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If You Only Did One Thing …

Sometimes it feels like tricky business to create the reality you want …

Between maintaining a focus on what you want, not letting gremlins drive, staying out of attachment, being a good allower, taking inspired action, etc., even savvy creators can feel a bit overwhelmed with all the guidance we get about how to manifest.

But the truth is it’s very simple.

In fact, it could be as simple as this:

Become a good appreciator.

If all we did was build our appreciation skills, that alone puts us in close range of everything we want.

Yes, you could toss in some inspired action and positive expectations to make it even better.

But honestly, if you only focused on one thing to enhance your reality-creating success, good old-fashioned appreciation is your ticket.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge fan of Nevillizing it. Visualization is a staple in many manifesting practices. And a pray rain journal is what I turn to when it really counts.

But if all we got intentional about was learning to appreciate more, we’d be vibrationally home free.

Because when we’re in a state of appreciation, we’re a match for more good things.

Which is why so many spiritual teachers suggest keeping a gratitude journal, and why Abraham shares so many appreciation rampages.

I thought I had a pretty decent appreciation practice going until I read Pollyanna – and realized my skills had lots of room for improvement.

Becoming a good appreciator is mostly a matter of intention and practice.

It’s not rocket science, and you will see a direct correlation between making it a habit and the turn your life will take for the better.

But mostly I’m just suggesting that any time we think conscious creation stuff is complicated, that’s our cue to get back to basics, which could be anything like:

  • looking for things to appreciate
  • finding a better feeling thought
  • following inner guidance
  • pre-paving the day in advance

or any other process you’re called to.

When a fellow creator in self-help overwhelm asked the one thing she should practice, I suggested getting thankful was tough to beat for ease and effectiveness.

If your manifesting practice feels like you’re playing a game of Twister that’s more frustrating than joyful, it’s time for a change.

I’d love to hear how you keep things simple in your effective conscious creation routine …

  • May 24, 2017

99 Ways 2016 Rocked It

We know appreciation is one of the best manifesting “processes” out there.

It moves dreams out of future tense and into present reality.

So when I read this post on 99 Reasons Why 2016 Was a Good Year, I was inspired to revel in those good vibes even more by making my own list.

Recalling the ways this year has delighted and satisfied us is also a great setup for launching a new year.

Just reading this post will likely give you a vibration boost, too, but I’d recommend creating your own list of things you’re celebrating about your 2016. 🙂

So with that, here’s my list of 99 ways 2016 showed me the love. I’d love to read yours, too!

I Said Yes to My Dream Home

  1. The dogs and cats and I moved closer to nature! That was one of my “someday” dreams that conspired to show up sooner rather than later. We love it here!
  2. I have my own place again! While live-in lovers are nice and splitting the rent is an added bonus, I thrive in my own space.
  3. This place is triple the square footage and nearly 20 times the yard space the dogs grew up in. It’s a lot of what I imagined heaven would be for dogs.
  4. We share space with wildlife, including foxes, deer and moose!
  5. The neighbors have horses! Beautiful, playful horses!
  6. Night actually feels like night – it gets dark here and super quiet. No sirens, no city noise, no light pollution.
  7. The stars are amazing! It’s so stunningly gorgeous that even a trip to the garbage can at night takes a few minute because of the awesome stargazing!
  8. It sort of feels like the moon is my new best friend. We have such a different relationship out here in the boonies! I understand better how ancient cultures came to revere the stars and sun and moon. I’m doing it, too!
  9. We can go on off leash walks right from our back door. The neighboring properties aren’t developed, so we have even more free space to wander at our leisure.
  10. There is an array of diverse hiking trails nearby. We’re still exploring!
  11. Every window in the house offers jaw-dropping mountain views. Even washing hands at the sink offers a chance to revel in the beautiful landscape.
  12. My office feels like the office of a very wealthy person. Imagine what that’s doing for my vibration!
  13. There’s a stream of water here the dogs love taking an afternoon dip in. Fortunately, I like the smell of wet dogs. 🙂
  14. The new master bedroom has tons of room for three dog beds, two cat scratch towers, and two big chairs for kitties to lounge on. This room alone feels like paradise!
  15. I manifested the nicest and the coolest neighbors on the planet. They’re amazing!
  16. Hello, I harvested vegetables from the garden. I learned how to cook squash! And LOVED it!!
  17. I pulled up t-posts out of the ground with my bare hands using nothing but brute strength. I feel like I can do anything after doing that!
  18. I am shoveling so much snow out here that I stopped using exercise equipment in the house. I am getting super fit without really trying.
  19. I got a farmer’s tan. From working on the property. I cannot tell you how much I love my life!!

I Loved Up On the Animals

  1. We fostered many kittens and several adult cats this year. I say “we” because it takes a village, where the dogs and other cats help teach newcomers the ropes, and friends and family are called in to help socialize the new crew. It’s still one of my greatest joys in life to volunteer as an animal foster mom.
  2. Two of our foster kittens from the year prior were returned when their adoptive mom got engaged, and are with us again now. (Her loss, our gain!) Xena Princess Warrior and Fairy Kitty Lexie have grown into such beautiful and entertaining cats!
  3. I helped transport a handful of dogs to their new homes across the country. It’s a fun way to make new friends – human and canine!
  4. The neighbors at my last place got brand new baby goats in the spring! Such a treat to watch them play and grow up!
  5. In fact, on two different occasions I got to climb the fence for a goat rescue when someone’s head got stuck in the fence. I’d been dreaming about climbing over for a closer hello for quite some time when Universe delivered compelling reasons to do so!
  6. We’re reveling in bonus time with Joe, after the vet said to expect just 6 more months. (18 and counting!) Luckily, we know how to defy expectations. Here’s to more quality time together!
  7. Many of the dogs in our new hood roam freely, so we get spontaneous play dates and dinner dates throughout the week. These dogs are a hoot – super friendly and fun – I’ve never met such happy and personable dogs!
  8. We had a moose in our backyard just the other day. It was exciting and exhilarating and amazing! I am officially not a city girl any more!
  9. Sadie got sprayed by a skunk our second week here, and it felt like the perfect way to give up our urban roots and embrace country life. Everyone survived.
  10. Feeding new birds here that I’ve never seen before. Still learning who they are!
  11. It’s not unusual to see bald eagles on my commute to town. Bald eagles, I tell you! This place is even better than I dreamed. 🙂

I Loved More People In More Ways

  1. Allowed a key relationship that had become a toleration to transform itself. It had been asking for that for a while, but I ignored it because of my resistance to change. I learned that change is good and resistance is futile. And now have a new appreciation for my latest ex-beau. I should have known this would of course have a happy ending, since that’s how everything seems to turn out.
  2. My mom showed up in so many ways to love and support me through the changes the year brought. She helped me turn a new house into a home and was the #1 reason I never felt alone or overwhelmed through the major transitions of the year.
  3. Who knew how much I’d be relying on dad’s help this year, too!  Whenever it looked like there was a problem in the works, dad stepped in to solve it. In fact, he resolved issues before they became issues. Every time I thought I couldn’t ask any more, he showed up to remind me help is always here and love never runs out.
  4. My aunts. Well, now I’m starting to well up as I think about all the ways extended family showed me the love. With advice and encouragement, actual moving and cleaning, and getting settled into a new place and making it my own. Ok, I’m trying not to cry, so moving on …
  5. I know I mentioned new neighbors already, but they deserve to be on this section of the list, too. I’d heard about how friendly country people were, but I honestly had no idea it could be this good!
  6. Speaking of love, I started dating again. woo hoo! I am a girl who thrives when single and I am making the absolute most of this time of life. Men are amazing! I could make a list of 99 things I love about dating! But I’ll spare you my raves and just say I am having the time of my life.
  7. I even love my post office people, my grocery store people, my UPS guy, my real estate agent. It feels like I fell into the love vortex!
  8. I went through master gardener training and hung out with fellow gardeners! So much appreciation for meeting MY PEOPLE! I love gardeners. And I love our instructors. They were the highlight of my year!
  9. Stone people. Have you heard of them? I always knew there was something special about crystals, but this year I learned that they’re also known as The Stone People and I made some new stone friends. 🙂
  10. I met fab new folks at the local animal rescue group I’ll be working with next kitten season. I do love gardeners, but animal people are my lifelong peeps. We get each other.
  11. But there is nowhere I feel more love and appreciation than when I hang with fellow creators, because we are not a dime a dozen. (Yet. One day we will be!) For now, though, connecting with conscious creators on GVU calls and in the forums is a treasured experience and where I feel most myself. I love you guys!
  12. I need a separate entry to celebrate the wonderful clients I worked with this year. You know who you are. THANK YOU for being the best parts of my life!

I Loved My Body Even More

  1. Through the process of moving I reminded myself how physically strong I am. Way to feel capable and empowered!
  2. I had energy I didn’t know existed! Physical endurance was mine! Plus I had a new spring in my step I hadn’t felt in some time.
  3. Sleeping solidly through the nights again. 🙂
  4. Adrenal fatigue symptoms abated. I feel good in my body again!
  5. I have some suspicions about how this happened (I got happy!) … but whatever the cause, I dropped a couple sizes. When I wasn’t even trying to. Funny how that works, huh? I wear a belt on size 6 jeans. It’s ridiculous. (I had fourteens in my closet at one point.)
  6. I finally like my hair. That hasn’t  been a toleration for so much of my life, that I can’t tell you how nice it is to actually appreciate it.
  7. In addition to yoga as a way of loving up on my body, I found the 5 Tibetan rites. Very cool!
  8. This isn’t completely new, I had learned this trick a while ago, but I’m better at it now than ever (practice makes perfect): I love how I look in the mirror. 🙂
  9. Treated myself to some new clothes, which is yet another way to enjoy this beautiful body.
  10. I’m listening to her better than ever – when she says yay or nay, I honor it without question. Well, almost. Getting better at it every day!
  11. Learned how to take even more joy from food and drink – truly one of life’s daily pleasures this year.
  12. We (my body and I) also relished in the joys of nothing this year. We learned how to do nothing like it was something. We lounge, we loiter, we linger, we pause, we revel. It’s not go-go-go until we drop. We nap, we stretch out, we get wrinkly fingers in the tub … we enjoy for no reason at all.

Business Got Even Better

  1. This celebration list is taking forever to write, so I’ll speed things up: fab new clients
  2. fab long term and returning clients. I just can’t say enough how much I love the people I work with!
  3. super cool colleagues (The Coaches League is one of my favorite parties of the year!)
  4. launched a new podcast
  5. clients are rocking it (their successes deserve to be compiled in a book!)
  6. interviews with cool new people
  7. less work
  8. fab money
  9. GVU went mobile
  10. this blog gets more traffic and more raves than ever
  11. you readers are as generous and wise as ever! your comments are still the best part of this blog!

I Loved Myself and Life Even More

  1. broke a few rules
  2. found my courage
  3. honored my heart
  4. my ’66 Caprice got a makeover
  5. watched great stories
  6. read fabulous books
  7. learned from amazing teachers
  8. got inspired by fellow creators
  9. loved new songs
  10. discovered new restaurants
  11. dared to say yes to what life wanted to deliver
  12. I saw Sasquatch
  13. loved master gardener training
  14. enjoyed volunteering in the gardens and on the help desk!
  15. learned to appreciate contrast like never before
  16. laughed more than ever
  17. Joy became a regular thing in my daily life
  18. invested in friendships – and let others go
  19. ate a lot of high quality chocolate!
  20. pared down my belongings to those that spark joy
  21. got better at relaxing
  22. learned to be easier on myself
  23. got even better at believing in big dreams
  24. saw what a truly skilled co-creator I am
  25. gave myself credit for being an excellent guide to fellow co-creators
  26. learned how to take mistakes in stride
  27. trusted guidance and listened to inner nudges like a pro
  28. paid attention to dreams and messages from angels
  29. said yes to what my heart wanted and no to what it didn’t
  30. saw the perfection of how life unfolds and embraced the pace of my journey through it
  31. learned better than ever what matters and what doesn’t
  32. felt the privilege of being here now
  33. got better at trusting that everything’s working out perfectly
  34. and am looking forward to an even more amazing and delightful new year.

Your turn. 🙂

  • December 20, 2016

Name 10 Good Things

Abraham shared a game-changing practice Esther uses when she’s knee-deep in contrast …

She names ten good things about the situation.

That’s it.

Just a quick mental tally of ten ways this isn’t so bad.

Ten signs things are working out. Ten things to celebrate about it.

That’s all it takes to get the vibe back on good track.

You might be able to do it on the spot. (Kudos if you can!)

Or it might be best engaged when you’re not in the red hot heat of the moment.

Practice it for yourself and you’ll see what a vibe-shifter it is.

I did it for a couple contrasty things recently …

When one of my beloved computers decided to take an extended break:

  • A chance to re-think how much time I spend on the computer.
  • A reminder of how much I appreciate this particular business asset.
  • An opportunity to re-evaluate my work schedule.
  • A potential excuse to play with newer technology.
  • I can still access what I need; nothing’s lost.
  • Maybe she’s setting a good example about taking a break.
  • Perhaps a new tax write-off is in the works. Gotta love deductible expenses!
  • The cats appreciate the freed up lap space.
  • From what others tell me, she’s had a good long life in computer years.
  • I learned just how tough a computer can be.

Just making the list takes the sting out of something that could have been really bothersome otherwise. It helps me suspend negative judgment on what’s happened and we all know that makes me a better match to something good happening next!

By the time I got to #10, I was already feeling lighter.

I had another chance to practice it when the neighborhood cat (who I call mine, but obviously isn’t) didn’t come “home” for a week:

  • This is good practice to release attachment.
  • And a good chance to trust all is well even when I can’t see it with my own eyes.
  • More lap time and love for the other felines. (They don’t miss him.)
  • Maybe he’s found a place he likes better.
  • Maybe he has a girlfriend! (He’s neutered, but still!)
  • It’s good weather to be out.
  • I can still love him even if he’s not “here.”
  • This neighborhood is filled with cat-friendly people.
  • He’s microchipped to me.
  • He’s done this before, and always comes back.

(And sure enough, he returned again.)

Can you feel how this exercise trains you to see what’s going right?

Since we get whatever we look for, that’s a powerful perspective to habituate ourselves to.

We don’t do it necessarily to change what’s manifested, but just as a helpful vibration management technique. So we don’t get caught up in contrast and thus attract more crappy stuff.

It keeps us flowing a more positive point of attraction, even when we’re not loving what is.

Give it a try next time you’re fretting about something that doesn’t feel fabulous.

The more you practice it, the better you get at it and the easier it is for Universe to reveal something good next. 🙂

  • July 12, 2016

The Manifesting Strategy I’m Banking On

One of my favorite manifesting successes to tell about is one that happened accidentally.

I certainly never intended for change to happen.

In fact, I just wanted things to stay the same forever …

It started in 1992 when I bought a house that I loved so much I knew without a doubt that I would never leave it.

The first moment I walked into it with the realtor I was filled with an overwhelming sense of coming home. Of being right where I belonged.

It was absolutely perfect. I loved the trees and the rose bushes; I loved the red bricks with the black shutters; I loved the porches and the steps; I loved the light from all the windows; I loved the french doors; I loved the hardwood floors. I loved the neighbors and the location. I loved how easy it was to maintain. I even loved what it cost.

I could fill a book with all the different ways I loved that house.

In fact, I actively loved that property every day. It was just such a dream come true I couldn’t help it.

Think about the vibrational consequences of that …

Year after year of loving that house beyond compare. Knowing I was right where I wanted to be most and that it couldn’t get any better than this.

Imagine being Universe receiving that vibrational instruction, where it hears from me over and over again how much I love where I live.

You can guess what happened, right?

It eventually gave me an even better place to live.

Despite the fact that I didn’t even want one, and that I didn’t even think was possible.

(In fact, I held on to that house just so that I could go back after I’d played out this other hand I was dealt.)

The only reason I was willing to move was because my beau at the time was insistent on living together in a place of our own. My guidance was a yes for it, which surprised me, but off I went to buy a house with my love interest. Because I know not to ignore guidance.

And that house turned out to be even better than my last one!

The house I thought couldn’t be improved on! It got even better!

That might sound like a no-brainer to you. But to me – who’d been living in my absolutely perfect house for years knowing it couldn’t be topped – it was a surprise.

And it shouldn’t have been.

Because we know that like attracts like and that Universe returns whatever vibration we put out. I was sending, “It doesn’t get any better than this” and Universe delivered “better than this.”

So the love I felt for my first place turned out to be a powerful (if inadvertent) manifesting strategy for making even bigger dreams come true.

Dreams I didn’t even consciously entertain.

These days, though, I’m doing it consciously.

I’m using this same love strategy in service of new dreams, loving everything up. Finding ways to appreciate what is even more than I already do.

The thing about love, though, is that if you’re flowing it just to make things change – that’s not real love.

Real love is without agenda.

It’s not pretending to love it just so it’ll get better. That routine is not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about genuine love and appreciation. Which when we go there, we’re a winner no matter what. Even if it’s ‘just’ that our heart fills with good vibes, and nothing else changes, we’re still better off.

I do wonder how my love life would have unfolded if I were as good at appreciating boyfriends as I was at loving that house.

And how fun to think about what might be in store for my physical self as I get better at loving up this body!

Does it kind of make you want to love up your money a little better than you have been, perhaps?

Some of my clients are hesitant to drop resistance and find something to like about their situation that they want to change so much. They’re nervous that if they stop disliking it, if they find a way to appreciate it, Universe will think they got what they wanted and they’ll be stuck with it forever.

It’s the opposite, I tell them! Their resistance is what keeps it in place!

That’s when I tell my house story, to show just how magic appreciation can be.

And that’s the manifesting strategy I’ve noticed I’m employing above all others this year: loving everything up – without needing it to be any different.

This time I won’t be surprised when “even better” arrives.

PS – for those of you who enjoy audio, you can hear this story on the latest podcast episode.

  • June 18, 2016

Righter Than You Realize

This is the manifesting trick that changes everything when put into practice.

It’s the #1 skill worth mastering if you care about your LOA game, not to mention general life happiness …

Today I woke up – and completely took it for granted.

I woke up. Which meant I slept!

Sleeping through the night used to be a huge miracle! The kind of thing that inspired a chorus of angels singing as I phoned friends to share the news!

And here I’d just slept through the whole night. Didn’t even think anything of it.

Got out of bed. Took that for granted, too.

I got out of bed without even thinking about it. No back pain! No careful maneuvering. No wincing or groaning as I started the day! That wasn’t always the case.

And then I got on the internet. As if it were nothing. As if that’s how it always is.

But the truth is Comcast has inspired many a swear word in the past.

Then I sat in my chair without having to clean up cat throw-up. Didn’t even thank them for it. There are more days than I care to count where that is not the case.

I share this because it speaks to the point I want to make about today’s manifesting tip …

Things are going more right than you realize.

There’s way more working out for you than there is going wrong.

And when you know that, especially when you can remember it in the face of contrast – it makes all the vibrational difference.

You can’t get too kinky in your vibe when you look around and see all the rightness in your world.

And if you can’t see how that’s already true for you, it’s time to practice.

Because many of us have an unhelpful tendency to spot what’s wrong and dwell on what needs to change, rather than appreciating what’s going right.

If your first thought when you woke up wasn’t a lovely one, then I’m talking to you.

That’s a sign we have room for improvement on where we’re dialed vibrationally.

This manifesting skill is about developing the perspective of love and appreciation rather than grinding through another day of effort and angst.

And for some of us, it is work. It can take a committed practice of looking for the good news before it becomes our new habitual perspective.

(It’s why I regularly post on several differentgood news” and “what’s going right” threads in the GVU forums.)

It’s hands down the single most powerful thing you can do to support your manifesting success.

So the next time you hear yourself complaining or worried about this, that or the other, take a pause for a reality check.

Look around and tally even just a handful of things going right. (It’s impossible to list all the things working in  your favor – that’s how many there are!)

But when you can get a handle on more things going right than things going sideways, you are well on your way to happily ever after.

Because manifesting what you want can be as simple as recognizing that life is righter than we realized.

  • June 11, 2016
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