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Law of Attraction, Feng Shui, Astrology & Other "Hooey"

Law of Attraction, Astrology, Feng Shui, NumerologySome conscious creators think I’ve lost my marbles when I talk about astrology or feng shui.
“I thought you were a law of attraction disciple! Why would you waste time with superstitious mumbo jumbo?”
They think numerology, palm reading, handwriting analysis, tarot cards and stuff like that is a bunch of hooey.
“Nothing trumps thoughts,” they say.
And I agree with that. Nothing trumps the power of our thoughts.
Which is why when someone decides there’s no value in a particular study or discipline, that’s what they see – no value. Our belief makes it so.
But for those who choose to be open, many delights await!
To me it makes perfect sense to study the energy around us – including our energetic environment (feng shui and astrology). Whether it’s the influence of the planets or the layout of my room – that’s energy that’s worth mastering.
Not because I’m limited by it, but because I am an energy management expert. That’s what I do as a conscious creator – I conjure, morph and play with energy. Internally and externally.
I’m not looking to convert anyone, but for those wondering if this other stuff goes with your Law of Attraction practices, I just want to point out that everything is energy. Including our thoughts. Including the stars. Including the numbers. Including our physical space and the things in it.
It’s all energy.
As conscious creators, that’s the building block of our playground: the vibrational frequencies.
So if we get insights by studying star movements or have fun playing with colors in the room or we create an energetic shift by clearing out clutter, that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in the power of our thoughts.
These disciplines don’t have to be in contradiction of each other. Meaning …

I am not abdicating my manifesting skills when I take note that today’s new moon in Virgo is a great time to lay out monthly intentions. It’s actually quite the opposite – my belief in it enhances my creative powers. (As we think, so shall it be!)
I don’t read an astrology chart to see what’s going to happen. I read an astrology chart for insights on the energy that’s flowing and how to best leverage it to support the manifestation of my desires.
I don’t feel limited by considering the energy of a room and adjusting things to make it feel better – I feel empowered by it.
I don’t worry that the wrong numbers are going to ruin my success, but when the bank teller offers me different options in a safe deposit box, numerologists understand my delight in choosing #333!

Also, these areas of study that (to some) seem outside the realm of conscious creation aren’t important or crucial. You aren’t missing out on anything if you don’t know your rising sign or if you sleep facing north.
But to whatever extent you enjoy studying energy in these ways, it’s time well spent when you use it to enhance your vibration management practice.

  • September 12, 2015

Astro Revelations for Entrepreneurs

Astrology for EntrepreneursThere’s a special place in my heart for fellow freelancers and self employed healers.
The work we do feels more important than ever, yet there are many gifted energy workers walking away from their soul work because they haven’t figured out how to make it work.
Which is why I get super-creative about supporting our success from a variety of angles.
From the vibration activations here at the blog, as well as the posts on getting friendly with money, to the money courses and LOA Biz Panel calls at GVU, and the LOA coach training with Lisa, I can now add to that list of support for business owners a brand new offering: Astro-Biz for Entrepreneurs.
I don’t think there’s anything like it – marrying up of astrological wisdom with LOA savvy to build your business success.

Which is just how I like it – doing something different and unique to transform others is deeply satisfying to my sun/uranus conjunction in the 8th house! Not to mention, the focus on business success rings all my rising Capricorn bells.

Here’s a glimpse of what an astrology chart can reveal about business success:
* An essential oils distributor found it easy to get excited about new ideas. She had all the enthusiasm and big ideas in the world – in the beginning. But once she put things in motion the thrill was gone. She wondered what was wrong with her follow-through skills, but it wasn’t that. She simply has Mars in Aries in the 10th house. Her m.o. is to lead the party, and once underway hand the reins over to someone else. Once she realized that and changed her business model, success was in her hands.
* A retail store owner with Sun in Libra and Taurus rising couldn’t understand why the harder he ‘tried’ the less he accomplished, until his chart revealed he could accomplish more by slacking off and allowing ‘them’ to come to him. He wasn’t a chaser, even though all the previous coaches said he had to go out there and make it happen. Not so for the Venus ruled Taurus rising!
* A coach who hadn’t attracted the clients she wanted or income she needed turned to her astrology chart for answers. She had Sun in the 10th house, revealing how very important it was to feel of value. Her fear of letting other people down was holding her natural talents back. Once she found what would support her highest dreams – in this case it was working with groups instead of one-to-one -everything changed. Suddenly she plugged into effortless success and breathed new life into her professional dreams.
Good Vibe AstrologyIf you’re a freelancer or solopreneur who isn’t yet gleaning insights from your astrology for business purposes, you’re invited to check out Astro-Biz for Entrepreneurs led by me and Kim Falconer starting October 3rd.
It’s a five week course intended to help you engage a more authentic and successful (and of course, LOA friendly) approach to manifesting your business success.
You don’t have to be astrologically savvy to benefit from this course. Check out more details here or email with any questions.
Here’s to rocking our heart-centered businesses right into the vortex of big dreams come true!

  • September 30, 2014

Finding Buried Treasure in Your Chart

law of attraction friendly astrology for manifesting abundanceLenora was known for financial blunders.  For over 25 adult years, her life seemed like one money disaster after the next.
Despite working for a variety of bosses in different jobs, she never found financial fulfillment or career success.
In fact, every job she had ended in drama, power struggles and burned bridges. She felt like she was cursed.
Until she learned to work with her midheaven Jupiter in Aries.
This planetary placement on the cusp of her 10th house gave a big clue as to where her professional success would be found: working for herself.
Sure enough, after Lenora started her own business last year, she hit the financial jackpot.  (Her stars had been pointing the way all along!)
My friend Patricia has been longing to follow her dream of interior decorating, but is nervous that taking focus off her banking career will derail her success.
She doesn’t realize that her 2nd house Gemini Mars is practically begging her to pursue a variety of interests to fuel her financial prosperity.  Plus she’s got a Sagitarrius Sun that won’t be fulfilled until she shoots for the stars.
She thinks my LOA stuff is crazy enough – forget about tuning into her stars.  It makes me sigh a little bit when such clear indicators to our path of prosperity are dismissed as superstitious or insignificant.
Here’s what I know about astrology:
Everything is energy, including the stars and planets.  These planets don’t rule our lives, nor do they predict an unchangeable fate.
But they do have a vibrational impact that serves us to master rather than ignore.  We can learn to work with these very real energies to more effortlessly create whatever we want in life.
If more abundance is something you’re interested in experiencing, you’re invited to join Kim and I for Path to Abundance in two weeks.  It’s an LOA friendly astrology course to help harness your personal stars for higher prosperity.  And there hands down isn’t anyone better to learn this from than Kim Falconer.  
Together we’ll be learning our personal best ways to get friendly with money via our stars, in order to allow more of the financial abundance we’ve been wanting.  
If you enroll before year end you can pick your own tuition.  (It’s a “pay what you want” course since we wanted this to be budget-friendly for everyone interested.)
You don’t have to be a savvy astrologer in order to play – this is geared to include those who are new to studying planetary energies, plus it’s completely LOA friendly.  So you don’t have to worry about running into any limiting beliefs or interpretations.
We know anything is possible, and we also know that working with our stars can fast track us to our favorite dreams come true.
Check out course details here.  Everyone who signs up gets a complimentary copy of our Essential LOA Astrology course.  So, it’s rockin’ abundance happening over at Good Vibe Astrology.

Which happens to be in perfect alignment to my 9th house Venus and 8th house Sun/Uranus conjunction.  I do best when I do it different, honoring my reverence for the stars & our creative powers, and teaching others whatever I have to share.

If you’re interested, remember to enroll before year end so you can choose your own tuition.  It could very well be the best investment you’ve ever made in your financial well being.

  • December 22, 2013

Astrological Clues to Best Manifesting

best manifesting rituals through astrologyDid you know astrology can offer clues to your best manifesting rituals?
Examining your sixth house (of ritual magic, daily routines, and how we get things done) is one way to reveal the LOA processes that serve you best.
To enlighten yourself take a look at your natal astrology chart. (Kim Falconer offers a quick and easy tutorial to create your chart here.)
With your chart in hand, locate your sixth house planets and house ruler.
Then read the entries below for the planets that apply to reveal what manifesting habits and exercises you’ll succeed best with. (This 3 minute video helps locate houses and rulers if you’re new to astrology charts.)

For example, I have no planets in my sixth house, but it’s ruled by the moon (Cancer on the cusp). That means consistency or some sort of cyclical process would serve me well, and that habits of self-love would make a good focus. (Any wonder that I wrote two books on those subjects?!)

Take a look at your sixth house activity and see what manifesting rituals are calling you:
Moon: Make It a Habit
If you’ve got the Moon in or ruling your sixth house (Cancer on the cusp), you’ll be well served to get regular with your manifesting rituals. Follow the natural cycles, whether daily, weekly, monthly or even seasonally. Engage processes to enhance self-love as well as love for others. Some possibilities to consider:

Sun: Make It Special
When the Sun is in or rules your 6th house (Leo on the cusp), your best manifesting rituals will be ones that make you feel special. Own the spotlight and make it all about you. Consider using:

Mercury: Use Your Words
Those with Mercury in or ruling the 6th house (Gemini or Virgo on the cusp) will find their most effective rituals to be ones that incorporate words more so than pictures or visualizations.

Venus: Engage Your Senses
Venus in or ruling the 6th house (Taurus or Libra on the cusp) loves rituals that are tangible, tactile, and sensual. Remember that your body is your friend – it offers powerful guidance when you tune into its wisdom. You’ll also get lots of juice when you partner with a manifesting buddy. Put Venus to good work by using processes that include:

Mars: Get Moving with Inspiration
For those who have Mars in or ruling their 6th house (Aries or Scorpio on the cusp), your best path to manifesting success is to get feisty, be bold and take inspired action! Consider these options:

Jupiter: Go Big!
When Jupiter is in or rules the 6th house (Sagittarius or Pisces on the cusp), you’ll do well to let loose your imagination with big dreams! Go over the top with it – this is no time to hold back. How good can you stand it? Jupiter wants you to raise your standards and expect the best – and also to lighten up and have a good time!

Saturn: Work It
When Saturn is in or ruling the 6th house (Capricorn or Aquarius on the cusp) that means the ‘task master’ is your manifesting ruler. Working on your manifesting project is your road to allowing (no slacking here!), and persevering will serve you well. Consider:

Uranus: Go Your Own (Extreme) Way
With Uranus in or ruling the 6th house (Aquarius on the cusp) it’s important that you follow your own heart. Dare to do it different and travel the unmarked path – rebellion is good for you! Radicalize your manifesting process and watch success follow in your newly broken trail.

  • Make up your own rules, or break the existing ones!
  • Don’t give a rip what others think
  • Leave the gurus at the door
  • Listen to your higher guidance

Neptune: Connect & Allow
Those have Neptune in the 6th house, or Pisces on the cusp, will want to remember to trust, have faith in the unknown, and allow allow allow. You’ll do well to practice surrendering and letting go. You’ll also thrive when you link to community to feel the oneness and enjoy engaging the artistry of manifesting. Consider looking into:

Pluto: Make It Intense
When Pluto is in or rules the 6th house (Scorpio on the house cusp) know that it’s not only okay – but preferred – to be intense with your manifesting process. Go ahead and think about it as life or death – let it be important. Lots of LOA teachers advise releasing attachment – ignore that. Your processes are meant to be transformative and intense, and you might also enjoy employing whatever’s considered “taboo” or occult in nature.

Of course, there are other astro insights to be gleaned and translations of your horoscope about your best manifesting processes.  Trust your intuitions!
If you’d like to hear more, Kim and I talk about the power of ritual on our free calls page at Good Vibe Astrology. (Click on “Power of Rituals” to hear that call.) In the meantime, happy manifesting!

  • September 18, 2013

How Astrology Can Help with Manifesting

Law of Attraction and AstrologySome of you already marry up the powerful arts of astrology and deliberate creation.
(Hats off to you, powerful creators!)
But for those of you who this might be foreign to, here are six ways astrology can amp up your manifesting game:
1. Harness planetary energy. Everything vibrates – including you, me, our thoughts and all those beautiful planets.
How do those universal bodies affect your vibration?  And how can you use those energies to your manifesting benefit?
All it takes is some basic astrology knowledge to get more bang for your focusing buck.  You’ll find it makes all the difference in the world when you work with planetary cyclical energy rather in ignorance of it.
2.  Get a better handle on contrast.  When things seem to be going sideways, it can help to spot the star movements involved and understand the ‘message in the madness’.  (Just seeing transformation ahead, and the core purpose of it all, can bring relief in the present moment!)
3.  Find reasons to believe. When we can see how the stars are lining up to support what we want, it makes it even easier to believe in our success.  And belief and expectation are big parts of the LOA game.
When I saw Jupiter moving into my tenth house, my LOA-friendly interpretation was that this was the time my professional platform really wanted to grow.  That was no time to play it small – and seeing that energy in play made me braver in honoring bold work inspirations.
4.  Enhance self love. It is nearly impossible to study your natal chart without falling in love with yourself.  You’ll see all your complexities and quirks that make you uniquely you.  Since the world can only reflect how we feel about ourselves, self love is a helpful vibe to amplify.
5.  See others from the eyes of God/Source. We’re co-creating the others in our lives based on how we think about and know them.  So finding a way to see them in their highest light allows you to experience the best they have to offer.  Astrology is a powerful way to tap into another’s best self.  (Not to mention that knowing my partner is a triple Virgo helps me cut him lots of slack when he tends to criticize instead of appreciate.)
6.  Identify and leverage your best LOA power tools. Your personal astrology inclines you to certain manifesting gifts.  Once you know them, you can take full conscious advantage of them.  (Example, my Libra sun makes it easy for me to see other points of view, and thus to be more flexible in how I perceive reality.  Which is why I’m so good at leveraging Abraham’s advice to “see ‘what is’ in a way that pleases you.”)
How do you use astrology to become a more powerful deliberate creator?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments!
And if you’re interested in some first class guidance in using astrology to improve your manifesting results, join me and Kim Falconer in a very affordable five week course beginning June 18th.
We’re laying out the basics of how deliberate creators can leverage the planetary energies for getting what they want. The course is for deliberate creators who may have curiosity but little knowledge of astrology – and for the astro-savvy who are interested in using their star knowledge to consciously create reality.  Find more details here.

  • June 10, 2013