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When You Want the Impossible

Manifesting The ImpossibleSometimes we paint ourselves into an unhelpful corner when we believe we can’t have what we want.
Like a reader who wrote last week who wanted to enroll in a new course, but didn’t want to spend the money.
Or like my guy friend who wants to enjoy a monogamous relationship with his sweetheart, but still wants to be able to have other fun as inspired.
Or the way I’d love to join a few friends on a crop circle trip with Freddy Silva, but I also really want to just stay home.
There are some things that seem like they just don’t go together, and that we truly have to choose this desire or the other.
Here’s the thing. Conscious creators know anything is possible that we can imagine.
Nothing is off limits unless we make it so.
So what do we do when we’ve got conflicting dreams?
Here are four tips to remedy the situation when you’ve got contrary instructions running:
1. Recognize where you’re doing it.
Often we don’t even realize we’re buying into limiting beliefs. We just think that’s how it is. (Like, “what’s done is done.” You know what? Not always. You’ve got options.)
A sign that you’re thinking small or that you’ve painted yourself into a vibrational corner is feeling frustrated, confused or stymied. When you become aware of your emotional indicators that you’re not letting yourself have what you really want, question the thoughts involved.
Once you recognize the beliefs running that are holding up your party, then you can engage one or more of the following tips …
2. Rethink the situation.
Give up thinking it’s impossible, because as you think, so shall it be. As long as conflicting thoughts are in place, you’re blocking your desires from manifesting.
Be willing to think it differently. Give Universe some room to work on your behalf. You can take higher power off its leash by simply releasing your limiting thoughts that you can’t have what you want.
A simple way to do that is to ask yourself what you really want. What’s the true desire (or desires) flowing here?
(Hint: it often boils down to a feeling.) It’s just your physical mind that’s not capable of conceiving how that could happen.
3. Practice the satisfaction or success of it.
Once you know what you really want and how that would feel, all you have to do is practice feeling that now.
What would it feel like to have your cake and eat it, too? If you could have the best of all worlds, how would that feel?
That’s the vibration you want to activate now.
4. Get out of Universe’s way, until it calls you.
Once you’re feeling it (the vibration of what you want when you get to have it all), all you do next is whatever sounds good.
Follow your inner guidance and do whatever higher power calls you to.
It is seriously that simple.
Here’s a personal example of how this played out for me some time ago:

Shortly after ending a three year celibacy streak, I found myself in the company of two fabulous men.
Not at the exact same time, mind you.
But they were in my life at the same time. And they were both amazing. I could gush about them endlessly. I was seriously head over heels for both of them.
The only problem being that I wasn’t in my personal integrity to see two men at the same time.
Yes, they knew about each other, but that didn’t help me feel fine about it.
I knew I had to choose. But I couldn’t! I wanted both of these amazing men to be in my life!
I didn’t want to cut anyone loose. I wanted to enjoy them both!
I had already tried seeing them simultaneously and it absolutely did not work for me.
To really feel like I was investing in an intimate relationship, I needed to focus energies into just one love.
But I wanted both!
My body even started to show signs of stress from the situation, with a bout of insomnia and a mysterious tooth pain that came and went randomly.
On my way to the dentist, I looked up teeth in Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. “Indecision.” Yikes, she nailed that one!
When the dentist was unable to find the source of anything causing the pain, I blurted out that I knew what it was. “It’s indecision! I love two men and had to choose one!”
He didn’t miss a beat. “That easy,” he said. “Who has more money?”
Sigh. If only it were that simple.
So there I was in a quandary about loving two men and knowing I could only have one.
I also didn’t want to hurt either of them. And they were both into me, too – the last thing I wanted to do was break anyone’s heart.
Finally I realized I was doing it.
I had painted myself into an impossible corner with my thoughts.
Once I was in my right LOA mind, I realized I don’t have to know how to get what I want.
All I have to do is be willing to feel it now.
Pretend I got what I wanted – how would that feel?
I reflected on it …
What I really wanted was for everyone to be happy. Just for all three of us to love each other and to be happy. To have this love triangle resolved in a harmonious way.
That’s it.
And Universe, I have no idea how you’re going to do it – but that’s what I want.
I conjured the vibration of happiness and relief and satisfaction (just by imagining that all three of us were ridiculously happy together), and let it go.
Guess what happened next?
One of my guys had his head turned by a very special friend in his life. He never knew there were romantic possibilities there, but he felt compelled to check that out.
Which cleared the way without me even having to do or decide anything!
I got to have my lover, I got to keep both of these guys in my life (the other one just as a friend since he passed me up for another woman), and we all got to be happy! No broken hearts (although I did have a bruised ego for a small moment), no impossible decisions, I didn’t have to learn how to be okay with a threesome, and I had a fabulous lover and an amazing friend.
I never would have thought that all three of us were going to be happy if I were only seeing one of them.
But Universe is cool like that.
It knows how to get you where you want to be. All you have to do is be a vibrational match to it and let it do the work for you.

So if there’s something you’ve been believing you can’t have because it conflicts with something else you want, like:

  • to be a successful business owner while still rocking it out as a stay at home mom
  • to be physically fit without stepping foot in a gym or watching a single calorie
  • to make fabulous money without ever working another day in your life

– just get out of your own way and let Universe do the magic for you.
You cue that magic by releasing the obstacle thoughts and being willing to feel now how you would feel then.
That’s how expensive courses end up gifted, or how even better resources appear. It’s how perfect business opportunities are unveiled that allow you to still be the mom you want to be. It’s how the perfect house sitter appears to make you delighted to leave home, or how Freddy Silva shows up in your own home town to study the latest crop circle.
It’s just amazing how Universe can put together what you want when you get out of your own way.
Pretty cool system we’re playing with, huh? 😉

  • October 16, 2016