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What It Looks Like When You're There

Identity Shifting for Alignment
What does a wealthy person’s bookshelf look like? What’s in a successful artist’s fridge?
Here’s why these questions matter and how you can use them to manifest what you want …
At The Coaches League the other day a colleague asked what the bookshelf of a happy, prosperous person looks like.
She got a wide variety of responses. (Interesting how we each had a different answer!)
Some might think a rich person’s bookshelf is filled with money advice; others might assume a rich person doesn’t have room for a bookshelf on the yacht.
Some might imagine a collection of the classics, or personally autographed copies from their writer friends, while others see worn copies of the publications most influential to them.
What does your rich person’s bookshelf look like? And how does that compare to your current shelf?
For anyone who aspires to greater wealth, this is an easy way to start closing the gap.
It’s not that there’s a right or wrong answer to the question. The value lies in asking it about whatever we aspire to be.
When we find – and implement – our own answers to what our world looks like when we have what we want, that’s a powerful alignment practice.
It’s not just restricted to what the bookshelf looks like, but other aspects of life, too. Like:

  • What does the closet of a world traveler look like?
  • What does the refrigerator of a successful in-demand artist look like?
  • What does the DVR list of a happy healthy mom look like?
  • What does the glove compartment of a thriving coach look like?
  • What does the desk of a millionaire look like?
  • What does the undies drawer of a newlywed look like?
  • And how about their playlist? Their calendar? Their Amazon cart?

Finding your answers can be a direct path to manifesting what you want.
Maybe the world traveler has a cool hat that works on every continent. Maybe the happy mom’s DVR list doesn’t exist because she reads with kids at night. Perhaps the millionaire’s desk has a particularly nice pen on display. And the successful artist’s refrigerator just has leftovers from the Chinese restaurant next to her studio where she spends all her time.
We each might have a different answer, because there’s no wrong or right about what it looks like for you. My millionaire might look like someone else’s pauper.
So this isn’t a test to see if you know the right answer. Rather, it’s a chance to take yourself there now. To adopt that identity via your environment.
Whatever you’d love to manifest, asking what that life looks like (in your version, not anyone else’s), and then making yours match (however you can) is a powerful way to cue Universe for that reality.
So I don’t know about you, but I’m off to eliminate the discrepancies I found in my basement vs. a thriving business owner’s basement. (Bye bye cobwebs and cat throwup!)
PS – if you’d like hands on help with this process, check out Jacqui Gate’s LOA Nesting work, because this is her wheelhouse.

  • November 20, 2015

About Your Alignment Practice

Work Your Alignment PlanAs a law of attraction coach I get a lot of questions fellow creators about how to manifest what they want …
Wondering how to manifest money for travel, home, surgery, etc. Or why it’s taking so long to manifest a new love. Or what the trick is to attracting a new job.
Since I don’t specialize in converting muggles, my peeps already know about law of attraction and how it works.
That’s why I respond by asking what their current alignment practice is.
And even from people who already know about vibration and focus and matching the frequency of their desire, the majority of inquirers reply that they don’t have one.
They aren’t actually doing any of the LOA work to create what they want.
So I’m going on record here to say that’s your first step. Engage your creative power by putting to use one or more of the manifesting methods you’ve learned here or elsewhere. Because it isn’t enough to know how the system works – you’ve got to actually work the system.
The magic doesn’t automatically happen just because we know about law of attraction, or have an Abe subscription, or read everything on this blog. It happens when we engage our creative powers. All I really mean when I ask about your alignment plan is how are you putting law of attraction to work on your behalf? That’s it.
There’s a bunch of different ways you could do that …

  • You could use the “set it and forget it” intention setting routine.
  • You could use a powerful affirmation or pray rain journal.
  • You might eliminate tolerations in favor of what brings you joy.
  • Maybe you visualize five minutes every day about your dream come true.
  • Or work on getting better at upgrading your thoughts.
  • Maybe you act as if it’s already done, or you meditate nightly to better hear guidance.

It doesn’t matter as much what our alignment plan is, as much as that we have one and are working it.

Right now the foundation of my alignment plan is Vishen’s 6 phase meditation. I also add in affirmations and a couple of resistance-releasing techniques as called for. And I do my best to remember that having fun is key to my highest success. That’s my current plan. Over the summer I used lots of 17 second repetitions, and some rich visualizations by giving 3 answers to 3 questions.

That’s how I’m doing the vibration management work. I know that I lead my manifesting party by working my alignment.
So before you wonder where your stuff is – or write me asking about it – make sure you’re walking the LOA talk in some form or fashion. It doesn’t have to be hard work or a complicated process – but you do need to work your alignment before you expect something different to happen.
If you’d like professional support in putting your personal plan together, there are lots of us who can help.
For those of you who already have an alignment plan and are working it – kudos! For those who don’t, now’s the time. It really changes everything.

  • October 31, 2015

If Your Dream Happened, What Next?

Imagine Your Big Dream HappenedImagine you just got what you’ve always wanted …
That big thing you’ve been working on manifesting – or the secret dream you’ve been entertaining … pretend it just happened.
What would you do next?
(I mean after the success registers and you share the good news and post the pics.)
What do you do after that?
Whatever it is, maybe do that thing now.
It just might cue Universe to deliver it once and for all.
If my big things happened …

If I sold all my products and was making a bazillion dollars as the best in the LOA business – you know what I’d do next? I’d work with my people. I’d get busy doing my thing – inspiring conscious creators to amp up their manifesting game.

If my body was in tip top shape, healthier and more amazing than ever, you know what I’d do next? I’d enjoy it. I’d wear clothes that did it justice and move through the world like someone who was comfortable in her skin. I would take super good care and love this body through and through.

If I were living on a gorgeous property that celebrated nature and animals, you know what I’d do next? I’d get outside and enjoy it. I’d admire the trees, and feed the birds, and pet the goats, and tend the garden. Just generally enjoy being there.

All of those things I can do now, in some form or fashion.
(Several of them I already am doing – but there’s a vibrational difference between doing it to get there and doing it because you are there. Know what I mean? Different signals.)
You can probably sense what an empowering move this would be, for a variety of reasons:

  • It creates internal alignment with the big dream. Woot!
  • It takes pressure off the big thing to happen.
  • It moves us right along the ‘good life’ spectrum, so we’re not stuck waiting for something to manifest.

Not only would you be delighted, but Universe would see you as a vibrational match to those dreams. And the manifestation isn’t far behind!
Give some thought to what you would do after your big dream unfolds. Whatever that is, see if you can find a way to engage that now.
It could be a game-changer.

  • August 11, 2015

Gauging Alignment to Your Desire

Alignment Quiz for Conscious CreatorsLOA teachers always say our results tell us whether we’re aligned or not. So we never have to wonder what we’re tuned into, since reality reveals our vibration.
I agree our reality is an indication of what we’re really vibrating.
But don’t you sometimes wonder about that buffer of time thing that Abe talks about? And Bashar’s manifesting echo?
Since our 3D manifesting results aren’t (often) instant, it can leave one wondering whether we’re really tuned in the way we think we are.
(And I’ve met a lot of people who would have sworn they were aligned to what they wanted, but time proved out that they were instead aligned to something else. Been there, done that myself, as a matter of fact.)
Here’s a fun way to get a handle on how aligned you are to your desire …
Jana Moreno created a short alignment test that will automatically score where you’re at.
It’s pretty cool!
Take the quiz right here by scrolling to the start button:

Or just click here for it. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!
And thanks to Namaste Faustino for showing me this quiz on his facebook page. 🙂

  • July 10, 2015

"How Did I Align to This?"

Manifesting Gone Wrong: How did I align to THIS?!Conscious creators know that we create our entire world and that we can only experience what we vibrate.
Which is why it can be so disconcerting when things go wrong, like when …

  • our health takes a nosedive
  • we’re involved in an accident
  • we get fired at work
  • a love affair turns out poorly.

I know I’m not the only manifestor who has wondered, “How in the world was I aligned to that?!” when something crappy happens.
After all, we’re LOA savvy people!
We know to cultivate a positive focus and lead with what feels good. This is the sort of stuff that happens to undiscerning muggles, not powerful conscious creators. Where did we go wrong?
If you’ve ever asked “wth?” about a bad manifestation, you’re not alone.
And … you’re likely missing another possibility.
Because there’s a different conclusion we can come to – one that serves us much better.
Instead of seeing it as something gone wrong, we can decide that it’s for our highest good.
Bashar says we’re really good at invalidating the ‘unwanted’ events (and thus invalidating ourselves) when we ask, “Why did this terrible thing happen to me? I thought I was more spiritual than this.”
That’s a common response, but Bashar suggests a better conclusion goes something like:

I don’t know how this serves me, but it must. I have no idea how this is going to be good news, but I know that it is. (Because that is what I prefer.)

By choosing something other than a negative interpretation, even when we can’t fathom how it could be positive, we allow ourselves to experience a different (more preferred) reality.
Here’s a great example of that from a friend of Darryl’s who was robbed:

(The video clip was taken down, so I’ll summarize …)
The friend was a music aficionado who wanted a new radio for his car. He couldn’t afford the top of the line, so he bought the model that his budget allowed.
Shortly after his car was broken into and his radio was stolen.
But he refused to conclude that this was a bad thing. He maintained the perspective that some how some way this served him.
The insurance company paid out the stolen radio as well as the damage done to the car. But when he had the car repaired, it was such an easy fix that the repairman didn’t charge him.
So now he had – to the exact penny – the amount needed for the radio he wanted all along.
That’s why it’s so powerful for us to stay out of negative conclusions, and instead see that everything that happens is a gift.

It is what we say it is, so finding a way to decide that it’s good news (and we don’t have to know how that’s so, just leave room that it is) opens up a whole new world of positive possibilities.
It’s worth remembering the next time you might be tempted to wonder what’s wrong with your alignment as you’re looking at a manifestation gone “wrong.”
It could just as easily be a sign of something going really right with your vibration. All you have to do is choose so.
And that’s a skill that marks you as a powerful conscious creator.
We’d love to hear your examples, if you care to share …

  • September 28, 2014

A Guaranteed Good Day

Alignment PracticeI’ve got a habit of engaging an alignment practice before rolling out of bed each morning, which means I’ve literally done the most important thing I could do all day before breakfast.
There isn’t anything more effective I could do the rest of the entire work day that better ensures my success and satisfaction.
It means I’m already light years ahead of anyone who fails to engage the power of their conscious focus, who tries to make things happen themselves rather than harnessing the quantum field/Universe.  Simply because I refuse to start the day until I’ve tuned into my desired reality.
I haven’t even brushed my teeth and my best work is already done.
That really frees a girl up to have an enjoyable day, since no action I could take is remotely as influential to my life as what just happened while I was under those covers.
What are you doing in bed every morning?

The link above takes GVU members to “my alignment practice” forum thread (where I share what my regular practices are), but it’s just whatever manifesting tool or process appeals to me most that particular morning.  Could be simple basking in appreciation, grid work, visualization, scripting, whatever.

It doesn’t matter how we tune in – just that we find some way to connect with our desire and signal the powers-that-be that it’s a done deal.  To become the energetic frequency of our desire.  (That is, feel now how you would feel then.)
Simple.  And ridiculously powerful.

  • June 13, 2013

Superhero of Alignment: Idiot Ned

Superhero of AlignmentI’ve named Pollyanna as one of my thought ninja heroes because of how she’s able to find a good thought no matter the situation (via her “glad game”).
But her modern day match has to be Ned from the movie Our Idiot Brother.
In the first ten minutes we meet him, Ned shows us these qualities:

  • assumes the best in others; is generous and caring (when he gives marijuana to a uniformed police officer)
  • doesn’t hold grudges and can make friends anywhere (he gives and receives lots of well-wishes when he leaves jail)
  • accepts and allows (doesn’t fight his girlfriend who replaced him while he was gone and won’t give his dog back)

And it just gets better from there, as Ned demonstrates an exceptional ability to be present, to expect good things, to naturally make the best of any situation, to count his blessings, to pass personal tests of integrity, to support others, to have fun, to maintain authenticity, to not worry or complain no matter what – Ned is a superhero of alignment!
Ned’s approach to life is this:

“I like to think that if you put your trust out there, if you really give people the benefit of the doubt and see their best intentions – they’re gonna want to live up to it.  It doesn’t always work out, but more often than not people will rise to the occasion.”

I think many of us would do well to embrace the habits and attitude exhibited by our “idiot brother.”  I, for one, aim to be as good as Ned at assuming the best in others, having a good time anywhere and being able to go with the flow.
If you get a chance to see the movie, I think you’ll enjoy how well Ned models the traits that support powerful deliberate creation.
And if you’ve got recent examples of thought masters, please share!

  • January 23, 2013

Line It Up First

Get vibrationally aligned before you take actionAn easy routine to get stuck in is spinning circles in our minds trying to figure something out.
Whether it’s how to make some money, or drop 15 pounds, or what to do with that guy you don’t know whether to date or write off  – it’s easy to fall in the habit of figuring it out yourself.
And if we’re flowing contrary energy – which is anything that feels like stress, tension, anxiety, frustration, fear, etc. – then any actions we take WON’T HELP!
We gotta line the energy up before we do anything.
So first take a minute to clear out the negative energy.  Just a pause in the action and a couple of deep breaths will help.
Then get vibrationally aligned.
There’s more than one way to get lined up, but here’s one I used today myself …
I got super kinky while contemplating a potential business venture, realized I was spinning in not so fab energy, and took a deep breath to help get clear it.
To get centered in good energy, I asked these questions about what I wanted:

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it sound like?
  • What does it feel like?

(A derivative of the psych-k questions.)
In fact, I’ll do this process again now on a lost cat from one of the neighbors that I’m sort of worried about.

Long haired tabby Anikin is on her way to the shelter where hopefully her family will pick her up, but I was feeling anxious about sending her in.  What if they didn’t claim her?  Would the shelter call?  Should I have kept her here and tried to find her folks myself?  What if no one follows through and I’ve sent Anikin to her death??

NOT the sort of thoughts that inspire good energy or any vibrational alignment to a happy ending.
But awareness is the first step!
Next up, I’ll clear it out with a deep breath and maybe even shake it off physically.  Take a walk, stretch a little – get the body in on this gig to clear the vibrational air.
Third, dial in on what I want.
What does it look like?  
Anika is home sweet home!  So happy to be there!  And her folks are thrilled to have her back!  Everyone’s happy to be reunited.  I see her rubbing up against her favorite person and they’re all smiles that she’s home safe and sound.
What does it sound like?  
The animal control officers are telling the family what a lovely cat she is, and that they should update her tags with current contact info.  Anika is purring away to be back in her own bed, eating her own food, patrolling her own house again.  I even hear the daughter saying how nice it is that other people helped get her sweet kitty home safe and sound.
What does it feel like?  
It feels like a relief.  It feels like a happy ending.  It feels like all is well.  It feels like a lightness in my heart again.  It feels like an appreciation for all the cooperative components that helped Anika get home sweet home.
And just like that, I’ve switched the vibration from anxiety to relief.
That’s how we get lined up.  Doesn’t have to be fancy.
Once we’re in alignment, we can check in on whether there’s any action to take.
For that I love Sophie Mihalko’s process: ask kitty whether there’s anything she needs from me to support her highest well being.
(Sophie says you can ask your business, you can ask your body, ask whatever/whoever’s involved.)
When I’m seeing sweet Anikin in her happy ending, I’ll get very different inspirations than when I’m dwelling on worst case scenario thoughts.
And those are the only actions that will serve any of us – myself and that super sweet cat – the ones that come from my alignment vs. my contrast.
You got anything you’re feeling contrasty about?  Try this process – it makes all the difference in the world.

  • January 3, 2013