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Why to Stop Expecting Miracles

Why to Stop Expecting MiraclesWhat’s taking your miracle so long to manifest?
If your desire still feels like a miracle to you, that’s probably why.
Because things don’t manifest that we don’t easily believe in or expect.
Our big dreams unfold when it feels like a logical “of course” next step.
That’s what vibrational alignment is all about. When we’re in the same neighborhood as our desire is. Not on the other side of the globe.
In fact, listen to this story …
… I know a certain 6 year old who decided one day that he’d rather go to work than go to school.
(Those were the options given to him by his mom.)
So he picked job over education.6 year old's resume
By the end of that day, I kid you not, that little guy had a job as a speechwriter for the governor.
He got the interview on his own and sat down with the governor by himself. (Although his mom helped with his resume and his nanny accompanied him on the bus for his commute to interviews.)
This kid just expected that someone would hire him.
(Why wouldn’t they? He didn’t know that 6 year olds don’t get hired for work.)
And by day’s end the governor engaged him to write two official speeches.
That’s not a miracle – that’s vibrational alignment.
That’s the power of positive expectation.
So as long as your desire feels like a big deal that will change your life forever, you’re too far away from it vibrationally for it to show up at your door.
Bottom line, if it feels like a miracle, you’re not ready for it yet.
Here’s what Abraham has to say about it:

When things are ready to pop for you in full manifestational view, they feel like the next logical step. It doesn’t feel like bouncing off the walls. It just feels like, ”Yes, but of course. I knew that was coming.”

So how can we learn to expect miracles?
Well, by first of all not thinking of it as such a big deal.
Yes, it’s cool. But it’s not out of our league.
We can reflect regularly on the reasons to believe in it instead of the reasons it seems unlikely – which may include:

  • Remembering that others have already experienced it.
  • Knowing how the system works – it you can imagine it, you can create it.
  • Reflecting on your past successful manifestations.
  • Remembering who you are – a powerful conscious creator who is capable of anything you put your mind to.

We can also tell the story of it. See it happening in your mind’s eye. Get used to the idea of it. (You know when it starts to feel “normal” that you’re making good progress!)
What we believe and what we expect is simply a matter of what thoughts and images we’ve practiced.

I’m laughing at the thought of Jesus, before he crossed the sea on foot, saying to himself, “Man, wouldn’t it be freaky if I could walk on this water? Wouldn’t that be the craziest thing ever?!” I don’t know for sure, but I suspect it’s more likely he was quite confident in his ability to walk across the sea.

Abe says, “When it shifts – when you are 51% more expecting it than doubting it, things start showing up that then amplify your belief. Once you make that pivot on the fulcrum now you’re off and running.”
Here’s to getting used to the idea of big dreams come true.

  • October 7, 2014

Q&A: When Like Doesn't Attract Like

when like doesn't attract likeWe’ve got two related questions for you today.  Take a read and please share your insights:
First of all, I am a believer of law of attraction.  But I have a question about how it works …
If like attracts like, I don’t understand how I could go from being really happy over the holidays to suddenly experiencing a debilitating bad mood that seemed to come from out of the blue.
I thought the process of manifesting was to get happy first and then good things would happen.  But that didn’t happen.  As soon as I believed I’d made a real shift in my vibration, things went to pieces.
How do you explain that?  Am I the anti-manifester?
Another reader reports that his beliefs don’t always mirror his reality, contrary to what LOA teaches.  Here’s his example:
Let’s say I park my car at night, and while I’m asleep someone steals it.  When I wake up for work, I grab my keys and fully expect my car to be outside, only to find it’s missing.  If my beliefs create my reality, something’s gone awry here.
I surely didn’t want or expect my car to be stolen, so how could this happen?
What do you say, fellow creators?  Your input is appreciated!

  • January 7, 2013

When Deliberate Creators "Resort" to Action

deliberate creators work up a sweat, tooSome folks I’ve talked with lately seem to feel a bit of shame because they’ve resorted to action to make something happen.
Just because you didn’t manifest it “out of the clear blue” without lifting a finger doesn’t mean you’re a failure as a deliberate creator!
Indeed, it just may be that taking action was your path of least resistance.
So don’t hang your head in shame. It doesn’t make you a bad manifester. I would actually say quite the opposite! How you create it doesn’t really matter, does it?
So if you …

  • go to the doctor to get better,
  • or exercise to lose weight,
  • or fill out dozens of applications to get a job,
  • or meet your sweetie online rather than having him knock on your door on one magical evening

… lighten up about it.
There’s nothing wrong with “doing something” to make it happen when that action feels inspired and good.
Just wanted to clear that up because we talk a lot here about not doing anything to create effortless success.
Sometimes master manifesters work up a sweat! It’s all good.
What we don’t advocate is taking action without alignment. But when action is what helps you get aligned, don’t judge, please.
The key is to honor your belief system and your desires mutually. To the extent you believe in action or enjoy it or feel inspired to it, rock on with your bad self!
And as Abraham reminds us, part of the joy of being human is getting our fingers in the clay to mold our lovely lives. Enjoy it!

  • November 20, 2011

Q&A: What Feels Best?

Continued from the October 20 issue of Get What You Want ezine (if you’re not already signed up, there’s a box in the sidebar to the left as well as here), this question about the role of action in manifesting often comes up for deliberate creators …

We talked about the simple manifesting formula as:

Focus on what you want  +  Do what feels good  =  Successful Manifestation

In the “do what feels good” part of the formula, sometimes we’re stumped with:

  • How do I know what inspired action is? 
  • What if I don’t feel any inspiration at all? 
  • What if I don’t believe just doing what “feels good” will work?
  • What if my beliefs are contrary to what my inner guidance suggests?

With that, I’m officially opening this post up for discussion around doing what feels good and its role in successfully achieving our goals. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, questions and experiences about the role of action and feeling good in the manifesting process!

  • October 20, 2009

How to Amp Up Belief

beliefWe know the two keys to successful manifesting are desire and belief.  When these two elements are present, you’re home free to getting what you want!

For most of us, desire comes pretty easily and it’s our belief that could usually use some work.

Doubt is kryptonite to miracles and dreams come true.  Belief, on the other hand, doesn’t just grease the wheels, it requires things to happen!

Which is why clients know that believing is key to receiving, and thus often wonder how to best believe that what they want will happen?

Because it’s a common question, I thought this was a good topic for our consideration.

Here are four of my favorite ways to amp up belief (and I’d love to hear yours next):

1. I’m a big fan of Abraham’s Amp It Up exercise where you write down what you want on the top of a sheet of paper, then underneath that list the reasons why you want it, and then on the backside write the reasons why you believe you can have it.

Abe says it doesn’t matter how many reasons you list, but you’re done once you start stretching to come up with another reason. That exercise puts a nice spotlight on both desire and belief, which makes it a powerful manifesting tool.

But there are other effective ways for amping up belief as well.

2. One is to keep a running tally of successful creations – an accounting where you track things purposefully manifested.  Writing down past “wins” is a great way to start the list, then adding even “little” things like rock star parking and green lights in traffic and fabulous waiters (you all practice that one, too, right?) – all those things go on the list as well.

We know that wherever our focus goes, more of the same follows, so using this tally method to deliberately get our attention on successful manifestations is an empowering habit.  (Shoot, even thinking of others’ stories is uplifting, isn’t it?!)

3. One of the easiest ways to increase belief is to tap into a powerful reminder, like The Intention Experiment or Quantum Success or The Answer or Infinite Possibilities or I know for many The Secret works, and for others plugging into a like-minded community like this one helps.

Surrounding ourselves with reinforcing material about how the world really works helps to undo old teachings about the necessity of working hard or taking massive action to succeed.

4. Another method I ask clients to play with when they’re not feeling their manifesting muscle is “practice projects.”

A practice project is where you choose a unique thing or experience to manifest (something you don’t have any “charge” on), then just hold it in mind briefly once or twice a day for a couple of days in a row – and then simply keep an easy eye out for its appearance.

(No figuring out “how” or worrying if it will or being attached to what/where/when.  Just nice simple holding pleasant thoughts of little things that would be pleasant to see unfold, and then let the Universe bring it to your feet.)

Once you do a couple of those in a row, you not only start to properly acknowledge your manifesting skills, but you also have a nice template of how you best get the job done.

In fact, last week I joined a client in a practice project of her choosing – $50 from out of the blue.  I added that my $50 would be a “pleasant surprise.”
We spent maybe 25 seconds each imagining a $50 surprise windfall before we wrapped up our call.

Three days later I wrote my client to admit that I hadn’t remembered to do our homework of holding it in mind over the following days.  But before I sent the note, I realized Universe had already delivered it!

It turns out the day after we initially chose our practice project of 50 pleasant surprise dollars, a check arrived from another client who had inadvertently paid $250 for our one time session, rather than my real rate of $200.  I wondered if she paid extra because we’d gone over time, or if there was a misunderstanding about the fee.  Regardless, I wrote to tell her I owed her $50.

Her email back cleared things up:

“HA! Are you having an issue accepting a tip? I see why the universe had me send you one!

🙂  Love Ya!”

I’m not positive, but I think that’s the first time that ever happened.  (PS – thanks for the tip, my friend!)
Which is my proof how easy it is to miss the delivery on a practice project!  (Don’t let this happen to you.  lol)

My point being that there are lots of easy ways for us to amp up our belief, and when we do, magic happens.

Your turn: what are ways you’ve found effective for increasing your belief about having what you want?

  • September 21, 2009

What Would Make It An "Of Course"?

“So happy and excited” – that’s what many expect we’ll feel when our big thing manifests.
But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.
Because by the time our big thing is happening, we’re not usually bouncing off the walls with excitement. We saw it coming, we got used to the idea, we came to feel the inevitability of it –  which is what vibrational alignment feels like.

“Of course. I’ve been expecting you.”

So, if that’s how we feel right before it happens – that “of course” kind of expectation, it makes me wonder what would it take for us to feel that “of course”-ness about our current desire right now?  Because we know once we get there, we’re home free.

Abraham is quoted from their Caribbean cruise March of last year: “Whatever is manifesting in your experience is a perfect reflection of what you’re expecting.” So our expectations are critical.

A fellow coach spoke with me as I was writing this post about how excited she’d be to have her group teleclass fill up. I remember thinking I’d be excited about filling my first class too, but that’s not what it ended up feeling like.
By the time it got there, it felt more like, “okay, that’s cool, makes sense … next up!”
When I moved into a beautiful home with a great guy, it didn’t feel like ‘YAY!! All my romantic dreams have come true!” It more felt like, “ahhhh. This is it. Nicely done.” It felt very natural and had an “of course”-ness about it.
(Isn’t it funny how our miracles don’t always feel so miraculous by the time they happen?)
All this leads me to ask how can we best leverage and implement the power of positive expectation?
With current manifestation projects, I ask myself if they have an “of course” feeling about it. And the answer is … uh … well, not really. Not yet.
What would it take to make it feel like an “of course” situation? What would help me feel complete and confident knowing that it’s happening?
I suspect the answer to those questions provides us good material for our manifestations. That’s where we may very well find some newly inspired action, or new aligned thoughts, or even more discernment about what’s standing in our vibrational way.
I invite you to ask yourself these questions:

  • What would it take to make your dream come true seem like an inevitable outcome?
  • What would you have to do different?
  • What would you have to feel different?
  • What would you have to believe different?

Would you need a new sense of confidence? Some tweaking of a belief or two? Or maybe there’s a bold action calling you.
I know this much: when we get to the place of feeling “of course” about our desire coming to fruition, that’s where we’ll see big things happening.

  • June 13, 2009

Hope for the Ex

car.jpgMy ex-fiance and good friend just phoned to ask why he’s such a powerful manifestor of negative things, but not positive ones.
(There’s a belief worth turning around. But we’ll get to that later.) 
Rob’s story is interesting, and probably not uncommon. So I’ve challenged him to change it, and thinking some of us might be inspired to join him.
He told about driving a customer’s car down the highway (he does custom remodel work on priceless classics), noticed a big work truck ahead of him, and started thinking, “You know, the last thing I need is a rock chip. I should probably change … ” and BAM! Before he was even done thinking the thought to change lanes, the windshield took a hit, leaving a lovely chip.
When he gets to the shop, he thinks, “I should call Todd to arrange for that repair today. But what if Todd’s out? Thursday’s his day off. Today’s Tuesday. But what if he’s not in?” Sure enough, Todd’s out, even though it’s not his regular day off.
Rob asks if he had fleeting thoughts of a million dollars spilling through the streets, would it suddenly appear?
I suggested he try it sometime. After he laughed, I asked if he has as strong a belief in free money in the streets as he does rock chips and bad timing for repairs.
Admittedly, and he’s not alone in this, it’s sometimes easier to believe in bad things than it is in really good things.
The good news is he/we can change that. Belief is just a thought we’ve repeated enough to make it a strong one.  And we can change our thoughts. We humans are pretty cool that way.
So Rob’s going to try it. He’s going to practice thinking good thoughts and see how quickly they manifest. I ask him to report back.
Before he hangs up, he tells me how he’s really good at reading people, too. He can tell in advance what they’re going to do. He might think he’s psychic. I think he doesn’t yet realize the powerful effect his thoughts have on others.
For example, he says when his son comes over he knows it’s to ask for money, rather than lend a hand around the house. He can tell when the neighborhood homeless guy is going to drop by his shop asking for a loan. He’s got lots of examples of how he predicts people’s behavior.
Is he predicting? Or creating? (And what if they were the same?)
I suggest he practice his good thoughts on people, too. I told him people live up to and down to our expectations all day long, and suggest he practice holding new expectations.
I got a funny feeling his world is about to get brighter. : )

  • August 14, 2007