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“I Am” Statements 101

When I tell clients my I Am statement, it’s not unusual that their eyebrows crash into the ceiling and their mouth drops open as they respond, “Wow! How can I get one of those??”

I’ll admit, it is a pretty good affirmation.

And it changes the tenor of every day that I start it with.

My I Am statement leads me to different decisions, made with different energy, creating different results.

Actually, it’s more aligned decisions, fueled by higher energy, leading to more dramatic results.

Who wouldn’t want that, right?

I believe formulating and engaging an I Am Statement is a skill every conscious creator should have.

If you aren’t already employing this magic in your own manifesting practice, I invite you to change that today.

Here’s a quick and dirty I Am tutorial for savvy creators, good vibe style:

1. What is an I Am statement?

The I Am Statement is the motherlode of all affirmations. There is likely no better way to instruct Universe about how to create your reality.

And, it’s any sentence that begins with the words I Am.

So any time you say,

  • “I am sick of reading political posts on facebook,” or
  • “I am happy to be here,” or
  • “I am beat/busy/tired/confused/delighted/etc.,”

you are engaging a powerful way to speak that reality into being. Wanted or not.

2. Why are I Am statements so powerful?

Some quote (the English translation) of the Hebrew Bible when Moses asked God his name (“I am that I am”) as the source for explaining the power of these two words.

When I asked P’taah about it, he said it was because speaking those two words (if used with conscious intent) could powerfully connect us to source energy.

But I think it’s also powerful because it’s a direct way to tell the story of yourself.

When you say, “I am this” or “I am that” you give a very specific and direct instruction about how it is for you.

“I am having the time of my life” or “I am at the end of my rope” – giving such a direct vibrational instruction Universe conspires with you to make it so.

Obviously, lots of us use I Am statements that don’t serve our happiness or well-being very well.

We can change that!

3. How do you make an I Am statement?

You’re already doing it any time you begin a sentence with “I am.”

The way to make a really powerful and helpful I Am statement is to get clear about what you want to create in your reality, imagine yourself there now, and then describe it beginning with the words, “I am.”

I like it best when you use the language you actually use. The more it sounds like you, the more legit the instruction feels.

So if you’re looking to manifest a fabulously healthy and fit body, imagine yourself in the body of your dreams, then describe the situation beginning with “I am”:

  • “I am so smokin’ hot and feeling so spectacular in this beautiful body that I can’t help but wonder how it gets any better than this.”
  • “I am loving this physical transformation I’ve created! I am strong, I am healthy, and I am feeling better every day. Yay me!”

A mentor coach told me that my I Am statement should be so big and powerful that it makes me blush when I say it. That’s a tall order!

My original I Am statement under her direction included something about being the master of infinite possibilities and bringing light to all. (Hers had “goddess” and “divine beings” or something like that in it. So we’re talking BIG.)

I have since morphed my I Am into something more specific and concrete for what I’m creating in my work. (I refuse to type it out – you really have to hear it in my own words to get the gist of its power.)

Note: somewhere I read that your I Am statement should your name for best effect. Ex: “I, Jeannette Maw, am enjoying the romance of a lifetime that makes me feel like I’m one of Universe’s chosen ones.” I wasn’t sure about interjecting my name right in between the two most powerful words, but I can feel a difference with it.

Try it on for size yourself and trust your guidance about what serves you best.

4. How do you use an I Am statement?

Creating an I Am statement does you no good if you don’t put it to regular use.

Saying it once or twice isn’t likely to get much traction.

But speaking it daily – that’s a game changer.

I like to repeat mine out loud when no one else is in earshot. That way I’m not as self-conscious about saying it, but I get the added power of voicing it into the world.

Some might prefer to write it, which I have done. But for a daily practice I prefer to speak it out loud three times for best effect.

(I’ve found by the third time I finish repeating it that I can really feel the “click,” as Florence Scovel-Shinn would say.)

I also like to start my day with it, since it sets a powerful tone for the hours that unfold.

I occasionally repeat it throughout the day if I feel like I could use an inspiring boost, but it’s worth playing around with it yourself to feel what serves you best.


Q: What if I don’t believe it?
A: That’s okay. Keep playing with it. We don’t start with something we already believe to be true, unless we’re just trying to maintain the same reality we’ve already created.

By design, we will be saying something that isn’t yet true. That’s the point.

The repetition of it is how we train ourselves into a new belief, and thus a new reality.

Q: When will I get results?
A: You will get results immediately (if you’ve structured it well), in the form of how you feel.

If your I Am statement makes you feel more empowered, more bold, more focused, more fabulous, more peaceful, more free, or whatever good feelings might arise as you speak it – those are the results.

Q: What if others make fun?
A: That’s fine, too. Either keep it to yourself, or be willing to let them think what they think.

Their opinion doesn’t matter, and you’ll get the last laugh anyway when you create the “impossible” via your I Am statement.

Q: What if it doesn’t work?
A: Okay, that is not the question a savvy creator ponders. It does not point us in the direction of success!

Seriously, though, what do you have to lose? Worst case scenario you spend a month or two with a powerful I Am statement that makes you feel better every morning you say it. (And if it’s not making you feel better, use one that does.)

Lastly, surely you can find a more empowering question … like, “How will I handle all the success I create?” (Okay, now you’re rollin’!)

Q: Should I change it over time, or keep the same words?
A: If you keep this practice up you will see that your reality will eventually begin to catch up with your I Am statement.

When that happens I take that as my cue to expand my I Am even bigger, so I am constantly leading myself where I want to go with a very juicy statement.

This process works so well for me that my statement has been through several iterations in the last 12 years, and I’m sure will continue to evolve into even bigger and better territory as time goes on.

Q: What do I do next (after I say it)?
A: Go about your day, doing whatever feels best. However inspiration calls you, go there.

Engaging your I Am statement will begin turning some very big wheels in the Universe to prove you right. Cooperate by going wherever your highest impulses lead you.

Q: What else do I need to know?
A: You get to make this up yourself, you know. That’s what conscious creators do.

There aren’t nearly as many rules as we think there are. Make up your own, and have fun with it!


  • March 28, 2017

How to Make Your Own Affirmation

affirmation design: how to make your own affirmationWhat’s the best affirmation to manifest what you want?
As Florence Scovel-Shinn says, what matters is that you feel the “click” with the words.
That isn’t always the mantra you pick up from someone else (like thesethesehere or here). Sometimes the best affirmation is the one you make up yourself.
So how do you create your own customized affirmation?
One way is to fiddle with or tweak someone else’s mantra that’s close-but-not-quite until you feel the “click” of it for yourself.
But my favorite way to make your own affirmation is to start from scratch and find it within and in your own words. Here’s one way to do that:
Imagine yourself in the happy results that you want, whether it’s financial prosperity, ideal health, happy relationships, prosperous work, etc.
Engage your vision with rich and vivid details.

My favorite way to dive in deep is to give three answers to three questions: 1) what does it look like? 2) what does it sound like? 3) what does it feel like? By tuning in that way you’ll be fully engaged in a powerful vision of your desired outcome.

Once you’re dialed in to your dream, listen for what words you’ll speak (or think) now that your dream has come true.
If you’re manifesting financial prosperity, for example, and you imagine bank statements with big balances, credit cards paid in full, plenty of cash in the wallet, fat paychecks, joyfully supporting favorite causes and lending a helping hand at will … what will you hear yourself saying when that’s your reality?
I might say things like:

  • “Plenty more where that came from.”
  • “Man, it’s good to be rich!”
  • “Holy sh*t, I make a lot of money!”
  • “I got this.”

Whatever words you would hear yourself saying then is a powerful affirmation for aligning to your dream now.
Hearing your affirmation in your own personal language makes it easier to embrace and also extremely effective.
For those who find the words challenging to embrace because your current reality is too far away from that vision, it may serve to soften your custom affirmation by including a preface like “It’ll be nice when …” or “I’m in process of …” or “I look forward to …”
Or another approach to right-size your mantra is to dial back your ultimate vision and tune into a picture while it’s in the process of unfolding. (Like when you get one bill paid off or create even a small cushion of savings.) Listen for what you’ll say in those early steps of its manifestation and you may find that one is easier to work with.
Either way, creating your own custom affirmation can be exceptionally more powerful than trying on another’s that doesn’t fit quite right.
I’d love to hear your personal affirmations if you care to share in the comments below …

  • March 18, 2014

25 Affirmations Louise Hay Didn’t Write

not your mothers affirmationsLouise Hay is the queen of affirmations and everyone knows it.
We’ve all used one of her originals, like…

  • All is well.
  • I am good enough.
  • I am healthy, whole and complete.
  • I choose peace.

There’s nothing wrong with those, but they don’t always float everyone’s boat.
Florence Scovel-Shinn says it’s important that our mantras “click” for us.
So if traditional isn’t your style, you might like one of these 26 affirmations that Louise Hay didn’t write.
We call these “affirmations with attitude,” and they aren’t for everyone.  (So if swear words offend, you might want to click away now …)

    1. Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it.
    2. Universe has my back.
    3. I’m the best there is.
    4. The more I goof off, the more money I make.
    5. Rock on with your bad self.
    6. Holy sh*t, I make a lot of money!
    7. I’m sexy and I know it.
    8. F**k it.
    9. S’all good.
    10. I am the greatest!
    11. I believe in the glamorous life and I live one.
    12. Easy peasy smooth & breezy.
    13. Universe is my b*tch.
    14. I design myself.
    15. It’s a good thing I’m rich!
    16. It is what it is.
    17. Jus’ chill.
    18. I got this!
    19. Winning!
    20. There is nobody like me.
    21. People are f***ing awesome.
    22. Oh yeah, watch me!
    23. Just do it.
    24. Money, I’m calling you into my life!  Money, You Love ME!
    25. Man, I’m good at this!

Thanks to the irreverent creators who brought us these politically incorrect affirmations:
Maya Angelou, Andy Dooley, Michele Woodward, Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Nike, Muhammad Ali, Charlie Sheen, Danielle LaPorte, thef**itlife.com, LMFAO, Mike Dooley, one or two from me, the US Marine Corps, Reverend Ike, and YOU.  Let’s hear your favorite “not for all audiences” affirmations …

  • January 24, 2014

The Words That Changed My Life

how to use affirmations and mantrasDo you ever get embarrassed when strangers (or even friends and family) walk through your house and see your strategically placed written mantras?

(We all have them, right?  On the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, the office bulletin board, etc.?)

I used to be so self-conscious of them that I’d actually take them down before the Comcast rep showed up or the dishwasher installation guy arrived.

But last week when the carpet installers came over, I let my affirmations fly loud and proud.

Because after all, these words have brought magic into my life.  They’ve delivered so many good things that I can’t even pretend to be embarrassed about using them any more.

If you were standing in my office now, here’s what you’d see on multicolored sticky notes:

  • I make money like magic.
  • I am a highly paid highly respected business owner.
  • (that one above used to be: “I am a brilliant coach in high demand.”)
  • You can prove anything!
  • Thank you.  I love you.
  • It gets easier and easier.
  • The system is set up for my success.
  • We’ve got it made!
  • The Universe is good to me.
  • Holy sh*t, I make a lot of money!
  • I am having the time of my life.

That’s just a sampling of “spells” from my office board that have brought enormous amounts of deliciousness to real life.

But it isn’t just the written words that work magic in my world.  It’s the spoken ones, too … the ones I’ve repeated myself, and the ones others have spoken to me.

Like when someone tells me I’ve got a crazy idea that will never work, my standby response is, “Oh yeah? Watch me.”

Or when my inner gremlin tells me that’ll never work, I say, “Hey, stranger things have happened!”

Or when coach Jeanna Gabellini told me that even a sucky coach could get ten clients, those words were a LIFELINE to me when I doubted my own ability to succeed.

The words we speak and think and repeat over and over are literally creating the world around us.

What are the words you’re using to create your world?

If it’s time for an upgrade to what you’re speaking into reality, start now by:

  1. jotting an inspiring phrase or declaration on a sticky note
  2. post it where you’ll see it
  3. and watch it make its way into your world.  They’re sneaky that way.  😉

If you’ve got words that have created magic in your life, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

  • June 27, 2013

When an Affirmation Feels Like a Lie

when an affirmation feels like a lie“As you speak, so shall it be.”
That’s the promise that inspires many a deliberate creator to speak something big into being.
But what happens when the words we choose feel like a lie?
Much as we might want certain things to be true, thinking or speaking them sometimes makes us feel worse because of our contradicting reality:

  • “I am rich beyond belief.”
  • “I am happily married to a loving, committed partner.”
  • “I am a highly paid professional in high demand.”

Do we just power through, ignoring that inner critic that says “yeah, right“?  Or do we dial it back to something more believable that our subconscious won’t reject?
I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer that applies to everyone for every situation.  Sometimes we can boldly sidestep contradictory evidence and continue reinforcing the big reality we want to create …
Other times it feels better to soften the mantra and baby step our way into a dream come true manifestation.
Teal Scott says,

The better your affirmations feel to you, the more effective they are.
If the statement you come up with feels like you are simply arguing with yourself and invalidating how you feel, it is not the right affirmation to use.

I’ve personally found it very effective to use big affirmations even when they were far, far from “true.”  If I can stick with the big thought, eventually Universe has to prove me right – no matter how ridiculous or unlikely it is.  And the more I repeat it, the less foreign it feels.  It’s been very powerful in creating new outcomes.
Teal says that while the ‘fake it till you make it’ kind of pretending is sometimes degraded as being dishonest, “there is a vast element of universal truth in this saying.”  Because everything begins with a thought, and the Universe doesn’t distinguish between what’s pretend and real.
And yet, there are times when the big thought feels like too big a leap to make.  That’s when it might be preferable to bite off something we can better chew.  On those occasions the path of least resistance might be to soften big thoughts with a preface like “I am looking forward to …” or “I am in process of …”
However we do it, what matters most is that we consciously engage our power of focus to create what we want.
How about you?  What works best for you in crafting affirmations – to baby step your way in or go big?

  • April 11, 2013