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Acclimating to Your Desire

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Sometimes we’re so used to wanting something that we don’t realize we haven’t learned the vibration of having it.

There’s a big vibrational difference between yearning for what we want and enjoying it.

Acclimating to the desire – which just means getting used to the idea of having it – is a powerful way to speed up the manifestation of it.

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  • December 5, 2016

Acclimating to the Desire

Acclimating to Desires: Get Used To ItSometimes we conscious creators think our desire is taking longer to manifest than it should

  • The dream job was ordered up ages ago yet still we sit at the same old desk
  • We described Mr. Right to a T but he’s still just a figment of our imagination
  • We’ve been working on better health for eons and it seems like there’s little progress.

It can be frustrating when we’re not seeing the results we know are possible.
But there’s something to remember about this whole process of manifesting …
Sometimes it takes us a minute to get used to the idea of having what we want.
Whatever it is we desire, it can’t really come into physical fruition until it’s something we’ve come to expect. When it’s something that feels normal and like it belongs in our world – that’s when we’re a true vibrational match to it.
And that doesn’t always happen in the red hot moment we first recognize the desire.
It happened to me when I decided to create a coaching practice. I wanted it long before I believed in it.
Which meant it took a little doing to train myself into the expectation that people would hire me and that I could successfully run my own business.
I was the reason that manifestation took a little while to unfold.
And when I started house hunting … I entertained thoughts of a dream come true place long before it felt like a real possibility. At first it was just a crazy cool thought. A pipe dream.
It wasn’t until further down the line that I expected myself into it.
You can feel the difference between wanting and expecting, right? That’s the gap we’re talking about closing.
Abraham has said that our desire manifests when it feels like an “of course.” As long as it still feels like a crazy cool thing, we’re not fully acclimated to it. We’ve got a ways to go before we’re fully on board with having it.
We create a new normal for ourselves by pre-experiencing it internally. (That just means imagining it into our reality.)
Once we’re familiar with it on the inside it will take shape on the outside.
So the next time you’re thinking that it’s taking a while for your desire to unfold, just remember that you might still be in the process of getting used to the idea, and that’s okay.
If it manifests before you fully believe it, sometimes it goes out the back door just as quickly as it came through the front, and we find ourselves back at square one. So taking the time to learn to expect it is worth the effort. Hear more on this podcast episode.
And for those who’d like tips on how to acclimate to wealth and abundance, this podcast episode on Rehearsing For Rich might be helpful. Enjoy!

  • November 30, 2016