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On Seeing Things Through

Let Joy Lead You to SuccessMuggles often have a prejudice for seeing things through, which is a belief some conscious creators still carry remnants of.
Some think it’s important to get things done and stick it out until the thing is “finished.”
Because (they believe) that’s the only way we benefit from it. Whether it’s a book, a diet, a business strategy – “you can’t expect results if you don’t complete the action.”
But conscious creators know that isn’t what really matters …
It’s not what we do that makes the difference in what unfolds, it’s how we feel.
Which means it isn’t about getting something done; it’s about following the joy, wherever that may lead. Even when it calls us somewhere new before we’ve finished the other thing.
If your joy is done, you’re finished with it. Period.
Because joy is the vibration that carries us to dreams come true – not actions.

Sometimes our joy disappears under limiting beliefs that turn our joy into a job (or a “should” or a “have to”). Steer clear of those so gremlins don’t ruin our joy parties.
You may also have to manage unhelpful thoughts about being a quitter, or what others expect from you, in order to be fully delighted in following your joy.
If you carry strong beliefs about how important it is to see something through, it may just feel better to finish it. (If that’s the case, at least set an intention for the process to be fun.)

Once upon a time I felt the inspiration for an in-home infrared sauna. I’ve maybe used it a dozen times in five years. My boyfriend thinks it was a waste of my money.
But that’s impossible, as long as I let joy lead. Where it goes, I go. And if it doesn’t take me back into the sauna, then the sauna is no longer for me. As long as I’m tuned to joy, I’m set up for success, no matter how brief the sauna inspiration was.
Once upon another time, many years ago, I got lit up about dry skin brushing. To this day I love and adore that practice. I even pack brushes when I travel, that’s how much I love it. But it only serves me because I engage it out of enthusiasm, not out of “should.”
Bashar tells us to follow our highest excitement, and to do so without attachment to results.
Abraham calls it “getting in your vortex.”
However you describe it, when we follow our bliss and leap from one delightful thing to another, it doesn’t matter what we get done or how long we commit to it. What matters is being tuned to passion/inspiration.
When the joy is gone, it’s time to go wherever the new inspiration leads. When we let joy lead, that’s the kind of alignment that makes dreams come true.
Because joy is your quickest ticket to whatever you desire.
The bottom line is that when inner guidance calls you to something new, before you’ve “finished” the other thing, it’s best to trust that guidance and let joy rule.
Our inspiration often evolves in ways that don’t go according to plan. So don’t get stuck in thinking that just because one day in the past you thought this was a good idea that now you have to stick it out until it’s “done.” It’s done when the joy calls you elsewhere.
That goes for memberships, trips, relationships, careers – you name it.
Our joy, our bliss (or maybe it just feels like relief right now if we’re far away from it) holds the key to everything we want …
Go there.

  • August 6, 2015

Law of Attraction: A Complete System

Law of Attraction: A Complete SystemYesterday my facebook husband forwarded an article explaining why law of attraction isn’t enough to make the differences we want.
The author wrote that there are three schools of thought about creating success (mindset, action, and tools/techniques) and that most teachers focus only on one but we actually need all three to succeed.
He’s not the first one to say that LOA isn’t enough … that anyone who relies on the power of their thoughts to get what they want is sure to be disappointed.
I’ve also heard others say it’s all well and good to entertain positive thoughts, but you better get off your butt to make something happen or you’ll just be “wishing” forever.

(You may know an LOA guru or two who preaches the same thing – keep taking action, no matter what.)

And there are others who argue that even with LOA engaged, there are certain tools or techniques required to succeed.

(Perhaps you’ve heard an LOA teacher espouse a certain marketing strategy for growing your business or a particular diet to get healthy.)

Which just means it isn’t only muggles arguing that action and tools are required elements of the success formula.
Here’s what they don’t understand …
LOA is a complete system in itself.
It’s all we need to pay attention to. We don’t have to marry it up with anything else. It’s got everything we need in it.
We don’t have to try to fill in any gaps or close any loops. It knows what it’s doing!
I like how Bashar says it:

All you have to do is follow your highest excitement. Act on your joy to the best of your ability and when you can take no further action on that thing, then look around for the next exciting thing you have the greatest ability to take action on and do it.
Excitement is its own self contained kit and its own driving engine.
When you act on your excitement to the best of your ability every moment, you begin to experience synchronistically that the exciting thing you’re doing actually contains all of the things you need to consider. What it doesn’t contain you don’t need to consider.
It’s a self contained kit that always perpetuates more of the same and brings with it the things that are important for you to look at.

The reason that’s so is because when we get aligned to what we want (joy = alignment) the rest takes care of itself …
… the path will be revealed, like a red carpet rolling out before us (Abraham calls it the “downstream journey”). And all we have to do is take the next inspired step on our path. The right tools & resources reveal themselves; the ideal circumstances converge; the perfect players show up, and synchronicities rule the day.
It all works out once we get aligned and are vibrating what we want.
Here’s an example of how it works in the real world:

Once upon a time when I was still in the corporate work world, I was informed by management that if we salespeople didn’t turn our numbers around asap, we would all be out of jobs. (Our department was not rocking it, at that point.)
After that come-to-Jesus meeting, I decided to give up management’s method of trying to make this gig work (which was cold calling for prospects, giving formal presentations, etc.) and instead use my own style of magic.
I got out a new journal – a little notebook, actually. It was just two inches by three inches, with maybe 25 pages in it.
And on the first page I wrote about what I wanted as if it had already happened.
(This was the method I used to get aligned, aka pray rain journaling.)
I wrote: “Isn’t it great how prospects find me. How excited they are to hear about my product. What a great fit we are, and what great rapport we have. And how they can’t wait for me to implement it.”
After that alignment session (which just took a few minutes to write), I asked myself what sounded good next.
The answer was lunch!
I left the building for my favorite restaurant across the street, and had a delicious leisurely meal. Kicked my feet up on an extra chair at my outside table, and fed leftover pita bread to the sparrows. (This was my idea of a good time, and was a big switch from the hurried snacks I’d snarfed down in between prospecting calls at my cubicle.)
After about an hour and a half of goofing off at lunch, I asked myself, “Okay, what sounds good next?”
The answer surprised me – “go back to work.” But I did as inspired.
In the elevator, I meet a guy who asks what I do. I tell him I sell small business 401k plans.
He asks me to follow him to his office. I do.
He shows me his desk, covered with sales literature from 401k vendors.
“I haven’t been able to make heads or tails of this in weeks. Can you help me?”
Hell, yes, I can help him! I explain the ins and outs of all my competitors, everything he needs to know about everyone. We have a lovely conversation. (I really do like talking about 401k plans when I get a chance to.)
After about 15 minutes he stands up and walks me down the hall to introduce me to his HR Director. He informs this person that I am going to be implementing their 401k plan, so she should sign whatever I need her to sign.
He turns to me and asks, “How soon can you have that to us?”
And that was it. Virtually to a T it was what I’d just journaled about two hours prior, which at the time seemed like pure fantasy.
We’d been taught in training that in the best case scenario it’s a six week process to identify a prospect, set up a meeting, prepare a presentation, field objections, present a contract for consideration, etc. It just happened for me in a matter of minutes.

That’s the power of alignment.
And it didn’t require that I study closing techniques, or have slick power point slides. It didn’t require me to hustle and bustle my way through the day. In fact, I’d been doing that all along and gotten nowhere with it.
I’ve got a bunch of stories just like this one …

  • how I filled my coaching practice with perfect clients in three months
  • how I became a master certified coach
  • how I made enough passive income to fund my lifestyle
  • how I manifested $1000 in ten days just for fun
  • how I launched a summer of fun on my first online dating foray
  • how I manifested one of the ones after I decided I was in the mood for a keeper
  • how I got my foster dogs adopted after first learning the power of LOA …

Law of attraction is a complete system in itself.
Yes, I did things that I enjoyed (i.e. took inspired action). Yes, I likely engaged a few tools (like a website) along the way (when it was part of my inspiration).
But LOA isn’t something you have to combine with another method or strategy in order to create the success you want.
It includes everything that’s needed in order for you to get what you want.
Because once you get aligned, the rest takes care of itself.
So the next time you hear a guru who thinks they know what action you should take or tool you should use to get what you want, remember how the system works. The only tool or action required is the one of alignment. And only you know the best path to what you want, which is revealed once you get aligned (i.e. happy).
At least, that’s how I see it. We each get to play it however we prefer. 🙂

  • March 28, 2015

Choosing High Grade Fuel

Running To or From?There are two ways to take any action.
The interesting thing is that very same action, depending on what’s driving it, can bring totally different results.
I’m talking about the difference between being action fueled by resistance vs. action fueled by inspiration.
Are you taking an action to avoid something, or are you taking action to move toward what you want?
They might seem like the same thing, since it’s the same action, but they’ll deliver very different results.
For example …

  • When you submit a resume because you hate your job, that turns out different than when you submit a resume because you’re excited about a new opportunity.
  • When you save up money because you’re nervous about not having enough that leads to different results than when you save money because you enjoy nest eggs.
  • When you start dating because you don’t like being single that attracts a completely different life than when you start dating because you like the thought of meeting someone new.
  • When you manifest something new because you don’t like current reality you get very different results than when you manifest something out of love for what’s possible.

The examples are endless.
Same actions. Totally different results.
You can’t guess where you’ll end up based on the actions you take. Rather, it’s the energy fueling those actions that dictates how things unfold.
So it’s worth asking … what’s fueling your actions today?

  • February 11, 2014

When You Don't Know What To Do

when you don't know what to doSooner or later we get in one of those spots where we don’t know what to do

  • wondering which project takes priority
  • vacillating about whether to see the doctor or not
  • not sure whether to book the vacation or save the money
  • second guessing about whether to break up or give it another go.

We can drive ourselves nuts trying to figure out solutions to our quandaries.
That’s a good time to use this two-point sure fire formula for confused situations, big or small. Try this next time you don’t know what to do:
1. Remember the end result you want
What are you shooting for? Tune into what your happy ending looks like. (Satisfied clients; healthy body; relaxed & rejuvenated spirit; happily ever after romance, etc.)
Focusing on what you want makes it more likely that your next actions will take you there. This is a good time to let go of “hows” and open up to new ideas.
2. Give inspiration (spirit within) a chance to speak
Don’t try to figure it out from your limited physical mind – let spirit/source help out by allowing higher guidance to chime in. Clearing some space in the noise within allows miraculous insights or sometimes even immediate resolution to the challenges we face.
This process can be summed up simply as this: Refocus, then Relax.
The reason this works so well is because when we make a decision out of uncertainty, limitation or frustration, that vibration dictates the results we get. (Which won’t be fab.)
Taking a minute to shake off the kinky vibes and remember what we want, then partnering with guidance to get there does a world of good.
Bottom line: the vibration of the answer is different than the vibration of the question – so get out of question mode before you take action or expect good answers.
Focus is everything, and our actions aren’t as important as the energy fueling them!

  • August 14, 2013

Doesn't Matter What You Do

Doesn't Matter What You Do; Only How You FeelSometimes we get caught up in trying to decide what to do, analyzing which option is best.

  • Quit this job or stay put?
  • Stay in this relationship or get out?
  • Go ahead with this medical procedure or wait for another solution?
  • Spend this money now or save it for later?

It can be maddening when we don’t have strong guidance making it clear which is the best option.
That’s when I like to remember that it doesn’t matter what we do.
It only matters how we feel.
Because our world is unfolding according to our energy, not our action.
So even if I picked a “smart” action, if I continue doubting and second-guessing that action, that energy won’t lead to my highest success.
On the other hand, if I picked a ridiculous path that seems very unlikely to work out – if I feel confident and flow positive expectations about that decision, I’ll be better served than if I chose something out of fear or obligation.
It’s worth remembering next time you’re stuck in indecision wondering what the right thing to do is.

It’s also why it’s pointless to judge another’s action, since we don’t know what their vibration is around it.  As in, maybe Angelina Jolie found her highest relief in having an elective double mastectomy.  Whatever she feels best about is what works best for her.  The same is true for each of us, even when we land on different answers.

There is no such thing as “right thing to do.”  There is only “best way to feel.”
Which option makes it easier for you to feel good?  Go with that one.
And then LET it be the right decision.  Get on board with it and feel good about it, whichever you choose.
Because it’s those good vibes that make the difference.
It’s not what you do that counts; it’s how you feel.

  • May 17, 2013
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