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You’re Right

In seeing a wide variety of responses about what’s happening in the world lately, it’s got me thinking about how we each get to be right.

No matter what conclusions we come to or which thoughts we embrace, we’re right.

Our focus on it makes it so.

That’s where reality comes from: our energetic attention to it.

Which leads to the question …

what do you want to be right about?

It’s worth choosing carefully what you’re making true.

It might worth changing our mind about some things, or giving up old positions. It might be time to see things differently. And see others differently.

Because whatever we think, we make it so.

There are a few things I’ve changed my mind about lately. And it feels better.

Here’s what I’m choosing to think today:

  • That things are getting better all the time.
  • That we’re all on an upward trajectory.
  • That our well-being is guaranteed. It’s in the bag.

Nothing can put that at risk, unless we chose that. Which I’m not choosing.

(Someone else can choose that if they like. Because we each get to choose for ourselves. But I’m not buying into that vision.)

I’m remembering that it doesn’t matter so much what’s happening out there.

The game worth playing is the one in here: how I feel and what I’m doing about that.

So I for one choose happily ever after. I choose even better. I choose dream come true. 🙂

What do you want to be right about?

  • November 13, 2016