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Doing Your Part to Get What You Want?

Do Your Part to Make Dreams Come True“What are you doing for your part?”
That’s one of the first questions I ask when someone says they’re not manifesting what they want.
For your part of this process, what are you doing?
It may not sound like an LOA friendly question, but I mean it in terms of what are you doing to manage your focus? To enhance your alignment?
Because our part of the manifesting process is to get dialed on the frequency of what we want. To become a vibrational match to our desire. That’s all we gotta do.
Once we do that, things start happening by themselves …

  • We get brilliant ideas (which we’re so inspired to act on it feels like joy, not “should”).
  • We get phone calls that reveal the next obvious step.
  • We read an article that offers just the next piece of info to keep the momentum going.

… or something along those lines – that’s the fairies of the Universe doing their part.
But we gotta do our part.  Which is to get lined up.
So what are you doing to facilitate that?
You’d be surprised how many LOA savvy folks know how the system works, and plug into the material in some form or fashion, but don’t do anything to manage their focus.  Sometimes it’s that there’s something kinking the alignment despite our best focusing efforts, but often it’s that there isn’t a real commitment to align the vibe.
Everything I publish – newsletters, blog posts, GVU calls, interviews – are designed to inspire you to discover your best way to alignment.
But if you’re not engaging any of them, know that’s your first step.
Tend to your focus. Your alignment.
Once you’re doing that, I know from lots of client (and personal) experience that instead of reading these emails you’ll start writing me instead – to share your satisfying successes.
How am I walking my talk? (I just wrote my LOA coaches reminding them to practice what they preach, so this has been on my mind.)
What I’m doing lately to make my (upgraded income) dream come true is playing with the grid and acting as if.
And also turning real life “reality” cues into prompts of success. So instead of the numbers confirming more of “what is,” they’re mentally altered to become a reflection of my new financial status.
It’s pretty fun.
You can hardly call it “work”!
But to whatever extent it’s an “effort” to switch your focus in order to manage your vibration, that’s what your job is.  That’s the work of manifesting.
In fact, I ran across this Abraham quote today along these same lines:

Law of Attraction does not focus you, Law of Attraction responds to your focus. It’s up to you to focus. It’s up to you to focus. It’s up to you to decide. It’s up to you to be determined. It’s up to you to make
decisions. It’s up to you. It’s up to you to focus yourself into the alignment with who you are.
Now we are not trying to talk you into being more than you are, we are wanting you to get up to speed with who you are. – Abraham, March 2011

It’s one thing to know the ins and outs of how the Universe works. It’s another to work it.
So, what are you doing to tend to your alignment? I’d love to hear your habits and processes below …

  • June 18, 2012

Q&A: What is Alignment?

what is alignment?Those of us in law of attraction world toss around terms like alignment, vibrational match, line up, etc. … and I thought it helpful to pin down exactly what we mean by that.
I’ll offer my two cents below, but I know from experience that some folks hear it better with someone else’s words.
So what does alignment mean to you? How would you explain it to someone who didn’t know what it is to deliberate creators, and why is it important?
Looking forward to your brilliant descriptions!
In the meantime, here’s mine:

I learned the term from Abraham, so when I say “line up with it” or “check your alignment,” I mean pay attention to whether your thoughts and feelings are taking you where you want to go.  Or simply: feel it now.  Feel what you want now.  That’s alignment.
Your thoughts and feelings (i.e. your vibration) are an instruction/signal to Universe (or whatever you call higher power) that says “more of this.”
It has to send back whatever you’re offering vibrationally.
So if you want financial abundance, but you’re dwelling on financial lack (by entertaining worries about how to pay the bills, or frustrated that you don’t make more money, etc.) then you are not aligned to abundance.  Rather, you’re lined up with lack.  And that’s what you get back.
So lining up with what you want can be as simple as feeling now how you would feel then.

I’ve heard Abraham describe aligning as the same as “getting in the vortex.”  Although more industry jargon may not be helpful in understanding the concept.  😉
Let’s hear your thoughts on what alignment is!

  • September 27, 2011

Rooting for Alignment

Each weekend when I drop my foster kitty off to be shown at an adoption event, I invite angels to hang out and make sure all goes well for her. 
Except the call to angels isn’t usually that generic.
It usually goes more like: “help her find her perfect home” and “keep her safe and happy in the meantime.”
As in: I know what’s best for her, and that is a quiet day at the adoption event until a stable, loving family who has a good history with cats comes along to claim her and devote themselves to her lifelong well-being.
Which seems like a no-brainer of an intention to me, but what if she’d do better living in a family of dog-lovers?  Or with a single person who moves all over the country?  Or with an irresponsible owner who lets her outside for big adventures? 
(I do, and my cats love it!)
Regardless, my prayer/intention today was a simple: “I’ll see you in a few hours.”  Then I asked angels to make sure she comes home tonight. 
(Not what foster moms are supposed to wish for.)
This isn’t the first time I’ve had trouble letting go of a foster animal.  
But it is the first time I’ve been this conscious about the conflicting and potentially misguided prayers I offer.
One week it’s “deliver her to her perfect family” and the next it’s “bring her home to me”?  It makes me realize just how micromanaging I can be.
Because all I really want for her is whatever she wants. 
And the truth is I don’t know what that is.
Maybe she wants to be free to roam the world without supervision, or to call it good and get run over next week, or to play rough with young children, or to be the only cat in the house, or … maybe she doesn’t give a rip.  I don’t know.
But I see that my opportunity here is to relax and let go.  To let her alignment look like whatever it’s gonna look like, and not let that jeopardize mine.
This routine might seem silly with the foster cat, but we do this same thing with ourselves and our loved ones, too.
We might wish for:

  • our brother to find the right girl and settle down (I actually wish for mine to live it up while he’s still single!)
  • or for our kids to get accepted into the right school and succeed there
  • or for our spouse’s business to take off
  • or for mom’s test results to come back negative.

But how can we know what someone else’s best and highest alignment looks like?
Or even our own, for that matter?

Earlier this year my highest alignment actually involved a breakup with my boyfriend. I cannot tell you how much better life has gotten as a result of that altercation!  And it’s not what I would have picked in advance, were I choosing from the menu of life experiences. 
But it profoundly contributed to a stronger alignment, deeper appreciation and higher quality of life for me.

So what do we know about alignment? 
We know it’s a feeling of thriving, passion, aliveness and delight.  And that it’s got lots of joy and love and appreciation mixed in.
Other than that – could we really say the specifics of what alignment looks like?  Especially someone else’s? 
What if it’s that they/we flunk out of school and travel the world with the wrong guy?  Or lose our home in order to be free to move at last?  Or go head to head with a life-threatening illness in order to better know the delicious value and purpose of life?
I heard Abraham say two things along these lines today:
One was on a workshop CD where they said we don’t really want money; rather, we want alignment.  (We think money brings alignment, but in fact alignment brings money.)
So you might be manifesting money thinking it’ll contribute to your greater alignment and enjoyment of life, but in fact, that would be backwards.  That’s a typical example of how we sometimes misdirect our manifesting efforts.
The other was on a video clip where they said most of us have a problem rooting mom across the finish line of death, but what we’re really rooting for is alignment.  And we can’t say what that is for another.

(If you play it, listen to the very end when Abe says it’s debatable about whose life was saved!)
My takeaway is that we’d do well to let go of manifesting the details and instead just root for alignment,  trusting that Universe can answer that request better than we can imagine.
I might be a big talker today because the phone just rang and my first thought was, “They better not be calling to say Luna got adopted.”
As long as we’re enjoying the process, right?  lol 
And that I am. 
If you have thoughts on this topic, you know I’d love to hear them.

  • November 28, 2010

Happiest Moments Collection

Will you share your happiest moments?
I can’t imagine a better post than a collection of our favorite experiences in life – not just for an immediate vibe lift, but also to line us up nicely for more of the same.
Plus, I’m super curious to hear about Good Vibe Blog readers happiest moments!
I’ll start with my top three and add a handful of early responders to the post, but I already know the most valuable part of this post (as with most) will be the comments.
Here are a few of my favorite happy moments:
1. The end of my first day volunteering for the local animal rescue group.
I’d spent the entire day walking dogs and scooping litter boxes at a Petsmart adoption fair, without a single moment to reflect until it was over.  At the end of the day, I felt complete fulfillment for the first time in my life. I was 25.  And hooked for life.  Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and the organizers thought I was nuts when I asked them to please put me on the schedule for every following weekend.
2. Ski date with Jon Little.
It was my first date months after a heartbreaking split with a fiance.  Jon gave me a few tips at the top of the slope which dramatically improved my ski skills (!) and shortly after lost me on the slopes.  I felt like an accomplished skier and had so much fun on the gorgeous mountain by myself, that I knew, for the first time in months, and without a doubt, that I would be okay.  There was life after love.
3. The first hour of coach training in Phoenix with Martha Beck.
I was so happy to have honored what my heart most desired that I literally had a moment of fear that I might float right out of my body, out the window, and miss the whole thing.  That was from a girl who did not believe in out of body experience at the time, too.  But the incredible happiness to be doing what I loved and taking steps toward my dream made my spirit so light I thought my body wouldn’t be able to contain it any more.
Man, those were happy moments.
My favorite happy moments these days are usually associated with latest feline family member Elvis and interactions with fellow creators here and at GVU.
Thanks for letting me share my high points in life here, and for sharing yours, too!
Just a few excerpts from the comments:
Visionary Fairy says: “Every Xmas (and second) I get to spend with my wonderful and healthy mom after her health scares 4 seasons ago! Not that I ever took her for granted before but MAN am I ecstatic now!”
M shares: “when I first saw my lover in *real life* (whom I had met on the internet) and he was exactly as gorgeous and sweet as I had imagined (and has remained so ever since)”
Stella Seaspirit writes: “‘Being’ with loved ones (animal and human) where no words are necessary.”
Reflectozone says: “Going back to my country of birth and seeing my parents after ten years. I left my country of birth when I was 19 years old and never looked back for reasons too lengthy to get into. This year, I managed to go back with my husband and son. Words cannot describe the utter joy of seeing my parents and traveling to meet long lost cousins and relatives. It was bliss!”
Lin E shares: “when my mom comes to visit and she ‘mothers’ me (she’s here now… yay!)”
Reeya offers: “My 1st vist to the Grand Canyon. I was blown away with the beauty of it (didn’t expect to have this reaction) and was glad we had an awesome sunny bright day with clear blue skies! I got some great pictures too that I often look back and reflect on and still get the same reaction.”
Sonia writes: “Yesterday, a great evening with Martini and Caviar and the great GREAT feeling of energy moving in the direction of my dreams.”
From Nicole: “The moment I truly realized I loved myself just the way I am…intense happiness!”
Leah adds: “Getting the tv show…. That was always a little voice thing that I wanted but never said out loud and how it happened was so abstract, so abstract it is almost an unbelievable story.”
Kim says: “Holding my first published novel in my hand.”
Katie’s went like this: “One of the happiest moments in my life was when myself, my husband and three kids were just laying on our family room floor. Someone said something funny and we all laughed. Looking at their beautiful smiling faces and seeing how happy we all were made my heart want to explode. I swore I could stay in that moment forever and I remember thanking my angels for such a wonderful family. It wasn’t a holiday or a birthday, but one of the most special days I’ve ever had.”
Matthew’s is lovely, too: “Snow Angels with my Dad when I was 8.”
These are all so fun to read – thanks, everyone!

  • November 15, 2010

How Money Changes Things

Here’s an interesting reflection about how our “charge” on money affects the results …
There are some fabulous folks that give rave reviews to my work – whether it’s the ezine, the Catalyst articles, the blog posts, or the ebooks.  
Which I greatly appreciate!  (Not just because it helps spread the word, but because it’s nice to hear my material is worthy of raving about!)
When I see that happening, I often invite the raving fan to sign up for my affiliate program

Since they’re already sending me business, I figure they may as well get compensated for it!  Which sounds good to them, too, since they’re already doing the “work” of promoting Good Vibe stuff – it’s easy for them to keep doing what they were already doing.

So I send them the affiliate link (which I don’t advertise anywhere – it’s by invite only) and they sign up. 
And then something very interesting sometimes happens.
It seems like overnight their authentic, genuine rave reviews turn into something that sounds more like a traditional marketing pitch
It’s as if now they’re trying to convince someone, rather than just sharing the love.  Or they’re efforting towards results (trying to make something happen) instead of just enjoying the opportunity to share a resource they found valuable.
It’s like once they’re promoting me for compensation – things change!
(Not every time, but sometimes.)
Maybe it’s something else in play, but part of me wonders if this change came about because money entered the picture. 

  • Like, now that they’re getting paid for raving it takes the joy out of it. 
  • Or makes it feel tainted or less pure. 
  • Or they really really want to see some money come in as a result, so they try extra hard to be convincing – whereas before they didn’t care if you believed them. 
  • Or maybe they don’t want to let me down, or really want to contribute to my financial rewards for what they think of as great material.

Which makes me wonder what charge I might still have on money, because if I suspect I’m seeing it in someone else, it’s gotta be part of me, too.

So this is our opportunity to get curious about how or whether money affects us in our own lives.  Would you approach something differently if money weren’t involved?  Or if it were? 
I wonder if I got paid for fostering these animals .. (which some people do!  A friend of a friend makes half her mortgage payment by fostering a couple of dogs from California!) .. I wonder if I got paid for fostering if that would change the way I did it or how I felt about it.
Or blog posts – I’ve seen others writing affected when they started making money from their blog (for better and for worse). 
Or that job I used to hate – the only reason I went was because of the money.  (I think that’s a pretty good indicator of something worth changing in life.  There are simply too many ways to make money than to keep doing something we don’t love!)
Maybe the way you run your business would be different if you weren’t worried about how to make money.  If you were already rolling in it, what would you do or feel different about it?
That’s not only worth thinking about, that’s worth changing now – if you’re interested in aligning to more money, that is.  (Because if you’ve got a negative “charge” on it, you’re repelling it.)
But maybe you don’t care about making money.  And my suspicion (as well as personal experience) is that when that’s the case, you can’t help but make more of it.
Another example I’m entertaining: what if I paid for comments on this blog?  How would that change things?  I’m imagining a couple of things might happen:

  • Some people wouldn’t post because they wouldn’t want me or others to think they’re posting just to get paid.
  • Others might post who normally wouldn’t have, just to get extra money in their pocket.
  • Some might be more thoughtful in what they post, since they might feel like they needed to be worthy of the payment.
  • I wonder if the generous love and joy that you guys naturally bring would change?

What a curious thing money does sometimes, huh?
This is an opportunity to get more open (or at least more neutral) about money if we find it’s kinking the vibe at all. 
As usual, I’m curious about your thoughts
In fact, should we do an experiment?  It would be easy to Paypal $1 to every poster (if you include a real email address where you type in your name) and we’ll see if it does change anything.  It could also be a good opportunity for you to see if money affects how you do things!  (I know a dollar isn’t much, but pretend it is.)
Let the experiment begin!  lol  I’m officially paying for comments on this post!!  oh my gosh.  (And not spam comments.  Those guys still get filtered and deleted as usual.)
This isn’t to bribe you, though – just to see if anything changes once money is involved!  May be interesting, huh?!

  • February 1, 2010

Eliminating Lip Service

This morning it seemed angels were passing a message through via a song planted in my head as I woke up.

The song was something like, if you couldn’t say I love you, how would I know you did?

At first I thought they were schooling me to be better to Russ.

But that wasn’t it.

What they meant was in terms of manifesting.  Here goes, my best translation of what the message was about:

* * * * * * * *

I, for one, rely strongly on words to manifest.  Writing them, speaking them, thinking them.  And, surely, words are powerful.

But … to ensure your actions are serving your manifesting intentions, be aware of the message that Universe is receiving from you irrespective of what you’re saying.

Imagine the only instruction you gave Universe came from your actions and behavior.

How would your instruction be interpreted?

For example:

I have had a client or two (or 20) who SAY they are managing their vibration quite well, that they are (no, Judie, I’m talking about you this time – you are beautifully self-aware) .. they SAY they are feeling positive and focused on what they want and lined up vibrationally with it and they believe it, but as I spend more time with them it becomes clear that that’s what they know SHOULD be true, that’s what they WISH were true, but the reality is that they’re living with doubt and fear and discouragement, etc.

So while their words may be all love and light, their vibration isn’t.

But the morning message was to focus on action more – not just vibration in general.  Let me get back on topic.

If you couldn’t tell someone you loved them, how would you show them?

If you couldn’t TELL Universe what you wanted, how would you send that instruction? (Hint: smoke signals aren’t the answer.)

It’s not a secret language of words – action is a vibrational language, too.

We know like attracts like.  So if we ensure our actions are lined up with what we want, that would be good.

Like when we say we want to be wealthy, but we’re acting out of poverty.  Or when we say we want to be loved, but our actions scream that we’re not.

Line your actions up with your (manifesting) words.  Leave it at that.

I think I can come up with a good example.

A personal one.

What they mean is don’t rely so heavily on your words – get your actions lined up, too.

I shall line up my actions with my intentions.

Oh – got a great opportunity in front of me.

I just wrote on my whiteboard earlier this week that (and this is verbatim – may have done it more carefully had I known it’d be shared!):

“I just created a knock your socks off rock star life-changing money vibe product that is THE ANSWER folks have been looking for!  YAY! :)”

Then I listed the feelings associated: ecstatic, proud, thrilled, excited, accomplished and in high service.

And topped it off with: “I am the best at what I do!”

So, although I think the actual action of creating the product will be important, I should ensure my actions are also sending that signal.

Not the actions of ‘I want to create this amazing, transformational product,’ or that ‘I’m working on it,’ but that ‘it is created.’

What would that look like, I wonder?

Hmm.  Can’t wait to tell you after I find out!!

PS – have you seen blisscals?  Just heard about these today!

  • August 26, 2009