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5 Biz "Truths" That Don't Apply to Conscious Creators

Conscious Creators Can Skip These Business RulesWhether we have a traditional job or run our own show as a solopreneur or business owner, we’ve likely heard what’s required to succeed …
We’re supposed to research the market, identify pain points and confirm proven needs. They tell us that the customer is always right, and hustling is required.
You know what? That’s a bunch of crap.
And conscious creators know it.
Because we know where results really come from …
It isn’t from jumping through muggle-made hoops; and it isn’t from a roll of the cosmic dice determining our fate. It’s from our reality-creating habits.
Which is why it’s worth remembering that the “rules” or “truths” commonly expounded in business are optional.
If it feels good to engage these things, then do. If it doesn’t, skip them! You can opt out – and still succeed – if there’s no joy there.
(In fact, if there’s no joy there, these “truths” are more likely to hinder your success than support it.)
So don’t let anyone tell you this stuff is required in order to succeed in work or business:
Myth #1: Know your market.
You don’t have to research the competition or survey your audience about price points or locate your prospects before you proceed. What you choose to create in your business is outside of these muggle constraints. Don’t fall for it! You are unlimited as to what you manifest when you engage your true creative powers.
Myth #2: Find a need and fill it.
They tell us to make sure there is an actual need for what we’re offering before we try to make a living with it. But that’s not how the system works. If you have a desire to offer something, your customers automatically exist. You don’t have to research pain points or survey the marketplace to confirm their existence. If you want customers and believe in them, they’re there. All you have to do is become a vibrational match to receiving them.
Myth #3: Get ready to hustle.
We’ve all heard that there’s no gain without pain, and that failure is imminent if we aren’t willing to work our asses off. But conscious creators know that struggle and sacrifice does not put is in good alignment with our highest success. Inspired action is what we’re much better off engaging rather than overworking ourselves into exhaustion and misalignment.
Myth #4: Make a realistic plan.
Goal setting and business plans are a staple in the professional world, because they believe we can’t hit the target without knowing how we’ll specifically get there. While it’s true that seeing possibilities about how we could achieve success can be empowering (it boosts belief), it can also backfire by closing us off to universal magic. The “hows” are not our job. Our job is to focus solidly on the “what” and allow the best path there to reveal itself.
Myth #5: Know your numbers.
They say if we don’t have the right measurements in place we are at a loss to control what we create. But everyone has likely felt the disempowerment of taking score too soon. And it’s the vibration that matters more than the numbers. Get a good vibration going and you’ll get good numbers to follow. (If/when you feel like looking at the numbers.)
And don’t even get me started on the ridiculousness of unique selling propositions, or 30 second elevator speeches, or essential social media tactics, or policy and procedure docs, or personal branding benefits, or catering to customer needs, etc.
Because you don’t need me to tell you what rules you can ignore. That’s what your inner guidance is for.
When something doesn’t feel fab, that means it’s not for you. There’s either a better perspective to see the situation from or it’s just simply not part of your path.
This actually goes both ways, though …
Sometimes there IS a traditional truth that feels very good to honor. So don’t dismiss everything just because muggles quote the importance of doing it.
Trust your higher wisdom within and let that be the truth you follow.
PS – for those who’d like help engaging their creative powers in business, check out The Vibrational Marketer and/or my home study Perfect Client Creator course.

  • May 10, 2016

Astro Revelations for Entrepreneurs

Astrology for EntrepreneursThere’s a special place in my heart for fellow freelancers and self employed healers.
The work we do feels more important than ever, yet there are many gifted energy workers walking away from their soul work because they haven’t figured out how to make it work.
Which is why I get super-creative about supporting our success from a variety of angles.
From the vibration activations here at the blog, as well as the posts on getting friendly with money, to the money courses and LOA Biz Panel calls at GVU, and the LOA coach training with Lisa, I can now add to that list of support for business owners a brand new offering: Astro-Biz for Entrepreneurs.
I don’t think there’s anything like it – marrying up of astrological wisdom with LOA savvy to build your business success.

Which is just how I like it – doing something different and unique to transform others is deeply satisfying to my sun/uranus conjunction in the 8th house! Not to mention, the focus on business success rings all my rising Capricorn bells.

Here’s a glimpse of what an astrology chart can reveal about business success:
* An essential oils distributor found it easy to get excited about new ideas. She had all the enthusiasm and big ideas in the world – in the beginning. But once she put things in motion the thrill was gone. She wondered what was wrong with her follow-through skills, but it wasn’t that. She simply has Mars in Aries in the 10th house. Her m.o. is to lead the party, and once underway hand the reins over to someone else. Once she realized that and changed her business model, success was in her hands.
* A retail store owner with Sun in Libra and Taurus rising couldn’t understand why the harder he ‘tried’ the less he accomplished, until his chart revealed he could accomplish more by slacking off and allowing ‘them’ to come to him. He wasn’t a chaser, even though all the previous coaches said he had to go out there and make it happen. Not so for the Venus ruled Taurus rising!
* A coach who hadn’t attracted the clients she wanted or income she needed turned to her astrology chart for answers. She had Sun in the 10th house, revealing how very important it was to feel of value. Her fear of letting other people down was holding her natural talents back. Once she found what would support her highest dreams – in this case it was working with groups instead of one-to-one -everything changed. Suddenly she plugged into effortless success and breathed new life into her professional dreams.
Good Vibe AstrologyIf you’re a freelancer or solopreneur who isn’t yet gleaning insights from your astrology for business purposes, you’re invited to check out Astro-Biz for Entrepreneurs led by me and Kim Falconer starting October 3rd.
It’s a five week course intended to help you engage a more authentic and successful (and of course, LOA friendly) approach to manifesting your business success.
You don’t have to be astrologically savvy to benefit from this course. Check out more details here or email with any questions.
Here’s to rocking our heart-centered businesses right into the vortex of big dreams come true!

  • September 30, 2014

What Is Vibrational Marketing?

Vibrational MarketingWhat exactly is vibrational marketing?
For enquiring business minds who want to know…
Vibrational marketing is engaging the power of energetic alignment to create the results you want in your business –

  • to draw in perfect clients
  • to launch successful campaigns
  • to make a lucrative living selling your inventory or services
  • to impact the world the way you dream about.

By focusing your attention in a way that lines you up with your desire, your successful results are more reliable than relying on traditional action-oriented marketing methods alone.
Instead of relying on typical selling tactics like strategic pricing, promotion, messaging, packaging, etc., vibrational marketing is about activating the energetic frequencies that allow your highest business success to unfold.
Kryon has said that leveraging high-minded conscious thinking is our true high technology. Gregg Braden says this stuff isn’t magic or miracles – it’s just the technology we were each born with.
And for many entrepreneurs, it’s a whole new way of doing business.
Abraham-Hicks coined the term “vibrational marketing” back in 2009, and has talked about it with conscious creators over the years to leverage law of attraction in our marketing efforts. Here are some of those excerpts …
For the photographer who wants to sell more of his art:

It’s not your display; it’s not your presentation; it’s the way you feel.
It has nothing to do with anything other than your vibrational broadcast. You are the broadcaster of your signal to which law of attraction is bringing matches.
What’s your signal? Is it, “My stuff doesn’t sell,” or is it, “I am one who loves what I’m creating”? When you are a radiator of love [for what you’re offering], the crowd will gather.

From the guy ready to use law of attraction savvy marketing:

The question is are you a cooperative component or not, because your clients already are. You’re applying the majority of your marketing tactics from your place of awareness of what’s not working – which holds you apart from what’s working. Your people are already there.
What you want is already done. You’re not in the process of creating it now – it’s already been created. The marketing campaign that you are launching is not to attract the millions to your product; they’ve already been attracted. The marketing campaign you are launching it so attract you there.
And the way you do that is by talking about the beauty of it, talking about how wondrous it is, talking about how good it feels, lining up with it, pretending it’s already done.
You’ve been the missing piece because you’ve had a flawed premise that said I can act my way there rather than vibrate my way there.
Vibrational marketing enlists law of attraction to summon them to what you’re offering.
These are the prerequisites for you doing really well with your offering: you must adore it yourself, and you must believe completely in the value of it and the benefit to others. When you’re there, then those who are looking for the benefit it offers will flock to it.

From someone who mentors others to success:

What you have to say them is that, “What I do from where I’m vibrating, even if you do exactly the same thing that I did (but you do it from your place of fear or worry), you’ll get different results than I did even if you do exactly the same thing.”
Because it’s not what we do, it’s how we vibe. It’s about how we feel. It’s about the goodness we let in. And you can’t let goodness in through your action, but you can through your vibration.

Abraham on sales and marketing:

Most people apply their most determined sales techniques from outside the vortex. (“If you don’t do this, this will happen.”)
If you hold the vision of them benefiting from what you’re offering, you are more influential than millions who don’t have that.
The first thing you’ve got to do is get in the vortex and see the value of what you’re offering to them.

The essence of Abe’s message is to love it yourself (whatever you’re offering), and see others benefiting from it.
Vibrational marketing is arguably the most important (yet underrated) business skill an entrepreneur could learn.
If you’re in charge of sales and marketing (either as a freelancer, solopreneur, sales manager, sales rep, network marketer, etc.) and are interested in a new way of doing business, here are LOA savvy biz resources you can tap:

Let us know of any other LOA savvy marketing resources you run across. 🙂

  • June 28, 2014

Activate: Business Success

online business successAs part of our vibration activation series, this activation script is written by Stella Seaspirit and is designed to rock out online business success.
Use it when you’re ready for your business to expand in all the best ways.
We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).
Replace Stella’s “witchiness” biz topic for your own and enjoy activating the vibration of a thriving business:

Is it possible for me to build a thriving, lucrative online business awakening and fostering clients to their Witchiness? Stranger things have happened.
I can and I will. The time is Now. We are going BIG baby! Not just global credits, how about intergalactic credits?! I reach beyond time and claim the etheric blueprint of my fortune before it is.
I remember why I wanted this business all along. To pioneer something I care about deeply, to support my clients in a way that transforms them for the better and impacts the world on a grander level. This is what I choose to invest my creative energy in. Abundant financial blessings flow toward me when I remind myself that I am wholly loved and supported on every level in every way.
This is my soul mission and I channel my best love into it. The more I engage my heart the more my money grows. I am capable and proud to make all the final decisions about my livelihood; I do what feels good and follow inspiration. With this much love and positive expectation going into it, I know what the return on investment will be. I was born for this and more than ever, I am ready to allow my financial abundance to come forth in a perfect way. Fortune glistens each time I contribute a little more sparkle to each of my clients’ souls.
I Am totally financially free! I Am totally financially free! I Am totally financially free!

Big thanks to Stella for sharing her business success alignment script! Find Stella’s magical online offerings here.

  • March 13, 2014

Activate: Filled Up, Sold Out Offers

vibration activation: sold out offer!As part of our vibration activation series, this post is to help entrepreneurs align with a successful offering.
Use it when you want to fill up your group, get payments flowing in, or just sell out tickets or seats to whatever you’re creating (books, retreats, paintings, telecourses, events, programs, etc.).
Some new business owners don’t know what it feels like to launch a successful gig, and have trouble imagining what that’s like.  This vibration activation is designed to close that gap and get the sold out/filled up success vibe flowing.
We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).
Enjoy the vibration of a sold out offer:

It is so fun to see the registrations happening!  I love watching the receipts flowing in!  How cool is it to see this thing selling?!  I am rockin’ it – woo hoo!!
One of the things I love doing most is creating new gigs for my peeps!
It’s fun designing something new, putting it together in a way that I love most, knowing that my appreciation for it is what makes it so magic.  Because when I appreciate it, I attract others who feel the same way.  And that is a winning formula!
It’s like the system is set up for my success.  All I have to do is whatever best allows me to love what I’m offering.
In fact, love what you’re offering” – that’s the secret to success.  Because when I love it, that love is reflected back to me.  That’s what law of attraction is all about – like attracts like!
And I can easily list the things I enjoy about this offer – I love who it’s designed for, I love what we’re doing together, I love my role in it, I love the price of it, I love the name of it, I love the results we’ll all get from being part of it!  I love how much fun it will be.  I love how long it lasts.  I even love how I’m letting everyone know about it!
I did do a good job putting this thing together!
I even love how I feel a little nervous before I show it to the world … wondering what everyone will think and whether it’ll turn out how I wanted.  Those little jitters go away pretty quickly when I remember two things:

  1. all that matters is that I have a good time, and I know how to do that regardless of what unfolds.
  2. the Universe wants me to succeed and knows best how to deliver that success.

All I gotta do is line up (which is just another way of saying “feel good”), and then follow my intuition.  Easy peasy and I’m home free!
I know that my attachment to results can spoil the party, so I remind myself why this will be a good time no matter what does or doesn’t happen …

  • this was fueled by inspiration, and that alone was a joy to work with!  Anytime spent in those high vibes is good for me and what happens next in my life!
  • I gave this idea of mine a chance to live in the world.  No regrets about not acting on it!
  • if this isn’t the party I expect it to be, there will always be another one that does turn out great.
  • inspiration continues to speak to me – I never run out of ways to have fun with myself, my business, and my people!

When I’m feeling less pressure for results, the door is open wide for Universe to deliver the goods.  I’m looking forward to seeing the orders roll in, and the people getting excited for it, and feeling my anticipation build for what I’ve created here.  Not to mention the money – it’s always nice to see those sales adding up!
I am feeling like a very savvy business owner right about now.  Look at me go!
Who knew there would be so many who were wanting this very kind of support?!   How did I get so brilliant at creating this gig?  I feel so tapped in and unstoppable – it’s like everything I touch turns out beautifully!
Whatever is doing all this, I’m loving it.  Well, that’s what it is, isn’t it?  It’s the love.  That energy makes for one powerfully attractive party!
What a great time I’ll have with all my new clients, customers & participants – especially since this offering is FILLED UP and SOLD OUT!  Woo hoo!!

* * * * * * * *

Depending on what your specific offer is, you can also tune into the vibrations of

  • standing room only
  • waiting lists
  • inventory sold
  • exceeded expectations
  • rave reviews & critical acclaim
  • extra bookings
  • second run
  • line out the door
  • record sales
  • best sellers

or whatever else might be fitting.  Put your imagination to good work for the success of your next gig.
Remember, we get what we vibrate.  So learning the vibration of what you want is time well spent in support of your successful offering!

  • May 29, 2013