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Sticky Note Magic

It’s the question that transforms your day (and thus your life) when you answer it regularly.

Read more to learn how this sticky note magic can work for you …

We know how easy it is for our attention to be drawn in ways that don’t serve us …

Often we’re focused on current reality (in which case we just manifest more of the same) or gremlins hijack it to dwell on what we don’t want (thus the beginning of a downward spiral until we course correct).

That’s one reason why it’s important to develop the discipline of harnessing attention toward what we want.

It sounds simple, but anyone who’s been in this game knows it can be tricky to pull off.

That’s one reason I’m such a fan of using a one-question sticky note that prompts me every morning to focus in a way that serves me.

As I wash hands first thing in the morning and see this note on the mirror, it points my attention toward what I want, rather than letting my thoughts run rampant without any guidance.

Pre-sticky note my thought pattern went something like this:

Man, why is it so dark outside? Shouldn’t it be getting light by now? No wonder January depression is a thing. Do I have to shower today? What do I have today? Mm, I gotta prep for that call. I should have gone to the store yesterday. There’s no bread. I gotta make this day work for me. Does Molly have to go out? I better make her go out.

Post-sticky note internal monologue goes more like this:

“What do I want?” Hmm, what do I want? Well, I want to enjoy this day. I want to make the most of it. I want breakfast! I want to show up for my people in a way that inspires us! I want to feel fabulous about myself and what I’m doing! I want to love this body. I want to be a match for good things, letting Universe deliver the goods. I want love on this cat who’s asking for some TLC right now. Is it time for breakfast, kitty? Let’s go do it!

I don’t know if you can feel the difference, but I sure can!

Maybe you’ve already got a habit that helps draw your thoughts into alignment with what you want. (We’d love to hear it!)

For those who aren’t practicing something that makes it easier to think the good thoughts, give this sticky note method a try and let me know how it works.

(Hear it on the podcast.)


  • January 19, 2018

How Often to Repeat Affirmations?

This manifesting question comes up often, so I thought it’d be worth all of us addressing it here.

The question is: when using affirmations (or even setting intentions), how often are you supposed to repeat them?

Is it a once and done sort of thing? Or is it best to repeat them regularly?

Some law of attraction teachers say, “Set it and forget it” and that the power is in “letting go.”

Others say you have to be persistent and patient in creating a new dominant vibration for Universe to answer.

If repetition is good, then how much? Daily? Multiple times a day?

What’s the best practice?

This question comes from both experienced manifestors as well as those new to conscious creation. And they wonder it about both affirmations and intentions.

I’ll share my two cents in the comments, and would love to hear from you as well.

What have you practiced, and how has that served you?

Thanks in advance for your input!

  • October 15, 2017

The Advantages of Being a Regular

When I first got my driver’s license at 16 years old, dad took me out in mom’s ’66 Chevy truck to teach me how to drive a stick shift.

We didn’t spend a lot of time on it, but he showed me the basics of operating a standard transmission.

Seemed tricky, but doable.

Being proficient at driving a stick shift wasn’t important until I got a job with a local publisher that required me to deliver edited copy across town.

In the company car. Which was not an automatic transmission.

Can you feel the horror in my heart when I realized the situation?

Suddenly I wished I’d paid better attention in that empty parking lot with dad in mom’s old truck.

It was scary enough just to even have my first job, but it was sheer terror to be expected to do something I was incapable of – that could be downright dangerous for myself, and others, and the poor car I didn’t know how to drive!

Not because no one had taught me how to drive a standard – I had received instruction. I knew how it was supposed to be done. I had seen others do it.

But doing it myself, as a newbie, under pressure, without having practiced it to the point of ease – well, it was a no go.

I was too embarrassed to tell my boss the real reason I had to quit.

Here’s why I’m telling this story …

Some people come to conscious creation the way I approached driving a stick shift.

That is, under pressure, without good skills, or any practice.

Lots of folks turn to manifesting when nothing else has worked and they’re desperate for results.

  • Like when the medical treatments aren’t working.
  • Or when bankruptcy is imminent.
  • Or when the spouse packed up and left.
  • Or the business isn’t booming.

It’s a last resort sort of endeavor.

That is not a setup for great success when you’re new to this conscious creation routine.

Because engaging your focusing skills when the situation feels dire isn’t easy if you don’t know how it works. If you haven’t practiced it to the point of ease. If you don’t know what to expect.

Building your confidence in an empty parking lot – that’s how you set yourself up for success in this gig.

That’s why we play with practice projects in LOA circles … so we can grow the skills in easier conditions, and then take those skills to places in life where it feels more important.

Manifesting a miracle when the stakes are high isn’t easy when it’s your first rodeo.

But when you take the time to develop your vibrational awareness, to grow your focusing skills, to learn your best alignment exercises and to practice that alignment regularly, then you have set yourself up for success as a conscious creator.

That’s why I’m a fan of engaging your creative powers on a regular basis, rather than waiting until the sh*t hits the fan and trying to conjure a new reality from a place of deep doo-doo.

Don’t wait until you need manifesting skills to use them.

Build them now while it’s easier and more enjoyable.

Becoming a manifesting regular not only sets you up for better success, but it also makes it less likely to find yourself in deep doo-doo to start with. ūüôā
If you’re wondering where to start, the Manifesting 101 series at GVU is free to everyone.

(This post is also a podcast episode at LOA Recon.)

  • October 3, 2017

Practice Till It Doesn’t Feel Like Practice

If your childhood piano lessons were anything like mine, one of the things you learned was how to keep at a new song that you totally suck at.

I mean, no one would even¬†recognize what you’re trying to play that first week or two.

But you keep practicing.

And pretty soon there’s a verse¬†or two that sounds sorta¬†right. Like you can almost tell what this song wants to be.

And when you keep at it, eventually it starts to sound like when your instructor plays it. (Well, almost.)

If you keep at it even more, it becomes an addition to your repertoire. You can play it without sheet music. At the drop of a hat. With gusto!

Because now you know this song.

But it all started with that being willing to suck at it and get it mostly wrong in the beginning.

You know what?

Vibration management sometimes feels like the same process to me.

Because when we want to create something new – whether it’s a casino win, new love interest, dream job, perfect clients, nicer boss, whatever – it all begins with being willing to learn the vibration of that desire.

(That’s how we manifest what we want – by learning the frequency¬†of it.)

And in the beginning, we probably don’t know that vibe very well.

(Otherwise we’d already have it!)

That willingness to suck at it until we’ve mastered it – that’s what consciously creating our next manifestation can seem like sometimes.

At The Money Aligner in GVU this year I’ve been working on my money vibe along with a couple hundred other conscious creators.

For a while, practicing the “big money” vibration felt just like that … practice.

Until it started to feel … mm, sort of legit. More normal. Kind of real. And obvious.

Not like something I was reaching for, but something that lives within me now.

It’s evolved¬†from something I was trying to adopt into something that I owned.

Just like that musical piece in the beginning. It’s stiff and awkward and unrecognizable at first.

But when you put the time in on it, it becomes more fluid and natural. It becomes part of you. You don’t even have to try any more. You could play it with your eyes closed.

That’s what I’m inviting you to do with your vibration management process.

To stick with practicing what you want until it doesn’t feel like practice any more. Until it feels like something you own; something that lives inside of you.

That‚Äôs how we acclimate what isn’t real yet. Which is how it becomes real.

By being willing to put the time in on it, the same way we put the time in on anything that matters (marriage, kids, work, health), pretty soon it starts to feel normal.

Like it¬†isn‚Äôt such a fantasy any more. It starts to feel more ‚Äúof course‚ÄĚ and more expected.

Because you’re conditioning yourself to the experience of it.

That’s what this conscious creation game is all about.

So here’s to practicing until it doesn’t feel like practice any more.

Hear more on this process on the latest podcast.

  • April 23, 2017

In Case Of Vibrational Emergency

What to do when it seems nothing’s going right?

When you feel on the verge of tears if something doesn’t go your way soon?

Well, that might be time for a good cry.

Just let’r rip.

Feeling the feelings is often the best way through.

But if it feels like you can turn things around before the funk¬†gains momentum, and you’re looking for immediate vibrational relief, here’s a curated list for turning the mood around.

This is not a replacement for the work of shifting beliefs or learning to tame gremlin thought patterns.

But it can be a way to break the spell of a temporary dark cloud.

And that’s all it takes to give yourself a head start to¬†feeling better …

Best of Craigslist

For good distraction that requires minimal but still entertaining sifting, peruse the best of Craigslist as chosen by Craigslist readers.

My favorites are the adopted dog, found condoms & bread, seeking life manager, and the Craigslist thanks.

Autocorrect Fails

If language offends you, this might not be your ticket. For the rest of us, you could be in tears laughing by the end of this.

Get more Best of Autocorrects here.

Vibe-Lifting Videos

The Good Vibe U facebook page has a nice collection of videos designed to make you smile. If you’re in a funk, scroll right on by the spiritual stuff to¬†get straight to baby goats and cats who rule dogs.

Yes, some of it is very wrong, but that’s what makes it so funny.

Netflix Binge

Sometimes the best fix for downward spiraling thoughts is to surrender to the story. Someone else’s story, that is. Here are some of the most properly distracting shows on Netflix lately, as compiled by informal survey of fellow creators:

I haven’t seen most of those, but one of my new favs for pressing pause on mental overdrive is to settle in for a couple episodes of¬†Escape to the Country. So calming and curiously reassuring.

Nature Bath

Mother Earth is magic in transmuting negativity.

Sit in the sun, look at the clouds, listen to the ocean, commune with a tree (or just an indoor plant), walk barefoot on the grass, and don’t be surprised when that takes at least a little edge off the funk.

See what I mean: try it now with this audio/visual visit to a stream via YouTube.

Comedians to the Rescue

If you’ve got a favorite comedian, you already know the power of this vibe-shifter.

And if you don’t, it’s time to get one. They can get you laughing like even baby goats can’t, when you give them a chance.

The key is to finding your personal favorites. If you’re starting from scratch, sample from this list:

Dave Chappelle is back (R for language)

Kevin Hart works for many audiences (R for language)

Mike Birbiglia is adorable

Aziz Ansari is good for a laugh

Or sample the cast of Last Comic Standing.

Something Totally Different

Perhaps an enjoyable distraction isn’t calling you, but rather something more potent …

You might try a meditation designed to connect you to the light. Here’s one recommended by one of my favorite energy workers that’s designed to raise your vibration by connecting to the pillar of pure white light.

What do you say we round out this list with your recommendations for emergency vibe-lifters?

Thanks in advance for your shares!

  • April 22, 2017
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