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If Your Dream Happened, What Next?

Imagine Your Big Dream HappenedImagine you just got what you’ve always wanted …
That big thing you’ve been working on manifesting – or the secret dream you’ve been entertaining … pretend it just happened.
What would you do next?
(I mean after the success registers and you share the good news and post the pics.)
What do you do after that?
Whatever it is, maybe do that thing now.
It just might cue Universe to deliver it once and for all.
If my big things happened …

If I sold all my products and was making a bazillion dollars as the best in the LOA business – you know what I’d do next? I’d work with my people. I’d get busy doing my thing – inspiring conscious creators to amp up their manifesting game.

If my body was in tip top shape, healthier and more amazing than ever, you know what I’d do next? I’d enjoy it. I’d wear clothes that did it justice and move through the world like someone who was comfortable in her skin. I would take super good care and love this body through and through.

If I were living on a gorgeous property that celebrated nature and animals, you know what I’d do next? I’d get outside and enjoy it. I’d admire the trees, and feed the birds, and pet the goats, and tend the garden. Just generally enjoy being there.

All of those things I can do now, in some form or fashion.
(Several of them I already am doing – but there’s a vibrational difference between doing it to get there and doing it because you are there. Know what I mean? Different signals.)
You can probably sense what an empowering move this would be, for a variety of reasons:

  • It creates internal alignment with the big dream. Woot!
  • It takes pressure off the big thing to happen.
  • It moves us right along the ‘good life’ spectrum, so we’re not stuck waiting for something to manifest.

Not only would you be delighted, but Universe would see you as a vibrational match to those dreams. And the manifestation isn’t far behind!
Give some thought to what you would do after your big dream unfolds. Whatever that is, see if you can find a way to engage that now.
It could be a game-changer.

  • August 11, 2015

Waking Up As If

Waking Up As IfYou know how after something big has happened in your life, when you wake up the next day it takes a minute to get used to the idea?
Sometimes it even takes longer than that to get used to the change?
Like after you quit your job, when you wake up on Monday, it’s sort of a surprise to remember you don’t have to go to work.
Or when you get married, it takes a minute for it to sink in that you are a wife now. Your name is Mrs. somebody!
Or after you move, when you first wake up in the new place you’re like, “wait, where am I?” Oh yeah, that’s right, I live here now.
Even after the calendar turned, it took a couple days to remember it’s 2015, didn’t it?
Okay, so I’ve been using those early morning moments to remind myself something that instantly changes the tone of the day.
I remember that all my dreams have already come true.

There’s nothing I have to work on today.
There’s nothing I’m waiting on to happen.
There’s nothing to reach for.

It’s all already happened.
All my dreams have come true.
I have every reason to feel satisfied and fulfilled.
Because it already happened. (Even when I’m not exactly sure what happened, just knowing that it already has shifts my vibration.)
Can you feel how an identity shift like this creates vibrational alignment to whatever we want to manifest?
I’m finding it a powerful ticket to “wake up as if.”

When my gremlin mind pops in with any negative input, I just conjure evidence to support the thought.
After all, lots of dreams have come true in my life – I don’t wake up to an alarm, I get to stay at home with the dogs all day, the money situation is well in hand, there is no man I have to answer to, I’ve got a gorgeous view of this beautiful world and I have an amazing life. So shush it, gremlin.

Which means when I get out of bed in the morning, I’m starting the day as the girl who got what she wanted.
When I do this I notice there’s less striving, less urgency to my morning. Less “should dos” and more “what would be funs.”
I feel like the cheshire cat, wearing a delighted smile and not wanting for a single thing.
All there is left to do is live happily ever after.
Which doesn’t mean I don’t do anything that day.
It just means everything I engage is with a higher vibration – the energy of satisfaction and fulfillment.
Kind of a cool thing to remember. 🙂

  • January 11, 2015

How to Pretend When Reality Disagrees

How to Pretend When Reality DisagreesLOA savvy folks know the power of acting as if you’ve already got what you want.
Becoming the person you want to be – before reality agrees with you – is incredibly effective at aligning your signal to allow your desires to manifest in 3D reality.
This works no matter what you’re manifesting – whether your goals are professional, spiritual, relationship, financial or physical health.
Yet lots of creators don’t practice it because they quickly run into challenges with pretending it’s already so.
Like, the guy manifesting financial abundance doesn’t know how to “be rich” when he has no money in the bank.
The woman wanting love and romance doesn’t know how to feel loved and adored while she’s alone and single.
The person desiring fame and fortune for her artistic talents doesn’t know how to overlook the fact that her work isn’t going anywhere.

You readers probably have lots of tips for getting around “reality” in order to embrace the identity we aspire to. We’d love to hear your suggestions!

In the meantime I’ll share a couple of my own creative workarounds for those who have trouble being rich while reality says they’re still broke:
When you want prosperity but you can’t buy what you want …
… know that rich people sometimes don’t buy everything they want, either! Sometimes they hold out for a better color or a different model.
Sometimes they shop around before they decide on what they like best.
Sometimes they know it’s wise to run it by the spouse before they pull the trigger.
Sometimes they prefer to live a simpler life that isn’t filled with things having to be stored and maintained. Sometimes they like to sit on a desire for a minute to make sure it’s not a passing fancy.
Or sometimes the salesperson is a jerk that they don’t want to deal with. Or maybe they don’t want to buy during retrograde mercury.
What I mean is, you could still be a rich person who isn’t buying everything you want right on the spot. Sometimes they walk away, too.
Just because you don’t buy it doesn’t mean it has to compromise your identity as one who is rich beyond belief.
Here’s another common obstacle for those ‘acting as if’ they’re rolling in money:
When you want to be rich but your bank account says otherwise …
… you know what? Sometimes rich people have low bank balances, too.
Maybe because they keep all their money in a different (higher earning) investment account.
Maybe it’s because they just donated the bulk of their liquid assets to a worthy cause, and they know their account will be flush again in no time.
Maybe they don’t have any money in their wallet because they don’t carry cash. Like how Howie Mandell (I imagine) doesn’t handle money because he’s germophobic.
Right? It makes sense that there wouldn’t be any money there.
See how these things still go together?
Here’s another situation:
When you want to help someone out financially but you can’t afford to …
Look, sometimes a person with all the money in the world doesn’t give money because he knows there’s a better way to help solve a problem.
Sometimes a kind word or an expression of encouragement does wonders. Sometimes a suggestion or a referral makes a bigger difference. Sometimes giving your time is more helpful than throwing money at it.
I’m saying you could still be rich and find another – even better – way to help a friend out.

Sometimes rich people have their assets temporarily unavailable. It happens.
Sometimes they drive a car that isn’t their favorite. (Maybe theirs is in the shop, or they let someone borrow it for a special occasion.)
Sometimes they don’t wear the most expensive clothes. Maybe they’re in the process of losing weight, so they’re not redoing their wardrobe until they stabilize. This is just their ‘limbo’ wardrobe.
Sometimes wealthy folks declare bankruptcy. They have good reasons for it and it makes financial sense. (Hello Donald Trump.)
Sometimes rich people get calls from creditors. (It could be a wrong number. It could be a bill or a payment that got lost in the shuffle. It could be a stolen identity, who knows?)
Sometimes people with plenty of money don’t go on expensive vacations. Maybe they’ve got something big going on at work, so they’re skipping it this year. Or maybe they’ve never slept under the stars in a sleeping bag, so they’re going camping instead of cruising this time. Maybe the travel agent totally screwed something up and that’s why they’re in coach instead of first class.
Stranger things have happened!

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t take much imagination to keep your new identity intact even while you’re walking through the world in your “former” reality.
It’s worth conjuring whatever story works to maintain the new identity that takes you where you want to go.
Pretending you’ve got what you want despite a contrary reality isn’t all that hard. 🙂
Let’s hear your workarounds for being able to “act as if” when the circumstances don’t agree. Fellow creators get hung up in practicing this with weight loss, professional success, and romance almost as much as they get stumped on money.
Got any tips? I’ll share a few more of my favorites in the comments …

  • December 17, 2014

The Scene Falls Into Place

Become the character and the scene falls into place.“When you become the character, the scene will fall into place around you.”
That’s what coach Jacqui Gates shared from her stage performance days. Which happens to be great manifesting wisdom as well.
So many of us are waiting for the scene around us to confirm who we want to be.

  • We’ll feel like better money managers when the bills are paid and we’ve got a nice cash cushion.
  • We’ll feel healthier once our body is in better shape.
  • We’ll be a happy partner once we’re hand in hand with our lover.

That’s when we’ll own it – when our external reality says so. When we can see it and touch it and feel it.
But the system doesn’t work that way.
We gotta be that person first – before the scene can fall into place around us.
This is basic stuff, but so many of us hold back from achieving that true state of alignment until our external environment reflects it back to us. It helps to remember the party starts with us. We gotta get there first. To whatever extent you’re not doing that, you’re holding back your manifesting results.
Powerful deliberate creation is about claiming it – and owning it – first. Before the bank balance agrees, before we’re celebrating a honeymoon, before the doctor’s tests confirm, etc.
It’s to achieve a ‘state of being’ despite what our current circumstances indicate, and in advance of the physical 3D reality catching up with us.
And it’s what all the great creators have practiced.  (Ghandi, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, etc.)

My list of inspiring creators who show how it’s done includes:
Ali from Biggest Loser (“I am the biggest loser,” she claimed in advance, when she had no business claiming such a thing.)
LMFAO on how they made music that helped them achieve the feeling of dreams come true.  (“We use dreaming as a tool to get what we want in our life.”)
Kid Rock who sang about going platinum long before he ever did.
Lady Gaga who repeated: “The fame is inside me – I am going to make a number one record with number one hits” until it wasn’t a ‘lie’ any more.

Do you know how to walk through the world as someone who already got what she wanted? It’s a powerful thing to practice.
I’m off to embrace my success as though it’s already a done deal, and invite you to do the same. The Universe doesn’t take long to catch up with us when we give it a strong lead.

  • June 23, 2013

Pocket Litter Manifesting

pocket litter manifestingOkay, quick pop quiz: if a stranger examined everything from your purse or wallet, glove compartment and pockets right now, what would they learn about you?
What do the things you carry say about who you are and what your life is like?
Studying the art of “pocket litter” can be a fun way to amp up your manifesting game! When we purposely surround ourselves with the items that support our new identity (who we are becoming rather than who we are), we engage a powerful enhancement of vibrational alignment.
(This post is follow up from today’s newsletter on 10 spy practices that can make you a better manifestor.)
Here’s an expanded look at the art of LOA pocket litter:
In secret agent world pocket litter is the stuff that confirms we are who we say we are, so our cover identities hold up under scrutiny.
Why would a deliberate creator study the art of espionage pocket litter?
Because it’s a fun way to create vibrational alignment to what we want!
From the underground espionage site Intelligence Search, pocket litter is defined as:

items in a spy’s pocket (receipts, coins, theater tickets, etc.) that add authenticity to his or her identity.

It’s the valet ticket from dinner at the restaurant opening; it’s the dry cleaner receipt from having our tuxedo pressed for our upcoming awards speech; it’s the phone number stored in the cell phone for the kid’s school. It’s how spies help create a believable cover identity for themselves.
Deliberate creators can leverage this espionage technique by creating their own pocket litter in support of their manifesting goal.
For example, if you want to manifest living in an expensive ritzy neighborhood, you could:

  • put the new keys on your key ring (I bought these castle keys for a friend who is manifesting a big move next year)
  • store the entry gate security code in a safe place in your wallet
  • have your famous neighbors on speed dial for weekend jacuzzi parties

Or if you’re attracting a publisher for your best selling book-to-be, you could:

  • have your public appearance & book signing schedule handy
  • keep your agent’s business cards on hand for aspiring writers requesting an introduction
  • bookmark the site for gifts you send to fellow authors, agents and bloggers who supported your book launch

When I was building a coaching practice, I wrote in calendar appointments with clients that didn’t yet exist. And created folders with made up names for notes I hadn’t taken. I got the physical evidence around me that said I was a busy coach in high demand.
Get the idea?
We’re looking for the things that would indicate to the outside world that you are who you want to become. Universe loves that kind of alignment!
Let’s hear some of your “pocket litter” ideas for your current manifesting projects …

  • February 24, 2013

Acting As If

Acting As If - a law of attraction processAre you familiar with the manifesting method of “acting as if”? It’s a powerful way to create alignment to your desire and signal Universe that you’re ready for it to deliver the goods!
Acting as if is all about creating immediate alignment with your desire.
Whatever your goal, desire or intention is, you simply conduct yourself throughout your day as if you’ve already achieved it. Act as if you’ve already achieved the success you dream of.
For example, if you want to drop a few pounds, act as if you already have. Ask yourself what would an ideal-weight person wear today? What would an ideal- weight person eat for breakfast? How would he answer the phone? What would she do for fun tonight? Become that ideal-weight person with your actions, and your body will soon reflect your new “ideal weight” vibration.
Or if you want to attract financial abundance, act as if you already have, to the extent you’re able. How does a rich person drive through this intersection? How does a wealthy girl walk through this store? What would a financially secure person contribute to this conversation?
The bottom line is we don’t have to wait until it’s here before we start enjoying it. In fact, that’s what deliberate creation is all about – find the feeling state of it first, THEN it’s delivered.
Acting as if is a powerful tool for creating vibrational alignment and an easy one to have fun with. Enjoy!

  • April 1, 2007