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To Clear or Not To Clear?

Clear Limiting BeliefsIf you’ve been reading guest posts or comments here for any length of time, you’ve run across the wisdom of Namaste Faustino.
He’s shared many transformational ideas and processes with us here, and today he’s soliciting our thoughts on a topic near and dear to every conscious creator’s heart …
Here’s Namaste:

Have you found an absolutely reliable method for allowing your desires to manifest without ever having to deal with your limiting beliefs?
If so, can you explain how it works, why it always allows you to bypass your limiting beliefs, and possibly share a real life example of you using this method in your own life?
I was doing some research online looking for an airtight manifesting method that doesn’t require I deal with my limiting beliefs when I found this posting on the Abeforum.com by SheerLuckHolmes:
SheerLuckHolmes said, “I no longer try to uncover limiting beliefs. If I were to uncover a limiting belief I would be giving attention to it. Anything I give attention to grows.
“What I do give attention to is how I feel when considering any given topic. If I feel good, I milk those feelings and thoughts looking for even better feelings and thoughts.
“If I feel bad, I look for the desire behind the bad feeling that feels better, then give that my undivided attention looking for better feelings and thoughts that take me to inspirations that lead me to the newly created more clearly defined desire.”
This sounds like a possible solution to what I’m looking for. The only challenge is I don’t really understand the looking for the desire, behind the bad feeling, to find a new desire explanation.

So the question to fellow creators is whether you’re able to reliably manifest what you want without addressing limiting beliefs that might stand in the way.
What say you, wise ones?
We’d love to hear what you’ve practiced and the results you get. Thanks in advance for contributing to this discussion!
Namaste Faustino specializes in helping people to identify and release the resistance that is stopping their longest held desires from manifesting. Connect with Namaste at www.mrnamaste.com or on Facebook. 

  • October 21, 2016

A Choosy Believer

Be a Choosy BelieverMany of us were taught that our core beliefs were implanted early via our authority figures and childhood experiences.
Some say our beliefs are tricky to identify and hard to change.
I’m opting out of some of that.
Instead, I think a belief is just a thought that got a lot of air time. (Thank you, Abe, for that realization.)
And I believe I can direct my thoughts, and that reality comes from them.
Which is why I’m choosy about what to believe. For example …
I don’t believe in:

I do believe in:

  • happy endings
  • miracles
  • Universal favor
  • and plenty of opportunities.

I don’t believe it’s possible to get it wrong. And I don’t believe in wasted time.
I believe everything works out perfectly. And I believe in goofing off.
I don’t believe in “the one”; I believe love abounds.
I don’t believe in broken hearts. Hearts heal when we let them.
I don’t believe in death, the devil, mistakes or fated destiny.
But I do believe in angels. And our divinity. And that anything’s possible.
I don’t believe we’re here to learn life lessons or prove ourselves worthy.
I believe we’re already worthy. All the time. Automatically.
I believe puppy kisses are the secret to good health, and I believe life is meant to be fun.
I believe everyone can win, and that life just keeps getting better.
I believe this place is crawling with fabulous people and that we’ll never run out of things to love about this amazing life.
I believe I’m getting better every day, and that Universe is rooting for me.
I believe in my power to choose, and I believe that perspective makes all the difference.
And I believe all of us get to be right, whatever we dare believe.
But all that really matters is …
… what do you believe?

  • April 30, 2015

Shifting Beliefs with Abe

Shift Beliefs with AbrahamFor those looking to let go of beliefs that don’t serve us, Abraham has a quick way to shift things.
While some people love working with EFT to help unhook from limiting beliefs, or using Psych-K, or Byron Katie’s Work, etc., some folks are still looking for an effective way to release thought-obstacles that keep us from success.
This suggestion may be your ticket …
Abe says that most people who taught us limiting beliefs (with rare exception) did it out of love.
Their intention was to support our success in life.
When we realize that truth and focus on the part where they wanted us to thrive, we’re free to choose new thoughts and beliefs that serve us better.
Here it is in Abe’s words:

Most people who are guiding you really mean well, so the way to shake those beliefs that no longer serve you:
Get to the bottom of the reason they tried to impart those thoughts to you to begin with, and accept the reason was that they wanted you to thrive – they wanted things to go well for you.
And then just fast forward to things going well for you and thank them for their part in it.
You don’t have to go back and unlearn those things – or stop believing those things – just believe so clearly (and practice so clearly) the thoughts that feel good to you now.

I, for one, sometimes wonder about seemingly contrary teachings in the LOA field about beliefs … Some say we don’t have to worry about re-writing limiting beliefs; others say we’ll be forever limited if we don’t address them.
Hearing this approach felt a bit like the best of both worlds. Meaning, it’s worth doing a little work if you notice you’re hung up in your progress, but it doesn’t have to be hard work.
So the way Abe tells it,

  • if you had a teacher who steered you away from math because “you’re no good with numbers,”
  • or if grandma suggested you better find a man soon before age steals your looks,
  • or if the folks drilled into your head that people like us had to work twice as hard as others,

… just try on the thought that they were actually trying to help, from their own limited perspective. What was shared with you was actually shared from a place of love and support.
When you dial in on the idea that they were just doing their very best to help you succeed, Abe says that frees you up to focus on the part where you thrive. Find the thoughts that feel better and hang out there.
Sounds worth playing with. If you’ve got thoughts or experiences to share, we’d love to hear!

  • May 17, 2014

How to Change Beliefs

change your beliefsDeliberate creators know that life unfolds according to what we believe and expect.
So it becomes pretty helpful to be flexible in adopting beliefs that support what we want to create.
How do you change what you believe?
If you ask around, you’ll hear things like:

There are also a variety of personal development techniques designed to support changing beliefs including Byron Katie’s Work, the Option Method, Theta healing, Psych-K, subliminal or hypnotic programming, guided imagery/visualization, and many more.
Here’s my simple take on how to change a belief: practice the new thought.  It works.  It’s that uncomplicated!
Just pick the new thought that represents the belief you want, and invest some time in it.  The more you think it, the more you build that neural pathway in your brain, the more natural it becomes to entertain it, and pretty soon, with enough repetition, you’ve got a new belief on board.
But to elaborate a bit, I’d suggest the following four steps to accomplish that belief change.
1) know that you can and it’s easier than you think.
Some folks think that changing beliefs is hard.  Whatever wiggle room you have to suspect or entertain that it’s really easier than that, take advantage of it.  Changing your beliefs is easier to do when you don’t make it hard.  (And yes, you are in charge.)
Instead, think of beliefs as flexible, malleable, and totally within your realm of power to manage.  I like Abraham’s definition of beliefs for this purpose: “a belief is just an often repeated thought.”  Not such a big deal.  I can repeat a new thought.
2) choose your new belief.
An easy way to pick this one is to think about your manifested desire, and then ask what you would be believing in those circumstances.  (Example, when I was building a coaching practice: “I am a brilliant coach in high demand.”)  Some people like to baby step their way up the ladder of progressive beliefs.  Some like to make the big leap right to the big goal.  Go with whatever feels more energizing to you.
Once you know what you want your new belief to be, you’ll benefit from a two-fold practice:
3) look for the evidence that supports your new belief.
Since we get whatever we look for, we will start seeing the signs that what we want to believe is already “true.” And that makes it easier to make it an official “belief.”
4) practice your new belief.
That just means thinking the new thought regularly and consistently.  Yes, you could call this affirmations or brainwashing or subconscious programming.  All it means is you’re creating and strengthening different neural connections in your brain.  The more you practice them, the stronger they get, the easier they are to think, the more law of attraction shows up to “prove it,” and before you know it you’re home free with a new belief.
We sometimes get tripped up in embracing a new belief when real life contradicts it or when we have to take an action that’s not in accordance with it.
We’ll hit that in the next post.
In the meantime, here’s Abraham on the topic of changing your beliefs:

Would love to hear from you on this one, too, if you’ve got tips or ideas to share.  🙂

  • July 4, 2011

Q&A: How to Deprogram Beliefs from Parents?

qaThis girl is so easy to love!  Here’s a question from Laura I wanted to toss to the Good Vibe community, since it is one many of us have worked with (and perhaps are working with now):

Jeannette, I have a question for you.
I was brought up with parents who had a lack vs. abundance attitude regarding money. Even though we were well cared for, the fear around not enough money was so prevalent in my household that it became so ingrained that:

  1. money is hard to get
  2. feeling guilty about spending money is normal
  3. other people can be rich, etc. you get the idea.

For many years I rebelled against this type of thinking about lived way above my means as I never wanted to feel the deprivation that my mother did.
As a result, I have been irresponsible, gotten myself in debt and never felt I could get out of the viscious cycle… It was almost as if I needed to spend the money I got since I never knew if I would be able to do/buy this thing again.
I know this thinking was backwards and I have seriously shifted my thinking on this, but there are times when it is very hard to get beyond the thinking that I WILL NEVER HAVE ALOT OF MONEY BECAUSE I NEVER HAVE.
Other than affirmations and new thoughts, have you discovered some other way to unprogram the voice and beliefs of our parents that can be so powerful since they are ingrained at such a young age?
Would love to hear your experience with this (with your parents) and anything you’ve used with clients. Thanks so much.
Love, Laura

What do you think, everyone?  What words of wisdom and experience can you offer in response to Laura’s excellent question? 
Thanks in advance for your generous input!

  • July 12, 2009