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Budgets in the Vortex

This guest post comes from Money Coach Christy Lambert, who offers high vibing help for deliberate creators struggling to find the “feel good” in working with a budget.
budgets in the vortex with Christy Lambert

I love my budget.

It makes me happy. It activates vibes of empowerment, intention and gratitude in my life.

I didn’t always see it this way. I used to be a big budget hater.

I mean, if the whole point of law of attraction is to feel good, why would I spend time creating something — like a budget spreadsheet — that showed me all the things I couldn’t have?

And then I realized I had it wrong.

I was limiting myself. In reality, I wasn’t buying everything I wanted; I was only telling myself I could.

Which felt awesome until I ran out of money or wrote a check and wondered if it would clear.

To top it off, I’d buy things I didn’t really value and pass up things I did.

Not consciously choosing how to spend my money was activating all kinds of scarcity, worry and doubt in my life.

Then I learned something that changed my perspective

I learned budgets don’t have to be about deprivation. They can be about setting conscious intentions about money and energy. Choosing, in advance, what you most desire.

Even the dictionary knew it before I did. The dictionary defines budget as: “a plan for the coordination of resources and expenditures.”

Budgets help you focus on what you DO have and what you CHOOSE to do with it. In fact, budgets are one of the most effective tools out there to help you activate the feeling of abundance.

Consider this:

  1. Budgets force you to clarify what you most desire and focus on what is most important in your life.
  2. Once you have this clarity, budgets direct your money and your energy towards what matters most and away from things that don’t. Everything you choose not to put in the budget creates room to add something you value more.
  3. When your budget lines up with your values, you spend more energy on things that make you feel good, which attracts more things that make you feel good.

Simply put:
Budget = Setting an Intention + Focusing on What you Most Value = Alignment & Feeling Good.

The process of budgeting has taught me so much about myself and my values. It’s taught me that I value a night out with friends infinitely more than a pair of new shoes. It’s taught me that I value a clean house more than cable. It’s taught me that I value shelter and food more than almost anything.

If you want to spend more time in the money vortex, follow these three steps to create a budget that will help you get there.

  1. Make a list of everything you desire. Everything. Travel, a nice home, food for your family, clean clothes, food for your pets, health insurance, etc.
  2. Then get clear on how much you value each item. As hard as it is, force rank everything on the list. Be honest… do you really value travel more than food? There’s no right or wrong answers — the whole thing is just about you getting honest and clear with yourself about what you really want. What brings you the greatest joy?
  3. Create a budget that is in alignment with this list.

Christy Lambert, Money CoachThe best news is, you can have it all. When you start with what you value most you will attract the rest. Budgets aren’t about what you can’t have. Rather, they are 100 percent about what you can have. They are about owning your choices.

For your money and your life.

Christy Lambert is a certified life & money coach who specializes in helping people get really, really happy by falling in love with fitness & money.  Get your free copy of her Ebook: What No One Told You About Money & Happiness at www.christylambert.com

  • November 3, 2011