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The Time For Better Feeling Thoughts

Right after the election I heard a fair number of LOA-savvy people say that it was simply too soon for a better feeling thought.

They said first they had to grieve, or be angry, or pack for Canada before they could even think about finding their way to better thoughts.

Okay, for the record, those guys completely misunderstood what a better feeling thought is.

Because better feeling thoughts aren’t always love and light. They aren’t always vibrating on the peace, happiness and joy frequencies.

Sometimes they include swear words.

And wishes for revenge. And curses on others for audits and STDs and jury duty.

Sometimes our better feeling thoughts are things you would never post on facebook. Or even whisper to a trusted friend.

Sometimes the thought that feels better is dark. And foul. And nasty.

Not always, but sometimes.

When that’s the thought that feels better, though, you’d be very wise to let yourself go there. Because that’s your ticket to even better feeling thoughts.

Sometimes you have to go through those dark neighborhoods to get to lighter places.

This is what I want you to remember …

A better feeling thought is exactly that: any thought that feels better. And sometimes that thought isn’t always pretty!

Remember how this whole thing works:

Any thought that makes you feel better just upgraded your vibration as you engaged it.

As you continue reaching for other thoughts that feel better, you continue to boost your vibe.

And sometimes the territory we’re in is dreary. In that space, the thought that feels better isn’t always one of rainbows and unicorns.

But if  you keep engaging the process, it won’t be long before your better feeling thoughts evolve into something different altogether.

You just have to trust the process.

Here’s an example of the evolution of my better feeling thoughts after a particularly bad breakup:

  • What am I going to do? Life as I knew it is over. This is devastating.
  • How did I screw this up? What is wrong with me?
  • You know what – it’s not me, it’s him. He is a bad man. How did I not see that?
  • He will regret the day he crossed me. He is going to be sooo sorry.
  • He’ll never have it as good with anyone else as he did with me.

(That revenge theme lasted longer than I’m proud of. But there it was. Judging the process defeats the purpose.)
And eventually it evolved to:

  • You know, it wasn’t all bad. I learned a lot. There were good things that happened during our time together.
  • He was good to my dogs. And I got a lot of work done. He couldn’t be all bad. Maybe he’d like to be friends some day.
  • It’s going to be okay. I’m going to be okay.
  • There are a lot of amazing people out there that I get to experience next.
  • Holy hannah, these men are amazing!!! How did men get to be this fabulous?! omg!! I’ve hit the dating jackpot!
  • How fun is it to be single?! How cool is it to be me?! I am really rocking this party!!
  • I hope my ex is finding someone special, too. I really hope he finds lasting happiness. He deserves it. We all do.

Starting out with wishes for his happiness would not have worked.

But letting myself entertain the not-so-nice better feeling thoughts did eventually lead to the higher-minded, more loving thoughts.

My point being, it is always time for a better feeling thought.

You just have to open your mind about what that thought might be.

Remember Abe’s vibrational scale –  we don’t get from despair to joy without traveling through anger and revenge.

If you think it’s too soon to find a better feeling thought, then you’re doing it wrong. Sometimes the better feeling thought is angry. Sometimes it’s foul. Sometimes it’s ugly.

Go there anyway, and continue reaching for the next thought that feels better.

It’s a process that won’t fail you as long as you continue engaging it – and best of all, don’t judge yourself for what feels better.

  • November 21, 2016