that you’ve reached financial success?
  • How will you know you got what you wanted?
  • What’s your cue that you achieved your idea of financial abundance?

Is it a specific amount (like an amount in savings or hitting a new income level)?

Or maybe it’s a certain experience (like paying off all debt or finally affording that dream vacation)?

It might be having enough money to never work again, or donating a specific amount to your favorite cause.

Or maybe it’s ending the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, or having enough to buy whatever you want at the grocery store.

Or maybe for you it’s more of a feeling.

Financial success likely means different things to each of us, but getting clear on what that is helps activate the vibe.

So … with that in mind, I’d love to hear how you’ll know you reached financial success.

Maybe you’re already there, and if so, it would be fun to hear how you realized that.

(Your answer could help someone else activate it.)

And if it’s something you’re still in the works of creating, just holding that image in mind can help signal Universe for your new financial reality.

Either way, you’ll likely find that just reading responses here takes you to an expansive feeling of abundance and financial plenty.

And conscious creators know that’s the first step to manifesting it.

This question is powerful no matter what you’re manifesting – so if you’re up to something else besides wealth and prosperity, ask yourself how will you know when you’ve nailed it?

For good vibe activation, let’s answer it once more with feeling: how will you know you got what you wanted?

  • December 16, 2016

Where Money Comes From

In my early LOA coaching days there came a time where I was busy enough to feel like it would be nice to have some help with admin stuff, but not profitable enough to actually hire anyone.

About that time I got an email from a nice young man asking if he could hire me to be my virtual assistant.

My first thought was that he could use some work on his English, since he said that wrong.

I wrote back, “Thanks for inquiring, but I’m not hiring right now.”

He was very polite in replying that I’d misunderstood. “I want to pay you to work for you.”

It took a couple of exchanges before I understood what he was proposing: that he would pay me money for the privilege of working for me.

(He wanted to be able to put the Good Vibe Coach on his resume. Which also didn’t make sense to me.)

I know some may judge me for this, and it did take some self-coaching on the importance of receiving the abundance Universe delivers, but he did eventually convince me to let him pay for the privilege of doing admin work for me.

True story.

Next story: Earlier this week I picked up lunch at a new burger joint with a date. (Habit veggie burgers are fabulous, by the way!)

As we left, he asked if I needed my receipt. When I said no, he asked how I balance my checkbook.

I explained that I stopped trying to balance my checkbook years ago when random money started showing up in my checking account every 4-6 weeks.

(This started after I discovered conscious creation, but I left that part out since I don’t tell new dates right off the bat that I’m a powerful manifesting witch.)

The odd amounts showing up in my account were regularly between one and two hundred dollars. Like $126.35 one month and $142.66 the next. I couldn’t make sense of it and couldn’t track it to any of my expenses or purchases.

So the first time I spotted it I called the credit union to alert them to what must have been their error.

They responded, “If you need help balancing your checkbook, you can make an appointment with one of our financial planners for $15 an hour and they’ll teach you how.”
I said I didn’t need help balancing my checkbook. I was a financial planner myself. I was calling because there was money in my account that wasn’t mine. I couldn’t pinpoint it through a single deposit, but it was there all the same.

“Fifteen dollars an hour to sit with our planner,” they reiterated.


Since they didn’t take me seriously I stopped calling them about the “problem,” and transferred the accumulating money to savings. That way I’d have it handy when they eventually realized their mistake and came looking for it.

A year later they still hadn’t come for it and I stopped saving it for them.

I haven’t balanced my account since.

I assumed this was just one of Universe’s ways of responding to my desire for easy money.

Third story: a fellow coach told me Eckhart Tolle shared an interesting metaphor about how we get what we want.

He said we’re like apartment buildings, with lots and lots of doors and windows.

And the way that we get what we want is through our open doors and windows.

But when it comes to money, most of us have all our doors and windows locked up tight. Except for one window, cracked open maybe two or three inches. And we call it a job.

His point being that most of us don’t know how to allow in the money we want, unless we are working for it – and even then we only let in piddly amounts.

I didn’t hear Eckhart say that myself, but that’s how I heard it from my friend.

From what I’ve seen in the world (as a financial planner, a retirement specialist and currently as an LOA money coach), I’d have to say that’s an accurate metaphor for many folks.

The other day I was going through emails and noticed a variety of payment receipts for large amounts that I really didn’t know what they could have been for. It made me wonder where all this money was coming from?

I knew the answer as soon as I wondered it.

From my vortex.

From my open doors and windows.

Because I know how to say yes to money.

I know how to let it be easy.

I know that the more fun I have, the more money I make. (Because I decided so, and I affirm it consistently into my reality.)

I like it big and I like it fun and I like it easy.

That’s what I tell Universe to deliver, by taking the time to get familiar with that vibration. I’m not asking Universe to deliver something I don’t know the vibration of.

I give those instructions. And I know how to receive it when it arrives.

That’s where my money comes from.

This is a skill I enjoy sharing. Not because money is what matters most, but because until we have our money situation sorted, it’s kind of hard to pay attention to what does matter.

Plus it’s a fun way to use our creative powers, don’t you think? 🙂

It’s why I post here about money more than any other topic.

It’s why I record podcasts on the subject.

It’s why I wrote an entire ebook about manifesting money.

And it’s why I’m leading a monthly money practice at Good Vibe University starting in a few weeks.

Again, money isn’t the be-all end-all in life, but it’s sure nice to get this aspect of life handled. It allows us to turn attention to the sorts of things that we might not get to otherwise, while we’re worried about making rent or getting the cat to the vet.

You know where money comes from, too. It comes from your vibrational instruction.

If you’d like support from a fellow creator in nailing that vibe once and for all, stay tuned for more details on The Money Aligner at GVU next year, or enroll now if you already know you want to be at the party.

Because I’m not the only one who should be having this much fun with money.

  • December 10, 2016

The Trick to Manifesting Abundance

The Trick to Manifesting AbundanceMany manifestors are focused on attracting more abundance – whether financial, love, freedom, health, or just general happiness.
Here’s a helpful trick to creating whatever kind of abundance you’d like to see in your life:
It isn’t so much figuring out how to manifest more of it, as it is learning to see and appreciate the abundance already here.
Our lives already contain what we want, in some form or fashion. And if we don’t have eyes to see it now, we’re not a match for more.
So instead of thinking, “How can I manifest more money?” think of it instead as a challenge to see the financial abundance already present in your life.
Instead of wondering, “How can I create more love in my relationship?” approach it as a commitment to seeing the love that already exists.
Same with health, sex, joy, freedom, hot dates, professional success, job opportunities – whatever we might want more of – learn to see how it’s already present.
When we develop eyes to see where it already is, more flows in.
I’ve met folks sitting on tremendous forms of abundance – love, money, friends, support – and yet been blind to it while asking for help in creating what they didn’t realize they already had in spades.
And I’ve done it myself! I know how easy it is to stop seeing what’s present in our 3D reality in favor of telling a story about how we need to create more.

At a bloggers conference years ago, the Morning Coach advised new bloggers not to dismiss their small readership. “Even if you’ve only got 12 readers, love your 12. Look at what Jesus did with his 12.”

If you can learn to love your 12 readers, or your one workshop attendee, or your only dating prospect, or the bits of freedom you experience already in daily life, or whatever it is you think you want more of – learn to see and love what you’ve already got, Universe will make it even better.
In fact, you could launch a commitment to see how your desire already exists by using an intention:

  • I intend to see the abundance of health already present in my life.
  • I am recognizing and appreciating the financial abundance that already exists for me.
  • Angels/Guides/Higher Self (or whomever you like to address), help me get better at seeing and celebrating the abundance I desire.

Setting an intention along those lines will make it easier to see what you may have overlooked before.
But don’t take my word for it. Put this to the test yourself and report back with your experience! 🙂

  • November 18, 2015

How to Attract Financial Windfalls

Attracting Financial Windfalls with the Abundance ExerciseEarlier this month my friend Melanie Bates shared an abundance exercise I’d never used before.

I played along for fun and ended up manifesting a roughly $10,000 windfall in 10 days.

(My goal was one thousand in ten days, so I was impressed with the results.)

Some of you may be interested in playing with this one, too, so here’s the “money out of the blue” exercise as I learned it from Melanie (who picked it up from Martha Beck):

Get out paper and pen to write out three short lists:

  • The first list is to jot down three times you’ve felt abundant.
  • The second list is for three times you’ve felt generous.
  • And the third list is to document three times you’ve felt ease.

(Easy way to remember the three things is with the acronym AGE: abundance, generosity, ease.)

Conscious creators will recognize the power in conjuring up those particular vibrations! And Melanie says feel free to write down more than three things if so inspired.

Then write down an amount of money you’d like to see manifest out of the blue. Make it a believable amount. (Meaning, don’t choose a million bucks if that’s hard to believe.)

Then write the date you’d like to see this money manifest by and mark that date on the calendar.

Your next step, which may be the most important, is to release attachment and forget about it. Go about your life and continue enjoying yourself, without a thought to how this amount might arrive.

When I did this exercise a few weeks ago I chose a thousand dollars in ten days (because I have a good track record with those numbers).

I was able to forget about it – except for the times I looked at the calendar where I’d written “$1,000 from the ethers” next to a big smiley face.

At first it was easy to feel positive anticipation each time I saw it on the calendar, but as time passed and the date approached I started feeling doubtful, thinking things like, “Is this really gonna work?” and “How’s that gonna happen that fast?”

But I did my best to shrug off those thoughts and follow Melanie’s instructions to go about my business, not worrying about failing the abundance exercise.

The day before my date arrived I was prepping to leave town and needed to wrap up some business paperwork beforehand …

… in the process I discovered I had a nearly ten thousand dollar distribution coming my way. In all my years of solopreneurship nothing like that has ever happened and I certainly never expected it.

In fact, I spent a lot of time puzzling over the forms, wondering how in the world it happened. My situation shouldn’t have warranted this.

Yet there it was.

It took me a minute to realize Universe had delivered on the abundance exercise in spades.

Melanie also had a delightful success, so I’m not alone in having fun with this one.

Disclaimer: this exercise is unlikely to work for anyone desperately needing money, or for anyone who has a hard time giving up control in favor of trusting Universe.

But for the rest of you – have fun with it. 🙂

  • April 23, 2015