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Give Yourself An Easy Win

One of the first things I do as a law of attraction coach to help new clients manifest an elusive desire is listen for something that seemingly has nothing to do with why they hired me.

Yet it has everything to do with getting what they want.

That’s because creating what we want is all about alignment.

It’s about feeling better now, before the next cool thing happens.

And feeling better now isn’t just about imagining it or scripting it into reality. It’s not just vision boards, affirmations and inspired action.

It involves all sorts of ways to feel better before our desire comes true.

While there are other ways to feel better before we get what we want, the one I like to start new clients off with is plugging the vibrational holes.

I’m talking about eliminating energy drains, aka tolerations. The things that keep us anchored in the lower end of the vibrational scale.

When we can spot something they’ve been putting up with that bothers them – and eliminate it – that’s often all Universe needed to get that cool new thing through their door.

You’d be amazed how many times the weight drops, the guy calls, the job is offered, and the money flows when we release that thing we didn’t know was keeping us out of vibrational range of what we want.

That’s why it can seem like magic to eliminate a toleration.

I know it from personal experience:

  • the coaching practice didn’t take off until I quit the job I hated
  • my business didn’t evolve until I cut ties with an energy-draining ex
  • my health didn’t improve until I stopped fretting about my health

And I’ve seen it happen with plenty of others … where we addressed the family feud, or remedied the acne, or improved the living situation, and that’s what released the logjam that held the manifested desire at bay.

So if there’s something you’d like to get good traction in creating, look for an energy drainer (that might even seem completely unrelated to your desire), find a way to eliminate that toleration and watch what happens next.

It often doesn’t even require alignment exercises beyond dropping the drainers in order to get what you want.

It’s happened so many times that it’s now the first thing I look for with new clients – just plug the vibrational holes and magic happens!

Eliminating tolerations can be easier said than done, since sometimes we’ve gotten so used to those drainers that we don’t even question them any more. Or even when we know what they are, we sometimes feel helpless to change it. (Otherwise we would have already!)

Which is why getting a second set of expert eyes on your situation can help kickstart powerful change.

But it’s a tip worth considering if you’re looking to infuse extra magic in your manifesting practice …

Just look for something you haven’t been loving and find a way to shift it.

Here ‘s a quick tutorial on eliminating tolerations.

And here’s to finding even more delightful ways to manage our vibration and allow our biggest dreams come true!

  • April 8, 2017

Q&A: Why Do Negative People Get Good Things?

why do bad people get good things?Loved this question from a fellow creator who wondered why people with negative energy (complaining, mean, angry, etc.) manifest good things like material goods, relationships, and successful careers?
We’ve all seen examples of it, right?

  • the high anxiety neighbor who wins a vacation trip to Europe
  • the mean-spirited uncle who gets richer every year
  • the old college roommate who is worthless on the job but gets promoted regularly

What gives?  If like attracts like, how can they be doing so well?  And why does it always seem like nice guys finish last?
Turning it over to you smart readers to weigh in on this one:  How is it that people with such negative energy manifest such positive things?
Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise!

  • June 21, 2012

The Thing about Training for Trouble

Although I’m not exactly a connoiseur of national news, last year’s Hudson River plane landing had my rapt attention. 
Not just because it had a happy ending, but also because it seemed to defy all odds to qualify as an outstanding real life miracle.
I wasn’t alone in enjoying coverage of the event, as google reveals over 6 million hits for “Hudson plane.”
Recently, an Abraham workshop participant asked the question about how many people had to be aligned in order to allow that particular miracle to unfold.
Abraham’s answer is why I’m writing about this topic today.
While the guy asking the question viewed the Hudson River event as if it were a miracle of alignment that the pilot was able to land the jetliner without suffering any casualties, Abraham offered an alternate perspective:

Yes, this pilot managed to land in the river without sacrificing any lives.  But this same pilot also managed to rendezvous with a flock of birds that required the emergency landing in the first place.

Abraham said this pilot’s extensive training for flight emergencies made him an excellent match for experiencing a flight emergency. 
While we celebrate his ability to have managed it extremely well, it might be worth noting that a pilot who doesn’t attract emergencies might be something to celebrate, too.
Yes, I get it.  Training for trouble makes us more likely to attract trouble.  And is trouble what we really want?
But it was such a cool story!  How boring would life be if everything always went perfectly?!
And that’s exactly what Abraham shared at the end of the conversation about the perils of training for trouble – we do like our dramas
Don’t we?
Abraham added that in our culture it’s rare we’re not being warned or trained for some sort of trouble somewhere along the line, but that’s our opportunity as deliberate creators – to choose consciously what we’re attracting into our lives. 
Sometimes maybe close calls are exciting, and sometimes maybe they’re worth skipping altogether.
What do you guys think?  If you had the choice (which we do), would you choose no trouble at all?  Or are there some challenges you wouldn’t opt out of?

  • February 6, 2010