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5 Must Read LOA Books You Never Heard Of

Okay, if you’re a manifesting geek like me, there aren’t too many law of attraction books you haven’t read.

Or at least heard of.

But for those of you looking for a diversion from mainstream texts like Ask And It Is Given and best-sellers like The Secret, here’s my take on essential reads for serious manifesting students that you won’t find in the front window at Barnes & Noble:

best manifesting books: The I Am Discourses1. The I Am Discourses by St. Germaine

Yes, it’s channeled material. And yes, the language can be a little off-putting.

But I haven’t read anything else that made me more aware or inspired by the power of my words. I already knew that my reality arose from how I spoke it, but this book took that awareness to a whole new level.

A member at Good Vibe U quoted Wayne Dyer from one of his seminars saying that most of you will ignore his advice to read this book (volume 3), but the few of those who do will be well-rewarded for it. She read the book and couldn’t stop raving about it.

She’s why I picked it up, and I am glad I did. It’s not for everyone, but it could be a game-changer for someone reading this now.

Best Manifesting Books: It Is Done!2. It Is Done by Richard Dotts

Richard who? That’s what we all want to know.

I’ve tried multiple times to track this author down to no avail. Whoever Richard Dotts is, his/her books are on the nose. Ok, I haven’t read them all, but if you’re looking for new inspiration to your conscious creation game, Dotts delivers.

They’re easy to read, 100% LOA based, no-nonsense tutorials on engaging your creative powers.

Richard Dotts will make you a better manifestor.

Best Manifesting Books: Parallel Universes of Self3. Parallel Universes of Self by Frederick Dodson

Dodson doesn’t give credit to where he learned the concepts shared in this book, but he’s clearly well-studied on manifesting principles.

This manual feels like a conglomeration of influences from Abraham, Bashar, Neville, and other personal development authors. (And aliens. Probably alien influence, too.)

It’s gigantic (over 600 pages), but the first 100 pages are what lit me up.

No one else talks about multiple realities and how to leverage them for your manifesting benefit the way Dodson does.

If you’re looking for a unique twist on amping up belief in what you want with clear instructions to get there, put this one on your reading list.

Best Manifesting Books: Pollyanna4. Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter

Ok, you’ve heard of Pollyanna, but not as a manifesting book, right?

My dad made me read it when I was in my late 30s. Yes, late 30s. And yes, it is a children’s fiction book.

But dad thought I could use a refresher on appreciation. I thought that was a skill I was well-familiar with – until I saw Pollyanna’s example of it. That’s when I realized how short I was falling with my own practice.

Pollyanna literally changed my world. I don’t know that she’ll do that for you as well, but if it’s been a while since you read it, and if you’re feeling like you come up a little short on joy and heavy on problems, Pollyanna is your girl.

Best Manifesting Books: The Trick To Money Is Having Some5. The Trick to Money Is Having Some by Stuart Wilde

I can’t speak to Wilde’s other works (he is a different guy), but this book is worth adding to your library if you’re interested in manifesting the money.

This author knows the ins and outs of a topic that many fellow creators find elusive. He can help you nail down your financial desires in a hurry.

Straight talk, pure LOA, easy to read, and entertaining to boot. What’s not to love?

I know I promised five manifesting books you’ve never heard of, and that I’m listing a sixth one next, but that’s because I really hope you’ve heard of this one already.

If you haven’t, please go get a copy of:

Best Manifesting Books: Power of Awareness6. The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard

or, better yet, pick up his whole library. Or google him for the free stuff online.

Power of Awareness was originally published in the 50’s (and it reads like it’s even older than that). Plus he includes a lot of bible quotes. That’ll turn some readers off.

But it’s worth getting past because nothing, and I don’t say this lightly, nothing will inspire you to your manifesting power like Neville will.

I tell people I’m Abraham-trained and Neville-inspired, and if I had to rely on one book or one teacher to help me get a handle on conscious creation, Neville is it for me.

Okay, now it’s your turn to tell me about game-changing LOA books off the mainstream radar.

Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments!

  • July 30, 2018