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Does Acceptance Foil Potential?

Does Acceptance Foil Potential?If you’ve ever wondered whether accepting your present reality eliminates motivation to manifest the dream, you’re not alone.
Whether you’re after professional success, new love, more money or a better body, many are hesitant to appreciate what is (let alone accept it) for fear things won’t change.
I’ll share my thoughts in comments, but this one comes up often enough to run it by you all.
Here’s the latest version of the question:

I had a question about practicing self-love and acceptance for the body … I have been doing that, and felt huge relief.
But what’s the difference between surrendering/acceptance and giving up? For example, I was the top student in school (I really liked it and desired it a lot), but I feel like if I had been totally accepting of what is and not doing any work, I wouldn’t have had that success.
I’m just wondering if I’m not asking enough of myself. I don’t have to beat myself up to challenge myself, but it feels kind of weird for an achiever like myself to be totally cool with size 14 (even though that is totally cool). It feels like I’m not fulfilling my potential.
I would appreciate your thoughts!

Fellow creators, what say you …
Is there a difference between accepting and giving up? And what impact does that have on accomplishing our true desires?
Do you find that acceptance of what is prevents progress toward what you really want?
Thanks in advance, my friends!

  • January 30, 2016