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And a Great Time Was Had By All

A Great Time for All ManifestorsA reminder for conscious creators in today’s current political climate:
Change out there starts with change in here.
It’s all an inside job, because the world can only reflect what we vibrate.
So we don’t achieve peace and wellbeing by being anything other than peaceful and well.
Conscious creators know we don’t have to make the world different in order to relax and enjoy. That is always available to us anytime we choose it.
We also know that everyone gets to choose for themselves.
So if others choose something besides peace and wellbeing, that’s perfectly fine. It doesn’t mean we have to have it, too.

Example: The other night I shared a 12″ pizza with a friend. His half had had pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms on it. Everything I don’t like in a pizza.
My half was fresh basil, roma tomatoes and mozzarella. Yum!
And yet, there we were, enjoying our pizza together, without the need to make the other understand what was wrong with olives or why pepperoni is what makes the world go round.
He had it his way. I had it mine. All was well.

It might seem a ridiculous analogy, but the concept holds for bigger world “issues.”
Source doesn’t judge our choices. And we each get to choose for ourselves. Every one of us. No exceptions.
That’s why it’s helpful when we don’t judge each other’s choices, either.
(Esther Hicks has refused invitations to have Abraham join world peace movements, since Abe says, “We would never impose peace on anyone.”)
“But where does change come from?” some wonder. Surely someone needs to do something about what’s wrong in the world right now.
“Because if we don’t, who will?”
That’s the siren call of muggle world that thinks nothing happens if we don’t take action.
They don’t realize we live in a vibrational-based world.
But conscious creators know action is pointless if we don’t tend to the energy first.
Any action, no matter how sensible, logical and obvious it may seem, won’t lead to the results we want if we haven’t learned the vibration of what we want.
Which is why this is a helpful time to not be shamed or guilted for not joining marches or signing petitions or calling our legislators or whatever else others call for that conscious creators know doesn’t make the real difference.
The real difference comes from the vibration.
That’s what’s worth paying attention to: how you feel.
(Not to mention, the idea of seeing others in the world as “at risk” or victimized isn’t actually using our focusing power for good, if you know what I mean.)
It’s also helpful to remember we don’t know what vibe others are flowing via their actions.
Because you can march with peace in your heart or with rage flowing. You can call your legislator out of fear about what you don’t want, or as an inspiration to empower your preferences.
The action itself doesn’t dictate what the vibration is for each person. That’s individual and personal.
It’s also worth remembering that to sit in judgment of another’s actions is to stick our nose where it doesn’t belong. Tending to our own vibration is the most effective way to promote (whatever we each think of as) good in the world.
As long as our emotional state is dependent on someone else’s actions or any external condition, we’re not free. And it’s not anyone else’s job or responsibility to change in order for us to feel better.
Conscious creators know this.
It’s especially fabulous when we practice it.

That doesn’t mean we can’t speak up or take action in service of what we desire. We just want to be sure it’s fueled by the good stuff instead of resistance.
It doesn’t mean we can’t march with others in an effort to create change. We just want to be sure we’re feeling empowered instead of victimized.

It’s more important than ever to harness our power of focus so we’re using our vibration to create the world we prefer.
That’s why this is a great time to not give a rip what others think, so that we can hear our own guidance above all else.
That’s why this is a great time to have skills for seeing what’s going right. And to prioritize enjoyment over suffering.
That’s why this is a great time to let others have it their way, remembering that we didn’t come here to agree.
That’s why this is a great time to remember the value of contrast. And how to not get stuck in it.
Actually, this is a great time. Period.
So enjoy your pizza! Or not.
You get to decide. 🙂

  • January 22, 2017