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Fantasizing for Fun or for Results?

manifesting work vs manifesting playEvery day I tune in to the vibration of my dreams come true –

  • the healthy, vitalized, beautiful body that just gets better with age
  • my paradise retirement center for senior dogs & other critters
  • the 7-figure business that empowers creators everywhere
  • the enjoyment of being me in this amazingly beautiful world

I consider it my job as a conscious creator to start my day this way.
It’s practically a daily rule.
But this morning I tuned in “just for fun.”

See, my favorite kitty Elvis was sleeping in next to me and I didn’t want to wake him, so I thought I’d engage visions of success just to entertain myself until he woke up.

And this time I felt the difference in visioning for fun versus as a requirement to start the day.
I could feel the lightness, the playfulness, the hootlessness of seeing my dreams come true for a good time rather than to make them happen.
It reminded me of something my business partner said a while ago to one of our coach students …

… if we think of our visualization time (or scripting time, or acting as if time, whatever we’re doing) as a chore or a job to be done, we’re doing it wrong.

Because it is nothing but fun to fantasize about your favorite thing.
That rang a bell for me. It’s FUN. Not a job. Not work to do. Not a responsibility to be accountable for. But just plain FUN.
Okay, I want to be the kind of fantasizer she is.
Abraham says that engaging your manifesting process with an agenda to make it happen is actually missing the point.
Our manifesting exercise is meant to be enjoyable in and of itself. That’s why we engage it. Not to make it happen so we’ll feel better when it unfolds.
But simply to feel better now.
So if you’ve been doing your manifesting routine as a means to an end (this is me raising my hand) this is a reminder to choose it for fun rather than results.
If we make our manifesting work instead of letting it be manifesting play, we may as well be muggles making it happen through action.
Here’s to fantasizing just for fun!

  • August 16, 2014

LOA Success Secret #5: Drop the Agenda

law of attraction secrets revealedThis is secret #5 from our Law of Attraction Success Secret series.
Those of us who know how the system works can sometimes (maybe often) find ourselves working that system in order to get what we want.
That sounds innocent enough, right?  (In fact, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?)
But if you’re ‘doing this’ in order to ‘get that’ – you’ve missed the boat.
Stay with me here, because really understanding this can be a huge boon to your manifesting practice …
You may be holding up your progress if you’re doing any of these things:

  • putting together a vision board in order to manifest those things
  • visualizing the desired outcome in order to create those results
  • pray rain journaling to make it happen
  • scripting out loud to direct what happens next
  • doing nothing to make something happen (even Slackers slip!)

You guys, I probably do this a couple times every week.  That’s how easy it is to fall for!
The truth is, though, our highest alignment is found in genuine appreciation.
And we’re not truly appreciating when we’re only doing something in order to create change.  That’s doing it with an agenda.

Just like we’re not truly loving someone if we only do it to get them to love us back.  That’s not love; that’s emotional manipulation.

The purpose of manifesting techniques and exercises are to take us to a state of alignment via appreciation.
Which means: the most effective way to make a pray rain journal entry is to do it because it feels good, not to make it happen.  The real way to relax is to do it without trying to make something happen, because that’s not relaxing – that’s just efforting lying down.  The best way to visualize is to see what you want because it’s enjoyable to, not to ensure that’s what unfolds next.
Are you with me?
It means that if you’ve got an agenda to engage a manifesting method in order to create results, you would be better served to recognize that the real manifesting juice is in the vibration of appreciation.  That’s where we’ll find highest alignment to what we want.
All that means is that you’re best served when joy, love and appreciation are your real targets.
Here’s what Abe said about it recently:

“If you would spend just a little bit of time over the next few days just making lists of things that you appreciate from right where you stand, you would shore up a Grid that would begin to fill in immediately.
But if you do it because you want the Grid to fill in, rather than because you’re appreciating, then you’re not appreciating.  Then you’re trying to fill the Grid in.  And that’s what goes wrong with so many Deliberate Creators. You’re getting your cart before your horse.”  – Abraham, March 2012 in Orlanda FL

What I’m trying to convey here is that appreciation is the name of the game.  Any of those manifesting exercises we engage are designed to get us to that state of enjoyment and thankfulness now.  NOT to create that stuff we want so we can then get thankful and joyful.
Make sense?
It’s an easy distinction to miss, which is why it’s LOA Success Secret #5.  (Stay tuned for the next four.)
I’d love to hear your thoughts on dropping the manifesting agenda if you care to share.

  • April 29, 2012

Your Agenda Slowing Things Up?

In today’s Get What You Want ezine I wrote about how I’ve made the mistake of practicing self-love for the sake of losing weight.  (You can sign up on the right if you’re not already receiving your copy.)
I pointed out that’s not really love.
Love is unconditional, so when I engage it in order to make something happen or create some sort of change, that’s not love I’m really flowing.
(That’d be like me only loving my sweetie as long as he is nice to me.  Uhh … that’s not love.)
In fact, I shared that engaging anything (EFT, The Work, Intentional Resting) with the agenda of fixing something isn’t likely to be effective.
When we do something simply because it feels better, we’re on the right track.
When we engage something in order to change our current circumstances, that’s got resistance in it.
Resistance to what is.
And we know how this stuff works.  (What we resist, persists.)
Roma Zanders recently led a call for Good Vibe U based on the principle that “working on yourself doesn’t work.”  (From the book titled such.)
The gist of her message was that without the acceptance of what is, we are flowing resistance.  Which we know holds up delivery of the fab things lined up in our vortex.
Because I believe this is an easy distinction to miss, I wanted to open it up for discussion here.   Do you regularly get results even when you’re working with an agenda?  Or have you found that “doing this” in order to “get that” slows things up?
Your thoughts and opinions are welcome …

  • July 6, 2010